Soul Seed Travel Guide - 10 Recommended Summer Yoga Retreats

Soul Seed Travel Guide: 10 Recommended Summer Yoga Retreats

A retreat is the perfect summer getaway when you’re bored of your annual re-tox holiday and you’re in need of a healthy holiday, a lifestyle detox or you want to deepen your yoga or meditation practice.

I’ve chosen these 10 recommended summer yoga retreats for those of you thinking about where to go on holiday this summer, who fancy practicing yoga in the sun, on a beach or in the Mediterranean countryside. It’s time to breathe in the fresh clean air and get plenty of time to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. I’m sure you’ll find something here for you!

Summersalt Summer Yoga Retreat Croatia, 10 – 17 June/17 – 24 June/24 June – 1 July

 balance yoga retreat Croatia

Are you looking for a summer holiday that brings not only wonderful scenery, historic and natural beauties and beach time, but also gives that extra nudge to living healthier and more mindful through yoga? Do you want to live the dreamy summer days on an idyllic Mediterranean island? We have a feeling you have answered “yes” to both all of these questions and in that case our Summer Yoga Retreat Croatia on Vis island, Croatia is our answer to a perfect holiday. Summer is the time when we blend yoga, meditation, incredible flavors, gorgeous Mediterranean setting and the passion of wanderlust into one. All of our senses are important and at this retreat it’s what you find – inner peace, magical summer days and nights on the island, unique and wonderful food, new friends and experiences of discovery and travel you will never forget.

The island of Vis is one of the most idyllic and magic of all the Croatian islands. The destination has everything for an unforgettable getaway– rugged coast around the island, dotted with gorgeous coves and caves, sand beaches, crystal clear sea, surrounding islets and a spectacular green inland with rolling vineyards. The ancient Vis town and cozy fisherman village of Komiza add quirkiness and bohemian vibe to this hidden gem of a place.

At our Summer Yoga Retreat we welcome everyone – solo travelers and couples, beginners and advanced yogis. Our teachers accommodate all levels and with a small group size, each student gets individual attention and care for his or her developing practice. Click for full listing info and make an enquiry to receive a complimentary gift or discount when you book.

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Hilary Cartwright’s Yoga Narada Retreat in Tuscany, 22nd July – 5th August (7 or 14 nights)

5 senses yoga retreat Italy

Join Hilary and Chirriposa Retreats for one or two weeks on our annual Yoga Narada Retreat in Tuscany Set in a secluded Tuscan countryside farmhouse, with a beautiful swimming pool, and acres of land and vineyards around, this retreat offers both the chance to escape the crowds and yet enjoy outings to nearby cities and towns if so desired. There is the possibility to fly into Rome a few days earlier, or leave a few days later, to enjoy the sights of Rome, plus have the comfort of travelling on a small private bus to and from Le Pianore at the beginning and end of your stay.

The retreat is designed to speak to all the senses. Our chef and organiser extraordinaire Angus Stephens, is English but fluent in Italian, and a master chef, who not only caters to all dietary needs, but chooses locally sourced and preferably organic foods for the magnificent breakfasts and lunches he prepares. He also guides the in-house cooks for the traditional Italian evening meals, which can be accompanied at your choice with the properties organic wines. His wonderful wife Tania, who is herself half Italian, joins Angus in welcoming the guests, and looking after their needs. She is also a brilliant photographer, recording all the little moments one doesn’t always remember to! Click for full listing info and make an enquiry to receive a complimentary gift or discount when you book.

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All Inclusive Blue Bliss Happiness Retreat, Koufonisi Island Greece, 8th July – 15th July

 happiness retreat Greece

I invite you to join me in a paradise-on-earth place – Koufonisi island, Greece, for a Full Moon week. We will practice Yoga, focusing on breath, we will boost our creativity with Impulse Dance and become one with the water in Floating Body. Fresh homemade vegan food, amazing beaches, divine sunsets, unspoiled nature and gentle sounds of the waves and the wind will embrace us unconditionally. We will be as creative as children, as unique as stars, as free as birds, as floating as leaves, as humble as flowers, as creative as human beings.

