Recommended retreats for nature lovers!

Yoga and adventure in the Alps
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Finding your perfect retreat can be overwhelming, but we are here to help! One of the most important aspects of a retreat is the location. Choosing a location that speaks to your soul will add immense value to your experience. Here’s our recommendations on retreats for nature lovers!

Mountains and Stillness Retreat in Sardinia, 27 August – 3 September

mindfulness retreat SardiniaThe mountains and stillness retreat in Sardinia will take you on a tranquil journey to discover your inner peace in the serene backdrop of a mountain refuge. You will experience a week of daily yoga, pranayama, and mindfulness with breathtaking vistas. With over 15 years of experience and 7 years teaching, Alexandra Redmond will guide you in an inclusive, all-levels yoga practice and deeply relaxing yoga nidra. Enjoy delicious Mediterranean meals in the fresh mountain air!
Ogliastra, in the heart of the Gennargentu massif, is home to centenarians and the cannonau grape. The timeless ancient culture is pervasive in the mountain region and is reflected in everyday life.

Pyrenees chateau yoga retreat. Available: 30 July – 3 August/17 – 21 August/15 – 19 October

international yoga dayCome to our Pyrenees chateau yoga retreat to reflect, restore and re-balance yourself. Our five day wellness and yoga retreats are held in Yobaba Lounge, a large village chateau in Chalabre. The medieval village is found in the foothills of the Mediterranean Pyrenees Mountains in the deep south of France, a region renowned for its stunning beauty and ancient history.
We will explore the transformative power of silence and meditative movement of the breath. To support this, we will provide a delicious, purifying diet. You will depart feeling restored, rejuvenated and inspired.

Yoga and adventure in the Alps, 4th – 9th September

Yoga and adventure in the AlpsCome and join us for yoga and adventure in the Alps on this landscapes of elation retreat by Wild Alps. High up in the Italian Alps, we will enjoy the wonderful yoga teaching of Juliette McConachy and stunning guided hikes lead by Nigel Higgins. The pairing of these two will stimulate every aspect of your mind, body and soul.
Throughout our journey we will be cared for by Denise and her team at the amazing Lo Grand Baöu. At an altitude of 1887 metres, it is the only refuge in Val Vertosan. Set in a remote valley, it is surrounded by numerous alpine peaks of around 3000 metres.
This will be the first ever retreat at this remote, stunningly beautiful venue. The high valley of Vertosan has had virtually no development over the last century and so offers unrivalled flora, fauna and tranquility.

Autumn retreat in the Highlands, 29th October – 4th November

Autumn retreat in the HighlandsJoin Aluna Healing on this autumn retreat in the Highlands of Scotland. Journey within, cleanse, renew yourself and awaken your connection to your soul.
Our venue will be a picturesque eco-lodge, set in secluded ancient oak woodland, overlooking Loch Torridon on the west coast of Scotland. It is one of the last unspoilt areas of the British Isles and is a powerful place, surrounded by wildlife and ancient wisdom. The retreat draws upon earth-based wisdom and the teachings of our indigenous elders. The focus of this retreat is “becoming a healthy seed”. You will be able to reconnect and align yourself so that you can resonate as a healthy cell of the living body of Mother Earth.
The retreat is held within a sacred space; surrounded by forest, mountains, ancient rock, vast, mystical landscapes and pristine lochs and sea.

Eat, Pray, Move Yoga Retreat in Provence, 28 August – 3 September

yoga retreat ProvenceExperience a beautiful mix of art and yoga while you explore the vibrant layers of Provence. Daily yoga and meditation will allow you to focus your mind and deeply appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. You will combine your innate creativity through sketching and “ifonography” (smartphone photography) with daily yoga and meditation led by Eat, Pray, Move founder, Erin Lewis.

The yoga is for all levels and the vegetarian cuisine can be enjoyed on the terrace under oak trees or by candlelight under the pergola. This retreat will expose you to the true beauty of the South of France!

