Recommended Retreats & Wellness Breaks in Italy

Soul Seed Travel Guide: Recommended Retreats and Wellness Breaks in Italy

Treat yourself to an Italian escape on one of these recommended retreats and wellness breaks in Italy. Relax, recharge and practice your Italian!.

Yoga + Eternal Spring Retreat in Tuscany, 23rd – 29th March

Special offer – book before the 28th of February and SAVE €500. Imagine a place where time is suspended over rolling green hills, where the sound of the breeze feels like a secret waiting to be told. This March, La Vita in Equilibrio takes us to a Tuscan paradise. Set in a historic hamlet, the immaculate estate of Borgo Pignano will inspire wonder in you.

Our luxury fully concierged Tuscan Escape is a feast to the senses as we celebrate the earth’s awakening. We come together to share in the stories of new friendship as we gather over spring’s first harvest, sip on lunar-infused elixirs and complete a full moon circle of blessing to transfer you back to your life with a restored mind and body, a deep sense of rejuvenation, self-discovery and transformation.

From the moment you arrive, expect to find serenity and be enchanted. This Escape is about renewal and creative expression. Each morning, we greet the day with a guided meditation and a warming yoga flow, designed to gently dissolve points of resistance and increase wellbeing. To welcome Spring, we spend our days foraging wild flowers for crafting our own soaps, we explore the gorgeous grounds of the estate following ancient trails that lead to waterfalls.

In true Tuscan spirit, we learn the subtle art of making the perfect pasta, with the estate master chef. At Borgo Pignano the ethos is one of sustainability. From terra to tavola, here everything is grown locally, a true expression of slow food. Our days off the estate include a private tour of a vineyard, a visit to the purifying thermal waters of Terme di Sassetta and a day trip to the hilltop town of Volterra where we learn of ancient Etruscan traditions and delight in an evening of restorative yoga in the medieval town hall loggia. Our time together will inspire a living memory, one that only Tuscany can give.


Luxury Spring Weekend Yoga Retreat in Rome, 11th – 14th May

weekend yoga retreat in Rome

When we revel in thoughts of the ‘Eternal City’, we imagine velvet nights and candy coloured vespas zipping down cobblestone streets. We see coins tossed in fountains and taste melting mint gelato under a glistening sun. We envision ourselves leaning over the balustrade of ancient bridges and peering into tiny osterias tucked into fragrant alleyways.

Perhaps Rome is an eternity, and so we are drawn to the one place where we can abandon ourselves to the art of il dolce far niente – the sweet pursuit of doing nothing. It evokes in us a desire, a dream and a smile. “Take the whole day!” Joe Bradley said, to which Princess Anne, Hepburn’s character replied: “I could do all the things I’ve always wanted.” Well we say, take a few days! This May prepare to be enamoured as La Vita in Equilibrio takes you on the ultimate all-inclusive Roman Holiday!.



Special offer – book before the 28th of February and SAVE $150. Besides a daily yoga class, we will also enjoy walks around the scenic Tuscan hills and a meditation walk will be included in the week as well. “FLAVORS” – We’ll not only balance the week with the healthy “form” part of the retreat, but also with learning about and experiencing firsthand the amazing flavors of this region. Each day we’ll be able to enjoy mouth-watering cuisine, as well as take part in tastings from wine and olive oil, to cheeses, gelato, and of course the Italian espresso. From award-winning restaurants to family farms and kitchens, learning and enjoying the food will be an added bonus to working up an appetite during our classes and walks!.

Trips include visits to small villages, large cities, and outdoor activities, even a day at a unique “Sensorial” thermal spa where guests will enjoy a treatment “circuit” through thermal waters, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and relaxation pods.

Julian and Erin will be your guides around the city, museums, and outlying walks. Enjoy seeing world famous works of art, as well as monuments, one-of-a-kind lookouts, and feeling the modern bustle of this compact city.


Detox, Yoga, nourish and glow retreat in Sicily, 14th – 21st April

This special 7-day cleanse provides guests with an immersive experience of mindful nourishment in the heart of Sicily. Far from your average detox, the serenity and natural beauty of Danena offers a sacred space for guests to to journey inwards and cleanse in comfort. Delicious local, plant-based cuisine from the surrounding landscape will be served up alongside eye-opening mind-body workshops from health coach Jennifer Carr.

