Soul Seed Travel Guide: Winter Wellbeing Yoga and Wellness Retreats

Soul Seed Travel Guide: Winter Wellbeing Yoga, Pilates and Wellness Retreats

Whether your concept of wellness involves a beachfront spa or a private chalet in the Alps, whether you prefer the sunshine or the snow, cozy accommodation or a luxury resort with ocean views, Soul Seed Travel has chosen these incredible winter wellbeing retreats for you to escape to.


Discover Your Inner Yoga Athlete in Enchanting Munnar, 12th – 20th December

We cycle up and down the mountains of Munnar from day one, rise early each day for morning training, be it a run, martial arts or a dynamic yoga practice. This trip is designed to challenge you, and you are guaranteed to return home with new skills you never knew you had.

We have found some of the very best Kalari practitioners in South India, who we also go and see perform, and asked them to teach us a session in this ancient Indian martial art, which is believed to have been the precursor to Kung Fu. So the preliminary sessions in traditional Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi, will get you prepared! Finally everyone is rewarded with a gorgeous deep tissue Kalari Ayurvedic massage!

After all, a warrior needs some respite!! What’s more we stay in the very best and most beautifully designed eco-retreats, offering total comfort in the lap of nature.

Munnar, the hill station and former resort for the British Raj elite, is surrounded by rolling hills dotted with tea plantations. Established in the late 19th century, it is known for being the habitat for the endangered mountain goat Nilgiri tahr, and is home to the Lakkam Waterfalls, hiking trails and 2,695m-tall Anamudi Peak. This is not just a yoga retreat but a real journey in every sense.


Yoga Alchemy Release & Let Go Retreat, South Goa 7th – 13th January

Release the constraints held tightly in your being, and restart your system on this 6-night retreat that will leave you ready and open for the magic that 2018 has to offer. High expectations and daily stresses create negative emotions in our physical body which can then create an ongoing cycle of frustration and bad habits. Quite often, instead of taking more energy in, we first need to clear and release that which we are holding on to.

This rejuvenating retreat will give you the chance to gently detox the subtle body, then set a solid, unshakeable foundation for the year ahead. Enjoy boutique luxury accommodation in a private home, not a hotel, not a retreat centre, an intimate home, just like Akasha. Our Goa home has air conditioning throughout, a gorgeous pool, lovely shaded terraces, lush gardens and outdoor spaces to relax and unwind surrounded by coconut trees and frangipani flowers. This is a true home away from home, Goa style.

Our retreat is located in an oasis of tropical tranquility. The stunning property is nestled away in a remote fishing village in the foothills of the Western Ghats. It just minutes from Goa’s most scenic and pristine beaches: the golden sands of Galgibag, Talpona and Patnem are all just a short stroll away.


Yoga Alchemy Full Moon Retreat to Energise and Awaken, South Goa 28th January – 3rd February

Every year she beckons us, and we always answer her call. Except this time, you’re invited. Join us for a transformational retreat that offers a further glimpse into the deeper dimensions of both yoga and philosophy, with creative sessions that will enable you to discover your vast potential for greater consciousness, empowerment, and connection.

Guided by the powerful energy of the first Full Moon of 2018 on Jan 31st, we use this time as a symbolic closing chapter to “what was” and restart with a “what will be”. We learn how to live deeply and how to live with pure presence. Expect to awaken the body through energising yoga flows, to calm the mind through clear intentions, and to revive the spirit. Our retreat offers you a chance to to begin again, and to start and incredible new chapter in your book of life.

Enjoy boutique luxury accommodation in a private home, not a hotel, not a retreat centre, an intimate home, just like Akasha. Our Goa home has air conditioning throughout, a gorgeous pool, lovely shaded terraces, lush gardens and outdoor spaces to relax and unwind surrounded by coconut trees and frangipani flowers. This is a true home away from home, Goa style.

Nurture your Inner Self Retreat in magical Kodaikanal, India 28th February – 8th March

The yoga classes we facilitate on this retreat are gentler than the other three retreats, and taught as a guided meditation. The hikes bring refreshment and revitalisation without being strenuous.

The premises are chosen for comfort, style and peace and the food is seasonal and uplifting, carefully selected for nutritional balance and grown locally. Witness for yourself your body, mind and soul respond to a week of regeneration in nature’s paradise in the Western Ghats.

