Last minute retreats in September and October

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Here’s the Soul Seed Travel round up of last minute retreats in September and October.

Algarve raw food detox, available weekly in  September

Join well-known raw food chef Stephanie Jeffs on this Algarve raw food detox and yoga retreat in Portugal. On the edge of the Sao Bartolomeu de Messines/Silves nature reserve, this nourishing retreat is an exclusive, intimate and unique week of restful bliss. With her experienced team of yogis and therapists, Stephanie will guide you though a full raw food detox. This is the perfect chance for you to relax into nature, unplug from the world, restore and reset. Being an experienced yogi is not a prerequisite, all you will need for this stunning week of yoga is the will to explore and embrace a high vibrational flow. There will be daily kitchen classes on raw food, yoga and holistic sessions. They are completely at your leisure, so if you just want to relax by the plunge pool and wait to be fed, that’s ok too. It’s your holiday! Find out more.

helios retreatHelios Retreats Mykonos, 15th – 21st September

Helios Retreats is the perfect getaway offering an infusion of fitness and yoga, with guest appearances from the worlds’s most in-demand yoga teachers, celebrity trainers, luxury bloggers and wellness experts. We are bringing everything that’s hot in the wellness industry to the exclusive and sophisticated island of Mykonos. Our retreat will inspire and excite you making your experience extraordinary, all complemented by luxury gifts from local resources of Greek natural products. Helios Retreats brings the solution for those seeking peace of mind, rejuvenation of the body and nourishment of the soul. Our mission is to provide you with a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, an active holiday aiming to give you a week of quality activities which will help bring balance to your life. Find out more.

Luxurious Yoga and Meditation Retreat Barcelona, 17 – 23 September/15 – 21 October

Come and join Enlighten Yoga Retreat for a luxurious yoga and meditation retreat, by the gorgeous Mediterranean sea in Sitges, Barcelona. Enjoy a week  or weekend of yoga, coaching, meditation, delicious food, pampering sessions and fun afternoon activities. Our exclusive luxury retreat will allow you to unwind from the pressures of everyday life, and to search within and come out stronger. Our retreats are transformative, and intimate and we take great care to ensure they will help to nourish all aspects of your wellbeing, providing you with the opportunity to revive, refresh and renew your mind, body and spirit. You will be taught by one of our fully trained yoga teachers on our beautiful grounds or on the beach. All levels are welcome. Find out more.

Kundalini retreat in Tuscany, 6th – 13th September

Dani Sher, an inspirational teacher of ancient yogic traditions and healing arts, will lead this kundalini retreat in Tuscany. Dani harnesses the spiritual power of crystals, sacred geometry and kundalini activation for deep personal healing and spiritual transformation.

The teaching has been developed to help you to dive deeper into your own spiritual awakening. You will experience deep healing and purification on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The flow of healing energies goes deep into the body-mind-spirit complex, removing negativity, entities, and implants, while opening blockages and clearing past traumas. An incredible volume of healing energy will be directed toward you throughout the workshop, supporting you on your journey and helping you to manifest your dreams and goals. Our home for the week is the Villa Michelucci, a handsome Italian Villa set in the hills of Tuscany. Perfectly balancing luxury with rustic character, it is the ideal space for a personal development quest. Find out more.

Alpine Classical Pilates and Wellness Retreat, 1st – 5th September

This Alpine Classical Pilates and Wellness Retreat takes place in the beautiful mountain resort of Morzine in the French Alps. Hosted by the Boutique hotel, White Valley Lodge with Georgie of Kennington Pilates, offering a unique bespoke Pilates retreat designed for a small group. A perfect opportunity for some personal relaxation time with activities being as relaxing or as challenging as you choose.

