Soul Seed Travel Guide: Recommended Wellbeing Holidays in the Balearics

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Escape to the beautiful Balearic Islands for one of these inspirational wellbeing holidays with yoga, meditation, hiking, fitness, nutritious food and plenty of relaxation time.

Here’s our recommended guide to wellbeing holidays, retreats and spa hotels in Ibiza and Mallorca.

Ibiza Retreats

Ibiza is one of our favourite Islands in the world! As soon as you step foot off the plane you can feel the healing energies work their magic….and that’s even before the retreat starts!

It’s the perfect place for yoga, meditation, detox, wellbeing, beaching, guided walks, nurturing, unwinding, relaxing, pampering, spa time and plenty of YOU time!

Yoga, Energy and Natural Wellbeing Retreats

Dates: Available from April – October (4 – 7 nights)

It’s not something that is easy to define, but ‘to glow’ is to reach a shining & inspiring state of consciousness; an internal understanding between your inner self and your physical body, which exudes and radiates, from the inside out, that shows a positive effect on every part of you, in body, mind & spirit.

Come with us on our new Glow retreat – a wonderful and satisfying journey – where a special kind of magic takes place on your yoga mat. Whether you are fairly new to yoga, or a more accomplished yogi looking to deepen and enhance your practice, we will show you how to connect to your glow!

The focus of this Yoga, Energy and Natural Wellbeing retreat is to allow you to take time and space to hear the voice of your heart. Feel the glow radiate from within to reveal a new you – inspired, energetic and shining, inside and out.

Get your glow back! Sometimes, the daily grind and general pressures of life can leave us feeling depleted. The natural wellbeing retreat is all about recharging your batteries, re-booting your energy system and reclaiming your sparkle!.

Become your own energy master for life, both on and off the mat. Re-ignite your inner fire, your passions and your creativity and get excited about life again, with a renewed sense of clarity and power.

On arrival, lie back and receive a diagnostic and revitalising full-body holistic massage with one of our world-class therapists, followed by a Wellness Consultation to help you bring focus to your goals for your time with us.

Nutritionist-designed revitalising cuisine will enable you to feel light, clear and energised, with an interactive nutritional workshop to ensure that you can develop the perfect dietary focus and ‘food-wardrobe’ to optimise your post-retreat diet with ease.

Your natural wellbeing retreat experience is completed with back-to-life coaching, for you to create new “sustainable energy” strategies with personalised yoga and meditation practices to empower your life.


Yoga and Lifestyle Detox Retreats

Dates: 27 April – 3 May, 22 – 28 June, 13 – 19 July, 19 – 24 October

Ibiza Retreats

Designed for people who find themselves over-thinking or over-analysing, or who are prone to stress and fear they are heading for burn-out, and for those seeking to heal trauma or heartbreak. The Harmonise Retreat is the perfect environment to disconnect from the over-stimulation of 21st century living and bring your life back into true harmony; mentally, physically and spiritually.

Through mindfulness and meditation practices to train the “monkey mind” and flowing, therapeutic yoga for all abilities, you will ease relentless mind-chatter and tune into the quieter voice of your inner-guidance system.

The 21st century sees us constantly plugged in and always digitally available; we invite you to step into stillness, switch off your phone and tune back in. Bring the art of mindfulness into your yoga practise, with breath-work and meditation to reconnect to your power-centre and inner guide. Feel new passions and purpose emerge, empowering you to create a more sustainable love-life-work equilibrium, and step forward into a more harmonious chapter of your life. This is for you if you are feeling burned out, tired out or in need of stillness.

A personal program of massages and therapies will help you to let go of stress and tensions and practical life coaching techniques to take away with you, will transform your fears and anxieties, whilst daily meditations and evening yin and restorative yoga rejuvenate your peace and clarity. You will then feel fresh insights arise, with holistic life coaching and spiritual counselling to help this process further.

And 1:1 yoga therapy and wellness coaching will empower you with a compelling daily practice and a new sense of personal boundaries, so you can feel equipped and excited about your return to reality.


4 Night Long Weekend Yoga & Fitness Retreat 

Dates: 31 May – 4 June, 13 – 17 October

A 4 night long weekend yoga and fitness retreat in Ibiza. Filled with yoga, mindfulness, fitness sessions, great vegetarian food, healing massage, energising hike and even an afternoon / night out in one of Ibizan beach clubs (optional) to complete full Ibizan yin/yang circle!

