5 Reasons why East Bali is the place to be

Bali retreat
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So, you want some peace of mind? Time to get out of your head and indulge yourself in nature? East of Bali contains some of the most picturesque and least visited beaches on the whole island. It’s also the perfect spot for diving, yoga and meditation.

1: Peace and quietness guaranteed!

Bali retreat

The minute you’re driving the East Coast Road into Candidasa, passed the fisherman’s town of Sanur, peace and quietness is calling you. Not only do you find less people in this region, it also encompasses the most beautiful beaches of Bali, for instance White Sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Putih) and Blue Lagoon.

2: Nature is still undamaged and beautiful!


The Lotus Pound in Candidasa is a beautiful place for meditation. The sound of the seabreeze in the water will get you in a state of presence and in touch with your higher consciousness instantly.

The Tirta Gangga Water Palace is a sacred and historical site that cannot be missed. Not only do you get a glimpse into one of the palaces of the last King of Karangasem, but you will also wander around the beautiful gardens, and understand how Buddhism is not just a religion, it’s a way of life for the Balinese. Architecture is one with nature here, and you will have the most amazing view from one of the many lookouts overlooking the ocean.

Then up north you’ll find Mount Agung, rice fields, forests, but also desert like surroundings: everything extraordinary right there within a two hours driving distance away!

3: Wanna experience a little Eat, Pray, Love? East Bali is all there is to it!

Bali retreat

Remember Liz’s road trip with Felipe? Haven’t read the book? No worries! Let me give you an idea: lush tropical flowers alongside the road, monkeys overlooking the ocean from the trees they’re sitting in, white sandy beaches, beautiful food all organic and locally produced, magical sacred sites. People are one with nature here, and you can sure feel it. Tradition and devotion to Hinduism is a trophy to be well maintained. Residing in East Bali you’ll find this a treasure that will travel with you from that moment onward.

4: Diver’s heaven!

Bali retreat

If you’re a diver, go to Amed Beach one hour drive from Candidasa up the coastline, and you’ll reside in underwater paradise. 25 km up north from Amed Beach, there’s Tulamben with its Monkey Reef and the USAT Liberty and Kubu shipwreck that make it a wonderful sight!

5: THE place to lay down your yoga mat!

Ready for some of that lush lifestyle? Guess what? I wasn’t finished with you yet . Just one more thing: All this tropical delight makes the perfect site to develop your yoga practice, wouldn’t you agree? Now that you’re completely in touch with your inner self and your body, you’re more than ready to give it your all!

Bali retreat

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