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yoga and hiking retreat Spain
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Looking for healthy holiday or wellbeing retreat in March? Explore these yoga and wellbeing holidays in Bali, Ibiza, Hawaii, Spain​, America and South Africa! Book through Soul Seed Media to receive exclusive offers and discounts from our retreat partners.



Bali Yoga Retreat

Wake up to an ener­gis­ing Prana Flow® yoga prac­tice on this adventure yoga retreatin Bali and wel­come in the day with a vari­ety of cre­ative sequences to chal­lenge, inspire and cre­ate space inside for growth, change and inte­gra­tion of your adven­tur­ous self. There will be time for reflec­tion, intro­spec­trum, med­i­ta­tion and free writ­ing to release wis­dom of the uncon­scious mind. When you are not relax­ing by the pool, receiv­ing a mas­sage, enjoy­ing a beauty treat­ment or vis­it­ing a tem­ple you are wel­come to fill your time with what­ever your heart desires! Around sun­set time we will gather again for a beau­ti­ful restora­tive yoga prac­tice as we con­tinue to feel the embrace of Bali.

As each day pro­gresses and unfolds into the next we will make this daily rit­ual together, reclaim­ing our wild and authen­tic selves, liv­ing each moment in truth, mov­ing grace­fully and embrac­ing this exquis­ite time. This adventure yoga retreat takes place from the 23rd – 30th March. 


This Holistic Health Women Retreat in Bali features the Mulier Art of Health method developed by the medical doctor and therapist Meri Bura, MD with the holistic approach to healing – individual approach (you are a unique individual and your organism is unique)
, finding the source of the ailment and curing it, not only the indications. A healthy spine, hormones and emotions are a precondition for optimal health.

Based on light detox and healthy nutrition this retreat accentuates the healing properties of daily exercise, stimulated by the beautiful ocean surrounding Bali, hidden between the frangipani trees and luscious greens. Treating your body in the proper way is necessary to start your metabolism and get rid of the heavy food, heavy thoughts and remnants of heavy emotions.

Health is serious business but happiness is a major part of your health so we have teamed up to make your stay on Bali super fun! The program will leave you some free time to soak up the sun, chill on the beach, or sip cocktails in or besides the 5 star pool. This retreat takes place from the 7th – 13th of March. Find out more.


Spring Detox 3

Discover your life purpose and true calling at beautiful Bloom Retreats nestled between the Mediterranian and the Tramuntana mountains, adjacent to one of Mallorca’s oldest monasteries. Have you been feeling that you are here to fulfil a purpose but are not sure what that could be? Our soul constantly communicates with us through symbols as well as through the realms of dreams, subconscious associations and archetypes to show us our true path.

We start by uncovering the symbols, messages and signs your soul has been sending you since you were born using works of art, literature, poetry, songs, stories, dreams, myths and fairy tales that have strongly resonated with you since childhood. Your Soul Map is deeply personal. It doesn’t need to be understood by anybody else nor by your rational mind. Your Soul knows what it means and then the true co-creative and miraculous process of manifestation can begin.It is only when our soul purpose or destiny aligns with our conscious will that true miracles of manifestation can happen. This retreat takes place from the 17th – 21st March. Find out more.

yoga and hiking retreat Spain

Escape to Spain for this yoga and hiking retreat, the perfect blend of two complementing exercises. Whilst hiking is great for the heart and lungs it can create tight leg muscles and an aching back but, with the addition of delicious yoga to lengthen, open and strengthen your posture, you’ll loosen your hamstrings, build strength, mobilise joints and deepen your breathing. The simple fusion of yoga and hiking on one retreat means you receive a complete boost to your health and fitness.

Immerse yourself in warm sunshine, ‘drink’ fresh clean sea air, feast on delicious tasty food, open your body in twice daily amazing yoga and hike in stunning natural scenery. And, if you fancy exploring further, you can go biking and horse trekking, cook up a delicious paella lunch or simply chill in the sun. This yoga and hiking retreat takes place from the 26th – 31st March 2015.


The ultimate healthy holiday – this Luxury Boot Camp and Wellbeing Retreat in Spain is a blended retreat comprising part luxury boot camp and part wellness retreat, ideal for a gentle detox, weight loss, fitness and wellbeing, suitable for women of all ages and fitness levels.

The retreats offer an intensive yet holistic approach to ensure that you will learn how to lose weight in a sustainable way whilst detoxing naturally and gently by eating fabulous healthy fresh and delicious food, tone up your physique, improve your posture, re-invigorate your body and revitalize your soul. Take a long slow deep breath and enjoy a beautiful venue and its pretty and tranquil coastal location.