Guiding guests with practical techniques and tips towards eating for optimal digestion, energy and weight loss, Jennifer and the Danena team look forward to assisting you on your journey towards a more vibrant self. Daily hatha yoga (all levels) and meditation classes support the cleanse process with positive movement and conscious breathing.

The week’s schedule is perfectly balanced to enable plenty of free time as well to swim in our infinity pool, explore the island’s raw beauty on a beach walk or take an invigorating hike through local orange groves.


Serenità Wellness Retreat, 7th – 14th July

My intention is to create space for you to take time out from the everyday rush to treat yourself- by getting back to the basics. Surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves, you will find yourself letting go of stress and responsibility while enjoying yoga, mindful practices, and delicious organic food. For the foodies among you, feel free to step into the kitchen with Nonna to help cook the meals, taking mental note of all of her tips and tricks. If you feel the need to connect with nature, just step outside; you can read a book while swinging in a hammock, float in the salt water pool, or hike to the nearby medieval castle. During the week, there will be opportunity to participate in various workshops, from sketching and painting to learning about energy healing and connecting with your inner self. For a little excitement, join us on our day trip to the medieval city of Perugia, home of the Baci chocolate, where you will have free time to shop, eat at restaurants, people watch, and café hop.

Our retreat centre is one of a kind. Monestevole is the first self-sustainable community in Italy focusing on offsetting their carbon footprint; you will have the opportunity not only to learn about their mission, but to be a part of it, by participating in gardening and caring for the animals. For the animal lovers out there, you can even go for a horseback ride in the surrounding hills.

Our mission during this week is simple – rest, rejuvenation, and connection. At the Serenità Wellness Retreat, you will have the chance to deepen existing friendships and to cultivate new connections with the other wonderful women in attendance. What better place to unwind than in the Italian countryside, alongside friends, farm-to-table food, and an abundance of homemade wine. You may even learn a few words of Italian!.


EAT.PRAY.MOVE yoga retreat in Puglia, 9th – 15th September

On this wonderful retreat we will stay at the luxurious Masseria Fumarola and experience the landscapes and activities of this incredible rising star of Italy.

Besides daily yoga classes, our new MOVE+MANIFEST retreats offers a series of mindful workshops that will guide you in the exploration of creative self-expression in your life. We will have meaningful discussions and fun activities intended to help you tap into your own inner wisdom and heartfelt desires. And between the beauty and serenity of Puglia alongside the sea and ancient olive trees, the atmosphere will surely ignite your being with an energy perfect for the creative process.

We will tour through Puglia’s famous trulli; cone shaped houses in the town of Alberobello, a UNESCO world heritage site. After walking around the town and enjoying a delicious tasting lunch, we will make our way back to the stunning Masseria Fumarola, an ancient farmstead that will be our home for the week.

There will also be a relaxed day at the beach where we will explore the incredible coastal part of the region, followed up with an amazing and unique dining experience in a cliffside grotto. In this open cavern, we will eat while looking down upon the sea at Polignano al Mare, one of the most picturesque villages of Puglia. Read the latest reviews of Masseria Fumarola on Tripadvisor.


Soul Adventure Retreat: Discover the Magic of Tuscany, 12th – 19th May

Come experience your own ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ adventure and immerse yourself in the magic and beauty of the Italian countryside while connecting with other like-minded women. Picture yourself unwinding at our delightful countryside villa, where you will be guided through workshops by Life Fulfillment coach, Sharon Stokes to create and explore your own “Life Map”. This process allows you the powerful opportunity to connect with yourself on a deep level. And as a result, you will have the refreshed clarity to move forward in your life with inspired confidence!

To balance this “soul work”, holistic health coach, Sarah McKeon will lead daily invigorating movement and yoga, positive mindset practices, and provide irresistible local and fresh cuisine. These wellness activities will keep your energy flowing and your body feeling its best!

On top of the soulful time at the villa, we will be exploring some of the majestic and iconic sights in Tuscany! Make sure to pack your walking shoes as we have 3 adventure days included in the retreat. The first is a full day exploring the culturally rich city of Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance. Secondly, we will visit the breathtaking coastal villages of Cinque Terre! Last, but not least, we will enjoy a leisurely bike stroll around the walled city of Lucca, and have dinner in the magical Piazza del l’Anfiteatro, the historic and soulful heart of the city. You will feel like a true Italian, strolling the cobblestone streets in this hidden gem.

