Recommended Retreats for all levels

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Spring! A time to reconnect with nature, rejuvenate and retreat. Get away for a mind-clearing recharge on one of these Soul Seed Travel recommended retreats, suitable for all levels.

Spring Yoga and Meditation Retreat, Devon 31st March – 3rd April

spring yoga and meditation

Spring is the time of year for rebirth and rejuvenation. In nature, the blossom arrives, the leaves grow and the gardens expand. As we move out of the more dormant and quiet Winter season, Spring brings a feeling of new life and new beginnings. This yoga and meditation retreat focuses on how seasons affect us and how we go though a major shift with the changes.

One of the best ways to connect with yourself is through nature. On this yoga and mediation retreat weekend, there will be many opportunities to be outdoors and awaken your connection to some of North Devon’s finest Countryside.

This retreat will be held at Maison Fish Devon, a premium treasure chest of a farmhouse in the middle of Exmoor National Park. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Luxury Weekend Yoga Retreat in Yorkshire, 1st – 3rd April

Enjoy a luxury yoga retreat in Yorkshire, located in a spectacular location in the dales. Our retreat home for the weekend is the award winning eco-friendly Natural Retreats Yorkshire Dales luxury log cabins, set in 55 acres of pristine countryside in Swaledale.

Rurally located but only a short walk from the beautiful market town of Richmond. Arrive at our eco friendly retreat lodge to a welcome hamper filled with local produce and wine! We will then settle in and enjoy a dinner together and a relaxing yoga session including yoga nidra before bed.

Start the day with a morning energising yoga session followed by a light breakfast and spend then spend the rest of the day enjoying the onsite spa, cycling, walking or just chilling out and soaking in the magnificent countryside views. We will end the day with a relaxing yoga session before dinner and before bed there will be a meditation or yoga nidra. All food will be home cooked wholesome vegetarian food. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Intelligent Strength Yoga Retreat Cotswolds, 22nd – 24th April

Practising integrated yoga and mindfulness is an approach to yoga and movement in general where you work with your mind as much as your body. Learn how to take the need for strength out of challenging postures and practise using the Buddha’s original somatic teaching of mindfulness. This distinctive somatic approach is both dynamic and non-aggressive and cultivates an implicit compassion as part of the physical practice. Based on the ashtanga form the principles apply equally to different yoga styles and other movement disciplines.

You will be staying at Holycombe, a beautiful residential holistic retreat centre, set in a wooded valley on the edge of the Cotswold village of Whichford. A natural stream rises from a holy well in the nearby wood, passes though the grounds and down a waterfall. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Classic Yoga Retreat, Portugal 24th – 30th April

jewel of yoga

Our classic yoga retreat is for those of you with a regular practice or with the intention of starting one. A week course that will give you the base to build your spiritual practice or the perfect opportunity to go deeper.

With an added session after breakfast this retreat is thought out more as a course than a yoga holiday where all the elements of the yoga practice will be explained and explored in a simple yet profound way.  Meditation, asana alignment and sequencing, breath work and yoga psychology will be explained and demystified during the week giving enough inspiration to carry on with a meaningful yoga practice for the months to come.

Welcome to this unique opportunity to deepen your yoga practice supported by the loving guidance of Jenny and Igor at Vale da Lama, Algarve Portugal. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Yoga and Massage Retreat, Portugal 22nd – 28th May

Incorporating the teachings of yoga into bodywork, this retreat is oriented not only to healers, massage therapists, yoga and dhamma teachers, nurses and doctors but to all those who are interested in a holistic approach to healing through touch and see relationships as a fundamental part of their spiritual practice.

While it is not a professional training, this week will be an invaluable contribution to you, your life and your loved ones. We base our massage practice in shiatsu but we explore further using joint manipulations and the healing power of breath. Awareness of the loving quality of our touch and presence will be at the center of the teachings. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

5 Day Reset Button Retreat, Barcelona 21st – 25th April

The 5 day Reset Button Retreat Barcelona will leave you feeling inspired, energised and equipped with knowledge and practices that will allow you take a piece of calm back into your everyday life. Learn about nourishing your body better while eating a clean delicious menu without dairy, wheat, processed foods, red meat, caffeine or alcohol. You’ll also receive a private consultation with the onsite Nutritional Therapist to advise and identify how your diet can influence your life.

