4 Ways to Do Sustainable Family Travel

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When planning sustainable family travel, being mindful of the body and spirit also means being considerate of the health of our world through ecotourism and sustainable travel. Here are a few ways to minimize your carbon footprint for your next family vacation.

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1. SHORT TRAVEL TIMES: Yoga invites us to take responsibilities for our choices so it only feels appropriate to choose a yoga retreat that is light on travel. A yoga retreat doesn’t have to be located a half day’s travel away. Look for options that can easily be accessed in your local area.

2. FAMILY TIME: Spending quality time with the kids is the most important part of a family vacation but it can seem like a challenge if you also want to spend time perfecting your practice. Look for a retreat that will cater to both children and adult yogis. “I like my practice too and want to develop it. When my children were younger I looked for a retreat that would cater for us all together in this way in the UK and couldn’t find one,” says Sarah Haden of Yoga Unlimited. “So the first integrated yoga + mindfulness family retreat was created and now takes place each year in a beautiful natural setting in Devon.”

3. TIME MANAGEMENT: There are many different models of family and not everyone has support, time or money for a solo yoga retreat (as lovely as they are). Look for a retreat where children are encouraged to practice yoga but to also have the freedom to get creative with art and craft projects.

4. ALL AGES WELCOME: There are many healthy benefits to surrounding yourself among a group of people that are culturally diverse and from a range of ages. “My experience of the last 3 years is that it’s a very dynamic and interesting environment where there is less exclusion age wise,” says Haden. The widening perspective encourages cross-generational conversations and shared experiences between everyone from children to grandparents.

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