Last minute recommended retreats

Last minute recommended retreats in Europe for under £1000

Looking for a retreat in the next 4-6 weeks for under £1000? We’ve compiled a list of recommended retreats in Europe for those seeking a quick escape.


8 Day Yoga, Culinary and Meditation Retreat in Sicily, 29th April – 6th May

Danena Sicily is excited to offer their 8 Day Yoga, Culinary and Meditation retreat in Sicily which encompasses two powerful styles of yoga – kundalini and hatha, to create strength, balance, and healing at body and mind levels. Kundalini yoga, with its focus on the endocrine and nervous system, the many breathing techniques, and the mantras will build resilience and stamina while having lots of fun. Danena Sicily is a holiday retreat that offers a revitalizing fusion of activities centered around yoga nature, art, culture, pilates detoxification, music and healthy food. Our main location is a 19th century farmhouse situated in the luscious natural landscape of southeastern Sicily surrounded by the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea. We also have created a series of different yoga experiences around Sicily, in different exclusive locations. Our carefully designed retreats promote inner balance and help you gain and maintain a radiant body. Daily yoga classes and longer retreats will help you build a deeper connection to life, we have classes to suit all levels. We can also offer body treatments, our therapists combine methods based on ancient oriental knowledge with a blend of modern techniques experiences. These unique treatments will harmonise, balance and charge your body to completely revitalise you. Send enquiry.

653x490Retreat in Croatia: Yoga and Wellness Weekend, 27 – 30 April/25 – 28 May/1 – 4 June/8 – 11 June/7 – 10 September/21 – 24 September

Join the Joy of the Mediterranean for a relaxing, rejuvenating, and detoxing mind and body yoga and wellness weekend retreat in Croatia. This is a perfect opportunity to refill and restore your energy under the Mediterranean sun surrounded by crystal blue sea and bring your body and mind into balance with daily yoga classes, meditation and breathing exercises. The experienced team will provide you with personal services to ensure that your stay is comfortable, pleasurable, and effortless. The extensive local knowledge of the retreat team ensures that you will enjoy the best authentic sights, flavors and experiences of Croatia.  Should you prefer a week long retreat we offer our Seaside Yoga Holiday in Croatia. Daily yoga and meditation classes are offered – suitable for everyone, from beginner to experienced yogi consisting of the fusion of various styles, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, elements of Kundalini and breathing techniques such as pranayama.  You will be spoilt with delicious, nutritious meals, with a Mediterranean touch. Send enquiry.

Yoga and Pilates Retreat in Turkey, 20th – 26th March
Zeytin Konak Otel 11

If you are looking for a truly meaningful retreat, one that gives you more than just a holiday with some nice movement classes, join Pilates Retreat Asia in Turkey! Each year, Mareile and Anja are refining this retreat for an in-depth exploration and understanding of your body. Expect fun and laughter and be ready to dive in deep. Turkey’s turquoise Aegean coast has some of the best air and Spring is one of the most special seasons to see Alacati, the picturesque village where Anja Kursawe and Mareile Paley will host you for a very special retreat week. Every day we will dive together into the beauty of movement and experience the connections between Pilates, Yoga and what lies within. We will also taste Turkey’s fresh produce (lots of cheeses, fruit and seasonal vegetables) and have time to explore cobblestoned alleys and narrow streets lined with cafes and art galleries. Come for a feel-good week full of laughter and holistic healthy living, in the off-season and you will discover an authentic village full of charm, enjoy the nature and unspoiled coastline. Yoga on the beach? Let’s do it! Send enquiry.

Spring Sensation Yoga Detox Retreat in the Lake District, 28th – 30th April 11391549_438055893031028_8497968203259216414_n

This 5 star Spring Sensation Yoga Detox Retreat is held at a stunning Georgian manor house on the shores of Lake Windermere. Over the course of the weekend you will experience and enjoy unwinding in the opulance of Silverholme manor house with its unparalleled panoramic lake side views; detoxing dynamic, flowing yoga sessions with calming meditations; pampering massage treatments from our in house therapists; bracing lake and hillside walks along the beautiful Lake Windermere and surrounding hills and healthy, detoxing and delicious vegetarian meals. Your every need will be taken care of by our friendly in house staff. You will leave feeling invigorated, cleansed and lighter, both mentally and physically. There are so many aspects of this retreat to enjoy. Why not join us to stretch out the stresses and strains from your busy life, and find that spring in your step as you look forward to the summer months ahead. Send enquiry.