Developed by an experienced and professional retreat team, the Luxury Boot Camp retreat is based on a carefully designed fitness, nutritional and wellbeing program. Their exercise program focuses on yoga, Pilates, core training exercises, stretching and toning, hiking, plus that all important rest and relaxation time, combined with healthy nutrient dense clean detox cuisine menu that is intended to enhance the metabolism, gently cleanse the body whilst optimizing healthy and sustainable weight loss. This luxury bootcamp retreat takes place from the 25th – 31st March 2015.


Just Stop Soul Seed 2

This yoga and life coaching based lifestyle detox retreat in Ibiza in THE place to de-stress and rejuvenate in body, mind and heart. This is for you if you are feeling burned out, tired out or in need of change or new inspiration, or maybe wondering which direction to take. Turn to life and wellness coaching for clarity and empowerment. Starting with a full body stress-release massage upon arrival. A personalised program of treatments and therapies are tailored to meet your wellbeing goals and needs.

Let go completely and feel the nervous system being softly soothed as gentle hands and warm smiles welcome you to healing Ibiza. Held in the tranquil surroundings of Casa Ananda, a breathtaking, lovingly renovated traditional finca in Northern Ibiza that retains sabina wood beams and all of its original charms. This yoga and lifestyle detox retreat takes place from 21st  – 25th March 2015. 

Soul Seed Boutique Yoga 5

Find yourself in a nourishing sanctuary to give the body and mind a break on this Boutique Yoga Detox Weekend Retreat. Let us do the doing, making it easier for you to switch off and de-stress. Let Ibiza work her magic on you. This incredible island, a place of enchanting natural beauty where we can all return to the breath. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, we can forget to actually enjoy it! We focus on the detoxification of the mind and body through healthy food and juicing (including a 1-day full juice fast), as well as supportive cleansing therapies.

The team provide wonderful, relaxing therapies such as reiki and gentle holistic massage ensuring both the mind and body get due attention (oh and plenty of twists and treats to ensure the magic along the way). Set in the picturesque Can Bikini, a sanctuary of pure luxurious bliss. This boutique yoga detox weekend retreat takes place from the 26th – 30th March 2015.

South Africa

garden route4

This life changing Tantra Yoga Retreat in the Knysna Forest, South Africa will enhance every aspect of your being and existence and give you everything you need to go deeper into a spiritual practice that embraces life and love for the attainment of a higher and greater consciousness. If you are looking for a practice that you can easily integrate into your daily life this is the retreat for you! Set in the Knysna Forest in the picturesque Garden Route of South Africa, this retreat offers both ancient Yogic and Tantric knowledge along with practical exercises to help individuals and couples reach a profound spiritual level.

Consisting of Tantra, Kundalini, Hatha and Laya yoga, this retreat offers an integral system of yoga based on ancient teachings from India and Tibet. You will learn specific postures to help with your sexual tantric practice as well as techniques such as directing energy to the chakras. By practicing this holistic style of yoga you will unblock, purify and balance your entire energy system. This tantra yoga retreat takes place from 5th –15th March 2015. 



This exclusive My Body Loves Hawaii Retreat with Olympic Medalist Catherine Garceau combines swimming with wild dolphins, rest and relaxation, and techniques for bringing the islands back with you. When the retreat is over, you’ll have the tools you need to always be able to de-stress, end self-sabotage, and gain clarity, inner peace and a sense of purpose.

You’ll experience 3 organized boat trips for wild dolphin swims, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), morning Qigong classes, exercise and meditation sessions, natural meals, and yurt accommodations (upgrades available.)

The retreat is ran by Catherine Garceau, an Olympic Medalist, wellness coach, and author. She is certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, Qigong and Past Life Resolution. This retreat takes place from the 8th – 15th March 2015. Find out more.

Central America


Wellness and Fitness Retreat, Nicaragua

This Wellness and Fitness Retreat in Nicaragua, Central America is perfect for the traveling fitness enthusiast, whether you’re a pro or just getting started. Enjoy beautiful sceneries of Nicaragua’s pacific coastline, while participating in workouts and adventures that will test the limits of your body both physically and mentally. Our certified instructors will coach you through strenuous endurance and strength WODS (workout of the day).

Our wellness coaches teach you the importance of feeding your body and mind while our licensed doctors of physical therapy will make sure you stay mobile, injury free and perform at an optimal level. Not only will you leave Nicaragua having pushed your limits, but also have gained an appreciation for a new culture and country through wellness. This wellness and fitness retreat takes place from the 23rd – 29th March 2015. 

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