With its mystical misty mountains and awesome eucalyptus forests, pretty coffee plantations and lush meadows Kodaikanal, known to its friends as Kodi, is an ideal site for the numerous eco- spiritual communities, eco-minded hoteliers and resorts, which have set up home here. Granite cliffs, forested valleys, lakes, waterfalls and grassy hills, border the evergreen forest beyond. Kodi can be understood as an energy centre. It is a place where magic mushrooms grow wild (the flora and fauna is generally surreal – take the Bengal Monitor as an example), the air is so pure and the waterfalls tells stories.

It is truly a magical place, an energetically charged wonder of the world. We have carefully selected the accommodation after spot checking a number of resorts over a period of months. We chose the resorts that employed the happiest staff, in the most stunning locations with the highest standards or cleanliness and maintenance. In particular we chose locations nearby the lively and bustling market town replete with chocolate, spices and pretty shops of pottery and crafts on the one hand and lush forrest and waterfalls within walking distance for the second half of the trip.


Wellness Retreat Southern India: Yoga, Pilates and Self-Care, 4th – 10th March 

This is an opportunity to seek space for rejuvenation, exploration and peace.Take part in two classes each day of Yoga and Pilates, sprinkled with other wellness opportunities like meditation and breath technique. Delight your taste buds with Southern India’s cuisine of spice, texture and sauces, including lentils, native fruits, coconut oils/milks and curry leaves. Take the opportunity to soak up knowledge of Ayurveda, India’s sister science, and experience luscious ayurvedic treatments, the ultimate in self-care.

The state of Kerela has a tropical climate and the beach culture of the Kovalam area will allow you to shed the layers and congestion of the west as you practice self care and relaxation in a natural environment.

India has so much for the senses to take in. Whether it be the wind of tuk tuks whizzing by on the road or the smell of Indian spices wafting from restaurants and local family homes, or the sound of a woman chopping open a fresh coconut for you to drink by the beach. Brightly colored sari’s adorn the local women and tiny winding streets with handmade shopping treasures entice you to explore. It is full to the brim of endless temples, shrines, churches, mosques, and bazaars devoted to spices, incense and freshly cut flowers. India is made for those with a curious spirit and a heart ready for adventure.

Leave it to Mandee to navigate the details in moving through India while you simply enjoy and treat yourself to the tropical experience in the south. India’s positive and energetic vibe is like nothing you have been a part of before. Let her lead you to a place that mesmerizes with all its colors, beauty and life lessons!



Costa Rica

Earth Body Activation: A Sacred Journey to Costa Rica, 27th December – 7th January 2018

Come practice yoga, meditation, dance, ritual, and connect with nature. Meet amazing people, eat incredible organic local food, and utterly transform yourself. Discover the heart of the Earth with us. We can’t wait to meet you at the intersection of the mountains, jungle, and sea!

Through the practices of yoga, meditation, and ritual, discover the infinite well of wisdom and power available to you within your own sacred body, heart, and mind. Explore the inspiring land and astonishing wild life of Costa Rica on adventurous river hikes, tree climbs, boat trips, and horseback rides. On this retreat, we will hold space for each other to deeply feel and experience a direct connection between our individual bodies and the body of the Earth.

We will begin with 5 days in the mystical mountains, and then travel down to the pacific ocean for 5 more incredible days in the jungle by the beach. There will be a number of activities, services and excursions available to the group during this retreat: Mountain and jungle hikes to beautiful waterfalls, visits to hot springs and botanical gardens, swimming in the mountain river, surfing, tree-climbing, horseback riding, boat trips with dolphin watching, spa services and bodywork, as well as our daily yoga and meditation schedule.

Beautiful, healthy, locally harvested food will be prepared fresh every day for us. Food will be mostly vegetarian, with option occasionally for local free range chicken, or freshly caught fish. Dietary requirements and allergies can certainly be accommodated. We are fortunate that we will get to eat in a very nourishing and mindful way together.


Art and Fitness Retreat Costa Rica by Recharge Escapes, 15th – 20th February 2018

On this ultimate escape, invigorating exercise will pair with jungle hikes, stress-reducing paint classes, gourmet meals, and of course relaxation in the sand in sun, making for an unforgettable, and much deserved retreat experience!

If you are a busy professional or stay at home parent, and are finding yourself stuck in the rat race of life with no YOU time, this is the perfect opportunity to press the pause button and do something that your body and soul deserves and needs! Our trips are not about engaging in a strict detox, non-stop “bootcamp” style workouts, or really anything extreme. You will find yourself in a serene, luxury location where you can choose whatever activities you need to recharge your batteries and feel rejuvenated. We will provide you with various fitness classes, art lessons, wine tasting, excursions, hiking, spa services, and of course relaxation time.