Through self reflection, refreshing movement, healthy nutrition, and soulful adventures in one of the most magical places on the planet, you will leave this retreat experience bubbling with inspiration, and fully connected to your life’s purpose!.


EAT.PRAY.MOVE Amalfi Coast FORM+FLAVOR Retreat, Italy 13th – 19th May

Besides a daily yoga class (and on this Amalfi retreat, it will be a class overlooking the sea!), we will also enjoy many walks around the breathtaking scenery on the Amalfi Coast as well as a day walking one of Italy’s most renowned scenic hikes. A meditation walk will be included in the week as well. “FLAVORS” – We’ll not only balance the week with the healthy “form” part of the retreat, but also with learning about and experiencing first hand the amazing flavors of this region. Each day we’ll be able to enjoy mouth-watering cuisine, as well as take part in tastings from wine and olive oil, to cheeses, pastries, and lemons. From award-winning restaurants to family farms and kitchens, learning and enjoying the food will be an added bonus to working up an appetite during our classes and walks!

Our day trips will allow us to experience the many unique landscapes and activities that this area has to offer. We will begin our week with a lemon tour + cooking class, as well as a tasting of the region’s famous mozzarella – both while visiting the famous nearby towns of Ravello and Amalfi. We’ll take a day trip by private boat to the nearby island of Capri to see the chic sites of this beautiful “blue island” as well as visit to a winery with a tour and tasting of the wines that hail from this region. Others days will be filled with time to relax by the private pool, and nearby beach, as well as a hike on the Sentiero degli Dei, one of Amalfi’s most famous paths on our way to Positano for a lunch. We’ll end the week with a day at a 5* spa being pampered with treatments and time to relax before ending the week with another scrumptious meal. Read the latest reviews of Borgo Pignano on Tripadvisor.


Wellness and Detox packages at Acquaforte medical spa, Forte Village, Sardinia

Developed in the 1980’s when Forte Village Resort’s medical team joined the Italian Thalassotherapy School, Aquaforte Spa’s new approach to detoxification draws on the healing properties of seawater to restore and rebalance the body.

Beyond the Thalasso SPA and pools, Forte Village Resort’s all-encompassing approach to health and fitness includes a Sports Medicine Centre, Cosmetic Medicine Centre and extensive offering of sport, training, spa therapies, healing treatments and personal counseling services. Forte Village is known for having revolutionised the world of thalassotherapy, creating a totally original and extraordinarily effective method for detoxing, rejuvenating and improving the body.

The resort is set in 120 acres of beautiful gardens on the white sandy shores of the Mediterranean and sheltered by the mountains, Sardinia’s sub-tropical climate enjoys 300 days of sunshine every year. The Acquaforte medical team offers tailor made wellness programmes plus a daily activity programme: Anti-Ageing, Thalasso Detox, Stay Healthy and Weight-loss. Read the latest reviews of Borgo Pignano on Tripadvisor.

Midsummer Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with Balu Thevar, Sicily 14th – 21st June

Balu Thevar is coming to Sankalpasicily for the second time around to share his profound knowledge of the Ashtanga tradition. Balu has got a truly unique way to transmit the Ashtanga Yoga system to his students, firm and lovable at the same time.

Balu’s journey with yoga started 13 years ago when he was introduced to his mentor, Swami Kuttiyand, by his father, Rajendra Thevar. He practiced under the supervision of Swami Kuttiyand for 4 years and then became an assistant teacher for his mentor. His journey continued in Varanasi, Rishikesh and for several years in Mysore where he continued to teach and attend classes. In 2009, Balu opened his own shala, Sadhana Yoga Shala in Arambol Goa. Balu believes that our body is a gift and a vehicle that we use for our journey through this life. This journey provides an opportunity to become a better person and thereby find our true self.

SankalpaSicily is a project for life. Two years ago a seed was planted in Rishikesh India. After our adventure in the summer of 2017 where we organised 3 retreats we are now dedicating more energy into this project we strongly believe in. We, Francesca and Sara, both share a deep love for Ashtanga yoga and the sunny island of Sicily. We can’t wait to meet you and make the most out of your stay here in Sicily.

We believe that with great teachers, ambiance, food and with our dedication all combined we are delivering a 360 degree retreat experience.


