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healthy menu at Samahita
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I feel very privileged to of carved a career for myself where I can work, retreat and travel around the world! I have just finished a 7 day Yoga program and social media training at Samahita retreat in Koh Samui.

It’s been a great experience and already I feel like part of the Samahita family! The Yoga program begins with a daily meditation at 7.30am followed by an ashtanga practice and a restorative class in the evening. The yoga shala is on the beach and I couldn’t think of a more perfect setting or a better way to start the day. Breathing techniques are taught to calm the mind and relax the body and the meditation is focused on offering forgiveness, giving thanks and setting positive intentions. Find out more about the Yoga program I participated in here.

yoga shala samahita

The food is exceptional and you really are spoilt for choice. Samahita are truly passionate about creating healthy, nutritious and delicious food! Their food philosophy is based on the principle of “Sattva”, a Sanskrit term that means pure and light with a basis of easy to digest

healthy menu at Samahita

Working in social media there are inevitably many hours spent online behind a laptop so it’s great to be working with and supporting these retreat centres in person within a blissful and serene environment – our ‘office’ is next to the beach in a breezy  cool space where we can sit around a desk albeit on cushions and work.

Samahita office

Over the course of a few days we created a new social media strategy, prepared the editorial calendar for the year ahead and I educated Amy and Anthea on how to master the art of social media. If you’re a yoga retreat and you’d like further details on the training I offer please contact me here.

The ethos of Soul Seed Media is to work with heart felt businesses, those who are making a difference in the lives of others and their communities – Samahita is most certainly doing both of those.

They have a very philosophical approach to yoga, at its heart is to care – care for others, care about what you do, care about how you live.

The teachings, practice and the creation of Samahita Retreat are all due to grace, passed on through many Masters and yoga teachers, some direct and others indirect. You can read the story of the journey of Samahita here. The daily schedule becomes a comfortable routine that allowed me to spend 7 days with a quiet unbroken focus on my own body and mind.

yoga at sunrise samahita

I never imagined that this would be how I would be making a living, although I studied and have a degree in Media and Cultural studies and then went on to do a post graduate (CAM) diploma in Commutations, Advertising and Marketing, social media didn’t kick off until 2005 with the arrival of Facebook followed by Twitter in 2007. I considered going into journalism, signed up for a course at the London College Of Printing but never went ahead with it. So really it’s no coincidence that I should work in the ‘media’!

It wasn’t until 2009 that I began using social media as a ‘business tool’ and it actually found me through a series of synchronistic events! I’d left London after a period of ill health due to ‘burn out’ and plonked myself in Ibiza where I was looking to study some type of energy healing in a bid get to the bottom of ‘why’ I continually felt sick and ‘how’ to heal it. I’d never had faith in conventional medicine and was searching for a holistic alternative.

I got in touch with Ibiza Retreats who were in their first year of business and started to help them with their admin, marketing and blogging. The following year a guy called Warren Knight a social media and digital commerce expert came over from the UK and gave us some training on social media. I took on the role of setting up and managing the digital side of business for Ibiza Retreats and as they say ‘the rest is history’. Since then it’s been an evolving process and one big adventure! A big thank you to Warren and to the lovely ladies Larah and Susie at Ibiza Retreats.

I was sad to leave Samahita, you always meet the most amazing people on retreats and I will most definitely be back! I arrived in Koh Phangan yesterday and after will be heading to Ko Tao for New Year and then on to Ko Yao near Phuket to do another retreat and some more social media training at the Island Yoga Retreat.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, I will be back in London at the start of February to continue running my monthly social media workshops. Get in touch with me here for any further info on any of my services and send me a tweet on Twitter!

x Cheryl x