Last minute deals and offers 2018: Yoga, pilates and wellness retreats

Last minute retreats 2018: Discounts & secret deals within the next 10 weeks

Feeling spontaneous or desperate for a healthy holiday to get you back into shape? Then pack your bags for one of these last minute retreats taking place within the next 10 weeks. To get a special offer, click on the secret deal button.


Morocco Yoga Adventure – Saharan Stars & Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Retreat, 3rd – 10th March

Give yourself the gift of Enchantment. Revitalise your life force energy on this mystical and magical journey and get some winter sunshine in Morocco. A curated bespoke yoga experience with a transformational sequence of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Gong Bath sessions in truly unique places within Morocco. Including 2 nights in a luxury desert camp in the deep stillness and calm of the Saharan desert.

The Erg Chebbi sand dunes are the largest and most beautiful sand dunes in Morocco and provide a most dramatic backdrop for yoga sessions and star gazing at the night sky. There is plenty of time in between travelling to explore this culturally rich country, relax, sand surf, hike, swim and to connect to nature, self and retreat participants as you wish.

£1200 Shared – £1350 Single Occupancy

* All travel costs including airport transfer (not flights)
* Airport pick up and drop off in Marrakesh
* Luxury vehicles for our travels. Camel… optional!
* Twice Daily: Kundalini Yoga / Meditation / Yoga Nidra / Gong Bath
* A nourishing and transformative sequence of yoga, mediation and sound healing sessions in unique and idyllic settings in ancient towns and villages, in the mountains, by lakes and in the dramatic, mystical and completely remote magnificent sand dunes of the Sahara dessert.
* 2 x Night Marrakesh Accommodation Half board
* First and last nights accommodation. We can take a tour exploring this culturally rich city, the original market town where master craftsmen have been working their magic in the Medina (old city) for centuries.
* 1 x night The ancient village and UNESCO World Heritage Site Aït Benhaddou Half board
* 2 x night luxury desert camp Full board
* A chance to experience the calm and silence of the desert.
* 1 x night Todra Gorge Half board
* A breathtaking canyon in the Atlas Mountains with swimming and hiking options on the doorstep, we’ll stay in a truly magical guesthouse with a pool.

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Souldust Morocco: Awaken Your Inner Alchemist Retreat, 11th – 18th March

Join Souldust on a playful journey of the soul, immersed in the colorful rhythms of North African culture. Land of mischievous djinn, Morocco will transform you, gifting tales of desert nights and sensory delights. In brightly colored markets lining ancient alleyways, filled with magic carpets and vibrant spices, she whispers at every corner, inviting you to wake up, wake up, wake up. Souldust Morocco is for your inner alchemist who; burns with curiosity and desire for new experiences; Feels restless intuitive energy waiting for release; is ready to call in a bigger, brighter, magic-filled life, and craves soulful community with laughter + deep connections.

The alchemist transforms the mundane into the fantastic. Water into wine. Lead into gold. The grind of life into a wonderland of gratitude and potential.

This is not manifesting riches or thinking happy thoughts. This is awakening to the call of the world— the call to come out and play, to shine. We are ALL full of colorful light bursting at the seams. We just need to accept the invitation.

Are you feeling the longing? We see that twinkling magic wand in your pocket, lovely.


* 7 nights luxury accommodations
* Daily breakfast + 7 meals
* Excursions to Marrakesh, Essaouira, the Atlas Mountains
* Experiences like a cooking lesson, hammam, and henna
* Mystic toolkit

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Go with the Flow Yoga & Surf Holiday in Tamraght Morocco, 21st – 26th March

yoga and surf reteat Morocco

Join Chloe & Molly for Omega Movement’s Go with the Flow Yoga & Surf Holiday in Tamraght, Morocco, comprising of 5 nights, 6 days of yoga classes combined with a taster of surfing classes and day trips to local sights in Tamraght, Morocco, to find more buoyancy and ease as we ‘go with the flow’ of life’s shifts and currents.

Two daily yoga practices (one gentle and one more dynamic) a daily meditation and x2 surf classes will allow us to explore the balance between our inner strength and our inner fluidity. Think of water’s qualities, whilst it takes the path of least resistance it has the capacity to carve up cliffs. Finding the means of steering true to our inner compass without fighting against the unexpected or unplanned makes for a powerful combination.

This combination of yoga, meditation, surfing and day trip adventures with great company and time to play and explore allows us to connect with that relaxed ‘go with the flow’ attitude, and the follow up support provided after the retreat allows us to hold onto it once we return to our regular lives.

Before the retreat we ensure we have a 30 minute phone/ Skype consultation with each client to clarify their intentions for the retreat.

During the retreat each day is themed to explore different aspects of ‘going with the flow’ – explored through movement, meditation and intention setting. The classes may include workshop style elements to encourage deeper exploration and as well as excursions to local sights there will of course be free time to play in the sun!.

Three excursions are included in the retreat packages, including a trip to Paradise Valley where 4x4s will drive us to a pink canyon filled with Argan forests, palm trees and natural pools that you can swim in; a trip to the Tamri Dunes and a visit to the Agadir Souk, one of the largest souks in northern Africa to pick up souvenirs and traditional moroccan items.

After the retreat we share a film of one gentle yoga class and one dynamic yoga class from the retreat to use for practice at home.