Exploring Perception: Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Photography Retreat with Kimberly Poppe in Sicily, 5th – 12th May

Rediscover the present moment through meditation, yoga and photography. Meditation and photography share the same goal. To capture the freshness of the present moment. To find beauty in our everyday experience. To change the way we see the world. In this special retreat led by Kimberly Poppe, meditation teacher and photographer, we will explore how we see, experience and relate to ourselves & the world.

Danena Sicily is a holiday retreat that offers a revitalizing fusion of activities centered around yoga nature, art, culture, pilates detoxification, music and healthy food. Our main location is a 19th century farmhouse – La Masseria – situated in the luscious natural landscape of southeastern Sicily surrounded by the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea.


Spectacular Sicily – Yin and Forrest Yoga Retreat with Aoife Kane, 7th – 14th July

Find serenity and nourish your soul this summer in Sicily. Experience twice daily yoga classes including a dynamic Forrest Yoga practice each morning and a more restful yin session in the evening. Gift your mind the space to unwind, your body the chance to restore and your soul the beauty of connecting. The perfect opportunity to let go, release and reset our systems.

Our main location is a 19th century farmhouse – La Masseria – situated in the luscious natural landscape of southeastern Sicily surrounded by the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea.

Danena Sicily is a one-hour drive south from Catania airport, on the island’s east coast. On a country lane away from noise and neighbours, it’s just 10 minutes south from the unspoilt World Heritage town of Noto – one of Italy’s most beautiful historic centres.


Gaia Gourmet Cuisine & Culture Retreat (with a side of yoga) in Italy with chef Naga & Liz Lindh, 1st – 8th October

Join us for Gaia Gourmet in Tuscany! We have crafted a delicious week with cooking classes, wine & cheese tasting, truffle hunting, sight seeing, shopping, daily Yoga and more! All of our culinary delights and adventures have been curated by Chef Naga in alignment with our Gaia Gourmet philosophy. We have chosen foodie-focused excursions (everything is optional), and have also left some unstructured time for you to explore on your own or relax with some quiet moments on this beautiful property (massage services available).

We will journey to another Sanctuary in the Chianti region of Tuscany, the heart of the “Golden Triangle” between Senna, Arezzo and Florence; La Selva di Giordano. This magical property, overlooking the gentle slopes of the Arno valley, is a vast 32 acre natural garden of ancient oaks, olive groves, grape vines and overflowing meadows with indigenous wild flora and fauna. Similar to our beloved Sanctuary in Costa Rica, two flowing streams of water enhance the potent high vibration of the land. The totally restored 17th century farmhouse, two additional smaller villas, a spacious studio specifically for Yoga, four salt water swimming pools and an outdoor amphitheater are peacefully nestled into this healing environment, intertwined as if in symbiosis.


Springtime in Tuscany Yoga Retreat + 2 nights in Rome! 14th – 21st April

We encourage our retreat-goers to take advantage of the incredible part of Italy we will be visiting, so excursions are offered to those that are interested. This may include hikes, visiting nearby towns and destinations, museums, or spending your days at our villa resting, reading, and lounging poolside. These are included as part of the retreat (though entry fees to any museums or events will be up to the individual). If you are traveling from afar, you may join us for one night in Rome on either end (hotel included). Otherwise you may meet us in Rome to catch transport to the countryside, or in Tuscany if that is easiest.

We will begin our journey in Rome at a boutique 4 star hotel that is a favorite of ours, located in one of our very favorite neighborhoods of Trastevere, with plenty of wonderful restaurants, shops, and classic scenes nearby. After a nice night of resting, settling in, eating delicious meals and getting to know one another we will group into transport vans for the beautiful drive out to Tuscany together. All transportation from Rome on is included, as we have these transport vans as our own for the duration of the trip.

Once we get to Tuscany we settle into a beautiful villa in the countryside. The setting is cozy and warm, reflecting the nurturing environment that will host you on your yoga holiday. It is a place where you can find yourself and learn how to adjust your lifestyle to suit you and your health. Our lodging is held within several buildings as part of the farmhouse, with vistas of the vineyards and mountains from most rooms. At Le Pianore, we have a spacious, well lit yoga studio with all of the props and mats you may need. The doors can be opened up onto the outdoor world when we want to bring nature right into our practice, and we have the luxury of being in Tuscany when things will be just starting their full bloom. The studio also boasts a wood burning stoves for chillier nights, and we will often practice our evening Restorative and Yin Yoga session by the crackling sound of the fire.