Join us for this true re-set Ibizan style – daily 2.5 hour yoga and mindfulness practice, two one hour fitness sessions by personal trainer to get your heart rate up, healing one hour massage treatment for your body, mind balancing journaling and intension setting, session in our authentic wood-burning sauna, deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra and if you feel like it, let your hair down with music and bit of dance one afternoon / evening in a well-known Ibizan beach club.

We stay in authentic Ibizan country house with lovely green gardens and large swimming pool, sauna and plenty of chill-out areas. We do our practices on a serene yoga platform that is surrounded by ancient trees, eat clean, locally grown vegetarian food and enjoy great company!

Leave totally rejuvenated and find your inner fire and that sparkle again.All meals and full program is included. All you need to bring is a positive spirit and curious mind. Come and join us!


Body Balance Wellness Retreat

Dates: 1st – 7th June

retreat in Ibiza

The carte blanche body balance retreat is an empowering and life changing experience all about you. We create an organic and nurturing environment for you to relax, recharge and reconnect with yourself.

Pause the stress of daily life and submerge yourself in the magical beauty of Ibiza. Discover the island of turquoise waters, hidden coves and the famous Ibiza sunsets.

Be inspired as you practice yoga and meditation amid the beautiful surroundings of your villa, a calming and peaceful sanctuary. This is more than a yoga retreat. Enjoy nature hikes, creative workshops, a mindfulness workshop, natural skin care workshop and a cooking workshop. Our diverse timetable invites you to try a range of activities with something for everyone. Leave feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the world.

Our time table will be perfectly balanced between exciting activities and personal time to relax, dip in the pool and catch up on ‘me time’. You are invited to try everything, however, extra personal time and long lies are also supported.

Your villa is nestled amongst a fragrant pine forest in the beautiful North of Ibiza, a peaceful and tranquil sanctuary. This organic and nurturing home has gardens to explore, meditative spaces to switch off, Baili style huts to relax and a beautiful pool to dip in and refresh.


7 Day Luxury Nourish and Flow Yoga Retreat

Dates: 8 – 14 June, 6 – 12 July

Join us for an activity filled nourish and flow yoga retreat in a luxurious villa, located in the beautiful and peaceful north of Ibiza. We focus on providing a full programme during the retreat week, making sure you have plenty of time to relax, unwind and explore Ibiza and its beaches.

During the week, we work on achieving balance. Providing you with uplifting activities such as – dynamic yoga, partner yoga, stand up paddle boarding, a drummer’s circle and sunset at Benirras beach. To balance we offer restful activities including – restorative yoga, meditation and candle gazing meditation, healing crystal sound baths, and plenty of time to sunbathe, enjoy each other’s company and free time to do what you please.

The inspirational yoga teacher Zarah Boden will guide you through a morning Vinyasa flow yoga practise as well as restorative yoga and meditation in the evenings.

This retreat will guide you towards embodying yoga, listening to your inner guru and taking steps towards self-empowerment. You will be nourished with healthy and delicious Mediterranean food, fresh from local Ibiza farms.

Our luxury nourish and flow retreat will be about you, focusing on slowing down, being present, disconnecting, appreciating nature, food, health, and living consciously.


Nourishing Retreats for Women

Dates: 25 -30 May & 21 – 26 September


By the women of Ibiza, for women from all over the world, this retreat space is a sanctuary, a meeting point for like minded souls in need of nurturing and nourishment. Connecting you with your inner-guidance system, tuning you into your intuition, your inner wise woman through yoga, meditation, breath work, yoga therapy, reiki and different forms of energy work, cranio-sacral therapy, massages and many types of therapeutic bodywork, holistic life and wellness coaching, spiritual counselling, sound healing, dance and creativity.

Embrace your power and creativity, learn to live life in true abundance, in health and harmony, in rhythm with your natural cycles as a woman, in touch with your feminine elements. We support you on this nourishing retreat for women to create a rhythm in your life that fills you with positive energy and enables you to live in harmony with yourself and world around you.

We educate you about your cycles and rhythms as a woman so that you can begin to embrace your emotional sides, your sensitivity, your creativity, to become more selective about what you invest your time and energy in and more receptive to life’s magical opportunities.

