The Truth About the magical destination of Tulum, Mexico

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DSC_0712If you have ever been to Tulum, Mexico or searched for this magical Mexican destination on Instagram, you have some idea how stunning and distinctive it can be. Travellers know it for the blue Caribbean sea matched by an equally mangrove and tropical jungle environment. With quirky designs and innovative ideas, hotels and bars are renowned for their beauty and unique beach feel. But are these boutique hotels and world famous jungle eateries helping or hurting the environments that make them so full of wanderlust?.

The environmental issues and challenges of living and building in an area such as Tulum is a challenge, making Tulum an expensive place to construct and maintain. Very few visitors to Tulum are aware that the Tulum beach has no electricity hooked up to the grid, gas or a water plumbing system. That means that each hotel, bar and restaurant is responsible for generating their own source of electricity either by a generator or witha renewable source such as solar or wind energy. The solution is that many gas tanks are refilled in the main town of Tulum and brought to the beach by road. Running water is brought in on trucks. Building in Tulum is no small feat considering the tens of thousands of visitors visiting Tulum on a monthly basis with just one access road linking the beach to the town.

So who is doing it right?


Alaya and Ahau Hotels, located in Tulum, Mexico, take an active responsibility for the environment in order to live in harmony with the surroundings.

This year, Ahau, Alaya and Villa Pescadores Hotels will be among the foremost hotels in the region to apply for The Green Key Eco-Rating, a recognized award from The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

The award is given to hotels and lodging facilities committed to improving their environmental and fiscal performance. The Green Key not only recognizes environmentally conscious hotels but also provides education and guidance on opportunities for reductions in utility consumption, waste, emissions and operating costs.

15799982_1228764403858807_2480010130725638096_oOriginally, Alaya Hotel was built and thought-out with the environment in mind. All of the amenities in the hotel are natural, made with organic ingredients and locally produced. Both hotels work with tourist companies that care for the environment, making an effort to protect it and promote the knowledge about the Mayan culture. The properties have also installed an artificial wetland filtration system that purifies waste water, which can then be used to water gardens and prevent contamination in Tulum’s water table. Informative talks aimed at educating the staff in all of the hotels were held across a two week period, in the hope that these good practices will inspire the people of the hotels to take a keen look at the practices in place and to enthusiastically take them home with them, caring for the community on every level.

In ancient times Tulum was a walled city, preserving itself for only the wealthiest and most powerful of society. Metaphorically speaking, the walls have since come down and the magic of Tulum is accessible and open to all. The secret to Tulum’s magic and ore is thenature and environment, through conservational efforts like those in Alaya, Ahau and Villa Pescadores, together with the participation of visitors, Tulum will remain one of the top destinations for travelers in search of the magic of Tulum.


Tulum is also the location of a 13th century Mayan archaeological site which is part of a large national park that can be explored by bicycle or on foot. It has a relaxed atmosphere where sleeping in the shade of your umbrella and reading a good book all day is encouraged.

With its relaxed bohemian feel, and one main street along the beach it provides the perfect backdrop and location for a relaxing and revitalising yoga holiday.

14241607_1067492650038102_9129193185910345300_oLife Source Retreats

Life Source Retreats offer a luxurious, tranquil space where our guests can connect and transform through wellness techniques such as yoga, meditation, cleansings, excursions, nature, and life-enhancing workshops to nourish and expand the mind, body and soul. We seek to achieve inner peace and balance, not just during the retreat, but long after your suntan fades!



The main intention of this sanctuary, is to offer a space for those who seek wellness, peace and happiness. There are daily yoga classes offered, workshops and retreats.

It is described as a chic blend of luxury and wilderness, a sanctuary that is charged with its own spirit and vibes. Making relaxation and transformation cool again. Synching with nature’s rhythms so you can have a taste of heaven on earth. Retreat, heal and restore in a too-good-its-actually-true environment.

In the spa therapies include biomagnetism, Thai yoga stretch,  Ayurveda, deep tissues massage, reiki and pranic healing.

There are 12 cool and magical rooms designed to retreat from it all in the middle of somewhere. A huge pool centered in the middle of the jungle makes waking up in heaven, even better. Sunlight floods the place with subtle rays of grounding energy filtered through tree’s leaves. Insects and birds musicalise the atmosphere, stars light the night skies and fires heat our hearts. The whole purpose is to set a vibe for those to heal, balance and reconnect to their deepest self and nature.

Sanará Tulum

An eco-friendly hotel and wellness centre. Sanará which literally means “you will heal” offers up a wealth of healing treatments, like the three to seven-day Cleanse and Heal programs. Alongside this, yoga teachers are actively encouraged to lead retreats at Sanará and, if you don’t manage to get on one of those, there are still yoga and meditation classes held there daily at the spectacular beachside yoga studio.

Yäan Wellness

Yäan Wellness was born from the magic of Tulum. It is a center of wellness and healing where you will find your inner and outer beauty in the integration of mind, body and soul. From the moment you pass the burning flame, you will be immersed in the elements of fire, air, water, and wood and feel at peace with its elegant and organic design, which respects the flow of nature in both space and time.

Traditional indigenous treatments are on the menu here –  energy healing, deep muscle relaxation techniques, herbal and flower baths prepared in their custom made copper tube.


For the full spectrum guide on everything you need to know about Tulum, a must read from blogger Jessica is ”A Tulum Travel Guide and Tulum Itinerary.

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