We all carry inhibitions that prohibit us from living a full and blissful life. We work hard in order to live the life we want. We want to be happy and free, to feel light, healthy, loving, accepting, with empathy. But how can we do that? That was my question 15 years ago when along with my international artistic career I started Yoga and Mindfulness incorporating my artistic experience into self-awareness and life’s blissfulness.

As the Greek Philosopher, Plato said, recognizing beauty starts from within. I will share with you the secrets of my own pathway and practice. Take a journey to the core of your being, exploring what brings you the greatest happiness and how to reside in there. Together, we will develop our senses to see beauty, to feel happiness, with attentiveness and joy! I will inspire you to re-discover your body & soul and to become creative researchers and defenders of your own beauty.

And yes, the more we discover the miracle of our own self, the more we realize that we are at home. Our self is our primary home. Everybody is welcome. I believe that every human can find a new way of living through mindful movement. In my retreats and teaching methods, there are no boundaries of age, body form, nationality, and identity. Click for full listing info and make an enquiry to receive a complimentary gift or discount when you book.

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Boutique Yoga Detox Weekend Retreat Ibiza, 22nd – 26th June

Boutique yoga retreat Ibiza retreats

This is the chance to get away from it all! Find yourself in a nourishing sanctuary to give the body and mind a break on this Boutique Yoga Detox Weekend with Ibiza Retreats. Let us do the doing, making it easier for you to switch off and de-stress. Let Ibiza work her magic on you. This incredible island, a place of enchanting natural beauty where we can all return to the breath. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, we can forget to actually enjoy it!

A holistic detox experience for mind, body and soul – dust off those cobwebs and discover a little magic here in Ibiza! This retreat is very special. Words fail to exactly describe the magic here, or why the experience is so unique and touching… A feeling that stays with you long after you leave this little paradise on the south west corner of Ibiza.

There is magic at work here where small miracles often take place. The transformations that our guests experience in just four days make it one of the most powerful retreats on offer. Our guests leave different people, or rather they discover who they really are again, for many it is a feeling of ‘coming home to themselves’. We focus on the detoxification of the mind and body through healthy food and juicing (including a 1-day full juice fast), as well as supportive cleansing therapies. Supporting you on your the detox yoga retreat you will find Faye – to provide wonderful, relaxing therapies such as reiki and gentle holistic massage ensuring both the mind and body get due attention (oh and plenty of twists and treats to ensure the magic along the way). Set in the picturesque Can Bikini, a sanctuary of pure luxurious bliss.

Guests are supported 100%, and so it is ideal for those who are used to giving, who have been dedicated to caring for others and not finding precious time for themselves. Your hosts indulge you with top quality yoga, sensual treats, a liberating clifftop meditation, a range of deeply healing therapies, bountiful organic and delicious meals and high-end pampering. Click for full listing info and make an enquiry to receive a complimentary gift or discount when you book.

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7 Day Vino and Vinyasa Italian Yoga Tour Holiday, 25th June – 1st July


Join Silvia Mordini for her 7 Day Vino and Vinyasa Italian Yoga Tour Holiday. Silvia is a yoga teacher, healer, author and international guide who is passionate about Tuscany and has lived in Italy on and off her entire life, and is experienced in the culture! You will be guests at Antico Borgo di Tignano recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site focusing on Tuscan traditions. Stay in your own 10th century restored villa all with private baths. Peacefully nestled into the hills with epic views of Casole d’Elsa and Volterra in the distance, this is the perfect entryway into the Tuscan countryside.

Some say you can fall in love with a place just as you can with a person. This is certainly true of Toscana! The tastes, sights and people of Tuscany will nourish your spirit and renew your sense of joy. Experiencing life under the Tuscan sun is something that stays with you forever. In Italy, you slow down to enjoy each breath, each sip of chianti, each taste of antipasto. You may in fact realize that you are actually home: the home of your heart. And life will never be the same after that.