There is also a pool on the property, and a yurt that is a beautiful place for meditation, quiet time, self reflection and journaling. The yurt will be kept as a sacred space for those looking to have some time for introspection and stillness.

As part of this retreat, daily classes are offered in a variety of styles, to suit all needs and all experience levels; vinyasa, yin yoga, yoga nidra and meditation. This retreat is led by Lora Ksieniewicz, who has been teaching for 11 years, and regularly leads retreats, workshops and teacher trainings worldwide. Lora holds an academic education in Kinesiology and safe biomechanics as well, so all levels are welcome. Cues will be given to make each individual feel safe, supported and challenged when appropriate. Read the latest reviews of Le Piaore on Tripadvisor.


7 Day Vino and Vinyasa Italian Yoga Tour Holiday, 24th June – 30th June

Silvia is a yoga teacher, healer, author and international guide who is passionate about Tuscany and has lived in Italy on and off her entire life, and is experienced in the culture! You will be guests at Antico Borgo di Tignano recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site focusing on Tuscan traditions. Stay in your own 10th century restored villa all with private baths. Peacefully nestled into the hills with epic views of Casole d’Elsa and Volterra in the distance, this is the perfect entryway into the Tuscan countryside.

Some say you can fall in love with a place just as you can with a person. This is certainly true of Toscana! The tastes, sights and people of Tuscany will nourish your spirit and renew your sense of joy. Experiencing life under the Tuscan sun is something that stays with you forever. In Italy, you slow down to enjoy each breath, each sip of chianti, each taste of antipasto. You may in fact realize that you are actually home: the home of your heart. And life will never be the same after that. Tuscany teaches us to savor each moment and live inspired by the details that might have otherwise passed us by. Silvia’s years of guiding in Italy ensures that you will experience the joy of La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life). Read reviews of Antico Borgo di Tignano on Tripadvisor.


Luxury Pilates Retreats in Le Marche, Italy 24 June – 1 July/2 July – 8 July

This Luxury Pilates retreat in Le Marche will allow you way to recharge and recover from the daily grind whilst immersing yourself in Modern Pilates, fine cuisine and local wines. Your retreat home for the week, Villa Prati is a beautiful authentic Italian home, surrounded by immaculate gardens, large luxurious swimming pool and stunning views of the unspoiled Marche countryside. Whether you want to relax in a hammock, or have a swim in the pool, your every comfort will be catered for.

We help you find new depths in your Pilates practice and the inner connections between mind and body. With hands on tuition daily we guide you through a blissful week of practice, rest and relaxation and new experiences.

LuxPilates retreats are meant to be fun and rejuvenating, so we design our schedules with the aim to find the perfect balance between exercise and group activities allowing time for yourself. Just keep in mind: whatever the program, this is your week, so you’re encouraged to take the time you need, go at your own speed, and try to relax.



Luxury Hotels and Spa’s

Castel Monastero Spa Hotel, Tuscany


You are in the land of the Renaissance where proportion and balance are everything. Could there be a more beautiful and harmonious place to get back in shape, detox your body and rejuvenate yourself? The splendid spa at the luxury hotel Castel Monastero in Tuscany is the perfect place for our retreat programs in weight loss, detox, yoga and meditation.

Complementing the retreat programs and enhancing their effect is the amazing “Aquae Monasterii” course with its high saline density sea oil pool, designed exclusively for our spa by the medical team of Thalasso del Forte, the spa at Forte Village, a World’s Leading Resort since 1998. But that’s not all. In the healthy, peaceful setting of hills of the Chianti region, if you’re looking for inner harmony, just close your eyes and inhale the warmth of the nature all around you. In the woods, the countryside and the wonderful garden around Castel Monastero you can listen to the messages that our bodies send us and be amazed by the renewal of energy and vitality.  A space to breathe in the deep sensation of wellness in an environment in which attention to detail and the professionalism of staff creates a unique and unrivalled harmony, immersed in the unspoilt nature of the Tuscan countryside. This is the starting point for wellness and the foundation of our Wellness philosophy.