Dorm room price: £665pp if booked alone or £565pp (15% off) if booked with a friend.
Twin room price: £765pp


* 2 x classes per full day (2 x yoga + 1 x meditation)
* 30 mins of private yoga, yoga therapy, or nutritional therapy per person during the retreat (depending on what you most want to focus on)
* 1 x workshop (subject chosen on the basis of people’s areas of interest shared in their pre retreat health forms)
* 3 x trips out to Agadir Souk, Paradise Valley & Tamari Dunes
* Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner each day
* Shared room either in x10 bed dorm room or in a double room – sharing with 1 other
* Transfers to and from the airport

Post Retreat:
* 2 x films of yoga classes for personal use after the retreat for continued home practice
* 60 minutes of private online yoga or nutritional therapy (depending on what you feel you most need)
* Discounts on additional class packs
* 15% discount on Omega’s wellbeing packages (yoga, pilates, yoga therapy, nutritional therapy)

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Wellness Retreat Southern India: Yoga, Pilates and Self-Care, 4th – 10th March 


Escape the grind by retreating to rustic Southern India for a wellness retreat focusing on YOU. This is an opportunity to seek space for rejuvenation, exploration and peace.

Take part in two classes each day of Yoga and Pilates, sprinkled with other wellness opportunities like meditation and breath technique. Delight your taste buds with Southern India’s cuisine of spice, texture and sauces, including lentils, native fruits, coconut oils/milks and curry leaves. Take the opportunity to soak up knowledge of Ayurveda, India’s sister science, and experience luscious ayurvedic treatments, the ultimate in self-care. The state of Kerela has a tropical climate and the beach culture of the Kovalam area will allow you to shed the layers and congestion of the west as you practice self care and relaxation in a natural environment.

India has so much for the senses to take in. Whether it be the wind of tuk tuks whizzing by on the road or the smell of Indian spices wafting from restaurants and local family homes, or the sound of a woman chopping open a fresh coconut for you to drink by the beach. Brightly colored sari’s adorn the local women and tiny winding streets with handmade shopping treasures entice you to explore. It is full to the brim of endless temples, shrines, churches, mosques, and bazaars devoted to spices, incense and freshly cut flowers. India is made for those with a curious spirit and a heart ready for adventure.

Leave it to Mandee to navigate the details in moving through India while you simply enjoy and treat yourself to the tropical experience in the south. India’s positive and energetic vibe is like nothing you have been a part of before. Let her lead you to a place that mesmerizes with all its colors, beauty and life lessons!

$1475 Double occupancy
$1900 Single occupancy

* 6 nights accommodations in a rustic guesthouse on/near beach or cliff overlooking ocean
* Breakfast and chai
* 2 classes per day of Pilates or Yoga
* Additional teachings including meditation & breathwork
* Optional lecture/discussions in Yoga teachings
* Day trip to an Ashram (Indian retreat center where residents dedicate their lives to spiritual devotion)
* Indian cooking class
* Visit with an Indian spiritual counselor at his home in the village
* Day trip into Trivandrum, Kerela’s capital, for shopping and exploration

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EAT.PRAY.MOVE Form & Focus Luxury Retreat Goa, 17th – 23rd March 

Join us for our EAT.PRAY.MOVE Luxury Form & Focus Retreat in Goa. We are so excited about another special collaboration with Julian Hyzler from EASEL&LENS to combine a look at creative focus with travel-journal creation classes throughout the week. Yoga and meditation classes will be held daily to prepare our bodies and minds to find the ‘calm in the chaos’ of the sensory-overload that is India – and then these creative projects will help us find new ways of seeing – both yoga and art working together to find FOCUS in the many layers of smells, sites, and sounds that abound in exotic Goa.

This creative retreat features “design curation” by Rupi Sood, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of J’AIPUR, an East-meets-West arts and culture journal. In addition to creating and curating online content for the magazine, she publishes bi-annual print editions which are sold in select shops around the world. Rupi was born in India, raised in Canada and now lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, two children and a Jack Russell Terrier named Sherlock Holmes. She is an EAT.PRAY.MOVE multiple time past guest and now helps to plan exciting new lifestyle additions to our India retreats.

$3,295 (shared room)
$3,895 (single room)

* Villa accommodation
* Select dinners (at villas or in town)
* Select lunches on day-trips
* Beverages, including wine
* Transfers from the airport
* Transportation to and from day trips
* Daily art project classes and supplies
* Use of estate premises (terraces, pool, etc.)
* Tour guide on various day trips
* Entrance fees during day trips
* Visits to local sites
* Spa day
* Wine and cuisine class
* Daily creative classes + supplies
* Beach day + sunset dinner
* Taxes

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Wiveton hall

A rejuvenating weekend of yoga and meditation as we welcome the return of the light and embrace the early signs of spring. While winter is a time to conserve energy and reflect inwards, spring is a time of regeneration, new beginnings, and a renewal of spirit.

Through the time-honoured practices of meditation and yoga you will get to step back and immerse yourself in the natural surroundings of North Norfolk as it springs back into life. With space and time to relax in the beautiful walled garden and connect to Spring’s wood element with silent walks through the Hall’s grounds and beyond.

Take the chance to unwind, rejuvenate and restore the body, mind and soul in this divine setting on the north Norfolk coast, a short country walk away from Blakeney and get cosy by the open fires of Wiveton Hall’s West Wing.

