Yoga and Safari: The Perfect Retreat Combo

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Why combine Yoga and Safari? Practicing yoga in nature awakens all your senses at the same time bringing awareness, opening yourself up to a whole new way of experiencing moments that not only benefit yourself but also those around you. A yoga safari combines the beauty of nature with the physical and mental benefits of yoga. You establish a deep sense of calm and relaxation by practicing yoga outdoors. It can have a tremendous effect on ones wellbeing and it is an incredible way of connecting ‘Mind, Body and Soul’. It’s a unique and soulful experience with adventure, joy and relaxation taking your practice to another level.

Namibia, nicknamed the Gem of Africa, got its name from the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world and one of the highest sand dunes in the world. Namibia boasts remarkable natural attractions such as the Namib Desert, Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon Park and the Kalahari Desert. Its majestic landscape and natural environment offers a unique flora and fauna population with an abundant variety of wildlife.


With a country as diverse as Namibia, visitors can easily find themselves overwhelmed by it all. The vastness and beauty of the Namibian landscape is a place that is inspirational and that gets into your Soul, bringing peace, stillness and healing to your spirit. It’s something to do with the space, the wilderness and being out in the middle of nowhere, something you feel deep inside, a place with so much energy and magic, it needs to be experienced.

You feel at one with nature, you sense things that you never have before, life slows down, and you allow yourself to appreciate your surroundings, your being, yourself. A yoga safari is not only about yoga and all the animals you get to see, there are daily highlights you can expect, depending whether you go on the 7 or 10 day Yoga Safari.


The Etosha National Park can be seen all the way from space and is one of Southern Africa’s most popular wildlife parks. The Park spans an area of 22,270 square kilometers and gets its name from the large Etosha salt pan which is almost entirely within the park. It houses hundreds of species of mammals, birds and reptiles, including several threatened and endangered species such as the black rhinoceros. Elephant and Lion are common in the park. Other large animals include Leopard, Cheetah, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Hyena, Zebra, Springbok, Kudu, Gemsbok and Eland. The park is home to 114 species of mammals, 340 bird species, 110 reptile species and 16 amphibian species which make game viewing in Etosha a unique experience.

The picturesque coastal town of Swakopmund was established by German colonists in 1892. With its german history, some buildings have german colonial architecture accompanied with endless german cuisine and a small part of its population is still german-speaking. Attractions in Swakopmund include the Swakopmund Museum, Martin Luther steam locomotive, National Marine Aquarium, Jetty and the Crystal Gallery where you will find the worlds largest quartz crystal on display. Overlooking the Atlantic ocean and Namib Desert, Swakopmund has a laid back feel to it with palm trees, good restaurants and gift shops. For the more adventurous, there are a variety of extreme sports, from skydiving, quad biking, fat wheel biking, ocean safaris, dune boarding and surfing.

Sossusvlei is undoubtedly Namibia’s most iconic landscape, located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park. The Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world and stretches over 1500km, with dunes reaching heights of 300m. Deadvlei, a white clay pan with dead camel thorn trees, and the dunes surrounding it is the pride of the Namib Desert. Black-backed jackal, springbok, oryx and ostrich are found in the dunes frequently. The pitch-black trees and bleached white pans paired with rusty-red dunes and blue skies makes this a paradise for photographers. The Himba are an ancient indigenous group that lives in scattered settlements in North-Western Namibia


Currently at an estimated population of about 50,000, the sight of traditional Himba women has become an iconic image of Africa. With their unique traditional customs, the most prominent is their attire and rich red skin products (Otjize) made from Ochrestone (Hematite) crushed into tiny pieces, mixed with butter, fat and slightly heated by smoke before applying to their hair and skin forming a red layer. The layer protects their skin from the harmful rays of the sun and keeps the skin clean and moist. The Himba are considered the last (semi) nomadic people of Namibia and are accustomed to wearing traditional attire befitting their semi-arid climate. It is mostly made of calfskin and is often a skirt like item worn by women.


With a population of over 700 bird species, Namibia offers the best bird watching experience. Of the 700, 350 species are found in the Etosha National Park and surrounding area. Popular birds to see are Shaft-tailed Whydah, Northern black Bustard, Monteiro’s Hornbill, Pale chanting Goshawk, Bare-cheeked Babbler, Violet wood-hope, Rockrunner, Ruppels Parrot and 8 species of Owl. Bird watching is at its best from September to April, when the migratory birds from Europe and Northern Africa are present. After good rains, flamingos can be seen in the Etosha pans.

Namibia is considered to be one of the top destinations for stargazing in the world. Stars and planets fill our night sky, yet many of us never take the time to observe them. Simply looking at the vast expanse of the universe can open up your perception of reality and calm your soul. We invite you to explore the wildlife and culture of Namibia with these soulful and memorable Yoga Safari Adventures. Groups are small which allow personal attention and mindfulness is practiced in all the activities which will give you greater satisfaction and purpose. The Retreat will offer you the chance to enjoy nature in its purest form and deeply relax in unique surroundings. Daily yoga sessions, meditation under the stars, fun heartwarming excursions and plenty of time to relax and soak up the African sun. Yoga, nature and animal lovers looking to get in touch with their inner self will appreciate these Soulful Yoga Safari’s. A truly unique experience combining Yoga with Safari.