We can’t wait to share these once in a lifetime experiences with you, and see your happy, glowing, recharged faces by the end!




Zest for Life 14 Day Detox Transformation Retreat in Bali, open all year

Zest for Life – a feeling of enjoyment and enthusiasm for life. This 14 day detox transformational retreat includes our specialised detox program, cultural and spiritual excursions, specialised private meditation instruction and infra red saunas. We are located near Ubud Bali Indonesia, a tropical paradise island steeped in Balinese Hindu traditions full of majestic pleasures.

You will experience a wonderful cleansing juice detox with our added elixirs and alkalizing powders, as well as visit the “real bali” on our tailor made special trips including a unique visit to a rural Balinese Priest in East Bali. By attending for a longer time, your body will receive a more thorough cleanse, and those stubborn kilograms will fall away. If you are already your ideal weight, but want to detox and cleanse you body, our program is suitable for you too.

Your body will be pampered with spa sessions, hot stone massages, an organic facial and body scrubs! For your mind and emotions we include specialized meditation and breathing sessions, as well as our special Change Your Mind, Change Your Life program, with our professional health practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist – a mix of life coaching, hypnotherapy and creative visualisation which you record to take away with you.




New Year Yoga Retreat in the heart of the Breacon Beacons, 28 December – 1 January/1 – 4 January

Are you feeling the need to get away for the New Year? Want to completely unwind, immerse yourself in your yoga practice and soak up some tranquillity? Be one of the first to join us at our new venue, deep in the heart of the Llangorse Valley. Take the opportunity to kick back, relax, stretch out the Christmas excesses and enjoy the company of new friends. Our new year retreats are very popular and we have been running them since 2009 to bring you the best combination of celebration and peace to welcome in the new year.

For 2017/2018 we are delighted to invite you to our elegant Georgian manor house, situated ideally in the heart of the Brecon Beacons. Explore some of the best walking country in the United Kingdom, relax in idyllic surroundings or simply curl up with a good book in front of one of our open log fires.

The week is split into 2, so you can stay for 5 days from December 28th – January 1st for the New Year, for 4 days from the 1st – 4th January or for the whole week. On both halves of the week there is a setting intention workshop and a guided hike with experienced mountain guides. Energise and invigorate on these days in the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Our retreats are wonderful in winter; think silent walks to the sunrise, energising and restorative yoga classes, wholesome and nourishing healthy food, holistic treatments and roaring open log fires to curl up with a good book at the end of it all. For New Year’s Eve we hold a special evening schedule; setting your intentions for 2018, meditation, a delicious vegetarian feast with mocktails and dancing.

These retreats are perfect for those who want to get away from the usual New Year celebrations, starting 2018 feeling healthy, alive and with positive intentions for the year ahead.


New Year Yoga Retreat in Bicester, Oxfordshire 28th December – 1st January

Our Bicester venue is well loved by our guests for its grand, yet incredibly homely feel and love our New Years Eve retreat because it is a chance to pause, reset, be thankful for the year behind us and set intentions for the year ahead! This year, alongside guided walks, twice daily yoga, and our intentions workshops, we have added a cookery workshop so you can take a little piece of the retreat home with you. Start 2018 feeling like your true self: rested, rejuvenated and ready to take on the year with a renewed sense of purpose.

This retreat is suitable for anyone who’d like a New Year away with wellness, healthy food and Yoga. Beginners are welcome as well as all ages. Our accommodation is a beautiful family owned stately home that has been refurbished to a beautiful standard. All rooms are all spacious, luxuriously decorated in amazing fabrics and have beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.


Reset Yoga and Meditation Retreat in the heart of Dorset, 12th – 14th January

We always complain about how quickly life moves and yet most of us seem to wish January away. This retreat is all about your happiness. We’re not about detoxing or taking away life’s pleasures. In fact the complete opposite; we are about taking a moment to really immerse yourself in all these wonderfully simple pleasures life has to offer.

Our retreats are an opportunity to relax, to laugh & to find peace within yourself. A chance to remove yourself from the expectations you and others put on you and instead experience a slice of time where none of those expectations exist. Giving yourself a slice of time, after the chaos of christmas and before the if’s and then’s of the next year, to instead focus on how you feel, in this moment. It’s a weekend to take stock and find that space in time to find a little clarity ready to take forward into the rest of the year.

