Sedona Sacred Adventure Retreat

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Nicky Marshall, one of the two facilitators of the Sedona Retreat and Sacred Adventure was recently interviewed on Sam Bearfoot’s radio show, talking about how she recovered from a serious diving accident not only back to full health, but also even more on purpose and radiant than she was before. Nicky is now sharing with groups and individuals how to ‘Discover their Bounce’, return to health and gain a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in their life. For Nicky, Sedona has been a BIG part of her journey and her retreats there over the years have been powerful gateways for her own growth, as well as helping others.

Sedona retreat

In Nicky’s own words; “I have visited Sedona 5 times now and it’s always amazed me that I have such a deep connection to one place on the planet. Sedona found me through messages from psychics – and once there it changed my life and continues to do so every time I visit. There is something so magical about the energy; every person I take says it feels like they are being held by the land, supported and safe.”

Nicky told us that in the last retreat she guided in Sedona, she also officiated a marriage blessings at a key energy vortex! What an amazing experience for the couple!

Of course, it’s not only couples who attend her retreats, many individuals and single travellers are part of what becomes a soul family that continues to connect people across the globe after the retreat is complete. One of the advantages of this Sedona retreat is that it’s limited to 9 participants, so there is plenty of time for individual attention from Nicky and Clare, who also offer Reiki Attunements and individual healings.

Nicky says; ‘‘I have taken three tours to Sedona, I love how people start off wanting to know what to ‘do’ and by the end of the week they are just happy to ‘be’. Within 6 months of leaving their life starts to change for the better – sometimes in subtle ways so I always provide a journal!’’

Sedona is known as one of the most high vibration places on the planet! Pilgrims come from all over the world to meditate at sacred sites and be guided into the land by native elders and those who know the sacred landscape. As part of the Sedona retreat and sacred adventure, you will also be guided by a local native elder with whom Nicky has worked over the years.

We asked Nicky to describe her experience of just 1 of the energy vortexes and Sedona, she chose Cathedral Rock.

“Cathedral Rock is one of the main vortex sites in Sedona and holds beautiful, feminine energy. You can access it from both sides and I suggest you do this. On one side there is Crescent Moon Ranch, with flowing water and a path beside so you too can meander and explore. I always need to get into the water; I’m drawn so strongly to it’s clarity and vitality!

On the other side is a trail and you can climb as high as you feel – my favourite experience is to get here early and watch the sun rise…on a breezy day you can hear the wind carrying whispers from the rocks around too, it’s a beautiful experience. Even writing about this rock I connect with its gentleness, its nurture and its ability to birth the new – about 6 months or so before every visit I hear the gentle and rhythmic drum beat of Sedona calling to me.”

Sedona retreat

I love the picture of Nicky taking in this view! Nicky herself confesses to not always being an early bird and liking her ‘lie ins’, but to see this sunrise and absorb the vital life force of the earth and solar rays is a special occasion, very worthwhile.

Nicky Marshall and Clare Russell (founder of Sacred destinations and facilitator of sacred tours all over the world, are co-facilitating this expansive, re-connective retreat for individuals who feel ready to open to the next level in their life. This is an ideal retreat to reflect and explore your purpose and direction, whilst being part of a joyful and intuitively guided retreat in the sacred, stunning landscape of Sedona, with your private accommodation at the gorgeous Moondance Retreat Centre in Sedona. Find out more about the Sacred Sedona Retreat, only 3 spaces left!