The retreat offers a full programme of Pilates and fitness activities while being cared for by our professional team. Included in our Morzine Pilates retreat are delicious, nutritious, clean meals prepared by our talented in house-chef, as well as specially selected wines. You can also enjoy relaxing massages, the views from our sun drenched balconies and our lovely hot tub. White Valley Lodge is located in a beautiful and private Vallee surrounded by lakes and mountains. The Alps Climate in September offers warm sunny days, fresh mountain air and cooler evenings. Pack your sun cream and a warmer layer! Find out more.

Yoga retreat in Kabak, 26 September – 3 October/3 – 10 October

Enjoy our yoga retreat this summer, in the wonderful and remote village of Kabak on the Aegean coast, a little slice of heaven and an earthly paradise.

The well appointed retreat location allows you to practice yoga twice daily overlooking the breath-taking mountains and sea from a purpose built deck. When you are not practicing yoga, you can walk along the Lycian Way, relax in our infinity pool or in the warm waters of Kabak cove below our retreat. Cultural abundance is found throughout the area and there are Roman and Lycian archaeological sites and colourful markets nearby. Take a boat trip with an onboard barbecue lunch along the turquoise coast and watch the sea turtles while you snorkel or kayak. If you are an adrenaline junky, you can tandem parascend at nearby Baba Dag, the best location for it in the northern hemisphere, for a once in a lifetime experience. Find out more.

Classic Yoga Retreat, Portugal 18th – 24th September

Our yin and yang retreats are an attempt to look at the big picture in order to find balance and harmony between these two life creating basic principles. Our classic yoga retreat is where all the elements of the yoga practice will be explained and explored in a simple yet profound way. Hatha flow, alignment, yin yoga, pranayama, meditation and yoga psychology. Jenny and Igor entered into Hatha Yoga through Ashtanga Vinyasa, loved the feeling of committing to practice and that of giving movement to the meditative process. Over the years they have slowed down and so has their practice, moving in softer styles, such as Yin or slow flow asana. Find out more.

Greek island yoga retreat, 10th – 17th September

Step into the land of the gods with our Greek island yoga retreat on Ithaca, Greece. Enjoy the sound of the waves softly lapping at the shore while a gentle breeze refreshes you. The early morning September sun will warm you as you engage in your morning practice of yoga and meditation. Daily yoga, meditation and simply being in this ancient place of natural beauty will waken your inner spirit. Lazing in a hammock while looking out over the exquisite turquoise Mediterranean Sea will bring you peace. Take this week long journey with Emily Reed and Jack Harrison on the magical Greek island of Ithaca. Steeped in ancient mysticism, Ithaca is the home of Homers’s Greek hero Odysseus. From our base at the divine Itha108, an incredible eco-sanctuary, we will enjoy using the space to explore ourselves through yoga and meditation. Ithaca means ‘the homecoming’, so let this be a week to come home to yourself. Find out more.

Pilates and yoga in Turkey, 22nd – 28th October

Join us for pilates and yoga in Turkey. Pilates Retreat Asia is excited to host our annual family and friendship retreat.”This retreat has a lot to offer and we will show you some of our favourite restaurants, markets, beaches and local hangouts. We love to celebrate family and friends, so each year we organise a retreat that anyone can go on. We offer a retreat for people who don’t always have the ability to go on one due to family or financial commitments. If you are on a budget, but still want to get top class instruction and a full retreat experience in a beautiful setting, then this is for you. Bring your kids, friends, spouses and other family members. Even if they just want to relax by the pool and enjoy a holiday in beautiful Turkey. We will ensure that everyone has a great time surrounded by the ones they care about the most in a place filled with good vibes. Find out more.

Acroyoga, nature and reiki retreat, Panama, 22nd – 29th October

Join Mehdi Zidhane and Adélia Nollet for their acroyoga, nature and reiki retreat. Located in a magnificent area, right on Cristobal Island, Bocas del Toro, Panama. This program has been created as an initiatory journey between Earth and Sky, linking grounding and spiritual elevation, structure and creation, interiority and exchange, matter and energy. Reiki practitioners use a technique they call palm healing or hands-on healing by which a “universal energy” is allegedly transferred through the palms of the practitioner to a patient in order to encourage healing.  This energy helps to relieve blockages and improves physical and mental health. In this retreat, you will be introduced in the first degree of Usui Reiki and the traditional Usui Reiki techniques. After that, you will be able to transmit this energy to yourself and others. After this retreat you will be qualified at the first level of Reiki initiation with diploma, a solid base in acroyoga and improvement for those with prior experience. In your free time you can visit the most scenic beaches of the archipelago, snorkel and go dolphin watching. Find out more.