On hand you will have your very own yoga teacher and mood coach, Nathalie, who is an experienced mental wellbeing practitioner & advanced yoga instructor and available to support you throughout the weekend. You will also have our in house nutritionist, Rooted London, who will be feeding you full of goodness whilst having a wealth of nutritional knowledge to share. Last but not least you will have the added bonus of aromatherapy and reiki expert, Ellie Seilern; who will be providing a wonderful resetting workshop as well as being available for guests to book individual treatments with.




Restore, Reset and Inspire, New Years Suryalila Retreat Spain, 3rd – 6th January

At the wonderful Suryalila we will be served with three delicious, varied, nutritious vegetarian meals per day, allowing you to reset your system. We will stay in the gorgeous, cosy little cottages, with amazing character and we will enjoy energising and detoxifying flows, restorative and nurturing practices, meditation, yoga nidra and workshop space and use ritual to let go of the past and invite in the new and exciting.

Allison will use her background as a therapist and life coach along with being a yoga teacher to ensure this is a safe, nurtured and transformational space for you to retreat.

Leave behind your resistance or fear and consciously and positively set the wheels in motion to create an amazing year as you connect deeper to your truth. Expect to be challenged whilst being nurtured, cherish time together as a group and time alone to process.

There is no way I expect you to be on my retreat, just turn up and give yourself the gift of fully showing up and being real, being open and ready to experience.

There are the most amazing sunrises and sunsets here – imagine setting intentions for the year ahead, feeling nourished on all levels and having the space all around you to visualise your hearts desire.


Pilates and Yoga Retreat Gran Canaria, 13 – 20 January/17 – 24 February/10 – 17 March

Gran Canaria Spain is a small continent on its own. With enormous lush green mountains, sand dune beaches and multiple mircroclimate zones Gran Canaria makes the perfect backdrop of a holistic practice of yoga and pilates. This  retreat we guide you through a daily practice of pilates, yoga and meditation along with several active excursions to keep you feeling fit and healthy.

Experience a consistent challenging practise of Yoga every day with our expert instructor Paola Reznik from Buenos Aires Argentina. Our yoga classes are open level classes. We invite everyone, regardless of ability and level, to participate in an invigorating flow of Hatha and Vinyasa. There are few yoga instructors that draw you in, support you and elevate you to another realm, and hatha yoga teacher Paola is one of them. Her supportive and challenging classes will transform your yoga practice.

What would a pain free life feel like? Pilates focuses on the strengthening and lengthening of the physical and mental core, as well as the realignment of the spine. Learn to move again with Classical Pilates expert Alex Estornel.

Your nutrition for the week will be expertly planned by Chef Brian Bailey. After your morning practise we invite you to a delicious vegetarian brunch served outdoors by the pool. Five days out of your stay enjoy an amazing vegetarian dinner. Our weekly menu consists of healthy vegetarian meals and can be adjusted for vegans and those with food allergies. A perfect and healthy way to start off the New Year.



Ski Yoga Alpine Retreats in Alpe d’Huez France, 20th – 27th January

Do you dream of combining the passion of skiing and snowboarding with the restorative balm of yoga and meditation? Rockin’ the slopes and carving some inspirational yoga into your holiday? Outside there is ice, snow, powder and breathtaking mountains. Inside the beautiful stone and wooden chalet there are log fires, bespoke rooms and congenial communal spaces lit by candles, warm smiles and tall tales of mountain adventures. Delicious vegetarian meals, home made breads, juices and house wines are served daily as the sun rises and sets over the mountains of the Oisans ranges.

This is an ancient village where time has been preserved in the twists of the timbers that support the tumbling tiles and wood piles high beside the cow shed door and yet, we can potter up the road and with one ski-lift are deposited into the heart of one of Europe’s favourite ski areas, Alpe d’Huez.

Pumping pistes and the life affirming backdrop of the alpine scenery make this a retreat that offers both peace and passion for the ultimate ski-yoga getaway. Our yoga space looks over the mountains, with eyes drawn towards the rising sun or moon, high above the valley floor. This environment is perfect to breathe deeply of life, to restore and revitalise as the practice soothes tired muscles, calms the mind and prepares the body lovingly for the skiing in your day ahead. The company is warm, like minded and welcoming, with participants returning annually to experience the dream fusion of a holiday that facilitates skiing in one of the world’s top resorts and the yoga instruction of a senior inspirational teacher.