Practice mindfulness in the calm and quiet surroundings to the forest, guided by the Mindfulness Therapist. The course takes you through the basic pillars of meditation. You’ll learn ways to control your mind and thoughts, helping you to live a more present focused life.

All this is accompanied by a personal training session, intense fitness classes, yoga and a therapeutic massage. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Transformational Yoga & Wellness Retreat, Tuscany, 8th – 14th May

These retreats are dedicated to deliver a truly transformational wellness experience through a combination of various tools and methods, all put together to help guests restore their natural inner balance and accelerate a positive change in their overall state of wellbeing.

At Ku Retreats, Hatha yoga comes together with a range of holistic experiences including oriental health diagnosis, macrobiotic nutrition and signature Ku body treatments. In addition, guests enjoy great outdoor activities in the natural environment of Tuscany such as hiking, hot springs and horse riding. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Luxury Wellness & Health Management Retreat Italy, 22nd – 28th April

This retreat is specifically designed for those who wish to take an active step in improving their health and learning more about yoga, nutrition and Kaya’s “Holistic Lifestyle”.  Held in the famous Lake Como region, the retreat will focus on re-balancing body and mind through stress reducing activities, wellness therapies and gourmet vegan cuisine. It is a far-sighted and responsible choice that adds years to your life and life to your years.

The retreat will be filled with daily yoga classes, enabling you to get a deeper understanding of breath, movement and alignment.  Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Yoga retreat in Andalusia, 21st – 27th May

yoga retreat in Andalusia

Finca El Moro is the perfect location for a yoga retreat in Andalusia. The remote hill farm is set in wild surroundings and is nestled among sweet chestnut, cork and olive trees. Three kilometres from the road, it is in its own secluded valley, far from modern life.

Connect with nature, listen to the birds sing and watch the morning sun rise over the olive trees as you conduct your morning practice. Pick figs from the threes and dip into the fresh warm water of the swimming pools.

Being at Finca El Moro will revive and replenish anyone’s soul. Disconnect from emails, the internet and being “on”. Yoga, meditation and nature are potent and highly restorative tools to combat modern ailments. Feel rejuvenated with clarity of mind at this yoga retreat, deep in Andalusia. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Yin and Yang Retreat, Spain 15th – 22nd May

This luxury yoga retreat is set in a typical little Spanish hamlet community, surrounded by the traditional and simple Spanish country way of life.

You will be led through four hours of daily yoga, with a dynamic energising yang vinyasa flow practice in the morning, followed by a soothing and meditative yin practice for the evening, bringing a sense of balance to your practice and your stay. Additionally, you will have a daily session of 60 minutes during which we will look at specific aspects and themes of the practice that students might want to delve deeper into, whether they are related to postures, breathing, meditation or philosophy. It will be an opportunity to ask the questions that a normal class might not offer the space for and go deeper into one’s personal practice.

You will have the benefit of two yoga teachers on the retreat offering a dynamic vinyasa flow in the morning and a soothing yin practice in the evening. We will also explore pranayama techniques and meditation. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Yoga, wine, cooking and culture retreat in Italy, 23rd – 30th May

This yoga, wine, cooking and culture retreat in Italy blends the fun of yoga practice with good living! Stay in a historic casale (farm), turned luxury boutique hotel, set in the Italian countryside and enjoy the bliss of Italian cuisine, culture, wine, nature, all dressed up with classic Italian art and history.

Daily yoga classes are offered by Massimo, registered yoga teacher with SYM (Shiatsu Yoga Mediterraneo) as well as professional Shiatsu therapist, teacher, qualified kinesiologist and cranial sacral therapist.

As we are in an incredible setting, Tuscany being one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, we try to offer a good balance of workout, down-time and cultural excursions. For those people who enjoy excursions and cultural discovery, we have a choice of suggestions ranging from the world famous UNESCO heritage city of Siena to the famous medieval town of Montalcino, known for the famous wine Brunello di Montalcino, to the seaside resorts or nature reserves.

