Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training Courses

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Are you thinking of becoming a yoga teacher and turning your passion for yoga into a life changing, fulfilling and rewarding career?

Here are four recommended Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training courses to consider in your search.

200hr Integrated Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training, UK and Ibiza

Yoga and Mindfulness 200hr

This Yogaunlimited Integrated Yoga and Mindfulness 200hr Teacher Training course with two of the UK’s leading yoga teachers, Hugh and Sarah, takes place in Oxfordshire and Ibiza:

Learn to teach students how to work with their minds as much as their bodies, how to unlock flexibility and work with the stiffest muscle, the one between their ears.

There are a maximum of 12 places for this innovative teacher training integrating mindfulness and yoga, accredited by Yoga Alliance. In 3 separate weeks of intense training in the UK and Ibiza you will be learning:

  • To teach effective mindfulness meditations that really enhance your students’ experience in your class.
  • To teach students to recognise how mental states expressed in the body impact the experience of lightness, flexibility, balance and ease.
  • To work directly with the energetic body in your practice and teaching.
  • To work with mental and physical barriers.
  • To discover the routes to effortless effort and intelligent strength for your own practice and those you’ll be teaching.
  • To become familiar with the philosophy that underpins the teaching – the original somatic teaching of the Buddha and directly experience this in your teaching and personal practice.

Their primary focus is to give you the hands on experience to build confidence as a teacher, to speak, instruct, lead and observe. You’ll learn to live your yoga and make it a seamless part of your life. Find out more.

Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher Training200 hr Lotus Warrior Vinyasa & Yin Yoga TTC, Spain

Join the Green Lotus teaching training school for a Warrior Vinyasa and Yin Yoga TTC at the gorgeous Suryalila Retreat centre in Seville, Spain.

This training teaches vinyasa style asana which is physically strengthening, breath-centered, opening and creative. Alignment studies and yoga anatomy are large factors on the course to give budding teachers the tools to teach safely and intelligently in addition to deepening personal practice. Teaching skills and the focus on each teacher developing their own unique voice to prepare them for the classroom after the training is also a large aspect of the TTC.

The subtle anatomy and Pranayama (energetics) are also explored both theoretically and experientially. The meditations are deepened with understanding of the yoga philosophy and helps connect students with their deeper nature in a life affirming and non-dogmatic way.

30 hrs of the TTC will be dedicated to Yin Training with Josh Summers. This training can also be taken as a separate training. Most people who do this training are qualified teachers who wish to teach Yin Yoga in addition to the other style they trained in. However on this TTC, we include the Yin Training, so teachers can teach both Vinyasa and Yin Yoga upon qualification. Find out more.

200hr Vinyasa and Yin Fascial Yoga Teacher Training Course, Goa

Yoga TTC Goa

This 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Goa with Carol Murphy and Beta Lisboa will take place at the beautiful, beachfront, eco-friendly Bamboo Yoga Retreat on Patnem beach. There are two yoga platforms, one of which has stunning views overlooking the Arabian Sea! And the other with a quieter temple energy looking out on to open green tropics.

This training is a perfect opportunity to learn how to teach yoga in a nurturing, healthy, supportive environment, where you can really unwind deeply as you move deeper into your practice. One of the advantages of training on an intensive retreat as opposed to the longer trainings, is that you can totally immerse yourself in the work involved, with the support of a group, with no interruptions from usual responsibilities.

Bamboo retreat can offer you the chance to discover depths in your yoga practice in an environment that supports healing and rejuvenation. The waves of the ocean will lull you into a peaceful sleep after an active day of Yoga. Find out more.

200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Retreat, Peru

Join Rebecca Mayne in Peru for a transformative 200hr Yoga Alliance credentialed teacher training! Become technically proficient and authentically creative in your ability to teach yoga!

Even if you’re a student wanting to deepen your practice, this training is the right avenue for you. It is designed to give you the highest quality of yoga education available, which includes helping you live your yoga and making sure you feel prepared to lead inspired, original classes from your best Self.

The training will be focused on dynamic vinyasa, with gentle and restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, philosophy, and meditation, plus a module on the business of teaching yoga. Injuries and special conditions are welcome with the acknowledgement that classes may be vigorous, and while Rebecca is adept in helping you to tailor your practice to fit you needs, and there will be sections dedicated to modifications. Rebecca will be your lead trainer, and Jennifer will help facilitate modules including finding your authentic teaching voice, the business of yoga, anatomy and physiology. Find out more.