Pilates and yoga retreat in Amorgos, Greece 3rd – 10th October

Discover the beautiful Amorgos and enjoy pilates in Greece. The perfect retreat location, Amorgos is a nature lover’s paradise with a touch of luxury. Enjoy complete freedom as you play with Mariele, Anja and the wind during daily outdoor Pilates and yoga classes. Hike, swim and discover secluded beaches.

Together we will explore or bodies and minds, make connections and revitalise ourselves! Fall in love with Amorgos, a hidden gem in the Cycladic Islands of Greece, while connecting deeply through yoga and Pilates. With the intoxicating nature of Greece as the backdrop, you will find mental clarity and physical wellbeing. our home for the week will be the luxurious 5 star boutique Aegialis Hotel and Spa overlooking the the bay of Aegialis. The beautiful blue sea is obsessively inviting and there are plentiful little coves and beaches nearby. If the sea is not for you, the pool has stunning views. Amorgos is one of the lesser visited Cyclades islands and is a hidden gem. We will wander around dramatic cliffs and encounter sleepy villages for a Greek coffee and breathe the sea air. Find out more.

Clean eating and yoga retreat in France, 14th – 17th October

Transform your life, lose weight and take control of your health with easy-to-make vegetarian meals. The gut is where serotonin is produced and where inflammation and immunity are regulated. So improving your health can be as simple as changing your diet. Eating natural ingredients, is a solution to changing the way you feel.

Come be inspired, learn to create wholesome meals and expand your repertoire. You don’t have to be vegetarian to join in. A vegetarian cooking workshop experience combined with yoga to transform your health, inspire you to think differently about food and help you lose the weight that isn’t shifting. We create delicious vegetarian dishes from locally sources, organic produce. Our food is a fusion of Anglo, French, Moroccan and Indian flavours. Our menu is seasonal and served alongside reviving, fortifying non-alcoholic refreshments to help cleanse your body and mind. The Little French Retreat is an intimate boutique retreat with only 6 spaces available. We offer shared accommodation with two single occupancies available. Find out more.

yoga-luxe retreat8 Night Go With The Flow Yoga-Luxe Retreat, Thailand 2nd – 10th September

A perfect yoga-luxe retreat where yoga, wellness and adventure come together! Located in a serene location of Samujana, Koh Samui’s most exclusive villa estate, this 8-night retreat is designed to connect, balance and restore the flow of prana or life force energy in your body and mind. Between daily yoga and meditation sessions, guests will be able to enjoy an immersion into the best experiences Samujana has to offer – from relaxing walks on the beach to private yacht charter trip with snorkelling on the house reef to Six Senses Spa pampering. With awareness of breath (prana), you’ll be guided through a beautiful fusion of Hatha + Flow Yoga, softly opening and strengthening your body, providing just the right amount of challenge to balance and bring peace and clarity to your mind. Find out more.

Heal Yourself To Happiness Retreat Valencia, 18th – 24th September

Feel re-energised at our healing retreat in Valencia with Deborah Jane Sutton. Deborah will conduct energy healing workshops each morning, incorporating aspects such as muscle testing, emotional healing and the law of attraction. Our retreat venue will be a pretty Spanish villa nestled among the orange groves of the Valencian countryside. With the golden sand of Tavernes Beach just 20 minutes away and the picturesque monastry of Santa Maria in Simat just 10 minutes away, we are ideally situated for hiking and cycling. You can spend your free time by the pool, playing tennis or enjoying a healing massage in our salon. Visiting practitioners will give informal talks and add their valuable knowledge and insights into other areas of Energy Healing so you can be sure of receiving a wide range of expert experience, inspiration and advice during your stay. Find out more.

