Art and Culture Retreat Recommendations

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When you hear the word retreat these days, yoga is likely the first thing that comes to mind. For many good reasons, yoga is a central activity on wellness retreats to take a break from the stress of daily life and benefit your mind + body + spirit. To add diversity and value to a retreat experience, many hosts and organizers are now incorporating an element of art and culture into the itinerary of activities to complement the yoga practice. This is a wonderful way to explore a new city, find an appreciation for local culture, and enhance your holiday.

Here are the Soul Seed recommendations for retreats this year with a focus on art and culture:

Fitness, Creativity, and Rejuvenation Retreat in Greece, 21st – 27th June

amorgosEscape to the Greek Island of Amorgos, a true gem of the Aegean sea with dramatic landscape and cliffs surrounded by serene blue sea. Recharge Retreats provide an opportunity to escape from your hectic lives and slow down, all in an effort to put the focus back on you and your well-being.

On your retreat in Greece, creativity will pair perfectly with fitness to rejuvenate your body as well as your mind and spirit. The wellness through Art class will focus on your power to create by dissolving unnecessary conditioning regarding art making. Instead you will work intuitively with a variety of materials as you explore your experience with them in a unique and beautiful environment. The Wine and Painting class will allow you to relax, have fun, and discover your inner artist with simple guided techniques to help you along.

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EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga and Photography in Tuscany, 10th – 16th July

unspecified-3-1-499x374-1EAT.PRAY.MOVE is hosting yoga and photography in Tuscany along with Julian Hyzler from EASEL&LENS. Yoga and meditation classes will help you find focus of body and mind that can be applied to art and photo projects, including “ifonography” (smartphone photography).

The Italian countryside will provide both backdrop and inspiration for art and yoga practice. Experience the richness of Italian cities on day trips that focus on arts, culture, and beauty. This retreat will allow you to gain a true insight into the tastes of Italy!

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Yoga in Southern Greece, 11th – 17th July

1-monemvasia1-499x332Enjoy yoga in southern Greece while immersing yourself in the beauty and culture of the ancient nation. Based in the Aquamarine hotel, Massimo Cantara will lead dynamic, flowing yoga sessions against the backdrop of golden sands and the emerald sea. Close to the islands of Elafonisos and Kythira, the location is perfect for exploring this wonderful part of Greece. Scuba dive or snorkel the submerged bronze age settlement of Pavlopetri and visit the ruins of ancient byzantine orthodox monasteries.
Aquamarine is a newly built hotel in Kampos village, close to the city of Neapolis in Laconia. The hotel is within walking distance of the golden sands of Neratziona beach. In Neapolis, you can enjoy the old town atmosphere and eat in the local tavernas and buy grocery items.
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Yoga, Wine, Cooking and Culture Retreat in Italy, 8th – 15th October

italyThis yoga, wine, cooking and culture retreat in Italy blends the fun of yoga practice with good living! Stay in a historic casale (farm), turned luxury boutique hotel, set in the Italian countryside, and enjoy the bliss of Italian cuisine, culture, wine, nature, all dressed up with classic Italian art and history!

As you experience this incredible setting, Tuscany being one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, you will have a balance of workout, and cultural excursions, and down-time. Some people are perfectly at ease staying at the hotel to enjoy the peace and luxury of the countryside, pool, and relax, while others will enjoy excursions and cultural discovery. Choose from many suggestions ranging from the world famous UNESCO heritage city of Siena, to the famous medieval town of Montalcino, known for the famous wine Brunello di Montalcino, to the sea side resorts or nature reserves.

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EAT.PRAY.MOVE Photography and Yoga in Venice 6th – 12th November

unspecified-7-499x373EAT.PRAY.MOVE is excited to team up with Julian Hyzler from EASEL&LENS in November to bring you this FORM + FOCUS photography and yoga retreat in Venice. The magical city of Venice will be our inspirational base for this week of yoga and photography. Unlike anywhere else in the world, Venice has the ability to transport you to the fantasy land of renaissance Italy. This retreat will allow you to gain a better understanding of the Venice canals.

The focus from your daily yoga practice will help you engage in creative photographic and art projects. Not only will you enjoy classic photography, but also sketching and smartphone photography. The yoga and the photography will work together to help you find new ways of seeing both the Italian landscape and a deeper look at your inner world. The many layers of Venice’s history will be a stunning place to find your focus. No previous art or yoga experience is necessary, so come along and take part in our exploratory, non-intimidating personal experience.

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