Our lovely host is a National Treasure. Desmond, famed for his star role in the BBC’s Normal for Norfolk, is a charming presence adding a little fun and spice to the proceedings!.

£385 for shared twin room
£410 for grand double room
Single supplements available at an extra cost of £150 for the weekend

* 3 nights stay
* 3 morning energising yoga classes
* 3 evening relaxing yoga class
* 3 meditation sessions
* All meals throughout the retreat
* Teas and Coffee

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Bank Holiday Yoga, Wellness and Meditation Retreats in Norfolk, 30th March – 2nd April

Join us for one of our Bank Holiday Yoga, Wellness and Meditation Retreats in Norfolk. Held at our stunning barn venue set in private grounds, with opportunities for wild lake swimming, exploring the Norfolk countryside, and experiencing all that Spring and Summer have to offer! Enjoy twice daily yoga, with a dynamic focus in the mornings and a restorative focus in the evenings, delicious home cooked vegetarian brunch, lunch and dinner, meditative practices, holistic treatments, guided walks and more. Holkham beach is nearby for those who would like a beach day in our free time! Leave feeling a lighter, brighter and a more energised you. This retreat is suitable for anyone who’d like a weekend away with wellness, healthy food and Yoga. Beginners are welcome as well as all ages.

After a bright and restful day walking in the abundant countryside or treating yourself to a holistic treatment, our restorative yoga sessions in the evening are the perfect opportunity to deeply relax and unwind.

From £455 per person

* Beautiful and luxurious en-suite accommodation in rural tranquillity surrounded by beautiful Norfolk countryside
* 2-hour energising yoga, breath work and meditation
* 2-hour evening yoga to unwind and calm with restorative practices, meditation and Yoga Nidra
* Silent meditation walks pre-yoga in the morning.
* Delicious wholesome and hearty brunch, warming light lunch and 2 course evening meal
* Guided afternoon walk to refresh and invigorate
* All Yoga equipment and cosy yoga studio with under floor heating

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Soulshine Ibiza Holistic Wellbeing Retreats, 14 – 20 April/5 – 11 May/12 – 18 May/2 – 8 June

Soulshine Ibiza Retreat experiences capture the heart and soul of the Soulshine philosophy. More than a yoga holiday, our meticulously curated retreats at Soulshine’s Ibiza flagship, Can Shui, allows you to pause from the crazy pace of modern life. Reconnect with your true nature and let your soul shine with a whole heap of love from the Soulshine team and a jam-packed schedule of holistic, healing and transformative loveliness. The perfect opportunity to explore, develop and deepen your yoga and meditation practice whilst gaining a greater understanding of holistic healing.

Laugh a lot, make new friends, snooze, sunbathe, explore, relax, read, walk and indulge in yummy food. A Soulshine Retreat gives you a transformative holistic wellness experience that nourishes your body, mind and soul.

During your six nights in the care of the extensive Soulshine Retreats Team you can expect to enjoy an extraordinary amount of delicious daily Yoga, Meditation, Wellness Talks and Healing Workshops from our wellness experts, plus pampertastic and deeply healing remedial treatments from our talented wellness team (to ensure maximum relaxation and soul soothing!). Not to mention being cared for by our utterly loving and attentive hosts who are constantly on hand to ensure that you don’t lift a finger (we’re quite strict about that!). It is a truly holistic wellness experience.

Shared Occupancy From: €1,340
Solo Rooms: From €2,640

* 6 nights in stunning luxury Ibizan accommodation at Can Shui with amazing onsite Soulshine Hosts and Holistic Wellness Team, luxuriously attentive Can Shui team plus a wonderfully small group to ensure maximum pampering and attention
* 2-hour daily meditation and dynamic yoga morning practice
* 1-hour afternoon practice including yin yoga and yoga didra
* A healthy cooking class to develop some nifty culinary skills
* Multiple workshops and talks with subjects ranging from nutrition, ayurveda, meditation, pranayama, yoga Nidra &  sleep enhancement
* Beginner Yogi Clinic
* A 30-minute pampertastic treatment
* Personal assessment with our Soulshine team to recommend a bespoke wellness schedule
* All food prepared by a team of professional private chefs
* A daily morning healthy & healing juice
* A delicious daily breakfast feast
* Wholesome, organic & healthy vegetarian lunches & dinners at the villa (with one free dinner to explore the island)
* Daily fruit, snacks, teas, glass of wine with dinner (yes, wine – we love it too!) and unlimited water
* Complimentary group transfer to and from Ibiza airport at a designated travel time
* Soulshine goodie bag

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5 night Easter Yoga Ibiza Retreat, 29th March – 3rd April

Yoga Trip Retreats are hosting fabulous & fun filled Easter break in Ibiza, with comprehensive yoga program, tasty nurturing food and enchanting activities including sound bath session, one hour pampering massage and glimpses of the ‘real’ Ibiza!.

Our authentic Ibizan country house setting allows our guests to relax from the moment they arrive, we offer safe and supportive environment, and our diverse activities and wellness program is designed to support body and mind recuperation and enhance your positive spirit and balance. Our retreats are boutique size so we can ensure personalised attention to each guest.

Our days start with two-hour yoga, pranayama and simple meditation practice. You will be treated to highly relaxing therapeutic massage or in the beginning of your retreat and our therapists are at hand to offer you additional treatments and therapies to enhance your wellbeing.