Sailing and Yoga Retreat in Malta, 6-12 August

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.37.58 PMOn the sailing and yoga retreat in Malta, you will see that life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away! This unforgettable experience will take you sailing around the stunning Maltese islands for seven days, visiting secluded beaches and enjoying local Mediterranean cuisine.
Get ready to be blown away by the deep blues of the crystalline sea as you circumnavigate Malta and Gozo in a private yacht. Dramatic mediterranean landscape, azure waters, and ancient ruins will be a stunning backdrop to practice yoga and take photos.

Healthy Living in Dartmoor, 24 -28 August

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 10.33.15 AMCome and practice yoga, mindfulness, and healthy living in Dartmoor, a beautiful and peaceful place in the heart of the English countryside. The exquisite location will aid us in being present and experiencing every moment as it arises in nature.
Yoga and mindfulness will help you to relax and allow you to feel at ease. You will receive valuable tools to take home to your everyday life. Early morning and evening yoga sessions will allow you to start and finish each day with optimal wellness. Throughout the day we will practice mindfulness with periods of silence. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy nature and disconnect from technology.

Yoga and Horse Wisdom Journey in Jordan, 14 – 22 October/14 – 22 April

Yoga and Horse Journey in JordanThis transformative yoga and horse journey in Jordan is an incredible 9 day adventure. Travel Jordan with yoga, meditation and horse wisdom sessions. Embark on a desert journey that connects to the wisdom of this ancient land, its people and horses.

We will visit breath-taking scenic and energetic places like the Dana Nature Reserve and the awe-inspiring Wadi Rum Desert. We will explore the ancient wonders of Petra and float in the healing waters of the Dead Sea. Daily yoga and meditation will deepen both your practice and your experience of Jordan’s remarkable landscape. As sustainable, eco-tourism is important to us, we will stay in camps and family run hotels. We will also eat at Bedouin camps and cooperate with the local community.

Yoga and hiking in the Himalayas, 17th September – 8th October

Soul Seed Journeys will take you on an unforgettable twenty-day voyage of yoga and hiking in the Himalayas in Northern India. Experience the jaw-dropping beauty of the stunning, diverse landscapes as well as encountering the immense blend of cultures and people that make our trips so warm and stimulating. At a laid-back pace, we will explore the region, calling in at towns and villages en route, giving you plenty of time to relax, explore and connect.
Our trip offers you so much, from daily yoga and meditation to teachings from philosophers an yogis. Hike and raft through the foothills and volunteer in a Tibetan refugee organisation. Gastronomic tours and sampling local specialities are a tasty part of our cultural excursions, all giving you a well-rounded perspective of each locale, with a yogic twist.

Transformational Yoga and Wellness in Tuscany, 5 – 11 August/9 – 15 October

tu4-499x333KU Retreats is dedicated to delivering a truly transformational wellness experience. The programme is a combination of various tools and methods, all put together to help guests restore their natural inner balance and accelerate a positive change in their overall state of wellbeing.

Choosing beautiful locations in nature, such as Ibiza, KU Retreats now offers the same transformational programme in a brand new location amidst the beautiful countryside of Tuscany.

Yoga and Walking in France, 8 – 12 September/10 – 14 November

What better way to explore a new place than by foot? On the yoga and walking retreat in France, nature will be your guide as you take mindful steps and breathe to connect inwardly. You will take away greater self-awareness and learn how to integrate with our internal and external landscapes. As John Miur says: “In every walk in nature, one receives more than he seeks”
Morning yoga practice will help set intentions for the rest of the day, and in the afternoons, you will set off on a group walk. Walk in silence to allow you to slow down and let your thoughts settle. As you leave your musing behind in the hedgerows, you will walk the paths of Montesquieu and meander through mediaeval villages.

Having trouble choosing? Email us at and we will help you find and book your perfect retreat.