Social Media 101 – How to grow your Facebook likes Organically vs Paid.

Social Media 101
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Social Media 101

I will be writing a series of blogs sharing tips and tricks from the Social Media 101 workshops I deliver.

This week i’m going to share 2 methods of increasing your Facebook fanbase i.e the number of likes you have – Organically and by using the ‘Promote Page’ feature.

These are both easy ways to build up your list of prospects through gaining “likes” on your Facebook page.

a) Organically

  • Invite your own circle of friends on Facebook & via personal email. This is a good starting point if you’ve only recently opened up your Facebook page.
  • If you have a newsletter you can ask your subscribers to like your page.
  • Ensure you have the Facebook page button on your website – ideally positioned at the top of the page not at the bottom where it is hidden.
  • Incentivize your customers by offering them a freebie in return for a like of your page – ebook/tickets to your events/free trial etc/complimentary session.
  • Add to your email signature.
  • Add to business cards, flyers and any other stationery.
  • At the end of each blog post add link and call to action such as ‘keep in touch with us and our community on Facebook.
  • When someone new follows you on Twitter thank them and let them know that you are on Twitter too. Offering to reciprocate increases the chances of them doing this.
  • Add to your ‘about’ section on any platforms/sites you are are a member of e.g Meetup.

b) Using the Promote Page feature

With just a single click you can now promote your page to increase your number of ‘likes’. Access the promote page feature by clicking on ‘promote page’ which is located on the top right side column when you are logged into your Facebook page.

You then have 4 targeting options:

1. Country
2. Gender
3. Age
4. Interests/likes

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 15.10.58

Check how many people you can expect to reach for what you pay then you set a daily budget. Minimum and maximum rates vary dependent on number of existing fans. This is an excellent way to build up your number of likes in the beginning or to help you reach a milestone e.g your first 1000 likes.

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 15.17.19

Make sure you the date in which you want your ad to stop – try it out and run your ad for 5 days. The results can be astonishing – for one of our clients we achieved over 1,000 likes in one week for a budget of £5 per day.

I’ll be posting more useful tips in next weeks blog and if you’d like more hands on tools then come along to one of my upcoming social media workshops this month.

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2. A Night of Raw Cuisine and Social Media.
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