beach yoga in ItalyBeach yoga in Italy, 10th – 17th September

This summer, discover beach yoga in Italy on this amazing yoga and meditation retreat. Connect with nature and get swept away by the sublime natural beauty that surrounds Calabria. The waves of the crystal-clear Ionian Sea will provide the soothing soundtrack to your morning yin practice as you look out over the flower carpeted dunes. Allow each day to unfold in the way it will while walking along the sandy beaches and into the pine forest to find your perfect meditation spot, enveloped in nature’s embrace. Enjoy a refreshing swim and cool off after powerful hatha classes while watching the sun set. Discover the rich and inspiring history of Calabria and absorb the energy of the beautiful landscape. Recharge your body, mind and spirit while connecting with both nature and yourself. Find out more.

Eco Retreat in Sardinia, 1st – 8th September

Enjoy an exclusive eco retreat in Sardinia this September. Our accommodation is a brand new sustainably built structure made with straw and wood in Ogliastra, Sardinia.

Hatha yoga, mindfulness meditation and yoga nidra will be our main practices, but you will also have the opportunity to learn more about how to cook your own produce with a mini-cookery course. You will also have a tour of the area on e-bikes to keep with our eco-theme. The Straw House is located at Girasole and the property extends across the lake shore. It is close to the main town of Tortoli and is within easy reach of shops, restaurants, beaches and facilities. Our retreat suits anyone who is interested in sustainability, eco-travel, gardening, mindfulness, self reflection and deep relaxation. You can travel back in time to a more peaceful, quieter and simpler way of life. Find out more.

Balearic Yoga Retreat Mallorca, Spain 4th – 11th September

Like a hidden gem in the heart of the Mediterranean you will find the perfect getaway to nourish yourself. The retreats are designed for anyone who wants to connect to nature in an idyllic setting and reconnect with your body, spirit and mind through yoga and meditation.

It’s an opportunity to recharge your batteries while surrounded by stunning scenery. 

Balearic Retreats provides a week long, holistic and relaxed holiday experience with daily yoga classes, delicious Mediterranean vegetarian food and plenty of time to explore the beautiful surroundings. We wish to share our knowledge and experience to inspire you and create a comforting space for your holiday. We meet our students where they are and make sure everyone gets the most out of their stay. We are delighted to invite you to experience an extraordinary and magical yoga holiday with us. Find out more.

Vineyard Mindfulness and Yoga in Sardinia, 24th September – 1st October

Come and experience mindfulness and yoga in the vineyards of Sardinia. Stunning beaches and glorious rugged countryside are the setting in Ogliastra, Sardinia. Enjoy a deeply relaxing week of yoga, mindfulness, pranayama, nidra and sunshine by peaceful beaches with crystal clear turquoise  waters. Just two kilometres from the beach, the incredible rustic, yet modern, Sardinian villa is set in acres of vineyards and countryside. Reconnect and unwind in Sardegna’s rural setting. With its own vineyards and stables, the idyllic house will set the stage for bonding with nature and finding an inner tranquility. The shaded pool, covered by the ancient olive trees is a perfect place to enjoy a cool drink. You can explore the local countryside on horseback, or take in the gorgeous beaches. Find out more..

Pilates and Yoga Retreat in Santorini, 24th September – 1st October

Imagine doing a fluid practice of yoga and Pilates in one of the world’s most beautiful islands. An island that erupted over 2500 years ago to reveal the best sunset in the Mediterranean. With cascading white bungalows down sheer cliff drops, blue skies forcefully embracing turquoise waters and the only navigable sea crater in the world. Join us for a weeks Pilates and Yoga Retreat in Santorini, Greece. Your perfect destination to rekindle that fire within and enjoy a week of amazing yoga and Pilates. Your backdrop for your Sky Pilates and Yoga Retreat will needless to say leave you captivated, enlightened and elevated to another realm. You won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to transform your yoga and pilates practice and your view on the splendours of nature. Find out more.