Afternoons we have additional restorative practice, or we head out to explore Ibiza: a sunset meditation with a view to Es Vedra, said to be one of worlds most magnetic (and magical healing) spots, and one day we will hike on top of mountain to salute the sun, set our intensional and enjoy some stunning views. You will be treated to highly relaxing sound healing session by Elena, she is well respected healer and sound therapist in Ibiza, this will be a real treat, unique experience. And our authentic Finnish sauna will be heated for a purifying sauna session. The retreat is accessible to all levels, including beginners.

Double room for two 1,700€
Shared room (two beds) 1,050€ per person
Shared room (four beds) 950€ per person

* 5-nights accommodation in our beautiful authentic Ibizan villa (shared or solo basis)
* 2-hour daily practice that incorporates Vinyasa flow yoga, breath work (pranayama) and mindfulness/meditation
* Additional practices of restorative/Yin yoga
* Bread making workshop (gluten, yeast and sugar free)
* Sound Bath session
* Hike in beautiful nature with the group
* Sauna session
* Trip to magical Es Vedra (weather dependent)
* All drinks and meals, locally grown, seasonal and nutritionally charged, cooked in-house:
* Early morning power shot, fresh juices and smoothies, teas, infusions, filtered water, drinks during meals
* Wholesome brunch made with seasonal ingredients, pure, nutritional yumminess
* Late afternoon snacks / fruit
* Three course dinner
* Totally blissful one hour massage with energy balancing treatment
* Plenty of fun, laughter and full support from our Hosts and the Yoga Trip Team
* Transport to any activities

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Navutu Dreams Resort and Wellness Retreat, Siem Reap open all year round

Navutu Dreams

Tucked-away in a village within 5 minutes from the Old Market in the colonial French Quarters of Siem Reap, is the beautiful oasis that is Navutu Dreams. With 28 rooms and suites housed in low slung chalet on a hectare and half of gardens speckled with 3 swimming pools, it is the only upscale resort and wellness retreat in Angkor. This is where detoxing or a mini-break can easily be a part of a relaxing holiday highlighted with a visit to Angkor Wat which is a mere 30 minutes driving distance from the resort.

Navutu Dreams has a core team of seasoned wellness practitioners who have crafted programs designed to detox the body, the mind or both. Yoga classes are available three time a day, each day of the week. Private bodyworks, breath-work, yoga, meditation or even partner yoga sessions can easily be arranged. Traditional Chinese medicine is also available at the resort. Within its menu are services for acupuncture, shiatsu, cupping and auriculotherapy. Alternative healing is also readily on-hand. Reiki, Crystal Healing, Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath and the resort’s signature BreathLightBliss which is a combination of these plus breath-work.

Destination-inspired activities also include forest bathing or the practice of ‘’Shinrin-yoku’’ in a selected path at the Angkor Archaeological Park and sunrise meditation within the grounds of 9th century temple on a hill over-looking the Tonle Sap Lake.


Room rates
The Explorer $220.00++ per night
The Grand Tour Rack Rate: $310.00++ per night
The Grand Suite $450.00++ per night

Retreat programmes
Detox for Rejuvenating and Recharging US$448++ per person
3 Day Detox for the Mind $313++ per person
Day Burnout Program US$517++per person
3 Day Yoga Mini Break $249++ per person

Please refer to our Wellness Programs by Navutu Dreams for inclusions.

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Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat Portugal, 
11th – 17th March

Our yin yoga retreats are for those going through a stressful life period or work situations and need to rest, heal and recharge batteries, while spending some quality time with themselves. Living in the world, balancing love, work, family, finances and health is not an easy feat.

There are always incredible moments to be enjoyed but they are usually sustained and financed by long days of hard work. To maintain our health in such busy rhythm is often challenging and there are moments when one needs to take a break, a wholesome break, both for the body and the mind. This retreat offers exactly that, quality yoga and mindfulness teachings, therapeutically holistic treatments, healthy food and lots of time and space for you to disconnect and reconnect.

 A way that includes words like forgiveness, compassion, acceptance or empathy and at the same time the capacity to decline other people’s abusive behavior.

Welcome to this unique opportunity to heal and open your heart, supported by the softest side of yoga and the loving guidance of Jenny and Igor at Vale da Lama, Algarve Portugal.

Single €1,150
Shared double €990
Shared triple €890

* 6 nights accommodation
* 3 daily organic vegetarian meals, additional snacks and teas available at all times
* 2 daily sessions of yoga and meditation

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Yoga Retreat Portugal – Vale de Moses

vale de moses Portugal

Vale de Moses is a family run yoga retreat in the heart of the Portuguese mountains. Spend a week or more practicing yoga, receiving massage and acupuncture treatments, walking in forests, swimming in natural river pools and eating delicious nutritious food. Stay in one of the beautifully restored stone cottages, Soulpads or in a Tipi.  Our retreat home is perfect for those in need of a break, rest and relaxation. We are surrounded by nature and forests, peace and tranquility – the perfect ingredients to restore your body and mind. The combination of good food and sleep, clean mountain air and water, therapeutic massage and acupuncture, hill walking and river swimming, all create a highly restorative context in which to begin, or to deepen, your yoga practice.