Tuscany teaches us to savor each moment and live inspired by the details that might have otherwise passed us by. Silvia’s years of guiding in Italy ensures that you will experience the joy of La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life).

You will travel to many famous Art Cities, including: Florence, Monteriggioni, Siena, Radda in Chianti, San Gimignano, Castellina in Chianti, Tignano, Volterra, Petriolo Natural Hot Springs & Spa, The Mediterranean, Casole d’Elsa, and Colle Val d’Elsa. Lingering with iconic art, architecture, and design punctuated with wine, food, fashion, and fun, you will experience the real sensuousness of Tuscany and understand why it is on everyone’s bucket list! Many people decide to spend some time after our trip, to build on the foundation, and we highly recommend it!

This week is all about recharging. We will move at a relaxed pace; participation in any event is not mandatory and there will be plenty of time offered to explore on your own. You will certainly have time to re-learn the art of relaxation or as the Italians say “Il Bel Fai Niente,” set mindful goals, and renew your entire sense of wellbeing. Click for full listing info and make an enquiry to receive a complimentary gift or discount when you book.

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Yoga and ifonography retreat in Tuscany, 9th – 15th July

 eat pray move yoga and ifonography Tuscany

EAT.PRAY.MOVE is excited to host yoga and ifonography in Tuscany along with Julian Hyzler from EASEL&LENS. Yoga and meditation classes will help us find focus of body and mind that we can then apply to art and photo projects, including “ifonography” (smartphone photography). The Italian countryside will provide both backdrop and inspiration for our art and practice. We will experience the richness of Italian cities on day trips that focus on arts, culture and beauty.

We will visit small villages as well as larger cities, along with outdoor activities in the Italian countryside. A thermal spa also awaits our arrival. Our retreat will allow us to gain a true insight into the tastes of Italy with mozzarella and olive oil tasting. No previous experience is required and all levels are welcome, and participation is voluntary. Projects and classes will be offered as a completely exploratory, unintimidating and personal experience.

This magnificent yoga retreat will take place in the picturesque Italian countryside, along the border of Tuscany and Umbria. A beautifully restored villa awaits your arrival, complete with sprawling vistas over the rolling hills in all directions. Former cantinas and stables on the groundfloor have been transformed into apartments that are works of art. One can immediately see the careful attention that went into restoring, decorating, and preparing these rooms. Two large apartments are divided into different rooms of various size accommodations, each complete with private bathroom and linens.

A large and open art studio awaits those interested in exploring various art mediums while visiting, and also can serve as location for some “art as meditation” courses or a journaling room. The grounds are spacious with plenty of outdoor space to sit alone, relax on the outside terrace overlooking the meadows, or enjoying an open-air lunch. Also, the villa is located on a large estate ground with plenty of hiking available and even a pool to cool you down in the warmer summer months. Click for full listing info and make an enquiry to receive a complimentary gift or discount when you book.

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Cleansing Yoga and Detox Retreat, Spain 4 – 9 June/18 – 23 June


These cleansing yoga and detox retreats are the perfect opportunity to give a great big boost to your health and well-being in a sunny tranquil space. You’ll eat well, rest well, sleep well, laugh a lot and possibly glean life changing knowledge and tips that you can easily incorporate when your return home.

Come and join us at our healing space in the sun where you can escape your busy life, slow down and nurture yourself with utterly delicious detox food, take part in gentle exercise to boost detoxification, join informative wellness talks, enjoy soothing therapies, sleep, relax and have the time and space to reconnect with your true self and feel alive and vibrant again. Expect to laugh lots, eat well, make new friends, feel amazing and catch the sun’s rays on a retreat that brings together all the magical ingredients needed for transformation of mind, body and soul.