Heal and Recover Detox Retreat in Portugal, 19th – 24th September

Heal and recover in Portugal with Vale de Torre retreats. Located in the North of the country, the retreat offers seclusion in the foothills of the Peneda-Gêres National Park. We offer a place to re-energise and regain lost health.

We aim to reorientate your life’s direction and give you time to recover from the stress of life. Life’s treadmill of chores and obligations can grind us down, waste our energy and divert our attention. Our actions, including how we eat, become habitual. Our retreat will remove physical toxins with the use of herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, diet, juicing, fasting and massage. We will help to release emotional and mental blocks through EFT, yoga, and meditation. The deep and profound healing we offer means that when you return to your everyday life, you will feel refreshed, revitalised and re-energised. Happier, healthier and more hopeful than before. Find out more.

Yoga retreat in Krabi, 24th – 29th September

Disconnect with the chaotic world and commune with your inner self at this yoga retreat in Krabi, Thailand. Refresh, eliminate toxins from your physical and mental body, detoxify, immerse into nature and rid yourself of your daily stress.

Be in the company of like-minded beings. Rejuvenate, relax and unwind in the beautiful resort of Beyond Krabi Beach Resort, a luxurious destination in the Land of Smiles. Beyond Krabi is an award-winning luxury resort located on Krabi’s beautiful Klong Muang Beach. From the moment you check-in you will be greeted with stunning views of the limestone karst-studded Andaman Sea. Beyond Resort Krabi follows freeform curves and shapes, with local cultural touches and design motifs inspired by the surrounding tropical environment featuring six distinct room designs. Surrender to pampering and relax in a contemporary luxury resort inspired by nature’s beauty. Find out more.

Yoga & Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura, September & October dates available

Join us on the sun-blessed island of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. Epic sand dunes rolling down into the turquoise ocean, breathtaking white-sand beaches and dramatic volcanic sunsets. More than just a holiday, we are here to support you in your wellbeing journey, making you feel at ease from the moment you arrive. Our seven night yoga and pilates retreats run from Saturday to Saturday and are designed to help reduce stress, improve fitness and vitality and most importantly take time for you. Perfect for all levels from beginner to advanced practitioners, we are here to support you and your goals every step of the way. Everyone has different needs, goals and passions, that’s why we have more than one location and an exceptionally diverse team of experts who are dedicated to awakening the spark present in you. It’s the perfect haven for your wellbeing journey. Find out more.

Yoga and mindfulness in Sicily, 28th September – 2nd October

This exceptional yoga and mindfulness in Sicily retreat will be held on the magical island of Favignana, where nature and the sea will take your breath away. A true retreat experience, we will practice morning ashtanga yoga and enjoying complete immersion in the beauty of the island. Explore the island, the beaches, the small town, and archaeological sites. Go on our boat excursion to beautiful coves dotted around the island. The phenomenal Sicilian cuisine will be a constant throughout this long weekend and we will begin with amazing breakfasts made from local produce from the working farm we are staying at. Our boutique hotel is part of a sustainable farm that produces olive oil, fruits, vegetables, honey, and fresh eggs. Practice yoga outdoors with the breathtaking views of the island and fresh Mediterranean sea breeze as inspiration. Find out more.

Kundalini and ashtanga yoga in Sicily, 8th – 15th October

Join us for our 7 day retreat focussing on kundalini and ashtanga yoga in Sicily. These two powerful styles of yoga will create strength, balance and healing. In our stunning Sicilian setting, just 10 minutes from the sea, you can find yourself and learn how to adjust your lifestyle to better suit you and your health. Through the profound practices of kundalini and ashtanga yoga, pranayama, sun flow, along with the support of polarity and craniosacral therapies, we will embark on a transforming journey into the self. Indulge in some delicious vegetarian meals and silent walks while discovering the enchanting beauty of Sicily. Kundalini yoga focuses on the endocrine and nervous systems and its various breathing techniques and mantras build resiliance and stamina. To enrich the retreat we will incorporate yoga nidra, yin yoga, Tibetan bowls and a full sound bath. Find out more.

