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Holistic health blogger Ruby Paterson reviews the ‘Time Well Spent’ day spa retreat at the COMO Shambhala Urban Escape located in the Metropolitan by COMO Hotel London.

Divine timing? Serendipitous encounters? Mini miracles? I Like to be on the look out for these things all of the time so it was no surprise when I was recently asked to join the Karen Cummings Palmer from Guide To Gorgeous and Ayurvedic practitioner Sunita Passi from Tri Dosha for ‘Time Well Spent”, an informative and luxurious day reflecting and learning about what it is to age gracefully and with ease. Having recently entered my forties and noticing a few new grey hairs, the extra laughter line, a slightly deeper crease around my smile and dare I say it those few extra pounds which are a little harder to shift than before I felt this was indeed one of those mini miracles I had been expecting.

The ladies organise “Time Well Spent” every three months at the very fabulous Como Shambala Spa at the Metropolitan by COMO Hotel London. Each spa day is designed with different messages and topics on how we may best nurture, nourish and look after ourselves holistically, from the inside out.

On arrival I was whisked through the hotel lobby and to the spa area where I was warmly greeted by my hosts and offered a very delicious Ginger tea. After brief introductions we went straight into our talk from guest speaker Dina Gohil about those precious little things we often neglect….our feet.

COMO shambhala spa review

Love them or hate them we need to take care of our feet so much more as we get older. Dina went on to explain the negative results of ill fitting shoes and the knock on effect this has on our overall health from bad posture to joint pain and general inability to stay connected and in alignment. Whilst we think heels can be our biggest enemy Dina assured us that as long as the fit is right we really can pull them off. When asked about her favourite brands that have been coming up with the best designs for caring for your feet Dina was quick to recommend Chanel as a top personal favourite.
Spa review COMO Shambala

After our initial chat with Dina we gathered to dine, and dine we did on a fabulous starter of Gazpacho soup followed by quinoa and salmon salad all served with a delicious cucumber and mint water or ginger tea. Each mouthful was a delight and it was clear to me that the food had been well thought out for the day that lay ahead so nothing too heavy and really an example of simple foods that will support and nourish.

COMO Shambhala spa review

We were then split into groups of three/four and respectively went off to the next course of the day, first stop for myself was a Q & A with the lovely Karen Cummings Palmer and we were able to dig a little deeper in to tips for looking young naturally.

Here is a little round up of what Karen highlighted to me:
– We all know this one but it can so easily happen – Breakfast is key. Not to be skipped.
– A most frequently asked question – “Am I drinking too much alcohol?” Have that glass of wine, balance is important, two or three glasses and you have gone too far. As Karen suggested if you were to eat a slice of cake would you really have two? Think the same way for your wine and you will be fine.
– Soya is not a healthy alternative, if you are having dairy just make sure it is organic, nut milks are to be avoided but gold stars from Karen for Coconut milk all the way.
– Beauty sleep, super important, honour this and we will continue to age gracefully.

Next in line was the massage, we were escorted to our therapist and I was offered either a shiatsu massage or a general relaxing one, after a hectic week I was more than ready for a chance to unwind and enjoy a relaxing massage with one of their highly trained staff. The aroma was delightful and the treatment rooms offered the perfect zen experience.

The day came to a close with a peaceful guided meditation with Sunita Passi. We talked a little about how easy/difficult each of us found meditation and unsurprisingly after that glorious massage I did drift off for a bit of a snooze.


To top it all off the goody bag was exceptional and I have been thoroughly enjoying the gorgeous spa gifts inside. Thanks you ladies it really was “Time Well Spent.”

The next Time Well Spent event takes place on Saturday 27th February 2016. Find out more.



The Time Well Spent event was reviewed by UK based holistic health blogger Ruby Paterson.