This isn’t a ‘juice only’ detox. You’ll not starve as our carefully balanced breakfasts, lunches & dinners ensure you’ll receive optimum nutrition but particularly, focus on ingredients that boost and support the body’s organs during a detox

Plus, during your stay there’ll be opportunity to go horse trekking or biking through the countryside, join Chef in a kitchen workshop, visit the local spa or wander into town and have personal consultations with our life coach and nutritionist to help you go a little deeper in private. Click for full listing info and make an enquiry to receive a complimentary gift or discount when you book.

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Classic Yoga Retreat, Portugal 18th – 24th June

 classic yoga retreat Portugal

This retreat is an overview of all that yoga has to offer. It can be considered a crash course for the beginner or curious new comer or also an opportunity to develop depth for the seasoned practitioner. Our classic yoga retreat is where all the elements of the yoga practice will be explained and explored in a simple yet profound way. This retreat is an overview of all that yoga has to offer. It can be considered a crash course for the beginner or curious new comer or also an opportunity to develop depth for the seasoned practitioner. We have two daily practices, morning and evening, where asana, meditation and breath are explained slowly and thoroughly, both in moving and still sessions, giving you the perfect chance to establish a solid foundation for your future practice. We will also include assisted self practice sessions along the week to help you design your routine for when you are back home.

After breakfast we sit together in a non formal and relaxed additional gathering where we discuss our individual issues and share our experiences of how to integrate the spiritual principles that underlie the practice into our lives. Click for full listing info and make an enquiry to receive a complimentary gift or discount when you book.

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All inclusive Yoga Safari Retreats in Namibia, open all year round


The perfect combination for mindfulness, restoration, renewal, relaxation, self reflection and inspiration. Daily yoga, meditation, nature, wildlife, adventure, mind blowing scenery, fun heart warming activities, healthy meals and luxury venues.

Yoga, nature and animal lovers looking to get in touch with their inner self will appreciate these Soulful Yoga Safari’s.Namaste Yoga Safari is the first and so far the only yoga retreat in Namibia that offers Yoga while on Safari. Some people describe Namibia as a country that gets into your Soul. Namibia awakens your emotions and senses –with its stunning landscapes, endless space and fresh air. You will experience moments that wont be possible anywhere else, feeling re-connected with your soul! Its not just a holiday, yoga or a safari, it is an adventure of a lifetime. An unforgettable journey making your feel more peaceful and balanced. The Retreat will offer you the chance to enjoy nature in its purest form and deeply relax in unique surroundings.

We offer all inclusive 7 and 10 day Yoga Safari Retreats in Namibia, accommodating a maximum of 8 people and a minimum of 4 to keep it intimate and special.  Yoga, nature and animal lovers looking to get in touch with their inner self will appreciate these Soulful Yoga Safari’s. This is a truly unique experience combining Yoga on Safari. Click for full listing info and make an enquiry to receive a complimentary gift or discount when you book.

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Cuban Yoga Boutique Adventure Retreat, 5th – 12th August

cuba yoga retreat

Always dreamt of visiting Cuba? This Cuban Yoga Boutique Retreat in the beautiful mountains of Pinar Del Rio is a unique opportunity to deepen your yoga practice in beautiful surroundings and taste the carefree and uplifting life in Cuba at this historic moment in time. Our homes for the week are comfortable lodges in a national park with more than 50,000 acres of mountain wilderness to explore.

The twice daily yoga sessions, blending a strong vinyasa flow with a restorative practice will leave you feeling deeply nourished and refreshed. Days can be spend wandering the national park, lounging by the pool, reading a book overlooking the lakes or for those that are feeling adventurous, engage in many of the activities on offer: such as learn how to dance salsa, go horseback riding or take a trip to nearby villages or the beach.

With a maximum of 12 people you will share this intimate retreat with other like-minded adventurers. With 2 yoga classes per day, amazing local food plus cultural excursions it is set to be a trip of a lifetime. Click for full listing info and make an enquiry to receive a complimentary gift or discount when you book.

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Having trouble choosing? Contact our team on and let us help you find your perfect retreat. Follow our travel inspiration on instagram @soulseedtravel. Pack your bags and book your flight!.

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