Retreats for National Vegetarian Week!

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Did you know that it’s National Vegetarian Week? While of course it’s not mandatory to eat a vegetarian diet if you practice yoga, there are many reasons why yogis choose to forgo meat and poultry. Nourishing yourself with fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, and grains is no doubt healthy for the body and mind. A vegetarian diet is also in agreement with the yogic concept of ahimsa, or non-violence. With fresh produce, fragrant spices, and whole grains, eating a vegetarian diet isn’t just healthy – it’s delicious!

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week, here are five retreats offering a taste of local vegetarian cuisine.

Yoga Surf Holiday Portugal, 12 – 18 June, 10 – 16 July, 24 – 30 July, 31 July – 6 August, 14 – 20 August, 11 – 17 September, 18 – 24 September


The Yoga Surf Holiday is for anyone who loves yoga, loves to be outdoors at the beach, and wants to learn (or improve) one of the most fun sports ever!

At Algarve Yoga, you will be served delicious, freshly prepared, and filling vegetarian food, following the principal of a wheat free, sugar free, yeast free diet. They also stay away from alcohol, coffee, and other stimulants (your choice if you want to indulge at the beach). They shop for food at the local market, mostly organic, and cater for special diets (allergies). The cuisine is also easily adapted for vegans. 

Email for more information and special offers. 

Nutrition and Ayurveda retreat Portugal, 4 – 10 June


Bianca Lawless is a certified nutritionist offering personal nutrition consultations with a focus on healing foods, Ayurvedic practices, and seasonal nutrition, and living food workshops.

The food on the retreat is strongly seasonal and will focus on the summer and pitta. Three delicious homemade meals will be lovingly prepared using homegrown organic produce. The local farm-to-table food will be made by the Casa Vale de Lama chefs. The ladies from Flawless will be giving several workshops and demonstrations on raw and seasonal food with tasters and recipes.

Email for more information and special offers. 

All-Inclusive Yoga and Fitness Retreat, Thailand, year-round

maroverli_com_-dishes-20-1-1024x683This is Samahita Retreat’s all inclusive yoga and fitness retreat, which includes  accommodation, food, yoga, fitness-core and cardio, meditation and breath-work.

At Samahita, you will dine daily at a delicious vegetarian/vegan buffet made with the freshest local ingredients. The menu includes raw food dishes twice a day, and you will also enjoy a fresh juice bar with healthy beverages made from the best fruits and vegetables.

Email for more information and special offers. 

EAT.PRAY.MOVE Photography and Yoga in Venice, 6 – 12 November

unspecified-8On this creative yoga adventure in Italy, you will be eating healthy, delicious vegetarian food throughout the retreat. Breakfast, dinner, and some selected lunches will be served in the villa or out in Venice. The food will be prepared with local seasonal ingredients and inspired by Venetian traditions. The group will also visit some of Venice’s historical cafes and restaurants such as Florian, as well as some better-kept-secret osterias and trattorias.

Email for more information and special offers. 

Greek Island Yoga Retreat, 10-17 September

AFP1994-408x408Step into the land of the gods with a Greek island yoga retreat on Ithaca, Greece. Enjoy the sound of the waves softly lapping at the shore while a gentle breeze refreshes you. The early morning September sun will warm you as you engage in your morning practice of yoga and meditation.

The vegetarian meals are fresh and cooked at home in a beautiful family-style kitchen by owner Ingrid’s wonderful kitchen helpers. The meals are traditional Greek island and Ithacan in style and made using local organic produce. Gluten free, dairy free and sugar free options are available on special request for any of the guests.

Email for more information and special offers. 

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