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yoga therapy retreat
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yoga therapy retreat

This June for the very first time experienced Indian Yoga Guru, Mahendra Pardeshi will be joining Rosa Klein to offer guests a life changing yoga experience at YogaRosa,. They invite you to discover more on how the sacred practice of Kriya Yoga can help you to find long lasting joy and happiness through self-realisation.

Pardeshi, who was born and raised in Barwani, India, began learning yoga as a small child. He graduated from the Ashirward Yoga & Naturopathic College in Nashik in 2006 and continued his training at the Gayatri Dham Ashram in Rishikesh. The spiritual Gayatri Dham Ashram was founded through the inspiration of Pandit Shri RamSharma Acharya Ji in 1995. The centre is renowned for inner healing and wellbeing.

Pardeshi’s Yoga teaching style is unique because it focuses on healing the inner organs. His tranquil teaching style will help you distinguish between the things that are good or bad for your body, so you can maintain a positive and healthy body and mind. He teaches you to find inner calm and a focus that will help you to discover the right path for you. Pardeshi’s students love his authentic teaching style because it focuses not just on achieving good physical health, but through pranayama (breath work), you are guided deeper in to your practice.

This will help you gain an inner strength and wisdom, so you’re equipped to deal with whatever life might throw at you! Pardeshi gives us the ability to understand how to release negative emotional patterns, re-energise and find real contentment within our lives.

Today Pardeshi runs Little Cove Yoga Retreat in Goa. Pardeshi received training in the original and sacred form of Kriya Yoga, which focuses on self-realisation and a true closeness with God. Training in Kriya can only be passed on by Kriya Monks (you will never find it in the yoga type factories!) Kriya Yoga receives mention in the ancient Indian scriptures of the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

YogaRosa is a sophisticated and therapeutic yoga retreat in a tranquil oasis in the heart of the Ibiza countryside. Consisting of asanas that promote the interior purification of the organs, experienced Rosa Klein offers 8-10 day retreats for healing, reduced stress and freeing the body through increased suppleness and flexibility.

Nutrition is fundamental to YogaTherapy philosophy – creative chef Philip Gandler creates wholesome vegetarian dishes using locally grown organic fruit, vegetables and herbs to support your journey to health and wellness.

After a serious accident, Rosa had much pain and difficulty walking. She embarked on a trip to India to see if yoga and healing may help her recovery. She learnt how to self- heal from experienced Indian yoga teachers. Frequent practice of yoga therapy enabled her complete recovery. Rosa would like to pass this healing knowledge to others and founded her idyllic retreat in her spiritual home – Ibiza, island of the Goddess Tanit!

Find out more about YogaRosa retreats on our website.

yoga therapy retreat