Say Goodbye to Holiday Stress with a Yoga Retreat

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It should be the most relaxing time of the year, the one you have waited for months while running back and forth from home to the office. You spent hours daydreaming about your next holiday, and now that is finally time to plan it you feel stressed and unmotivated.
According to an Omnibus survey realized in 2014, you are not alone. Half of the interviewed experienced holiday stress, especially regarding:

  • Getting to, from and through a departing and arriving airport (57%)
  • Deciding on a location (50%)
  • Developing an itinerary of fun and unique experiences (49%)
  • Finding accommodations (44%)

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Although the majority of travel is enjoyable, and often life-transforming, there is no doubt that it can also be pretty stressful. Sometimes it’s the pre-travel preparation; the planning/packing/last-minute calls that is making you feel exhausted. It could be the language barriers, culture shock, and change of food or habits that you face once you reach your destination. If instead of comfort and joy you experience frustration and an overwhelming feeling you belong to the group of people (eight out of ten) who suffer from pre-holiday stress — which lingers long after departure and affects the entire vacation.

Instead of handling all the details on your own, and putting yourself at the mercy of whatever you might encounter in various situations, explore the benefits of a wellness retreat and combine the excitement of travel with the nurturing of a safe, relaxing environment.

jewel of yoga

Most of the yoga retreats have a predefined schedule for you to join that includes trips, cultural activities and natural excursions to the yoga and wellness package. You can participate in your favorite activities, learn skills and techniques, or just restore your health and well-being relaxing by the pool.
You won’t even have to worry about choosing the right accommodation or restaurants because most of the retreats offer comfortable accommodations and an all-inclusive service with plenty of delicious and nourishing food. Paying upfront for your retreat will also free you from any worries about your holiday budget.

Take the stress out of your vacation by choosing the perfect yoga retreat for you depending on your interests and needs. If your purpose is to restore your natural inner balance and accelerate a positive change in your overall state of wellbeing, you could join a Transformational Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Tuscany. If you wish to start your regular yoga practice or go deeper into the preexisting one, this Classic Yoga Retreat in Portugal is the perfect match. If you have been dreaming about staying at a beautifully renovated stone farmhouse set amongst rolling fields of sunflowers and corn in South West France, join Kirsty Gallagher on this Yoga Retreat in France.

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Be ready to attend an event that will transform your life for the better, leaving you with plenty of amazing memories and friends and a truly relaxing feeling that will follow you right back home.
If you have problems selecting the retreat of your dreams, email and let us support you during this essential choice.