We will also organize for you two hands on cooking classes with the chef Fabio Loda, and an in-house wine tasting of the prize winner “Montecucco wine” produced by the farm. In the program you’ll also find a visit to the hot spa of Petriolo just a few kilometers away. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Drop Back into Nature – Yoga Hiking Retreat Menorca, 26th – 29th May

wellbeing holidays

Join Leila El Krekshi and Sabina Llambias Pell for yoga and archaeological hike and discover Menorca through a different lens. Menorca is one of the last hidden gems on the Spanish Balearic Islands. A silent divine place, where the pace of life slows down. Discreet, rustic, peaceful yet intriguing, Menorca not only has the beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters to offer, but also a history and rich cultural heritage.

Whether you are looking for relaxation and tranquility or rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit, our objective is to ease you back to nature, reconnect with yourself and just unwind and enjoy the island’s slow living pace.

With yoga, pranayama, meditation, empty beaches, warmly hearted Menorquins and rustic farmhouse living, you’ll learn to slow down, breathe, explore and enjoy being present in the moment. For a great add on trip, indulge yourself to a traditional thai massage. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Surf Yoga Retreats Portugal, 30th April – 7th May

yoga surf retreats

Being disconnected creates the perfect atmosphere for these Surf Yoga retreats in Portugal. We invite you to leave your smartphone at home and enjoy each moment fully present. We are at the heart of Costa Vicentina Natural Park, off the beaten track and a dream for surfers and for those who prefer exploring Portugal the non-so touristy side of the Algarve.

Only a 5 minute drive away, Arrifana beach presents us with great waves all year round and our in house Surf Instructor Sten will make sure you have the best Surf experience ever!

Our amazing founder Bárbara is our in house Yoga Instructor and she will introduce you to this amazing healing practice that goes beyond the postures you do on the mat. You will learn helpful and transformative tools to use on your daily basis life back home. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Yoga, Surf and Mindfulness Retreat, Sicily, 28th May – 3rd June

Sicily, the gorgeous island at the bottom of Italy, famous for its incredible landscape, diverse and ancient culture and of course, mouth-watering delicious food is the stunning location for this Yoga, Surf and Mindfulness Retreat. We offer an exciting mix of 
yoga, cycling, meditation, surf, SUP, free time at the beach, culture, plenty of sunshine, delicious food and fine wines!

What we want to offer, beyond yoga and meditation of course, is a taste of the Italian “bella vita” way of living. The day will start with a morning mindfulness mediation session followed by a challenging vinyasa flow yoga class with Giulia that will make you feel strong and energetic.

After a day of either relaxation or pursuing more active themes, the evening yoga will be varied offering you either further mindfulness mediation and yin restorative yoga sessions to cherish your body and soul like never before or acro partner yoga with Miles to connect with yourself and others in a safe and playful way. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Algarve Yoga Detox, Portugal 3rd – 9th April

A yoga and detox retreat for anyone who can do with a little bit of a cleanse in the body, mind and heart. The detox is soft, as we still eat food, but very effective. We meditate and practice yoga twice a day, learn a lot about nutrition and how to make life more simple, healthy and happy. There is enough spare time for relaxation, to hang in the hammock, go and wonder in amazing nature, sit in the SPA or get spoiled by one of our massage therapists.

The retreat takes place in stunning Monte Velho, overlooking the hills and the west coast of the sunny Algarve. Expect your mind to clear, your heart to smile and your eyes to glow, once you go home again. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Wild, Natural and Free Retreat, Nicaragua,  22nd – 30th April

Embrace the wilds of the jungle, the natural rhythms of the ocean and the freedom to reconnect over eight days of sun, surf and yoga in this hidden gem of Central America – Los Cardones Eco Lodge, Nicaragua.

The retreat hosted by Feathers and Fur will focus on developing your surf skills and yoga practice to suit your current level and lifestyle, while giving you the tools to dig a little deeper. All while getting a good dose of vitamin D, cracking open coconuts with a machete and witnessing baby turtles hatch their way into the ocean! Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Art of Life Retreats, Bali 30th April – 5th May

Transform the way you see the world with a week committed to rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. Staying at the amazing Azadi Retreat, amidst the rice fields of the cultural town of Ubud. Indulge in a week filled with yoga, meditation, gourmet raw food cuisine, local Balinese culture – a time to play, a time to just be. Fun inspiring lectures, workshops, dance and movement, exploring and learning techniques that empower our daily lives. This is no ordinary retreat!