Soulfully reconnect with our planet and with your own body. This warm invitation to deepen your love affair with yoga, is open for everyone, travelling alone or with friends, new to yoga or practicing for decades. Most of our retreats include morning and afternoon classes, a health consultation, massage/acupuncture treatment, 3 nourishing daily meals and a trip to the nearby Rio Zêzere.

800€ in a private Soulpad belle tent in the valley or in the tiny stone private Ninja Suite next to the Adega.
900€ in either the Moses or Monastic Adega stone cottages, or for couples sharing a private double bedroom.
1000€ single occupancy of a double. 10% discount for returning guests, groups or a 2 week stay.

* All food, accommodation and facilities
* Transport to and from Oleiros
* Guided silent morning walks in the forest
* 6 Morning Yoga and Pranayama Classes
* 3 Afternoon Sessions exploring the Bandhas and Meditation, guided Shavasana and Partner Yoga
* Half hour private health consultation with Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis
* One hour Body Harmonising massage – Thai, Tui Na, Indonesian, Ayurvedic and/or Acupuncture
* A mid week trip to the Rio Zêzere for a mud bath and swim (weather permitting).
* Additional treatments available from our therapists for 75€ per 90 minutes

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Relax & Revive 5 Day Retreat – Boutique Hotel Vivenda Miranda, Portugal 

Escape everyday life and treat yourself to an indulgent 5 night stay at Boutique Hotel Vivenda Miranda with maximum pampering and minimum stress. This is the perfect spa getaway experience just for you with your partner or a friend guaranteed to rejuvenate, relax and de-stress.

Boost your energy levels and establish new healthy habits with our selection of spa treatments and restaurant menu. This Relax & Revive offering includes 5 nights in a room with a beautiful sea or garden view, a welcome smoothie or juice on the hotel’s panoramic terrace with stunning views of the sparkling ocean and endless sky, super-food breakfasts with dairy free alternatives, fresh fruit, vegetable juices and smoothies. A two course lunch is included on two days of this relaxing break, to be taken on days of your choice as well as one evening four course dinner with vegetarian, vegan and raw food options.

As part of the retreat you can enjoy four organic treatments in the hotel’s Neal’s Yard Remedies of Covent Garden London Spa the first overseas spa of its kind. This includes Indian Head Massage, Body Harmony Treatment, Relaxing Back Massage and a Facial. Morning yoga sessions are included every other day and you will also enjoy unlimited access to the wellness pool, sauna and steam room.

So relax and completely unwind with us, it will make a world of difference to your health and wellbeing and see you returning home completely renewed.


Single Room € 1045
Double Room € 795
Deluxe Room € 910
Deluxe Suite € 995
Suite Superior € 1060
Boutique Grand Suite € 1210

Single Room € 1130
Double Room € 890
Deluxe Room € 1060
Deluxe Suite € 1145
Suite Superior € 1270
Boutique Grand Suite € 1355

* 5 nights’ accommodation in room with a beautiful sea or garden view
* Welcome smoothie or juice on arrival on our panoramic terrace
* Super-food breakfast options with dairy free alternatives, fresh fruit, vegetable juices and green smoothie
* 2 course lunch on two days of your choice
* 1 Evening 4 course dinner with vegetarian, vegan and raw food options
* 4 Organic treatments using Neal’s Yard Remedies organic products
* 10% off Neal’s Yard Remedies products
* Full use of swimming pool, sauna and steam room
* Yoga alternate days
* Free Wi-Fi

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Yoga + Eternal Spring Retreat in Tuscany, 23rd – 29th March

Special offer – book before the 28th of February and SAVE €500. Imagine a place where time is suspended over rolling green hills, where the sound of the breeze feels like a secret waiting to be told. This March, La Vita in Equilibrio takes us to a Tuscan paradise. Set in a historic hamlet, the immaculate estate of Borgo Pignano will inspire wonder in you.

Our luxury fully concierged Tuscan Escape is a feast to the senses as we celebrate the earth’s awakening. We come together to share in the stories of new friendship as we gather over spring’s first harvest, sip on lunar-infused elixirs and complete a full moon circle of blessing to transfer you back to your life with a restored mind and body, a deep sense of rejuvenation, self-discovery and transformation.

From the moment you arrive, expect to find serenity and be enchanted. This Escape is about renewal and creative expression. Each morning, we greet the day with a guided meditation and a warming yoga flow, designed to gently dissolve points of resistance and increase wellbeing. To welcome Spring, we spend our days foraging wild flowers for crafting our own soaps, we explore the gorgeous grounds of the estate following ancient trails that lead to waterfalls.

In true Tuscan spirit, we learn the subtle art of making the perfect pasta, with the estate master chef. At Borgo Pignano the ethos is one of sustainability. From terra to tavola, here everything is grown locally, a true expression of slow food. Our days off the estate include a private tour of a vineyard, a visit to the purifying thermal waters of Terme di Sassetta and a day trip to the hilltop town of Volterra where we learn of ancient Etruscan traditions and delight in an evening of restorative yoga in the medieval town hall loggia. Our time together will inspire a living memory, one that only Tuscany can give.