Hiking and Yoga Retreat Croatia, 20th – 27th May      DSCF2081a_resize

This Mindful Hiking and Yoga Retreat Croatia ‘On the Way Up‘ has been designed as a unique fusion of experiences embracing some of the most beautiful Croatian seaside and mountain sights.Take this mindful journey and enjoy sunny promenades along Kvarner bay, continue further up discovering magic hidden places of the hinterland and reach rocky mountain tops of the green inner land of Gorski kotar, while looking at the crystal blue Adriatic Sea. We will begin our day with yoga exercises to pleasantly energize our body and spirit. We will then boost our energy in mountain surroundings, hiking mindfully, experiencing the power of meditation and aromatherapy during hike. We will indulge our senses with delightful and harmonized savors. Selected vegetarian and Mediterranean specialties will be prepared on spot with love and care, respecting natural balance, in order to harmonize our body and spirit. Our connection with nature will be upgraded by amazing accommodation in rustic villa, which is located in the hinterland connecting sea and mountains, in a picturesque village of Grižane. Raise your limits, explore new heights and soak in some profound energy of nature on your way up! Find out more.

Heal Yourself To Happiness Retreat Valencia, 19 – 25 March/16 – 22 April

IMG_20161011_184644741 (2) (1)

Feel re-energised at our healing retreat in Valencia with Deborah Jane Sutton. Deborah will conduct energy healing workshops each morning, incorporating aspects such as muscle testing, emotional healing and the law of attraction. Our retreat venue will be a pretty Spanish villa nestled among the orange groves of the Valencian countryside. With the golden sand of Tavernes Beach just 20 minutes away and the picturesque monastery of Santa Maria in Simat just 10 minutes away, we are ideally situated for hiking and cycling. You can spend your free time by the pool, playing tennis or enjoying a healing massage in our salon. Before dinner, there will be a meditation practice to help us refocus our thoughts and increase our mindfulness. Deborah will also invite a couple of visiting experts to give informal talks and add their valuable knowledge and insights into other areas of Energy Healing so you can be sure of receiving a wide range of expert experience, inspiration and advice during your stay. You will leave us feeling healthier, happier and inspired. You will feel an increased level of vibrations, heightened intuition and a strong sense of empowerment. Heal yourself to happiness, experience a greater connection to your life force and find your divine path and life purpose!. Send enquiry.

Beginners Sivananda Yoga Retreat, South West France 28th April – 1st May

sivananda yoga retreat

Discover the essence of Sivananda Yoga and its holistic approach to wellbeing and healing at Little French Retreat in the South West of France, a warm and welcoming country home in a rural corner of Gascony. We offer authentic and intimate retreat experiences for small groups. The combination of tranquil surroundings, nourishing home cooked food and daily yoga classes enable guests to slow down and let go of any ideas or habits that may be limiting their wellbeing. Our retreats encourage guests to reset their course and give them the tools to carry those changes forward into their lives. Learn breathing techniques (Pranayama), yoga postures (Asana’s), the importance of a yoga diet, positive thinking and how to meditate. All aspects together provide a foundation to build a daily practice from, and a knowledge of how the practice affects our body positively. Improve your digestion, balance hormones, increase mobility, reduce stress, anxiety and appreciate a deep sense of relaxation and calm. A weekend for complete yoga beginners to explore all aspects of the practice, with a cleansing vegetarian diet, meditation walks and time to rest in comfort. Send enquiry.

Sweaty Betty

Ayurvedic Yoga retreat in Harrogate Yorkshire, 28th – 30th April

Our Ayurvedic Yoga retreat is an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into yoga, meditation, relaxation and learn about ayurveda and tips on lifestyle and diet to help us achieve greater balance, health and happiness in life. Our Harrogate retreats are held in our spacious, comfortable and well appointed Victorian property, only 5 minutes walk from the famous Valley Gardens and the centre of the beautiful floral Spa town of Harrogate, UK. Guests can enjoy their yoga practice in our purpose built studio or if the weather allows we can practice in our beautiful gardens.Harrogate has a long history of promoting health and wellbeing. Its elegance and style draws from its 18th century history, when it became the spa town of choice for its wealthy visitors, so it’s a perfect environment to enjoy a yoga retreat with us, Harrogate has also been voted the happiest place to live in the UK for 3 years running. Ayurveda teaches the art of finding balance and harmony within our environment. In the retreat, the wisdom of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation is shared with you, so you can learn to adapt your lifestyles to enable you to be as healthy, harmonious and balanced as possible. Send enquiry.

Easter Yoga retreat in Crete with Kat Webster, 15th – 21st April

Imagine a place where time seems to have taken a deep breath and paused for a moment. Imagine the sun and sea shining and the stars shimmering like your own inner radiance. Visualise relaxing in heaven on earth and being healed by Mother Nature, transforming and enlivening your soul. You have just been thinking about our Easter yoga retreat in Crete at Agios Pavlos. A step away from the tourist crowd, situated on a private beach the southern coast of Crete is the family tavern of Agios Pavlos. Arguably the best kept secret in Crete, this charming hotel allows you reconnect with yourself. The lack of shops, nightclubs and high-rises, will ensure that you totally disengage from modern life for a while. In the isolated mountain villages of southern Crete, tottering against a private bay of healing waters under cloudless skies and emerald slopes smothered in olive trees and cacti, where many locals live to over a 100 as they guzzle on an elixir diet of homemade soups and salads, goats’ yoghurt and Cretan greens, there is a secret place; so sacred; so special, where Kat Webster hosts a selections of yoga retreats intended to create the greatest levels of health and lasting happiness. Send enquiry.

