Soul Seed Travel Guide: 12 Recommended Retreats in Europe for under £1000

12 Budget Friendly Retreats in Europe for under £1000

The best investment you can make is in yourself, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are our top 12 recommendations on budget friendly retreats for under £1000.

5 night Easter Yoga Ibiza Retreat, 29th March – 3rd April

Yoga Trip Retreats are hosting fabulous & fun filled Easter break in Ibiza, with comprehensive yoga program, tasty nurturing food and enchanting activities including sound bath session, one hour pampering massage and glimpses of the ‘real’ Ibiza!.

Our authentic Ibizan country house setting allows our guests to relax from the moment they arrive, we offer safe and supportive environment, and our diverse activities and wellness program is designed to support body and mind recuperation and enhance your positive spirit and balance. Our retreats are boutique size so we can ensure personalised attention to each guest.

Our days start with two-hour yoga, pranayama and simple meditation practice. You will be treated to highly relaxing therapeutic massage or in the beginning of your retreat and our therapists are at hand to offer you additional treatments and therapies to enhance your wellbeing.

Afternoons we have additional restorative practice, or we head out to explore Ibiza: a sunset meditation with a view to Es Vedra, said to be one of worlds most magnetic (and magical healing) spots, and one day we will hike on top of mountain to salute the sun, set our intensional and enjoy some stunning views. You will be treated to highly relaxing sound healing session by Elena, she is well respected healer and sound therapist in Ibiza, this will be a real treat, unique experience. And our authentic Finnish sauna will be heated for a purifying sauna session. The retreat is accessible to all levels, including beginners.

Shared room (four beds) €950 per person. Book this retreat!

Detox, Yoga, nourish and glow retreat in Sicily, 14th – 21st April

Detox retreat in Sicily

This special 7-day cleanse provides guests with an immersive experience of mindful nourishment in the heart of Sicily. Far from your average detox, the serenity and natural beauty of Danena offers a sacred space for guests to to journey inwards and cleanse in comfort. Delicious local, plant-based cuisine from the surrounding landscape will be served up alongside eye-opening mind-body workshops from health coach Jennifer Carr.

Guiding guests with practical techniques and tips towards eating for optimal digestion, energy and weight loss, Jennifer and the Danena team look forward to assisting you on your journey towards a more vibrant self. Daily hatha yoga (all levels) and meditation classes support the cleanse process with positive movement and conscious breathing.

The week’s schedule is perfectly balanced to enable plenty of free time as well to swim in our infinity pool, explore the island’s raw beauty on a beach walk or take an invigorating hike through local orange groves.

Shared room from €900. Book this retreat!

Exploring Perception: Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Photography Retreat with Kimberly Poppe in Sicily, 5th – 12th May

Rediscover the present moment through meditation, yoga and photography. Meditation and photography share the same goal. To capture the freshness of the present moment. To find beauty in our everyday experience. To change the way we see the world. In this special retreat led by Kimberly Poppe, meditation teacher and photographer, we will explore how we see, experience and relate to ourselves & the world.

Danena Sicily is a holiday retreat that offers a revitalizing fusion of activities centered around yoga nature, art, culture, pilates detoxification, music and healthy food. Our main location is a 19th century farmhouse – La Masseria – situated in the luscious natural landscape of southeastern Sicily surrounded by the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea.

Our main location is a 19th century farmhouse – La Masseria – situated in the luscious natural landscape of southeastern Sicily surrounded by the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea.

Shared room from €900. Book this retreat!

Just Paint! 5 Day Painting and Mindfulness Workshop, Ibiza 19 – 22 April/2 – 6 May/19 – 23 September/3 – 7 October

Roseline de Thelin is an interdisciplinary artist, creative coach and art therapist, long time resident in Ibiza where she runs her art studio since many years. Roseline’s passion is to awaken people’s artistic potentials, creativity, consciousness and connection to the environment. She facilitates Art retreats & Creative workshops that foster artistic investigation, self-discovery, self-awareness and personal innovation.

In this workshop Roseline combines mindfulness meditation and zen drawing with expressive painting on paper and on canvas, in the studio and outdoor in nature.

It is ideal for students who wish to develop their own authentic painting style. In this process you will learn or improve your existing skills to:

• build up and shape layers on your own canvas using a selection of tools and painting techniques. You will have your own easel and painting station.
• dialogue with your inner critic
• let go of expectations in favour of surrendering to the emerging process of your art.
• work with the creative forces of chaos and order, Eros and the creative impulses, the cycles of de-constructing and re-constructing.

The program is aimed for adults interested in art, creativity & mindfulness. Creation times are designed to be inspiring for artists and non-artists alike, no special skills or experience are needed. This is an intimate group setting with a maximum of 5 participants.

Workshop from €400 (accommodation not included). Book this retreat!.

Pure Yoga Retreat Going Deeper, Alicante Spain, 24th – 29th May

yoga breaks spain

If you’re keen to re-kindle or develop your existing yoga practice, going on a yoga retreat is the perfect way to deepen your understanding with experienced teachers. You’ll feel the difference in just a few days which is all you need to ignite your yoga flame and kick start a regular practice back home.