€2950 for a Shared Room – Twin or double bed available
€3590 for a Private Room

* Group transfer from and to airport
* Welcome aperitivo on arrival
* Daily sessions of meditation and yoga instruction
* All meals during your time with us
* Your accommodation at Borgo Pignano
* All group sightseeing and activities
* Transportation to and from activities
* A private tour of a vineyard
* Guided tour of Volterra
* Cooking class with estate chef
* Soap making class with master herbalist
* Art Session
* Spa day at Terme di Sassetta hot springs
* Transformative astrology workshops

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Springtime in Tuscany Yoga Retreat + 2 nights in Rome! 14th – 21st April

Join us for an opportunity to reconnect, ground, and restore in the beautiful Tuscan countryside as it shifts from winter to bloom. We encourage our retreat-goers to take advantage of the incredible part of Italy we will be visiting, so excursions are offered to those that are interested. This may include hikes, visiting nearby towns and destinations, museums, or spending your days at our villa resting, reading, and lounging poolside. These are included as part of the retreat (though entry fees to any museums or events will be up to the individual). If you are traveling from afar, you may join us for one night in Rome on either end (hotel included). Otherwise you may meet us in Rome to catch transport to the countryside, or in Tuscany if that is easiest.

We will begin our journey in Rome at a boutique 4 star hotel that is a favorite of ours, located in one of our very favorite neighborhoods of Trastevere, with plenty of wonderful restaurants, shops, and classic scenes nearby. After a nice night of resting, settling in, eating delicious meals and getting to know one another we will group into transport vans for the beautiful drive out to Tuscany together. All transportation from Rome on is included, as we have these transport vans as our own for the duration of the trip.

Once we get to Tuscany we settle into a beautiful villa in the countryside. The setting is cozy and warm, reflecting the nurturing environment that will host you on your yoga holiday. It is a place where you can find yourself and learn how to adjust your lifestyle to suit you and your health.

€1995 – double/twin occupancy with en-suite
€2595 – small single room with shared bathroom
€3095 – large single room with en-suite

* (2 nights 4 star accommodation in Rome)
* Group transfers and excursions
* 7 nights Tuscan villa accommodation
* Daily yoga classes with Lora
* use of yoga mats and props
* All healthy Italian meals with local organic wines
* Wine tasting and tour
* Day trips to Montepulciano & Sienna
* Added staff gratuity

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Detox, Yoga, nourish and glow retreat in Sicily, 14th – 21st April

This special 7-day cleanse provides guests with an immersive experience of mindful nourishment in the heart of Sicily. Far from your average detox, the serenity and natural beauty of Danena offers a sacred space for guests to to journey inwards and cleanse in comfort. Delicious local, plant-based cuisine from the surrounding landscape will be served up alongside eye-opening mind-body workshops from health coach Jennifer Carr.

Guiding guests with practical techniques and tips towards eating for optimal digestion, energy and weight loss, Jennifer and the Danena team look forward to assisting you on your journey towards a more vibrant self. Daily hatha yoga (all levels) and meditation classes support the cleanse process with positive movement and conscious breathing.

The week’s schedule is perfectly balanced to enable plenty of free time as well to swim in our infinity pool, explore the island’s raw beauty on a beach walk or take an invigorating hike through local orange groves.

Shared room: 900 euros
Private room with shared bathroom 1300 euros
Private room with private bathroom 1600 euros
Private apartment 1900 euros

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Luxury Spring Weekend Yoga Retreat in Rome, 11th – 14th May

weekend yoga retreat in Rome

When we revel in thoughts of the ‘Eternal City’, we imagine velvet nights and candy coloured vespas zipping down cobblestone streets. We see coins tossed in fountains and taste melting mint gelato under a glistening sun. We envision ourselves leaning over the balustrade of ancient bridges and peering into tiny osterias tucked into fragrant alleyways.

Perhaps Rome is an eternity, and so we are drawn to the one place where we can abandon ourselves to the art of il dolce far niente – the sweet pursuit of doing nothing. It evokes in us a desire, a dream and a smile. “Take the whole day!” Joe Bradley said, to which Princess Anne, Hepburn’s character replied: “I could do all the things I’ve always wanted.” Well we say, take a few days! This May prepare to be enamoured as La Vita in Equilibrio takes you on the ultimate all-inclusive Roman Holiday!.

€1590 for a Shared Room
€1995 for a Private Room

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EAT.PRAY.MOVE Ocean and Mountain Yoga Retreat Bali, 8 – 14/15 – 21 April

Our time in Bali will be split between two locations so guests can experience the best of what this lovely land has to offer! We will start at a seaside village away from the hustle and bustle and really settle in to this week alongside the ocean! We’ll have half of the week with beach accommodations and a relaxing way to ease into our holiday. We will be taken care of by an award-winning boutique hotel family that will host us at both locations in Bali. The first is sumptuous yet unassuming – an ocean-front retreat that lies in the shade of Mount Agung, held up as sacred by Balians, and surrounded by opulent coconut groves. Mid-way through the week we’ll head into Bali’s most famous town of Ubud. We’ll be hosted in luxury accommodations – a tranquil and secluded hillside retreat that sits high up on the edge of the rich green Ayung River valley in Bali’s central foothills, in the traditional Balinese hill village of Payangan. Both hotels offer award-winning design accommodations and even one of the world’s “Top 50 Pools in the World.”.

Guests will not only enjoy the grounds of the villa, the outdoor areas including a lovely pool, patio and lounges, but the retreat includes some amazing day-trips to the surrounding sites. A guided day in and around Ubud will lead guests through an introduction to this area. We’ll visit a spice plantation, get to participate in a Balinese healing and fire ritual, and learn Balinese cooking during our cuisine lesson. There will be time in nature, on the beaches, and also we’ll get to visit the Indonesian weavers of our “Give Back” Partner in Bali and learn more about the amazing textiles of the area.

