The Only Constant is Change – Embrace It for the Adventure of Your Life

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We all have to deal with Change, whether your home was destroyed by a hurricane or your relationship is ending or your job no longer satisfies you or any one of 1000’s of ways our experience of Life shifts. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we are asked to take our Heroine’s Journey.

Will we see that Change from the perspective of a Victim, where it’s being done ‘to me’? Or the perspective of an opportunity for overcoming the situation, growing ourselves and finding our Triumph Story?

Life wants us to grow. Whether the impetus comes from within or an outer situation where there is less control, we are all called to leave our comfort zones and head off on an adventure into the unknown. We must travel to new countries, sometimes actually, sometimes metaphorically.

Saying Yes to our next chapter activates many inner resources. Courage, an often silent partner, steps forth as we experience new situations and encounters. Deepening our Trust by listening to our Inner Guidance is a practice that can infuse each breath. Recognizing the unique gifts that we have – humor, patience, compassion, boldness – brings us inner allies for finding our way on the journey.

Another powerful tool at our disposal is our language. Just today, a new client claimed she was ‘shackled by the circumstances’ before her. Whew – that’s an image that evokes things like ‘prisoner’ or ‘beaten down’. Since we are always the first to hear our own words come directly out of our mouths, what language do you want to use? The energetics that flow from our language can empower us if we pay attention and choose to speak about what’s happening with mindfulness.

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At times in our lives we have a vision of how things will turn out or be. And then Life intervenes and suddenly that outcome isn’t possible. Things have changed and it can feel like we’re in a boat on a rocky sea with no land in sight – alone and on very shaky ground. What is the first step for determining what should be done?

First it’s time to create a new perspective.

This is all about how we choose to view the facts we’re surrounded by. There are a million ways to see any situation, limited only by our creativity and imagination. Become quiet, take a couple deep breaths and ask yourself, ‘what is the gift for me in this situation?’ Or ‘how would my highest self view this moment in time? What would she do?’ Or even ask yourself, ‘what would my pet do if presented with this situation?’ A little lightness can help us step out of the box and try on a new perspective.

Returning to balance happens when we choose behaviors that bring us into alignment with what really matters. As members of a global world that favors consumerism and following the most popular idea of the day, it’s time to explore what is truly important to you. Acting according to what we value is the road map to a harmonious life. Try it and see. Make a list of the top 10 qualities or characteristics you value and notice when you are living them.

Even better, notice when you’re not! The first way will lead to more happiness or fulfillment; the second way draws you away from your authenticity to the place where a mask replaces your true self. Trying to be who you are not is exhausting – there is a better way!


There’s a big payoff for moving towards the Change that is showing up instead of listening to inner critics who fear it. When you gather your courage, listen deeply and act with conviction, you step out onto the biggest adventure of your life. It will push you. It will sometimes knock you down to test you. But I can assure you that it’s all worth it.

Haven’t you always known that life was a grand adventure and you were born to be a part of it? Isn’t settling for the familiar yet unfulfilling a sign of you giving up? With powerful support for the Vision of your Heart, you can embrace Change… and be part of changing the world!

When change comes – and it always will – you decide how to respond. Choose to embrace the journey. It is bound to hold your next place of growth and authentic self-expression of the gifts that only you have. And the world is waiting for those gifts now.

About the author

VFM croppedVictoria FittsMilgrim is a Certified Professional True Life Coach and Retreat Leader, Personal Growth Visionary, and Inspiring Speaker. In 2010 she conceived The Heroine’s Journey – An Updated Model for Navigating Change from a Feminine Perspective, and has spoken to women throughout the US on this inspiring way to live. As a coach and retreat leader, she guides and accompanies you on this journey, supporting your path of creative self-expression, awareness and sovereignty.

After 25 years in the personal growth movement, she is known for creating safe environments where her clients can take courageous Leaps of Faith, trusting their Inner Guidance. She reminds us that we don’t need anyone’s approval or permission to follow our bliss, live our dreams and be happy.

Victoria is the Director of True Life Coaching & Retreats in Durango, Colorado. For the past 14 years she has designed and led transformational Journeys for women in Nature, in addition to offering individual and group coaching programs for small businesses and non-profits. She is the winner of the 2009 “Extraordinary Woman” Award. She divides her time living in Colorado and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Visit to learn about the offerings to support your transformation to your True Life.