Yoga retreat in Sintra, 2nd – 8th October

Recharge and rejuvenate at our ocean yoga retreat in Sintra, Portugal. This week of yoga, pranayama and meditation also gives you the chance to discover the hidden gems of one of Portugal’s most beautiful regions. The stunning setting is between the ocean and the mountains.

Close to three breathtaking beaches it has incredible views of the Serra de Sintra Unesco World Heritage Site and is near to picture-book fishing villages and Europe’s westernmost point, Cabo da Roca. This retreat will provide tranquillity, inspiration and a powerful boost in energy levels.  All levels are welcome to join us in beautiful Sintra. We will ensure that you are guided out of your comfort zone in our safe and loving environment, while receiving individual attention. Find out more.

Earth wisdom summer retreat in Dartmoor 2nd – 9th September

Aluna Healing invites you to join our week-long summer earth wisdom in Dartmoor retreat. An intensive and transformational retreat, it gives you time to journey within, cleanse, realign and awaken a deeper connection with your sacred origins. The retreat draws upon earth-based wisdom and the teachings of our indigenous elders. The focus of this retreat is “becoming a healthy seed”. You will be able to reconnect and align yourself so that you can resonate as a healthy cell of the living body of Mother Earth. Our retreat will be held within a sacred space on Dartmoor National Park. We will be staying in a manor house surrounded by forest, ancient rock, vast, mystical landscapes and ancient sacred sites. Each day will be an exploration of yourself and origins.  To create space for transformation, there will be a daily practice of yoga, meditation, energy work, detoxification, internal inquiry, mentoring and group work. This retreat is also a juice fast, with fresh vegetable juices and cleansing drinks throughout the day. Find out more.

Yoga and surfing in Nicaragua, 17th – 26th October

Enjoy 10 days of yoga and surfing in Nicaragua as well as working with crystals to let go and reach your highest potential. The Miramar Surf Camp offers a perfect environment for deepening your yoga practice, healing and re-energizing your body, soul and mind. Punta Miramar is a surfer’s paradise and is one of the most treasured surf locations in Nicaragua. It is blessed with great waves that make for some awesome surfing. With off shore winds, point and beach breaks, it provides year-round sets for all levels of surfers. Enjoy the world class surf, skate park and swimming pool or relax in the open, breezy hammock lounging area to quietly relax in this beautiful space of mindful living! Explore the rich culture and adventurous energy of city of Leon, and enjoy some delicious Nicaraguan cuisine. Find out more.

sri lanka yoga retreatSri Lanka Yoga Retreat, 1st – 11th September

Let the team at Feel Your Yoga guide you on an exclusive 11-day journey of self-discovery. Prepare to experience the beautiful and tranquil island of Sri Lanka where you will immerse yourself within her unspoilt nature, majestic sunsets and rich ayurvedic culture.

 Our specifically designed program for your body and mind comprises daily yoga coupled with three fresh-cooked vegetarian meals infused with an authentic South-Asian influence.

 Our journey to Sri Lanka’s amazing south, and the idyllic little coastal town of Mirissa promises a tropical climate, pleasant temperatures, and a cool sea breeze. The tranquil coastal fishing village Mirissa, in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka (only 150km south of Colombo), is famous for its golden crescent-shaped beach, incredible whale watching experiences, surfing, relaxed atmosphere and warm tropical climate. Situated close to other popular destinations such as Weligama (surfing), Unawatuna (beach), Dondra (lighthouse), Galle (Dutch Fort) and Yala (National Park), these make easy day trips. Mirissa is a more relaxed alternative to the relatively developed and touristic beach towns of Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa and has one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful beaches. Find out more.