Connecting you with your inner-guidance system, tuning you into your intuition, your inner wise woman, through yoga, meditation, breath work, yoga therapy, reiki and different forms of energy work, cranio-sacral therapy, massages and many types of therapeutic bodywork, holistic life and wellness coaching, spiritual counselling, sound healing, dance and creativity.


Digital Detox & Yoga Cleanse Retreat

Dates: 11th – 18th May

yoga cleanse ibiza

This yoga cleanse retreat offers a carefully curated programme, as a part juice fast all organic yoga cleanse, with resident expert cleanse team and nutrition consultancy, along with highly experienced therapists and teachers.

By gently cleansing the body, mind and spirit, we will create a space for you to let go of anything no longer serving you. And in this space, invite your highest clarity, lightest vibration and clearest connection to self. We will guide you on a journey of complete rejuvenation, to your best and happiest you.

To support the cleanse process, we will also invite you to disconnect from digital devices and the internet. And we encourage you to re-connect to yourself, to nature and to our beautiful Chaya Family.

Using all organic high-vibration ingredients, yogic asana and cleansing techniques, naturopathic healing practices, inspiring workshops, beautiful treatments with world-class therapists, rituals, coaching and many other tools; this yoga cleanse retreat is a complete game-changer on every level.


Luxury Holistic Wellness Retreats

Dates: Open May – October

holistic wellbeing retreat Ibiza

More than a yoga holiday, our meticulously curated holistic wellbeing retreats allow you to pause from the crazy pace of modern life. Reconnect with your true nature and let your soul shine with a whole heap of love from the  team and a jam-packed schedule of holistic, healing and transformative loveliness.

The perfect opportunity to explore, develop and deepen your yoga and meditation practice whilst gaining a greater understanding of holistic healing.

Laugh a lot, make new friends, snooze, sunbathe, explore, relax, read, walk and indulge in yummy food. A transformative holistic wellbeing experience that nourishes your body, mind and soul.

During your six nights on our holistic wellbeing retreat you can expect to enjoy an extraordinary amount of delicious daily Yoga, Meditation, Wellness Talks and Healing Workshops from our wellness experts, plus pampertastic and deeply healing remedial treatments from our talented wellness team (to ensure maximum relaxation and soul soothing!).

Not to mention being cared for by our utterly loving and attentive hosts who are constantly on hand to ensure that you don’t lift a finger (we’re quite strict about that!). It is a truly holistic wellness experience.



Yoga and Wellness Retreats at Cal Reiet

Cal Reiet was founded with the purpose of inspiring guests with a unique and transformative experience. Their different retreats include yoga, meditation and mindfulness workshops, seminars and other holistic wellness related events.

The retreats integrate all aspects of wellbeing; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social. Most of our retreats are led by renowned international teachers and holistic wellness experts. You can choose a completely personalised wellbeing experience tailored to your individual needs, or you can choose to join one of our upcoming group retreats. Book this retreat!

Hotels with a Heart and Soul


Can Lluc

Immerse yourself in the Ibizan countryside at Can Lluc agroturismo hotel, a calm oasis  where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets from the viewing platform, siestas beneath the carob trees, a dip in the pool and nights beneath a thousand stars. Choose a Stay Healthy or Weekend Yoga package, to help you relax and indulge in some pampering with a massage in the zen garden besides the breathtaking pool.

With only 20 rooms, this is a boutique style wellness package where you will be well looked after by the family owners and wonderful staff.

In the evenings you can choose to eat at the on site restaurant that attracts many locals and serves home grown, organic and locally sourced food and wine from their own vineyard.

Or if you want to head into Ibiza town, it’s only a fifteen minute drive away so you never get that feeling that you are somewhere completely remote and in the middle of nowhere! A peaceful nights sleep followed by a deliciously healthy breakfast in the morning is guaranteed.


Hacienda Na Xamena

Set on a cliff top on Ibiza’s northern shoreline the beautiful Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena offers elegant rooms with stunning sea views. The gorgeous spa, La Posidonia, named after the important seaweed that grows around the Mediterranean basin, is a sanctuary in which to feel reborn. A not to be missed experience is the thermal circuit with suspended waterfalls, named the Cascadas Suspendidas.

