The Summer of Yoga

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I’m in New York for the summer and one of the most beautiful things in the city that never sleeps are the abundance of outdoor yoga classes that are available, most of them for free.

My favourite yoga class has to be the twice weekly classes ran by Yoga Works in Bryant Park. One class had over 900 yogis saluting the sun on their mats!

Yoga in Bryant Park

There’s just something very nurturing about doing yoga in nature with your feet on mother earth. In contrast when you look up at the heavens you are greeted by New York’s city sky scrapers smiling down on you.

It’s such a harmonious feeling doing yoga with all these yogis! Joining together with like-minded people helps fuel your practice and expand your heart. This is the true spirit of yoga – whatever you are looking for, yoga helps you to experience a deeper sense of union and connection with that aspect of yourself.

The teachers are all from Yoga Works and it’s their 11th season in Bryant Park – i’d recommend these classes for all levels.

Namaste! For those of you across the water did you hear Yoga Magazine are hosting their first ever British Yoga Festival this December in London?

British Yoga Festival

The festival, hosted at the Business Design Centre in Islington runs over three days and will showcase a host of some of the best yoga teachers from around the globe. Yoga Magazine are giving away free tickets available until the 30th September. Register here to book your tickets.