New Year Detox Ski & Yoga Retreat in Meribel, 6th – 13th January

​Love your winter break but always come back feeling sluggish and worn out? This week is full of nourishing food and mountain air, the perfect ski break you have always dreamed of…

With a focus on you detoxing from the festive season our January retreat is a perfect time to realign your body, mind and intentions. Challenging your body on the ski slopes and on the mat daily you will feel strong, alert and more balance each day.

For way too long ski holidays have been about excess. Our New Year Detox Ski & Yoga Retreat in Meribel combines energising mountain time with clean, wholesome food, yoga and meditation. We are tipping the balance, on our ski retreats we want you to head out onto the hill bouncing in your ski boots. With the combination of three daily yoga sessions, delicious and energising food, mountain air and a cozy luxury chalet we will help to make this winter’s ski holiday something more than the run of the mill.

We want to help you to embrace the vitality that mountain life brings. Time in the mountains should be time to develop and grow, a Bodhi Adventure winter retreat is all about rekindling energy levels and allowing your mind to quiet itself in an environment of wellbeing. Join us in our beautiful, modern alpine chalet in the Three Valleys, deliciously designed for relaxation and calm. Salute the sun in the morning as it beams through our large picture windows and cosy up in front of the fire in the evening with tales of the days adventures.



Christmas and New Year Retreat in Koh Samui Thailand, 23 – 30 December/30 December – 6 January

Samahita Retreat has been a pioneer in healthy programming for the body, breath and mind for almost 15 years. Known as one of the most authentic yoga retreats & teaching locations worldwide while introducing a balance of practices and activities for both body and mind that includes meditation, Pranayama and breath work as well as full cardio and core strength fitness routines

This Christmas and New Year retreat in Koh Samui integrates yoga and fitness to give you a great way to escape the commercial onslaught of the holiday season. Paul and his team will share in the task of teaching and guiding all guests across the range of yoga practices, core strength work and cycle classes. Yoga and its techniques cover a number of practices that include sitting meditation forms, focused breath work that develops into a pranayama practice, and the physical yoga practice of asana.

There will be a Christmas Eve celebration with special gourmet feast and performances and fundraiser for our local charities. On New Year’s Eve there will be a special ceremony to acknowledge 2017 and welcome in 2018 as well as a feast and performances. The special ceremony will help you close and heal the past year, setting the energy and intention for the year coming with an impetus to follow through on it. Come and really enjoy a genuine holiday break from the ‘holidays’.

EAT.PRAY.MOVE Marrakech FORM+FOCUS Retreat, 18th – 24th February

We are so excited about this special collaboration and enhancement to our Marrakech retreat. EAT.PRAY.MOVE will feature Julian Hyzler from EASEL&LENS to combine a look at creative focus with travel-journal creation classes throughout the week.

This fantastic yoga retreat will take place at the fabulous Peacock Pavilions boutique hotel, this stylish and eco-friendly abode has been featured in worldwide publications, including National Geographic Traveler. Yoga and meditation classes will be held daily to prepare our bodies and minds to find the ‘calm in the chaos’ of the sensory-overload that is Morocco – and then these art projects will help us find news ways of seeing – both yoga and art working together to find FOCUS in the many layers of smells, sites, and sounds that abound in exotic Marrakech. All levels are welcome, and participation is voluntary. Projects and classes will be offered as a completely exploratory, unintimidating and personal experience.

This retreat is part of our GIVE BACK initiative, where EPM will donate at least 10% of profits to a humanitarian partner in the community where each retreat is held. Our partner in Marrakech is Project Sora who works with underprivileged communities and young women to empower with design, clean-up projects, and creative ventures.


Dar Jaguar bespoke Wellbeing and Culture Retreats, Marrakech open all year round

Dar Jaguar is perfectly located in the best part of the medina in central Marrakech. It offers the opportunity to go away at any time you wish and to create your very own bespoke “Escape” whether that be alone, with a friend or with a group of ten or more taking the entire riad exclusively.

The UK based owner, Lucia Silver, will work with you to design a programme of wellbeing and cultural activities that will nurture your body and romance your soul. In Lucia’s words, this is a “Gorgeous marriage of the radical self love we owe to our hard working-selves and the style, fun and cultural sophistication of Sex and the City”. All you need to do is tell us what you need and want and leave us to do the rest. All you need to do is get on a plane here and enjoy it. All mainstream styles of yoga, pilates and meditation practice are available and there is a wonderful house chef, so food can be prepared to your specification. Subject to availability we can fly in our expert and award winning nutritional and gourmet chef(s) to cater for you for your specific dates.



