Bali – The Island of Bliss, Culture and Blessings

Bali yoga retreat
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Yoga teacher and retreat leader Delamay Devi shares her thoughts on travelling and teaching yoga in Bali.

This Indonesian island leaves a taste in your being like no other island. It’s not just the flavour of the food but also the essence of the land, the culture and the locals themselves will leave a ever lasting impression on your being long after you have left. It attracts surfers, hippies, artists, entrepreneurs, young families, retired people, city folk and everyone else in between. There is something for everyone. My first visit to Bali was in the late 90’s and I remember feeling instantly at home, it could have been the ease of how the locals go about their day and the accepting personalities towards me as a tourist but thinking back on it now, I know it runs deeper then that.

Bali yoga retreat

Over the years Bali is now a destination on the top of many peoples bucket lists, for yoga retreats, teacher trainings and it is a great surf and diving destination. Similar to other volcanic islands Bali is incredibly fertile, during our yoga retreat last year I found out the island itself is pretty much self sustainable in terms of the fruit and vegetables which grow just about all year round. From cashews to mangos to rice and bananas, the array of variety and dishes is seriously delicious. If you have food allergies or certain dietary requirements, the Balinese seemed to have mastered the art of raw foods, gluten and dairy free and of course vegetarian cuisines.

So what else is there to do besides eat amazing food? During our retreats we include a road trip to the Tirta Empul Temple which is a water temple for a deep energetic cleanse where we stand under several different water fountains which align and purify not only the chakras but your entire being. As a sign of respect we wear white long sleeve tops and traditional sarongs. This trip includes a guide who speaks great English and is passionate about sacred sites. During this road trip lunch is included and there is the opportunity to also do some gift shopping and check out the local arts and crafts.

Bali yoga retreat

Like other yoga retreats we begin and end each day with a yoga and meditation practice. Our retreats attract yoga teachers, experienced yogis, beginners and total newbie’s so don’t let your tight hips stop you from coming! With the combination of the humidity and a yoga practice twice a day, your muscles and tendons will begin to relax and who knows, may be you will touch your toes! Along with the daily yoga to soothe the jet lag you will receive a traditional Balinese massage from highly trained therapists, these massages can be catered for your individual needs. More pressure? Less pressure? Whatever your body needs just let the therapists know and they will do their best to meet them.

To give you a true Balinese welcome we begin with a ceremony on the beach, by creating our own offerings from bamboo, banana leaf and flowers. These offerings are infused with our intentions for the week and then offered to the Gods in good will as we surrender to the flow of our time together. The Balinese way of life is seeped in culture and daily offerings. Walking down the street you will see men and women placing these offerings in front of their business, homes and temples along with sticks of incense and fruit.

So on top of the welcoming ceremony, seriously delicious food, daily yoga and meditation classes, massages and cleansing our energetic body you may be wondering what to do in your spare time. Our location is on the south west coast of Bali, north of one of the world famous surfing beaches, which means you could take surfing lessons in a group or even take private lessons! There is an abundant of local temples near by and if you are feeling adventurous you could hire a scooter and take your self around or it is just as easy to hire a driver! On the flip side if you are feeling the pull to your book and some poolside time then this is also encouraged! How you spend your free time is entirely up to you, we are here to support your journey to relaxation, rejuvenation and vitality the Balinese way.

Returning to Bali for our annual retreat is a true blessing, not only do we feel totally wrapped up in Bali’s embrace but also we love witnessing the transformation in everyone (it’s not just about touching your toes). We become a community, similar to a family who have connected in the Balinese way of life, from all parts of the world and we will remember this time together forever.

We would love you to join us on this blissful Bali Adventure Yoga retreat from the 23rd – 30th March – only two places left with an exclusive offer for Soul Seed Media including: A €200 discount plus FREE transfers to and from Denpasar airport. Make an enquiry for further info and booking.