Wellness Retreats Can Change Your Life

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Have you ever asked yourself what a wellness retreat actually entails? Cait Fraser, Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduate and founder of Wild Wellness Travel, is passionate about wellness retreats. Read on to learn how a wellness retreat can change your life:

In perusing travel blogs, I often read about participants concerned about the weight gained on cruises and all-inclusive vacations. They arrive home feeling bloated and exhausted. It occurs to me that the time we take away from our professional life should be an opportunity to release; let go of the everyday stressors and re-connect with our inner selves.


What better way than to take a “wellness” retreat! A retreat offers a place in which one can rest and relax.  They are usually for small, intimate groups that offer nurturing and healing; a place to connect and learn. They create an opportunity to escape and spend a few days unfettered by the demands of daily life. There are as many reasons to attend as there are variations on the theme, with retreats ranging from offering spiritual enlightenment to demanding intensive physical participation.

My focus is to create wellness retreats that fit somewhere in the middle, the perfect composite experience to strengthen but also relax both your body and mind. Our retreats offer a daily yoga practice, meditation workshops, and delicious, well-balanced healthy meals prepared by our own culinary expert. We share our knowledge of health and nutrition and strive to create a rejuvenating adventure that you will want to repeat!

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Our participants come for their health, their hearts, and their happiness. To detox, to relax, to learn, or to simply share the experience among kindred spirits. To practice yoga with a renowned practitioner and to eat delicious food cooked with care by a transcendent nutritionist. They come to jumpstart a new regime at home and they come to be inspired. They leave with fresh vision and goals, new friends, and a renewed appreciation for the world around them.

This May, our retreat is being held in Tulum, Mexico. We are blessed to be hosting the experience at the Shambala Petite Hotel, an exclusive group of casitas nestled on a Caribbean beach. We have partnered with yoga master Maria Filippone and culinary expert Mikaela Reuben.

Thank you for sharing, Cait! 

Please email dorry@soulseedmedia.com to learn more about the Yoga and Healthy Eating Retreat in Tulum, Mexico, May 21-28.