Our Pure Yoga Retreat Holidays are held near the sea in the vibrant coastal town of Denia, an hour north of Alicante. The programme includes carefully planned twice daily yoga sessions with plenty of alignment cues to keep you on track, different pranayama techniques and daily meditations all of which will help your body relax, open and strengthen. We’ll also delve into other aspects of this ancient healing system and help you create your own home yoga practice too.

And, when you’re not on your yoga mat, there will be plenty of time to relax at the beach, paddle in the sea, join a coastal hike, head off on a guided bike ride, go horse trekking, book super beauty and holistic therapies, snooze, enjoy delicious tapas or explore the lovely vibrant town of Denia. You’ll feel so much stronger and calmer by the end of your stay and notice a huge difference in yourself and your yoga practice in just a week. Join us for an authentic and complete yoga experience which touches on yogic details and practices your regular teachers may not have time to teach you. It is ideal if you want to deepen your practice with senior teachers who will help progress and develop in just a few days.

Shared from £700. Book this retreat!

Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat in a French Chateau, 20 – 24 June/21 – 25 September

A 5 day retreat at award winning Yobaba Lounge to re-establish a rich, soulful connection to your yoga and meditation practice. Located in a picturesque medieval village in the southern French Pyrenees, the house feels like a temple, the rooms are large and stylish.

The gourmet vegan food has been described as sensational, outrageous, alchemical, the best ever, and more. It is often raw, always free from dairy, meats, gluten, and sugar. The food supports the practice and quickly rebalances digestion. Retreat facilitator Gertrud shares her practice of Embodied Meditation, which is the yoga of breath, mindfulness and movement. Without excessive effort, the practice strengthens your core, legs and hips, tones your parasympathetic nervous system and sets alight your inner space.

There will be periods of free time each day, which gives you opportunity to just relax in the walled garden, pamper yourself or explore wild swimming in nearby lakes and rivers. You will be held within a clear daily structure. The Yobaba Lounge team will look after all your practical needs whilst you let go and spend time with your self. Our retreats include periods of delicious silence (until mid-day each day) to help you reflect and integrate what arises during practice.

The retreat is intended for all those in need of rejuvenation, rest and relaxation, and those who are seeking a more mystical connection to their existing yoga and meditation practice. Nevertheless, it is suitable for beginners or those already proficient in either yoga or meditation.

Single room from £800. Book this retreat!

Surya Retreat – Rejuvenating Yoga and Pilates in Fuerteventura, open all year round

Join us year round at our Surya retreat, on the sun-blessed island of Fuerteventura, with epic sand dunes rolling down into the turquoise ocean, breathtaking white-sand beaches and dramatic volcanic sunsets. More than just a holiday, we are here to support you in your wellbeing journey, making you feel at ease from the moment you arrive.

Relax and revitalise at one of Europe’s leading yoga and pilates retreats in the Canary Islands, Spain. Stretch and strengthen your body and mind and bring yourself back into balance with a unique blend of yoga, pilates and meditation. Enjoy mouthwatering vegetarian meals, holistic massages and stunning sunsets over the volcanoes.

Our seven night yoga and Pilates retreats running every week from Saturday to Saturday are designed to help reduce stress, improve fitness and vitality and most importantly take time for you. Perfect for all levels from beginner to advanced practitioners, we are here to support you and your goals every step of the way.

Shared from €700. Book this retreat!

Easter Yoga retreat with meditation and wellness in Oxfordshire, 30th March – 2nd April

Easter yoga retreat

On our Easter yoga and meditation retreat in Thrupp, Oxfordshire be prepared to switch off, let go and give permission to yourself to totally relax.

It is springtime and at this time of year, the canal comes alive with life after a dormant winter. Stay in our gorgeous manor house and enjoy the peace that the meditation practices bring to you during the silent walk and in the yoga classes, and feel the body loosen and open up with the asana practices, shedding the winter sluggishness in exchange for a more energised and lighter you.

Explore the local surroundings and enjoy being in the countryside away from the frenetic pace of life in your day today. Walk along the canals, into the surrounding countryside or hire a canoe and paddle instead! Enjoy a massage from one of our expert in-house therapists or take time to rest and just be.

This retreat is suitable for anyone who’d like a weekend away with meditation in each yoga class, wellness, and healthy food. You don’t have to be practiced at meditation but be willing to sit for longer than 5 minutes. Beginners are welcome as well as all ages.

Prices from £449. Book this retreat!

Yoga, wellbeing and Digital Detox retreat in Norfolk, 16th – 18th February

digital detox retreat

What is a digital detox we hear you ask? It is a wellbeing yoga retreat, but also with the opportunity to release yourself from technology and have a break from it. With the overload of technology that has become a part of our everyday lives, it is difficult to escape from it.

