Two girls telling you why you should retreat to Tuscany this summer

Two girls telling you why you should retreat to tuscany this summer
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Modern living is exhausting. We are all stressed, tired and generally running on empty. And then on top of that, the effects of these adversities manifest in horrible ways – unnecessary weight gain, tired skin, fatigue, brain fog, mood swings- the list is endless. Although these effects are uncomfortable to live with, they should (and can easily) be resolved, before they develop into chronic issues and illness.

People claim that they have no time for themselves- between work stressors, bills, gym guilt, and simply trying to keep some form of social life- where are they supposed to take the time for themselves? We go on holiday and immediately fall ill, or we go with the intention of making the most of every minute of our time off and return even more exhausted, consequently we end up abusing our nervous systems to keep up the appearance that we have some form energy.

Two girls telling you why you should retreat to tuscany this summer
Friends are aghast whenever I mention the concept of a retreat as a solution- invariably the responses are: “I’m not good at yoga / I want to get drunk / they just laugh at me.” People want to go away and enjoy themselves- drink through the day and relax. A retreat is something that yes to most, seems like a nice concept and something that everyone would like to do, but usually in the future, when they will also take up meditation, healthy eating and allow themselves to make more time for number one. This is a view that I shared until I took the time out and actually went on a retreat (with my dad,) It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Gifting yourself the time to look after yourself is truly liberating. It is so necessary. A novice to yoga, I woke up every morning just after the sun for yoga, I ate so much nutritious food, I hiked, I sunbathed and I slept, Wow, I slept, I never realised how tired my body was until each afternoon I climbed into a hammock and slept until the evening yoga. After five days my dad looked ten years younger, whilst my skin was glowing, my body was toned and beginning to show shape in my abs, I felt stronger and had never been so clear headed. The feeling was liberating. I realised that by taking a few days out to take care of myself, I had given myself the greatest gift possible. The detoxing effects became clear and I was left energised.

At the end of May this is exactly what we are offering from Tuscany, and more.
Here is a little more info on what to expect from a retreat with us this summer:
• Wake up smoothie followed by morning bootcamp to really energise and work up a sweat in order to kickstart your metabolism
• Healthy breakfast
• Sun time by the pool
• Nutritious lunch
• Afternoon activities – hill walks, a trip into Lucca, wellness workshops, massage, reiki, osteopathy etc. – or just more pool time
• Restorative sunset yoga with meditation followed by dinner

We are all Naturopathic practitioners and as such our approach is focused on optimal health and prevention rather than cure. Our aim is to educate you with simple tips that can transform your health and your life. These will be outlined in our optional workshops where we will speak about energy levels, optimum digestion, resolving bloating, stress coping techniques and skin care. This will also be a time for any questions to be answered and issues resolved.
Two girls telling you why you should retreat to tuscany this summerFor example:
• Did you know that simply being tired creates hunger, cravings and blood sugar imbalances that lead to weight gain?
• Anxiety may be a symptom of a gluten intolerance.
• Morning exhaustion may simply be the result of eating your last meal too late the night before.

We also have an osteopath, a massage therapist and a Reiki practitioner on our team. 
Perhaps most importantly of all we are offering each guest a nutritional consultation and personalised plan to continue with once the week is over. Please do bring a 3 day food diary with you, just note down your food and drink intake for any 3 consecutive days. 
Our health saving strategies really allow you to invest in you. Stop putting it off, stop making excuses, now is the time for you. You have one body, one (natural) chance to prevent wrinkles, and only one of each day to feel happy and energised. Come home feeling truly relaxed, restored, rejuvenated and smug in the knowledge that not only are you at your best for the summer ahead, but that you also now have the knowledge and skills to really stay at your best once you are home.

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Two girls telling you why you should retreat to tuscany this summer Two girls telling you why you should retreat to tuscany this summer Ali and Chloe met whilst studying Naturopathic Nutrition in London. As natural opposites, they bonded over their yin and yang approach to health. In all elements of life, if Ali is cardio and squats then Chloe is yoga and (reformer) pilates. Together you will benefit from the full experience. 
As part time alcoholics and general lovers of fun and late nights: how could they modify their diet and lifestyle to its optimum without becoming frightful bores/ vegans/ cross-fit enthusiasts? They have learned that it falls into choosing your toxins and abandoning the unnecessary. They are here to share this with you in an incredible Retreat and Restore Retreat. In Tuscany. This month.

Receive an exclusive £100 off the original price and a massage or a one-on-one consultation with a naturopathic nutritional therapist when you book this unforgettable retreat (28th May – 3rd June) through Soul Seed Travel. Contact to redeem the offer.

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  1. I’m a friend of Chalfins..Great article! Have a look at the two houses at Villa Vercenni and Casa di Sopra in the Tuscan Hills of Rada in Chanti. Absolutely magical. We just had my wife’s 40th out there. Hiring them both. Great spot for a swim and yoga as the sun comes up over the vinyards in the hills below. –

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