Yoga and Juice Fasting Detox Retreat, Portugal 23rd – 29th April

This yoga and juice fasting detox retreat is a powerful and thorough cleanse for body, mind and spirit. Hosted by Yoga Detox Holidays, Lauren has been facilitating juice fast detoxes for 15 years and understands how the body, mind and spirit can become sluggish and run down due to the fast pace of life and certain challenges life brings. Many people have come with unresolved health issues and have left with varying degrees of healing. Others have arrived lacking in energy and have left full of vitality and zest. Some have wanted to lose some weight, and the program has set them well on the road to changing their body shape. ​It’s truly amazing what the body can do on a liquid diet of nutritional juices for five days – it’s a wonderful rest for the digestive system and a chance for the body to rest and heal. The yoga detox retreat is held at Casa Vale da Lama – a beautiful Eco Resort which grows and offers its own fresh organic fruit and vegetables. The whole farm is a permaculture and regenerative agriculture project that works together with Nature. Send enquiry.

Swiss Alps Hiking and Raw Food Retreat, 8th – 15th April

You are invited to a hiking and raw food retreat in the amazing region of lake Thun, in the center of Switzerland. Relax and recharge while also enjoying all the beauty this region has to offer: lakes, waterfalls, mountains, forests, rivers. We offer hiking in incredible locations, and a delicious raw food menu. The settings are cozy and warm, reflecting the nurturing environment that will host you on your unforgettable holiday. Enjoy breathtaking views, magnificent mountains, unspoilt nature, glistening lakes and genuine hospitality. Picturesque landscapes surrounded by countless mountain peaks, more than 800 lakes, world-class events and great experiences, pleasurable moments and feelings of happiness, living traditions and visible customs: the Bernese Oberland is one of Switzerland’s most diverse regions. We will bring you to amazing places, hiking on average 3-4 hours a day, easy tracks, enjoying the beauty of nature, spectacular views, re energizing the body and relaxing the mind. Each day a different destination, off the tourists, but still demarcated and secure official tracks. During the hiking, some short stops to rest, and one longer stop for lunch (picnic). Send enquiry.

Pilates and Yoga Retreat Gran Canaria, 1 – 8 April/8 – 15 April


See the Canary Islands like you’ve never seen them before. Experience your ultimate healthy, pilates and yoga retreat in the most beautiful island in the Canaries. Gran Canaria Spain is a small continent on its own. With enormous lush green mountains, sand dune beaches and multiple mircroclimate zones Gran Canaria makes the perfect backdrop of a holistic practice of yoga and pilates. At Sky Pilates and Yoga retreat we guide you through a daily practice of pilates, yoga and meditation along with several active excursions to keep you feeling fit and healthy. Join us for our upcoming retreats to our Villa Gran Canaria. Experience a consistent challenging practise of Yoga every day with our expert instructor Paola Reznik from Buenos Aires Argentina. Our yoga classes are open level classes. We invite everyone, regardless of ability and level, to participate in an invigorating flow of Hatha and Vinyasa. There are few yoga instructors that draw you in, support you and elevate you to another realm, and hatha yoga teacher Paola is one of them. Her supportive and challenging classes will transform your yoga practice. What would a pain free life feel like? Pilates focuses on the strengthening and lengthening of the physical and mental core, as well as the realignment of the spine. Come experience a daily rejuvenation of the mind and body as we re-learn to move again with Classical Pilates expert Alex Estornel. Send enquiry.

Yoga Retreat Portugal – Vale de Moses, open April to October

DUN_2596Vale de Moses is a family run yoga retreat in the heart of the Portuguese mountains. Spend a week or more practicing yoga, receiving massage and acupuncture treatments, walking in forests, swimming in natural river pools and eating delicious nutritious food. Stay in one of the beautifully restored stone cottages, Soulpads or in a Tipi.  Our retreat home is perfect for those in need of a break, rest and relaxation. We are surrounded by nature and forests, peace and tranquility – the perfect ingredients to restore your body and mind. The combination of good food and sleep, clean mountain air and water, therapeutic massage and acupuncture, hill walking and river swimming, all create a highly restorative context in which to begin, or to deepen, your yoga practice. A variety of styles of yoga are taught at Vale de Moses through the year by some delightful and inspiring teachers who will take care of you on your mat. You will be safely and physically challenged. Please do not worry about being “good” enough. Or flexible or thin enough. Or whatever enough. We prefer to think you are perfect just as you are. Whatever your capability or experience may be, you are truly welcome. It might be your first yoga retreat, perhaps your first yoga class, or maybe you’ve been practicing regularly for decades. Though the format and language of yoga styles taught by our teachers may differ (Dynamic, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and more), they are in essence, just one. The very meaning of the word Yoga, is union. A daily invitation to explore the possibility of what our bodies can do and what they can show us, about ourselves and the world we perceive around us. A wonderful journey of self enquiry and discovery. Send enquiry.

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