This is a relaxing weekend of wellness, relaxation, time out, space and the opportunity to unplug emotionally from technology. The retreat follows the same structure as our wellness retreats with one difference, you don’t have your phones, we take care of them for you. If you have a family you can call them if you need to, but it is to allow you the space that is necessary to really relax, instead of constantly checking the phone. This is your weekend to give yourself the break you need from the technology that has become a part of our day to day that is now hard to escape from. With the combination of yoga, healthy food, total peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings and re-connecting to nature you will also find yourself again and give your own system the re-boot it needs.

This retreat is like all of our wellness and yoga weekends, they are the opportunity for you to relax and switch off. The only difference is we ask for your phones so that you can really relinquish yourself from its control! If you have a kindle, it’s time to go back to paper books. We have your next of kins number when you book so they can contact our retreat team if there is an issue at home they need to speak to you about. If you have family commitments, children or ill parents then of course you can speak to them! Hopefully, you have chosen this retreat because you want to switch off and your family has given you permission to do just that.

On Saturday afternoon, we offer an informal workshop that will cover one’s relationship with technology and how we can minimise its usage in our day to day lives. Enjoy walking in nature, becoming mindful of your surroundings, the people you are spending the time with, the sounds, the colours. Indulge in a slower pace of life and then reap the benefits.

Prices from £365. Book this retreat!

Yoga Retreat Portugal – Vale de Moses, open April to October

Vale de Moses is a family run yoga retreat in the heart of the Portuguese mountains. Spend a week or more practicing yoga, receiving massage and acupuncture treatments, walking in forests, swimming in natural river pools and eating delicious nutritious food. Stay in one of the beautifully restored stone cottages, Soulpads or in a Tipi.  Our retreat home is perfect for those in need of a break, rest and relaxation. We are surrounded by nature and forests, peace and tranquility – the perfect ingredients to restore your body and mind. The combination of good food and sleep, clean mountain air and water, therapeutic massage and acupuncture, hill walking and river swimming, all create a highly restorative context in which to begin, or to deepen, your yoga practice.

Soulfully reconnect with our planet and with your own body. This warm invitation to deepen your love affair with yoga, is open for everyone, travelling alone or with friends, new to yoga or practicing for decades. Most of our retreats include morning and afternoon classes, a health consultation, massage/acupuncture treatment, 3 nourishing daily meals and a trip to the nearby Rio Zêzere.

Prices from €800. Book this retreat!

AdventureYogi Sunshine and Yoga Holiday in Santorini, 30 June -7 July/7 – 14 July

For a breathtaking and unforgettable sunshine and yoga holiday in Greece, come and join us on the magical island of Santorini. Santorini is known for its beautiful blue and white churches and surrounded by majestic views of volcanoes in the backdrop, the crystal clear Aegean sea and stunning sunsets. Get all the Vitamin D you could possibly need and more soaking-in the warm Greek summer sun.

The wonderful heart-warming people of Greece, the food, and stunning scenery make it a very special location to retreat to. There really is nothing else quite like Santorini so it is a must-do holiday destination. Combining it with yoga makes it an unforgettable experience. Morning yoga up by the church behind your accommodation with views to the Aegean Sea and evening yoga in the spacious yoga platform, dive deep into your own inner self and find the power from within. Release and let go of tension and feel energised and grounded from the fire of this volcanic island.

Everyone is welcome, yogis of all levels, and non-Yogis. You will be made to feel more than welcome by the lovely hotel staff and looked after by our AdventureYogi Team so you can totally switch off. Early booking is highly recommended as flight prices get expensive the closer we get to the date.

Prices from £895 shared. Book this retreat!

Yoga and Pilates Retreat by the Sea, Spain 26 April – 1 May/20 – 25 September 

Join Yoga Breaks Spain for a 5 night Yoga and Pilates retreat by the sea and immerse yourself in gorgeous sunshine, big open blue skies, fresh sea air, beach time and feast on delicious healthy food. Plus, super experienced yoga and pilates teachers will help you open, lengthen, quieten and strengthen your body with two classes a day with time in between to explore this stunningly beautiful area with the optional biking, hiking, horse trekking or simply relax by the pool with a great book and soak up the sun’s rays.

Based at a 300 year old olive farm – now a 4* country house hotel – set in acres of orange & olive groves near the sea. This peaceful setting is the perfect base to get away from your normal routine and get a fresh perspective on life.

Whether your a keen beginner or have a regular yoga or Pilates practice, this retreat will meet you where you are with small groups of 12 and classes for beginners and intermediates/advanced plus workshops to help progress & deepen your practice. There’ll be plenty of opportunity to get outside and be in nature too with a guided hike, bike ride, horse trek, visits to the beach, take part in a Spanish cookery workshop, rest by the pool or enjoy pampering therapies.

And don’t worry, these retreats are super relaxed. So if there is a morning where you want to sleep in, please do. If there’s an afternoon you would stay longer by the pool and skip class, that’s ok! Whatever you feel you need, please do.

Prices from £700 shared. Book this retreat!

Having trouble choosing? Email us at and we will help you find and book your perfect retreat. Follow our travels on Instagram @soulseedtravel.

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