All the dietary menus in the program have been designed and developed by the internationally renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, who also created the menu of the Contrada restaurant for Castel Monastero. Come and discover one of the most beautiful stretches of countryside in Italy among the Chianti vines, corn fields, chestnut forests and long rows of cypress trees: this is the Tuscany of the Ombrone Valley – a land blessed with masterpieces of painting and food and the greatest, unparalleled art of knowing how to live life. Read the latest reviews on Tripadvisor.

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Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda

Lefay Resort is on the coast of Lake Garda in Gargnano, surrounded by hills and olive groves. It offers a wellness centre, panoramic views of the lake and free access to the spacious Mondo Lefay Spa, which also features indoor and outdoor pools.

An exclusive temple of wellness extending over 3,800 square metres, where body and soul are rejuvenated through the rediscovery of vital energy. The Infinity pool merges with the horizon, while the internal and external salt-water pool stretches into the park overlooking the lake together with the “Source Roccolino” whirlpool. The water area is completed by the enticing indoor thalassotherapy pool “La Luna nel Lago”. The Lefay SPA also features six different types of sauna and five relaxation areas to remove the stresses of everyday life.

The activities which are integral to the Lefay SPA Method, are held amongst the age-old trees and Mediterranean shrubs. Directly overlooking the lake, the Resort’s large park comprises a running circuit, a fitness trail with eight stations to improve muscle elasticity and the therapeutic energy garden, consisting of five stations associated with ancient symbols and meanings. They offer 3-5 retreat packages ranging from the discovery 3 day package, 4 day Essence packages where you can experience to recover vital energy and discover the holistic wellness philosophy that extends to every moment of the holiday and ways to find a balance and remove the chaotic pace of everyday life that strain the body, according to the Lefay SPA Method principles. The integral 5 night package is for the full rebalancing and rejuvenation of body, mind and soul: a journey of rediscovery of a healthy and aware lifestyle. Read the latest reviews on Tripadvisor.

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L’Abergo della Regina Isabella Resort and Health Spa, Ischia 

A unique choice in the world, where the natural environment and the tradition of hospitality come together in a magical mix and rejuvenating for the body, mind, and spirit. The force of the sea and the virtues of hot springs, the solar affability of the hosts, the taste of Mediterranean cuisine and the search for healthy menu create harmony which gave the Regina Isabella hotel its undisputed prestige. Plus, with the hotels participation in the artistic and cultural events of the island, it offers guests charming moments and emotions in every season. It was thanks to the foresight and commitment of Angelo Rizzoli, that in the ’50s, arose the Regina Isabella hotel. The famous publisher and film producer, enchanted by the place and traditions of the thermal baths, he created the current spa hotel on the homonymous ancient Greek-roman ruins.

The thermal waters with ancient virtues and a top quality spa in the heart of the Mediterranean provide a rare combination that provides wellness for the body and soul, as well as beautiful Mediterranean scenery. The Regina Isabella Thermal Baths are an ode to life and vitality, to a wellness that springs from the balance between body, mind and spirit. The regenerating properties of the multi-active waters are skillfully enhanced by constant and careful scientific research. On the same wavelength with the hotel philosophy, tell us about your lifestyle and with the help of our medical staff, we’ll find the best program suitable for you, tuned to our parameters and your desires.

Thanks to its history, the sea and its special volcanic nature, Ischia is a rare beauty and wellness legacy, an island that celebrates life with 103 thermal wellness springs and being the largest of the Neapolitan islands. The climate is mild all year round and visitors flock to the island to discover its natural beauty and to enjoy the thermal spas. Read the latest reviews on Tripadvisor.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the most beautiful and oldest luxury hotels on the shores of Lake Como. An authentic Art Nouveau palace, a 5-star hotel dating back to 1910 and decorated in a charming with original frescoes and antique furniture.

The TSPA Wellness Spa dedicates more than 1000 m2 to your relaxation and well-being, including a sauna, a relaxation lounge and an outdoor hot tub with panaromic views overlooking the lake. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the park’s fitness room, tennis court and jogging trails. For treatments, guests are offered the care of one of the most exclusive and sought-after beauty lines in the world, ESPA. Discover the best anti-stress, anti-aging and rebalancing treatments, tailor-made to meet the demands of feminine and masculine beauty. All ESPA products are of natural origin and offer the best knowledge of the world, from Eastern tradition to European tradition. Read the latest reviews on Tripadvisor.

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