Soul Seed Travel Guide: Ibiza’s best Yoga, Wellness and Energising retreats!

soulshine Ibiza
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Last Updated on June 4, 2018 by Editor

Ibiza is one of our favourite Islands in the world!. As soon as you step foot off the plane you can feel the healing energies work their magic….and that’s even before the retreat starts!. It’s the perfect place for yoga, meditation, detox, wellbeing, beaching, guided walks, nurturing, unwinding, relaxing, pampering, spa time and plenty of YOU time!

Here’s our guide Ibiza’s best yoga, wellness and energising retreats happening this spring and summer. Contact to ask any questions and for insider tips on Ibiza.

Yoga and Lifestyle Detox Retreat, 23 – 29 June, 21 – 27 July, 26 August – 1 September, 27 October – 1st November

Ibiza Retreats

Open your heart and learn how to raise your vibration energetically! The focus of this retreat is to allow you to take time and space to hear the voice of your heart – your intuition. It’s about understanding your energy system and how you work as a whole being, as you learn to listen in and to appreciate  exactly who you are, and how you work holistically.

Your individual journey, in a positive loving group atmosphere, is threaded through with Life and Wellness Coaching, personalised yoga guidance, spiritual counselling and NLP so that you can leave feeling fully empowered with a clear strategy for balancing your priorities, time and energy when back in reality. As a team we integrate our expertise to fully support you on your journey towards honouring your fully glowing self.


5 Day Art, Yoga and Nature Retreat with Roseline de Thelin, Ibiza 4th – 8th April

When we activate the genius of our innate creativity we can apply it to every area of our life! Roseline de Thelin is an interdisciplinary artist, creative coach and art therapist, long time resident in Ibiza where she runs her art studio since many years.

Roseline’s passion is to awaken people’s artistic potentials, creativity, consciousness and connection to the environment. She facilitates Art retreats and Creative workshops that foster artistic investigation, self-discovery, self-awareness and personal innovation.

For this retreat Roseline teams up with Katja Niemela, certified yoga teacher & host of lovely retreat house Can Bueno, to facilitate a program combining art, creativity, yoga, mindfulness and communion with nature supported with nutritious plant based food made with local seasonal ingredients.

This retreat will offer daily yoga classes with Katja and creation times with Roseline in her studio and in nature. One full day will be spend outdoors for hike and spontaneous art making with natural elements.

Nature is the ultimate artist and the nature of Ibiza is raw, untamed and exquisitely beautiful. Guided by Roseline, participants will explore hidden parts of this historic Mediterranean island to discover its pristine nature, clear waters, inspiring light and magical landscapes.


Restore and Rebalance Retreat, 16 – 22 June, 14 – 20 July, 18 – 24 August, 15 – 21 September

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Restore and rebalance in Ibiza with Ibiza Retreats this summer. Our yoga, fitness and eat-clean retreat will restore, rebalance and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. We have specially created this well balanced, holistic retreat using our deep collective knowledge and experience. We have balanced yoga, fitness, meditation, nutrition and clean eating in this perfect retreat package. This retreat is for you if you are feeling a little unmotivated, tired, or lost and are looking to relight that spark, ignite your energy and bring back your zest for life.

We will set your body, mind and soul into a conscious, present and loving state that will springboard your onward life journey and empower you to take on life’s ups and downs. By creating a positive foundation to lead a healthy, balanced life, you can be the best you can be. Be assured that this is very much still a yoga retreat, with a fitness element smoothly included, just rather from the point of view of holistic wellness – opening our minds to the bigger picture. We will enjoy yoga every day – on the fitness mornings, it will take the form of an elongated stretch and meditation class – and then pure yoga flow for 3 days. In the evenings, we will have a yin style practise or a take part in beautiful hike through the beautiful Ibiza countryside.


Much more than just a ‘yoga holiday’, an Ibiza Soulshine Yoga Retreat at Casa de la Luz provides the ultimate opportunity to pause from the crazy pace of modern day life. To rediscover and reconnect with your true nature and let your soul shine (not to mention laugh lots, make new friends with like-minded people, snooze, sunbathe, explore, indulge in ridiculously yummy food and have an all round jolly old time!).

Your Ibiza yoga retreat includes an extraordinary amount of delicious daily yoga, meditation, wellness talks and healing workshops plus pampertastic and deeply healing and remedial treatments from our talented Soulshine holistic wellness team (to ensure maximum relaxation and soul soothing!). It is a truly holistic wellness experience.


Carte Blanche Body Balance Wellness Retreat Ibiza, 15th – 22nd September

It’s all inside you, every single thing you need. The carte blanche body balance retreat is an empowering and life changing experience all about you. We create an organic and nurturing environment for you to relax, recharge, switch off from daily stress and strain of life. Stepping in to your power to redirect your attention to what you truly want and move forwards towards your dreams.

Delve in to activities at your leisure, taking part in as much or as little as you like. From yoga to Pilates, nature hikes to pampering, cooking workshops to creative art workshops, there is something for everyone. Nurturing body and mind.

Our time table will be perfectly balanced between exciting activities and personal time to relax, dip in the pool and catch up on ‘me time’. You are invited to try everything, however, extra personal time and long lies are also supported.

Your villa is nestled amongst a fragrant pine forest in the beautiful North of Ibiza, a peaceful and tranquil sanctuary.

This organic and nurturing home has gardens to explore, meditative spaces to switch off, Baili style huts to relax and a beautiful pool to dip in and refresh. Step away from the party scene and find the most beautiful and breath-taking Mediterranean paradise. Together we will discover an island of turquoise waters, hidden coves, pine tree forests, the magical Es Vedra filled with magnetic power and explore Ibiza’s best kept secrets.

