5 Ways Find Your Sacred Space – Yoga Retreat

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Kirsty Gallagher Yoga retreat Ibiza

The importance of finding your Sacred Space by Kirsty Gallagher.

We are all busy, even more so in this world of modern day technology where we seem to be contactable 24/7. We run from place to place constantly plugged into technology of one kind or another being an employee, mother, father, sister, brother, supporter, carer, fixer, doer but when are we ever simply US? When do you nurture you, listen to you and truly look after you?

As a society we are often taught that it is selfish to ‘look after number one’ and think about ourselves. We slowly begin to put ourselves further and further down our list of priorities. But if you don’t look after yourself who will? And even more to the point if you are not happy, healthy and inspired then how can you hope to make anyone else around you happy, healthy and inspired.

One way to do this is to develop a sacred space; a time where we don’t have anywhere else to go, anything else to do or anyone else to be responsible for; a time where we can simply BE. This should ideally be every day and can be as little as just 15 minutes. Just 15 minutes a day to help you to ‘find yourself’ and move through the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of your day in a much happier, more inspired and alive way. We can all find 15 minutes in the day, right?

If we can take that time out every day to simply BE, we create a space for our inner selves to shine and it is from this inner place that all of our inspiration, wisdom and answers come from.

Kirsty Gallagher yoga retreat

Here are my top 5 ways to find your Sacred Space:

1) Develop a daily yoga and/or meditation practice

Start a yoga & meditation practice. Again even just 15 minutes a day is enough to make a huge difference in your live. During our yoga & meditation practice we get to hold a space for ourselves in which to just simply ‘be’. For just a short time we get to leave the outside world behind and take our awareness inwards, into the sensations of the breath and the body. Time spent on our mat is time with ourselves, listening to and nurturing our deep inner hopes & dreams while also learning to stay firmly anchored in the NOW.

2) Get into nature
Nature heals, it is that simple. Even if it’s for just a few moments every day take yourself outside, barefoot if you can and feel the earth beneath you supporting you. Close your eyes; breathe in the air, the prana, the life and mother earth’s healing energy that surrounds you. Being in nature helps to bring us into the present moment and see the enchantment in life. You can’t watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset without feeling a deep inner peace.

3) Have a 24 hour technology holiday
For just one day, 24 short little hours unplug from the grid, I promise this simple act of going from ‘doing’ into ‘being’ will be one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself. How often do you find yourself mindlessly looking at facebook, checking in with work emails while at home or constantly looking at your phone while you are out to dinner with friends. For just one day be present, be exactly where you are doing exactly what you are doing.

4) Do something you love:
Even if this is just for a few minutes each day do something that really makes you come to life and takes you into the truest essence of yourself. Think about what makes your heart sing. What is your deep passion in life? Forget all about the outside world and all of your responsibilities for just a short time while you write a journal or poetry, paint, sing, or dance. I know many of you right now are saying that you “can’t” and you gave up on that dream a long time ago – but you can and it’s never too late! Even if you write poetry that’s only ever appreciated by you or sing words that only your ears will ever hear the joy of doing something that makes your soul sing will translate itself into every part of your life.

5) Go on a yoga retreat!

Imagine a holiday where you get to devote yourself to a daily yoga practice, relax in beautiful surroundings, nurture your body with pure nourishing foods and meet like- minded people. A week to think only of yourself and your well-being by taking time out to completely relax and recharge your batteries allowing inspiration to flood in. If this sounds like just what you need then join for the Summer Solstice Goddess retreat in Ibiza for a week of slowing down and tuning into the magical energy of the island of Ibiza. Nurturing ourselves with yoga, meditation, healing, workshops and treatments and preparing ourselves to welcome in the energy of the Solstice.