The final full day entails a trip to the luxurious Four Seasons where we’ll delve deeper into Bali’s serene beauty and tradition by spending a day in the life of a local farmer – from a private guided walk through rice fields and jungle paths, followed by a picnic breakfast in a rice field pavilion, known as a bale, then we help local farmers plant rice with traditional methods. Next we venture to the spa villa close to the banks of the river for a traditional bathing ritual, scrub and massage. What a way to end the week – in pure relaxation!.

$3,195 (shared room)
$3,845 (single room)

* Villa accommodation
* Breakfast and dinner
* Selected lunches on day trips
* Transfer from airport
* Transportation to and from day trips
* Daily meditation and yoga classes
* Use of estate premises
* Tour guide on various day trips
* Entrance fees during day trips
* Visits to local sites
* Indonesian textile class
* Balinese healing ceremony
* Rice farming experience
* Spa day
* Cuisine class
* Taxes

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5-10 Day Yoga and Fitness Retreats in Playa Del Carmen

Transform your life with our one-of-a-kind luxury yoga and fitness retreat in paradise. Our positive, nurturing environment and small group size ensures a level of customer service no Riviera Maya resort can provide, an experience clients refer to as an “experience of a lifetime!”

​Let us help you connect with your best self and reset your body and mind –through daily yoga and guided meditation, massage, and sunrise beach walks or morning beachfront HIIT; through luxury accommodations at our sleek, welcoming Playa del Carmen located in a celebrity-favorite enclave, meticulously appointed with bold pops of color, and modern design and furnishings; through nutrition, like unforgettable organic healthy and delicious meals by our gourmet chef (who had the honour of being chosen to work with Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay!) through spa services, like a daily massage by our body therapist; through spiritual services, like our Mayan energy cleansing and rebalancing ceremony to shed negative energy; and most importantly, through fun, like complimentary private day tours to stunning Riviera Maya beaches and amazing Mayan ruins and cenotes, and croquet and card games at the villa, this is your Fun Fitness Globetrotters’ experience.


From $1,515US per person 5 nights / 10 nights $2,965US per person double occupany

* Airport pick-up and drop-off in luxury Suburban
* Private bedroom and bathroom in our luxury villa
* All meals- organic breakfasts, lunches, and dinners prepared by our private gourmet chef, guests have the option of eating from our delicious weight loss meal plan, or our more indulgent spa menu
* Morning coffee/tea service
* Bath amenities (shampoo/conditioner, bath gels, lotion) and complimentary beach bag
* Unlimited purified water bottles
* Daily yoga/guided meditation session by our experienced yoga instructors
* 2 daily personalized cardio/strength training sessions by our certified personal trainers​ (morning and afternoon)
* ​Daily massage by our body therapist at the villa
* Unlimited use of villa bikes and bike locks
* Calculation of body fat percentage and other vital metrics
* Snorkel gear, body boards
* Beach chairs, umbrellas, and towels
* Complimentary shuttle to beach
* Private nutrition consultation with our nutritionist (included in 10 Night Retreat)

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Spain and the Canary Islands

Spring Yoga of the heart retreat at Molino Del Rey Spain 13th – 20th May

Join long term friends Emma & Peter for this delicious one week yoga retreat at one the world’s finest retreat centers, Molino De Rey.

Nestled in the mountains of Andalucía in the remote hamlet of Jorox on the doorstep of Sierra de las Nieves nature reserve, Molino Del Rey has well earned its reputation as the best retreat center in Spain and one of the best in the world.

A beautiful, bright, fully equipped yoga shala for our two daily practices, partially encaved salt water swimming pool for daily dips, gorgeous comfortable accommodation in beautifully appointed rooms, international standard massage and spa treatments and bright open spaces. We have plenty of nooks and crannies with hammocks, couches and lounges for complete surrender to quiet time, connection time, rest and relaxation in the sun or in the shade, gazing at the incredible natural surrounding whist breathing in the scent of the mountain flowers, hill walking, horse riding and nature exploration for when you feel more energised days. There are a collection of incredible caves throughout the property for meditation, chanting together and kirtan singing. We will be served fantastic much acclaimed food and local wine. We have just about everything we could ask for on this rejuvenating, relaxing and connecting retreat.

* 7 nights accommodation at Molino Del Rey
* 7 breakfasts and 7 dinners
* 2 yoga sessions each day
* Kirtan, meditation and chanting session

Early Bird Price! Full payment is due by 1st March 2018.
Twin Share – €1350pp
Single Room – €1850pp
King Bed Suite (1 person) – €2000pp
King Bed Suite (2 persons) – €1700pp

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secret deal

Learn Spanish, Pilates & Yoga Retreat in Murcia, Spain 14th – 21st April

Costacalida Spanish invites you to this yoga retreat with Spanish learning and Pilates classes in Murcia, Spain. This holiday will be held in spring and autumn when the weather can be glorious. Your holiday will include yoga practices in a beautiful studio overlooking the sea, relaxed informal morning Spanish lessons, Pilates classes, historical visits, guided excursions so you can learn about the area, wine tasting, cycle rides, activities and much more. Of course all activities are optional. If you prefer to relax in the apartment or have time at the beach…the choice is yours. Join Costacalida Spanish for a holiday in the beautiful Bay of Mazarrón for a totally bespoke holiday and a chance to explore this undiscovered unspoiled corner of Spain.

