Travel Tuesday: Santa Catalina

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Santa Catalina Retreats hosts Yoga Surf Immersions and Yoga + Spiritual Development Workshops throughout the year. Read on for a detailed description of what you can expect to experience in Panama City and Santa Catalina!

SANTA+CATALINA+RETREATS_SURF+YOGA+RETREATSanta Catalina is a magical village about a 5 hour drive south west of Panama City on the Pacific Coast. The remote village remains fairly undeveloped since being discovered by adventurous surfers in the 70’s. With a handful of small, locally owned hotels, restaurants, and bars, and with cows and horses roaming the nearby fields and streets, you’ll instantly feel the laid-back vibe that has made Santa Catalina a haven for surfers, adventure travelers, and dedicated relaxation seekers.

There are 2 local stores in Santa Catalina where you can purchase the basics, and a local fruit and vegetable truck passes through town every other day. You’ll hear the horn blowing and know when it’s coming! Have some loose change ready. A bag of bananas is just $1.

SCR_FoodDining in Santa Catalina is relaxed, inexpensive, and delicious. All restaurants are open air and the food is homemade and super fresh. Seafood caught daily by the fisherman includes red snapper, lobster, tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo, crab, and jumbo shrimp, all served in the local restaurants. Our favorite is the red snapper ceviche and lobster tacos – incredible!

If you’re planning to make a stop in Panama City before or after your retreat, our favorite place to stay is the historic district of Casco Viejo. Declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1997, the streets are filled with majestic homes and cathedrals that have been left untouched over the centuries. Some of these building have been beautifully restored and are now pumping roof top bars, restaurants, and plush hotels. The contrast between the old and new world is incredibly charming and well worth the visit!

Santa+Catalina+Surf+Yoga+Wellness+Retreat+PanamaFor the adventurous souls, Coiba Island is one of Panama’s most beautiful places to visit, just a 1.5 hour boat ride from Playa Santa Catalina. The beaches are exquisite and the island and surrounding areas offer spectacular diving and snorkeling. Santa Catalina has 3 PADI certified Dive Centers with trips going out most days.

Other adventures and attractions include kayaking, standup paddle boarding, horseback riding, and bird watching. Don’t forget to schedule a massage to unwind from all of the activities!

Santa Catalina sounds like somewhere we’d love to visit this Travel Tuesday! For more information on upcoming retreats, email