Social Media for Yoga Teachers and Holistic Practitioners

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Today’s blog post is written by my yogi friend Alexandra Stone who attended my recent Social Media Workshop for Yoga Teachers and Holistic Practitioners.

On the 4 June I rocked up for my second Social Media workshop with Soul Seed Media taught by founder Cheryl Anne Slater.  A busy and enthusiastic team arrived at the Diorama Arts Studio near Warren Street. Some faces I recognised from the previous workshop so it was nice to reengage and see how people had integrated Cheryl’s sound Social Media and marketing advice into their lives. Once we got the WIFI sorted (ha ha! The perils of the social media Guru) we got moving with building our audience profiles and learning how to communicate with them better. This was extremely useful and a lot of fun! It got me flexing my creative brain and was an all round winning exercise with the group. I loved hearing how the other students interpreted their target market and audience, some really insightful remarks and hilarious drawings!


Cheryl managed the flow of time and energy really well. In the last workshop there was some resistance against using social media and this one was no exception. It’s a given that yoga teachers or holistic pracitioners are going to rub up against viewing their passion as a business. From my own perspective social media is another way of communicating my message; the world needs more of the messages that heart felt businesses offer about humanity so I value it as a tool but it’s not for everyone. Cheryl put it simply down to a choice. Either we choose to engage with social media or we don’t. Really easy. If you’re curious or enthusiastic about how to use social media to engage your audience, communicate your message and your passion then Soul Seed Media has the right attitude, knowledge and personality to help you do it.

The workshop also came with a variety of supporting literature which kept us from feeling like we’d be left navigating in the darkness. I have been inspired to take the path more seriously and am currently on the browse for a social media intern so I can make the space in my life to do it properly.

This was a great opportunity to learn and connect with like minds on the same mission. Thanks to Cheryl for her knowledge, passion and expertise. Another great workshop from Soul Seed Media.

Join Soul Seed Media for an Online Bootcamp staring Thursday 10th of June. Sign up here!.


Throughout Summer 2014 Alex will be offering exclusive urban retreats at her private home studio Ananda Palace. From Sunday June 29 Alex will be offering donation based park yoga beginning in Clissold Park at 2pm.  

Alex is an ecstatic little prana monkey originally from Liverpool in the UK.  Alex’s classes are dynamic and creative aiming to bring the student into a state of interconnection using discipline, philosophical teachings and humour; they are reflective of the many wonderful teachers and styles she has had the luck to cross as well as  coming from a place of inner wisdom. In the rare moments that Alex is not practicing yoga she can occasionally be found on the standup stage, she is a published poet, health and life style advisor and her thoughts on yoga have been published in Yoga Magazine, elephant journal and Mind Body Spirit.

You can find Alex teaching across London at Frame Dance and Fitness Studio, Fitness on Fire, Yogarise, Yotopia and at her home studio Ananda Palace. She is available for 1to1 private and group sessions in the London area .