We understand that you/your partner/a friend may not want to participate in the Spanish lessons, Pilates classes, Yoga and/or the cultural activities. We will make sure that you have a fabulous time too. The area is steeped in history from prehistoric times to Phoenician, Roman and with many places of interest and excavated sites. A visit to Cartagena is a must to see the roman amphitheatre and excavations and the town of Mazarron to see the stunning mining features and old mining industry.

Mazarron itself and the coastal areas are separated by Sierra de las Moreras, Sierra de las Herrerias and Sierra del Algorrabo being the ideal area for the practice of outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, cycling or climbing. If this is your thing, we can arrange this for you. Evenings will be spent eating in different local Spanish restaurants. Single travellers, solo travellers, couples and small groups are all welcome on our holidays.

* Pilates and Yoga Studio for our Pilates Holidays
* Luxury accommodation
* 1 x 1 hour Spanish lesson daily Monday – Friday
* 1 hour pilates class daily Monday – Friday
* Optional morning yoga class
* All lunches and some dinners

Shared room in shared apartment £900
Own room in shared apartment £1100
Whole apartment £1200

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Surya Retreat – Rejuvenating Yoga and Pilates in Fuerteventura, open all year round

Join us year round at our Surya retreat, on the sun-blessed island of Fuerteventura, with epic sand dunes rolling down into the turquoise ocean, breathtaking white-sand beaches and dramatic volcanic sunsets. More than just a holiday, we are here to support you in your wellbeing journey, making you feel at ease from the moment you arrive.

Relax and revitalise at one of Europe’s leading yoga and pilates retreats in the Canary Islands, Spain. Stretch and strengthen your body and mind and bring yourself back into balance with a unique blend of yoga, pilates and meditation. Enjoy mouthwatering vegetarian meals, holistic massages and stunning sunsets over the volcanoes.

Our seven night yoga and Pilates retreats running every week from Saturday to Saturday are designed to help reduce stress, improve fitness and vitality and most importantly take time for you. Perfect for all levels from beginner to advanced practitioners, we are here to support you and your goals every step of the way.

From €700

* 7 nights deluxe accommodation
* Daily Yoga & Meditation to deepen your practice
* Daily Pilates
* Delicious vegetarian brunches
* 5 vegetarian evening meals to boost vitality
* 1 healing full body massage
* Rolling hills, nature walks and peace await!

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Pilates and Barre Retreat with Jo and Laerke, Fuerteventura Spain 14th – 21st April

The complete Pilates getaway…reconnect and center with Jo and Laerke in paradise. A week of focused, fun classes and rejuvenating meals and treatments will leave you feeling renewed and connected.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy nutritious food, gain a deep understanding of Pilates complimented by fun Barre classes to add a fun fitness flair to the week. Renew your body with Pilates and Barre and restore with our amazing inclusive therapeutic massage. Benefit from a week of mindful movement with our incredible teachers. Experience rejuvenating Pilates in Paradise. You will gain an understanding of Pilates on a new level through Jo’s comprehensive sessions. Laerke’s fun Barre and Pilates equipment classes will leave you with a feel-good glow.

Our beautiful retreat is set away from the hustle of every day life allowing you to eat nutritious foods, decompress and immerse in Pilates in an idyllic location, filled with blue skies, white sand beaches and stunning volcanic vistas.

Led by Jo and Laerke and our caring and warm team you will benefit from their experience, knowledge and support in this very special week. Awaken the spark present within, guided by the teachings of these exceptionally talented and caring teachers, whilst soaking up the elements of our beautiful island paradise. At the end of the retreat you will feel longer, leaner, more toned; feel relaxed and connected to your body and breath; you’ll be glowing from within from a week spent eating nutritious foods and island living and you’ll be more knowledgeable about how to move safely and move well.

Shared from €700


* Seven nights accommodation
* All classes as listed above
* Daily brunches, lunches (provided packed for those who prefer to explore) + 5 delicious vegetarian evening meals
* One hour full body therapeutic massage
* All equipment (mats, circles, etc.)

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Kauai Yoga, Meditation & Sound Wellness Retreat, 3rd – 9th March

Join Diane Cline, RYT (Guru Purkh Kaur) on the lush magical island of Kauai as you expand your radiance, bliss and inner peace and enjoy six days of healing, yoga, meditation and outdoor adventure at a beautiful, luxurious space nestled in Kauai’s north shore.

Your retreat also includes a daily 2-hour (optional) “adventure” like hiking, mermaid-ing, snorkeling, sacred ceremony in our secret spots, or Hawaiian teachings and yummy local organic cuisine!. Plus, there’s plenty of free time to experience your own sacredness and go deeper while on Kauai with self-renewal, reflection, and private time to wander our luxurious setting in paradise!


* Daily kundalini yoga
* Meditation practice
* Daily yogic philosophy
* Evening sound alchemy (3 classes a day)
* Optional daily adventures
* 6 nights exquisite lodging
* Fresh organic local cuisine (2 meals a day, breakfast & dinner catered by talented local chef)

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Follow our travel inspiration on instagram @soulseedtravel. Get in touch with one of our wellbeing travel advisors at to enquire about any of our retreats.

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