Our chef extraordinaire will be feeding our souls with high vibe alkalizing food, we’ll have workshops and nutritional talks on how we can up-level our health by making small and simple adjustments to our routine. Our yoga will teach methods of moving that reduce pain, move circulation and energy through the body to enhance both strength and flexibility.

Our approach is to create conscious active movements so that students layer on the next movement of the posture when they are ready. This retreat is for anyone looking to refill on life. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Wild Spirit Yoga, Morocco 24th -30th April

Join Boho Chic Retreats for 4 nights just 20 minutes from Marrakesh and the mystic medina, and 2 nights on the ocean, in the North African coast of Essaouira for SUP yoga! Boho Chic Retreats are for the free spirited yogis amongst us that are connected with themselves and nature around them. With open minds and open hearts, we embrace life and all its colours and don’t let situations or circumstances hold us back from experiencing the good things in life! Part boho-part chic, our ethos is to combine all the luxuries of a boutique yoga retreat in the tropics, without costing the earth.

Morocco, one of North Africa’s most mystical and diverse countries, is blessed by breathtaking mountains, sweeping desert and rugged coastline. A land full of contrasts, its myriad of colours, sights, sounds, smells and textures, the pink sandstone winding alleyways of the ancient medina cities and their bustling markets, juxtaposed with the tranquility found upon its rooftops, will free the senses and spirit from the restraints of daily life and responsibilities. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Wild Wellness Retreat, Mexico 21st – 28th May

On this exclusive and unique yoga and healthy eating retreat, you will feel nurtured as part of a small intimate group of like-minded holistically healthy individuals. Your retreat will be tailored to your desired experience and preferred outcome. Prior to your arrival your hosts will design your program with you to ensure that you receive a truly unique and personalized experience.

Our retreat home for the week is the Shambala Petit Hotel right on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. You will eat delicious, healthy, nourishing foods sourced from local markets and various farmers, participate in a 5 part series of life-changing workshops to help you bring healthy nourishment into your diet, fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean waves lapping on the shore and practice yoga in the stunning studio located right on the beach. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Caribbean Beach Yoga Retreat, Anguilla 25th April – 2nd May

A fun and relaxing Caribbean Getaway on the beautiful Meads Bay beach in Anguilla. By day we will enjoy beach yoga and/or a fitness class. During the afternoons you can choose from a variety of activities or relax and read on the beach and the evenings are for watching the sunset with our toes in the sand or chill at a local beach bar and enjoy a cocktail.

Vinyasa flow yoga on the beach is the retreat style and will be taught based on the students yoga experience and energy levels. It is a time to enjoy the elements of the sun, sand and ocean, to relax and let everything go as we fill up our Vitamin D stores and unleash our spirits to explore our inner and outer worlds in a fun and friendly setting. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Eat, Paint and Yoga Retreat in Italy, 30th April – 5th or 8th May

Join us in Montisi, Italy for a eat, paint and yoga retreat! Our personal awareness and creative escape retreats include intuitive painting, yoga, wine tastings, cooking classes, gourmet meals, and hiking to shift you back to a sense of wholeness where you will access flow and reconnect on your own terms with life. This retreat is designed to help you relax into the now, tap into your intuition, express yourself authentically, stretch your mind and body, and to connect whole-heartedly with others. Join us for a magical time in a gorgeous 17th Century Tuscan villa overlooking century-old olive groves, surrounded by soft green hills in the Italian countryside.

Our teacher Vince tailors the classes to the students who are present using a variety of styles including restorative, calm yoga, a slow flow vinyasa, as well as a more vigorous faster pace flow. What he shares with everyone is a sense of wonder, play, curiosity, and fun, we might even find ourselves all smiling and laughing! Vince aims to create classes to help you connect into joy and gratitude and leave you with a sense of balance and nourishment. Find out more about this Recommended Retreat.

Visit the Soul Seed Travel site for more recommended retreats in Italy and the rest of the world. Get in touch and we’ll help you find your perfect retreat.