Interview with Paint It Green Paris – Wellness City Guide

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camAfter my inspiring vegan cooking course with Camilla from Paint It Green in Paris, I interviewed her about veganism and staying healthy.


How did you become a chef and get into vegan cooking?

After many professional experiences, I was working as event organizer for a private company. I felt that the job wasn’t right for me and that I needed to do something I was passionate about. I’ve always loved cooking vegan food as much as the creativity and the ethics that go with it. So I decided to take a year off to acquire the professional skills I needed, I started a blog, made loads of tests and decided to launch my entrepreneurial career.


Paris is not really known as city for vegetarians and vegans, is this something that it starting to change now and what do you visualise for the future?

Yes, it’s starting to change right now! People are more and more interested in healthy and vegan food, quite a few cafés, restaurants and shops are opening. We are still at an early stage but I think that in a few years this type of cuisine will be more and more popular among the general population.

What kind of lifestyle and diet did you have before you became a vegan chef?

I have been vegetarian for a few years before going progressively towards a vegan diet. I have grown up in a family that has always been quite drawn to healthy food, my mum being interested in macrobiotics. Sport has also been part of my lifestyle since I was a kid.

How has your health and energy levels improved?

I’ve never had more energy! A well balanced plant-based diet is a great source of energy, I’ve run a marathon in 3h49 in 2013 !

What advice would you you give to people who are interested in changing their diet and who want to introduce more vegan and raw food into their diets?

I’d advise people to do some research (there are some great blogs and resources out there !) in order to get all the nutrients they need. I’d also recommend changing their diet gradually and always making sure to listen to their body’s needs : going vegan is a personal journey that needs to be in harmony with the individual and cannot be rushed.

What’s your favourite vegan recipe?

Vegan ice cream : banana and matcha!


You can find more delicious recipes and inspiration on the Paint It Green website. I am loving this matcha tea and white chocolate vegan cookie recipe!