The House of OM, presents swarmi Shiva Shankar in Ibiza, 10th – 17th June

A transformational week in June that will take your yoga to new heights. This is beyond teacher training. Delve deeper into your yogic journey with swarmi Shiva Shankar. We are honoured and excited that he has accepted our invitation to come to Ibiza for the first time.

Your check-in will be Sunday evening, and we will open the retreat with an energy grounding circle. The next morning will begin with a light hatha yoga class with Vicky, and Shiva will arrive in the afternoon.

We then commence a retreat that will cover VIJNANA BHAIRAVA TANTRA, with 7 main pranayama, mudras and bandha, all before sunrise. We will then break for a hot herbal tea for 20 mins, and then commence a hatha yoga practise of asana as the sun comes up.

After brunch we will embark on going deeper into yoga philosophies. There will be a break and free time between 12 and 5pm, and from 5pm – 8pm – will be asana practice, meditation practise and some beach fun, before dinner at 8pm.

Ibiza wellness break with Yoga Trip Retreats, 4th – 10th October

Yoga trip Ibiza

Join Yoga Trip Retreats for this fabulous four night autumn break of yoga, pampering, tasty vegetarian food and fun experiences with the ‘real’ Ibiza!.

Some of our mornings start with (optional) brisk silent walk or jog to the seaside and back to get our energies flowing, followed by yoga practice. Other mornings we flow straight into our pranayama, meditation and yoga practice after our supercharged power shot.

Seasonal, delicious vegetarian brunch follows with time of to digest, lounge by our pool and relax. Afternoons we have workshops, endure for a hike in stunning Ibizan nature or soothe our bodies and minds with restorative or Yin yoga practice. One day we will spend at Ibiza Spirit Festival, filled with yoga, therapies, music, dance, workshops, seminars and lively festival spirit.

Dinners are long affairs here – often accompanied with laughter and lots of great stories. And to top the retreat off, you are going to be indulged in body or energy healing treatment of your choice. And our authentic Finnish sauna will be heated for a purifying sauna session. The retreat is accessible to all levels, including beginners.

All meals (except dinner on your Ibizan Spirit Festival night) and full program is included. All you need to bring is a positive spirit and curious mind. Come and join us!.


Spa Hotels

MiM Es Vive Adults only Spa Hotel

Upon stepping inside MiM Hotel Es Vive you will be met with tropical palms, brilliant white walls, an inviting pool and the chilled out ambient beats of a poolside DJ. As you are ushered into the cool Art Deco designed foyer and relieved of your bags by friendly, welcoming staff the stress of everyday life will fade to a distant memory and you will feel yourself relax into the unique Ibiza oasis that is, Hotel Es Vive.

From the inception of Hotel Es Vive in 2000, when owners and interior designer Sean Cochrane (winner of Design Et Al Design & Architecture award) put their heads together to create an Ibiza destination with a difference, Art Deco was the agreed design direction. They took inspiration from the exciting 1940’s period, mixing the bold lines and sweeping curves of the time to capture the essence of a bygone era full of elegance and fashion.

In 2014 the hotel underwent refurbishment, the luxurious refinements adding a feel of distinguished opulence to every room. Today, with its iconic design features, striking colours and wonderful attention to detail, Hotel Es Vive is the epitome of timeless style, sophistication and luxury. Read our review to discover more.

Hacienda Na Xamena

Set on a cliff top on Ibiza’s northern shoreline the beautiful Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena offers elegant rooms with stunning sea views. The gorgeous spa, La Posidonia, named after the important seaweed that grows around the Mediterranean basin, is a sanctuary in which to feel reborn. A not to be missed experience is the thermal circuit with suspended waterfalls, named the Cascadas Suspendidas.

The one of a kind naturally based exterior parcours; built around and within the Ibicencan nature, will revitalise all your senses and infuse a deep overflowing relaxation. The distinguished skin care brand SkinCeuticals and spa La Posidonia, have teamed up to bring the knowledge of science to a range of facial and corporal treatments available on the spa menu. Read our review to discover more!.

Can Lluc

Can Lluc is one of those special and breathtakingly beautiful places, abundant with greenery, that has you feeling relaxed and radiating peacefulness within 24 hours.

A 200 years old rustic ranch that has been in the family for at least three generations was transformed into an agroturismo by owners and husband and wife team Tina and Lucas, along with a local architect who spent three years creating their luxurious boutique spa hotel with 20 rooms.

There is a spa with a Finnish sauna and Can Lluc have joined forces with Ibiza Massages to offer a menu of tailor-made massages and treatments that take place within the Zen garden area.

The perfect setting for a retreat, Can Lluc offers three night Stay Healthy and Yoga Packages suitable for individuals, couples or small groups. Yoga teachers and group leaders can also arrange to host their retreats here. Read our review to discover more.

Cas Gasi

Cas Gasi Ibiza

The gates of Gas Gasi open to reveal a serene and secluded garden, surrounded by pine forests, olive groves, almond and carob trees, and the most charming and beautiful ”hotel with a heart”.

As no outside visitors are allowed at the hotel, the discretion and privacy of the guests is of the upmost importance, giving it an exclusive more members club feeling. There’s no pretentiousness around this though, just no crowds and restrictiveness.

The land is abundant and colorful and grows the vegetables and fruits that are served in the restaurant. There are two pools, one of them exclusively for children so that the adults and other guests without children always have their own space to relax in.

This is a hotel that will keep you on the health and wellbeing track. There is a spa that offers massages, body and facial treatments and complimentary yoga classes offered in the morning. With the help of a nutritionist, they have created the most deliciously healthy menu for vegans and vegetarians including organic acai bowl, scrambled tofu with tomato and a superfood juice menu available at breakfast!. Read our review to discover more.

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