Pisces – The last sign of the Zodiac

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The Sun passes through the Zodiac sign of Pisces from 19 February – 20 March. The symbol for which is two fish swimming in opposite directions.


One fish faces backwards, reviewing all that has happened in the past year (Zodiac cycle), and showing us how to take what we have learned and apply it to create a more conscious life, in tune with the present and that will take us into a brighter future. After full reflection and atonement, it is necessary to let go of anything that no longer serves us with gratitude before we can step over the threshold into a solar new cycle.

The other fish faces forwards towards the future, as we journey through the Spring Equinox and into a new zodiac year with fresh hope and dynamism.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune which represents our greater self and connection to Source

This planet is associated with the Sea of the vibrational Universe, the collective conscious and unconscious realms.

Neptune’s sigil is like a tuning fork and this deeply spiritual influence teaches us how to attune to our purest vibration.

Every thought we focus upon sends ripples across this Sea. We have the choice to focus our attention in high vibration places and add our energy to the grid that will uplift and elevate humanity rather than contributing to the lower frequencies of fear and division.

This is a time to release the past, recalibrate and realize our potential.

So how to work with this energy?

Every year as the Sun passes through Pisces we are all immersed in this specific frequency and able harness the energy.

We all have Pisces in our chart somewhere and the position (or house/s) that it occupies shows us where we can best apply the beneficial aspects and tackle the challenges that it brings.


The cells of our body hold water which holds intentions and emotion. The membrane around the cell is our emotional memory and brain. Inheritance, Instinct, Intuition, Imagination and even past life memories are all stored here. This is a good time to rinse and cleanse.


Balance the hemispheres of your brain at the Full Moon in Virgo on March 5. Practice mindfulness and meditation. Maybe even keep a dream diary.


Consider yourself across many lifetimes. Reconnect to Soul centred living by gaining the perspective and purpose of lives already lived.


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