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Meet: Cheryl Anne Slater + Ariadna Bakhmatova.


When Cheryl and Ariadna first crossed paths, they knew that their journey was only just beginning. Working alongside each other in the same industry – as well as sharing their love of health and wellbeing – made their pairing an inevitable synchronicity. It didn’t take long to realise that their combined knowledge, passion and dedication to their life purpose made for a stunning collaboration – one that would exponentially help holistic businesses make an impact through a successful, thriving brand presence.

The blending of Ariadna’s expertise, network and contacts within the media – coupled with Cheryl’s natural talent for social media and connectivity – is a truly resonant match and ideally suited for holistic companies.

Together, Cheryl and Ariadna offer an extensive service that begins with their experiential approach to each client. Working in person with you at the heart of your business, their understanding and involvement results in a clear, concise concept of your vision and goals. From here, they are able to to curate a uniquely tailored blueprint for your business – one that is led from the heart and allows the essence of your business to illuminate every aspect of your online presence.

As a founding member and organiser of Healing Ibiza, Cheryl is not only experienced in the field of event planning and management, but enthusiastically dedicated to bringing your brand onto center stage. From organisation and co-ordination to media and marketing, we have worked with leading event companies such as Mind Body Spirit Festival UK and the Bali Spirit Festival to comprehensively plan, promote and manage their events.




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