Yoga Surf Retreat in Cornwall, 16th – 19th September

Join AdventureYogi for a Yoga Surf Retreat in Cornwall. Hosted in a secluded location with no neighbours you really can absorb the peace and quite of your surroundings with only the ocean and the coast in view. In the distance is the picturesque fishing village of Port Isaac with its cobbled streets and white washed cottages which would make a lovely afternoon outing. Whether you are a surf pro, a yoga pro or a complete beginner at either, the combination of yoga with surfing will enhance your balance, concentration and flexibility to help you get up on the board and stay on!

You will start the day with a silent walk to the beach, followed by a 1.5 hour yoga session to energise, and warm up the body ready for an afternoon in the waves. You will have a wholesome hearty brunch and then it’s down to the beach for lessons, or hiring a board and going solo. At lunchtime top up energy levels with a snack and relax in the sunshine. Head back to the yoga retreat for massage, hot baths and the evening yoga class. Having built up an appetite, enjoy a 3 course veggie supper and chill out by the open fire or enjoy the sunset. You can even enjoy the breathtaking sunsets over the sea from the comfort of your private terrace. Find out more.

Autumn Equinox Goddess Retreat Ibiza 17th – 24th September

Join me for an awakening retreat that will leave you feeling inspired, uplifted and deeply connected to your power to manifest and create whatever you desire. The Autumn Equinox is a time of balance and also the time of the year where we harvest all of the wonderful things the year has already brought. This retreat will be all about reviewing the last year, giving thanks, planting new seeds and most of all celebrating balance, life and new beginnings!

If you work too much, give too much or think too much then this retreat is absolutely designed for you. Our aim during this retreat will be to find balance in all areas of our lives. To slow down, tune in, get still and listen. To create a sacred, safe, beautiful space in which you can take time out of your day to day lives, time where you can simply Be. You’ll leave with so many tools to take back into your life to help you stay in tune with your natural sense of happiness and the intuitive, powerful woman that you truly are. At the very centre of our empowerment retreat is the female Shakti energy – women coming together to support and nurture each other, create change, celebrate life and tune deeply into the messages of our bodies, our intuition, our instinct, to find our own true rhythm. Find out more.

Yoga and Wellness Week in Sharm El Sheikh, 9th – 16th October

We invite you to join us on a unique, fun, transformational yoga and wellness week at the beautiful 5-star Sultan Gardens Resort in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. This is a perfect opportunity to recharge your energy on the Red Sea and bring your body back into balance with daily you and fitness classes. We guarantee you will experience profound changes returning home feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. We offer daily yoga and meditation classes – suitable for everyone, from beginner to experienced yogis, consisting of various styles, including hatha, vinyasa flow, kundalini, meditation and breathing techniques such as pranayama. Each evening we will have a time devoted to meditation, self awareness and consciousness. The Sultan Gardens consists of 520 spacious rooms and suites which are surrounded by thriving gardens, picturesque scenery and five star resort facilities. All rooms feature a private balcony or terrace. Guests can select sea, pool or garden view depending on preference. Find out more.

Yoga and hiking in the Himalayas, 17th September – 8th October

Soul Seed Journeys will take you on an unforgettable twenty-day voyage of yoga and hiking in the Himalayas in Northern India. Experience the jaw-dropping beauty of the stunning, diverse landscapes as well as encountering the immense blend of cultures and people that make our trips so warm and stimulating. At a laid-back pace, we will explore the region, calling in at towns and villages en route, giving you plenty of time to relax, explore and connect. Our trip offers you so much, from daily yoga and meditation to teachings from philosophers an yogis. Hike and raft through the foothills and volunteer in a Tibetan refugee organisation. Gastronomic tours and sampling local specialities are a tasty part of our cultural excursions, all giving you a well-rounded perspective of each locale, with a yogic twist. In stunning locations throughout the Himalayan foothills, we will be spoiled for incredible backdrops. We will be able to bring our practice back to its traditional origins. Find out more.