Sri Lanka

Sen Wellness Retreat Sanctuary in Sri Lanka, open all year

This is the perfect place to immerse yourself in natural beauty and relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. The Sanctuary offers Yoga and Ayurveda retreats all year round and hosts detox retreats and special Signature retreats a few times a year. Founder Sam Kankanamge, is a world-renowned Osteopath who runs a clinic in London as well as hosting the signature retreats at the Sanctuary himself.

The Sanctuary offers Kundalini Yoga and other yoga styles in twice daily classes and meditations that mark sunrise and sunset. The gentle rhythm of the sanctuary and the pared back approach and architecture of the place allow for a genuine retreat. The focus here is on rest and connection with nature and oneself. The eclectic and fascinating selection of books available are perfect to fill your time between yoga, treatments and walks on the beach. You’ll be encouraged to put away your devices as much as possible and allow for a digital detox too.

We tailor our retreats to your needs, allowing you to have more control over how you enjoy your time. We offer twice daily yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic consultations and treatments, as well as osteopathy. Our retreats allow you to relax, rebalance and rejuvenate in a peaceful, healing environment in our natural sanctuary. With our retreat sanctuary in the mangrove forest by the beach, we invite our guests to reconnect with nature and feel the vital energy of Sri Lanka.



7 Day Sun Kissed Yoga Holidays in Cyprus, open all year

Want to prevent burnout, evade stress or master your fears? Would you like to regain your inner strength and balance? Then join us for our sun kissed yoga holidays in Cyprus. Immersed in nature, Cyprus Villages is the ideal environment to decelerate and get to know yourself.

Treat yourself to an uplifting holiday, experience traditional living in the countryside of a centuries old village, set far away from tourist areas amidst the vineyard and tempting orange and olive plantations. Step into the heart of Cyprus, for years now, the family run company offers yoga holidays in Tochni, be it for individuals or small groups.

Start your day with the sun salutations, slow down to strengthen your body and quieten your mind. Our yoga teacher will guide you into gently executed body postures, followed by an awareness phase to further a better body knowledge, more strength and flexibility. The deep relaxation at the end of each class has a calming, balancing effect that counters the consequences of stress. The content and the teaching methods are adapted to each persons current condition, needs and interests. So the retreat are both accessible and challenging to all levels. The teaching style is undogmatic and free from constraints.

Apart from the yoga sessions you can relax at the pool, venture on your own, take a walk through the village, a trip to the sea, hike or rent a bike. In addition you have the chance to let yourself be pampered at our spa or take pilates and relaxation classes.

Nothing compares to a holiday in traditional village atmosphere, tucked in the gentle hills of Cyprus. Cyprus Villages is the perfect opportunity to live in a traditional stone house, stroll along the narrow streets around the village square and enjoy a coffee in an authentic coffee shop. You will participate in the authentic village life with mediterranean flair. What’s more, Cypriots are famous for their hospitality and the catchphrase “kopiaste”, meaning: come, join us!




Navutu Dreams Resort and Wellness Retreat, open all year round

With 28 rooms and suites housed in low slung chalet on a hectare and half of gardens speckled with 3 swimming pools, it is the only upscale resort and wellness retreat in Angkor. This is where detoxing or a mini-break can easily be a part of a relaxing holiday highlighted with a visit to Angkor Wat which is a mere 30 minutes driving distance from the resort.

Navutu Dreams has a core team of seasoned wellness practitioners who have crafted programs designed to detox the body, the mind or both. Yoga classes are available three time a day, each day of the week. Private bodyworks, breath-work, yoga, meditation or even partner yoga sessions can easily be arranged. Traditional Chinese medicine is also available at the resort. Within its menu are services for acupuncture, shiatsu, cupping and auriculotherapy. Alternative healing is also readily on-hand. Reiki, Crystal Healing, Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath and the resort’s signature BreathLightBliss which is a combination of these plus breath-work.

Destination-inspired activities also include forest bathing or the practice of ‘’Shinrin-yoku’’ in a selected path at the Angkor Archaeological Park and sunrise meditation within the grounds of 9th century temple on a hill over-looking the Tonle Sap Lake.




Having trouble choosing one of these wonderful yoga and wellness retreats? Contact us at and we will help you decide!

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