The one of a kind naturally based exterior parcours built around and within the Ibicencan nature, will revitalise all your senses and infuse a deep overflowing relaxation. The distinguished skin care brand SkinCeuticals and spa La Posidonia, have teamed up to bring the knowledge of science to a range of facial and corporal treatments available on the spa menu.



Located in Santa Eulalia, Ibizazen is an 18th century former small farm house which has been meticulously restored in and converted into a small private luxury boutique hotel, offering comfortable and modern accommodations with a warm bohemian touch.

The name ‘Ibizazen’ comes from ‘Ibiza’ on the one hand and ‘Zazen’ on the other hand. The aim of the ‘Zazen’ state of mind is ‘just sitting’. Letting words, ideas, images and thoughts pass by without actually getting involved in them. A big red Buddha greets you at the door and there’s an eclectic mix of modern art along with recycled artefacts and funky furniture.

This is the place to retreat in tranquil surroundings and spend your days lying on one of the colourful and comfy Balinese day beds. The Asian inspired rooms come with kimino robes to lounge around in which beats your average white dressing gown.


La Torre Del Canonigo


A hidden gem located right at the top of Dalt Villa, in the old town of Ibiza. It’s worth a visit just for the 360 degree views of the Island. This quaint and charming four star hotel retains its original features from the fourteenth century along with luxury comfort.

Rooms are beautifully designed, breakfast is served view a birds eye view over the harbour and there’s an outdoor pool to cool down in after all that up hill walking.


Cas Gasi

Cas Gasi Ibiza

The gates of Gas Gasi open to reveal a serene and secluded garden, surrounded by pine forests, olive groves, almond and carob trees, and the most charming and beautiful ”hotel with a heart”.

As no outside visitors are allowed at the hotel, the discretion and privacy of the guests is of the upmost importance, giving it an exclusive more members club feeling. There’s no pretentiousness around this though, just no crowds and restrictiveness.

The land is abundant and colorful and grows the vegetables and fruits that are served in the restaurant. There are two pools, one of them exclusively for children so that the adults and other guests without children always have their own space to relax in.

This is a hotel that will keep you on the health and wellbeing track. There is a spa that offers massages, body and facial treatments and complimentary yoga classes offered in the morning. With the help of a nutritionist, they have created the most deliciously healthy menu for vegans and vegetarians including organic acai bowl, scrambled tofu with tomato and a superfood juice menu available at breakfast!.



Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa

Son Brull in 5 words – Authenticity, Respect, Culture, Tradition and Heritage. Welcome to Son Brull Hotel & Spa, where you can enjoy the best of Mallorca in its most authentic and sophisticated way. A Jesuit monastery from the 18th century converted into a 5-star hotel with contemporary design and luxury.

A Luxury boutique hotel in Mallorca in a rural setting, at the foot of the Sierra de Tramuntana, near the best beaches, the Formentor Peninsula and the picturesque town of Pollensa. Three to six day spa, wellness, fitness and activity packages are on the menu such as cycling, personal training, hiking , golfing and cooking.


Fontsanta Hotel, Thermal Spa & Wellness

Fontsanta Hotel is a 5 star hotel located in Campos in the Southern portion of the island of Mallorca. It is much more than just an exclusive location: one is able to enjoy from the pleasure and welfare of the thermal spa, which offers the only natural thermal waters in the Balearic Islands.

Everything in Fontsanta Hotel and its environment leads to inspiration. The body and mind, the leisurely gaze and the pleasure of listening to the silence. Its creation appropriates the space offering guests a unique experience. Visitors are delighted to find, within each space, an original work of art, conceived by contemporary artists.

The sublime sculptures, installations, murals, drawings and paintings create dialogues in a natural, essentially Mediterranean environment. This is a collection of art created exclusively for the site. We invite you to quietly contemplate, and get your inspiration flowing. Short 3 day and longer 6 day packages are offered including, Detox-Yoga, Time for Wellness, Calm & Tranquility.


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Healthy Eats

For recommendations on healthy places to eat in Ibiza check out this blog post by Can Planells Agroturismo. We have to say that we are a big fan of Passion Cafe, it’s our favourite hang out, they do the most delicious food, smoothies, juices and heavenly to die for cakes!


In Mallorca, read this guide from The Culture Trip on Palma’s best vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

We recommend Happy Cow as a great resource for finding local vegetarian and vegan cafes and local juice bars. It’s an app that you can download on your phone which lists all the great places to eat in the area with reviews and tips.

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