Inspiration Series: Ku Retreats Tuscany

KU Retreats Miguel Silva
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Founder and leader of Ku Retreats together with his partner Dominika, Miguel Silva is passionate about helping others discover their true worth, transform their lives and reinforce their sense of purpose. We asked Miguel to share what brought him to yoga and the characteristics of the retreats he offers.

KU Retreats Miguel SilvaI started my contact with yoga in 1996 after having experienced a major shoulder injury. At that time, I was being very active in various sports and always seeking for more and more adrenaline. Yoga gave me another rhythm for my daily life. I learned to slow down, feel more and think less, raise my vibration and feel more grounded.
Having successfully set up GrupoZen Ibiza, which provides mobile wellbeing services throughout the island of Ibiza, KU Retreats Tuscany was created for those who wish to take action for their lives and the World’s sake.

Ku means “restoration” and corresponds to the 18th hexagram of I-Ching, the famous Chinese classic and legendary ancient manual of predicting the fate. Two trigrams represent the symbolism behind Ku: Mountain over Wind, whereby Mountain symbolizes stability, a rooted and centered approach to life while Wind stands for any possible distractions from our main purpose, imbalances, and disturbances. Ku tends to appear when progress is being hindered in some way. Usually, this happens because of past obstacles or problems that were not dealt with at the time and had continued to eat away at your progress unchecked. It indicates a need to examine the past issues without guilt or resentment and to deal with them.

Ku Retreats Therefore, Ku comes to us as a powerful life statement, cutting old patterns and destructive cycles that are constantly repeated. Then by examining our past issues, uncovering them and dealing with them, we are opening and expanding ourselves to a deeper expression of our full potential.
At Ku Retreats, our purpose is to help you dissolve any imbalances in your overall health and wellbeing, setting you on the path towards healthier and happier future. My motivation is to create a space where participants receive the knowledge, practice and skills to achieve a better and healthier lifestyle full of vitality and relaxation. We all share the ability to love, learn, feel, and create. Our retreats explore these possibilities and celebrate unity in diversity.
There is no perfect way: you have to try it, experience it and then know it!
KU retreats Tuscany fuses together the ancient traditions of the East with the scientific revolutions of the West. This approach brings together Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics and Zen Buddhism with Western Psychology, Physiotherapy, and Osteopathy to help you identify patterns and habits that have been restricting your potential to live your life fully and achieve your key goals.
ku retreats The practice of Qigong (Chi Kung) and Taichi is encouraged and paired with Personal Training, and Fitness science, and the overall approach of KU retreats results in a truly transformative experience, which guests have described as life changing.
I facilitate Oriental Diagnosis, which looks at identifying any imbalances in the body by effectively ‘reading’ facial features. I also teach Qi Kong, Tai Chi, Yoga and lectures on Macrobiotics and healthy eating, My wife Dominika, creator and developer of the Ku Massage, adjusts macrobiotic, therapy and physical exercise guidelines for each person.

Surrounded by beautiful and breathtaking landscapes and with a myriad of stunning walks right on its doorstep, this Transformational Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Tuscany offers a homey feel, delicious, healthy home-made food, a strong, dedicated daily yoga practice and insight into how to boost your wellbeing.

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