The Best Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Trainings for 2021

suryalila yoga teacher training
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As a student of yoga, there comes a time when you would consider taking that next step and going on a yoga teacher training program.

Whether you’ve decided you want to teach or simply dig deeper into your practice, choosing the right course for you can be challenging! Ask yourself what your intentions are and what you want to get out of the course. Things to consider include the learning objectives, location, style, lineage, teachers, philosophy, course structure, the time investment and commitment.

To help you decide we’ve put together a round up of the best Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Trainings taking place in 2021.

The Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in India

200-hour Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Trainings in Goa

Yoga Nisarga’s yoga journey to become a yoga teacher starts with establishing a personal practice, a dedicated study of the ancient wisdom of Yoga Sutras, and applying their core principles in your life.

This 200-hour yoga teacher training program is uniquely designed for all levels students of yoga and aspiring teachers. Yoga Nisarga is a Yoga Alliance USA recognised Yoga school. It will help you to build a strong foundation and to deepen your practice. Learn traditional yoga from Indian yoga masters and teacher in India.

For twenty-five days you will be immersed in the theory and practice of Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, and the art of teaching. During the course you will have the opportunity to apply the new theoretical knowledge by teaching classes to your fellow students. Since our students come from all over the world, we have designed a cross-cultural friendly and adaptable program. By the end of the course you will return home not only with useful information and new skills, but many fond memories of your time in Goa, India.

This teacher training course is designed for all levels and provides the opportunity to experience the yogic lifestyle and study yoga at the source while getting international yoga certification at the same time.

You will feel happy to share with other people what you learn from this experience. Yoga is a life path to study, know yourself and work with others with awareness.

Available Dates

3rd – 26th March


The Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Alchemy of Yoga School

Join Silvia Mordini and guest instructors for a 3-week immersion yoga teacher training on the magical “Island of Love”, Bali. This RYT 200 Hour Teacher Training is wholeheartedly dedicated to the art of self-study through self-exploration.

A Hero’s Journey that will both challenge and encourage students to embrace their potential, awaken their inner power and ignite their passion for life.

Alchemy of Yoga is waiting for you to join us on our Bali Yoga Teacher Training course! We are seekers, adventurers, lovers of love, rebel yoga spirits, stretchy-minded, soulful, and sensitive.

Ancient Alchemists, like their Yogi counterparts, saw all of creation as composed of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Through their meditations and explorations of these five elements, they created healing and transformative potions that unlocked many of the mysteries of the universe and therein contributed to the evolution of humankind.

Something magical and mystical happens when a group of high-intentioned individuals make the decision to gather together for two hundred hours with the purpose of uplifting their lives and expanding consciousness into radical authenticity. The Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training will provide you with the skills to sit confidently and authentically in the seat of the teacher.

Available dates

3rd – 24th October


200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Ubud

With spectacular views overlooking the rice terraces of Ubud, the Ubud Yoga House is a peaceful oasis offering a magical setting for its small personalised 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with friendly, knowledgeable and experienced teachers.

You do not need to be an advanced yoga practitioner to join the training, although we do recommend that you have been practicing yoga regularly for at least 6 months. Many people take the training to deepen their physical practice and to learn more about yoga and do not necessarily plan to teach.

Our 200 Yoga Alliance Teacher Training is for anyone interested in self exploration and personal development. Our program presents yoga as a path to search inside ourselves to discover our true nature and how to fulfil our unique purpose and become the person we are meant to be.

The study of yoga is not just the study of physical postures, but also the study of universal values and truths found in most religions, philosophies, psychology, literature, and science. Students in our training are encouraged to be critical thinkers as they study, examine, question, and investigate the ideas presented in the course. Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is not a cult. Yoga does not require a certain belief system. Yoga is a path to find the truth within and each individual is free to choose if yoga is the path for them.

This course is not a commercial mass- market training catering to large groups. The Ubud Yoga House is a boutique yoga studio specialising in small group trainings in order to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the yoga teachings.

Ubud Yoga House overlooks the rice terraces of Ubud, Bali and is a magical setting for its 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. This is a non residential teacher training and student are free to choose local accommodation that we can give recommendations on to suit all budgets.


1 – 26 April / 5 – 30 April


200 Hour Yin and Yang Training in Nusa Lembongan

Do you wish to deepen your yoga practice, learn how to teach safely and have a broader knowledge in anatomy, philosophy, yoga history and more?

This is an incredible opportunity for all yoga practitioners and certified teachers. This course is limited to 16 students!

6% of the price of your Yoga Teacher Training Course will be invested into various projects supporting the local community and protecting the natural environment of Nusa Lembongan.

This training has been designed for those who believe, feel, and know that yoga is more than the physical practice of asana. Our intention is to properly train yoga students to become strong, confident, and knowledgeable teachers.

In addition to all of the relevant information about yoga philosophy, theory and teaching skills; we put a strong emphasis on deepening your personal practice. Thus, your training will be oriented toward expanding your own practice, while developing the ability to teach others.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to plan and teach a Vinyasa or Ashtanga inspired and a Restorative or Yin yoga class. This 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited course is led by our senior teachers Lisa Nelson (E-RYT500) and Gwendoline Ferreira (E-RYT500 & YACEP). After completing the course, you will be able to register as a 200-hour Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance.

This course will be held at Yoga Bliss Lembongan, located on Nusa Lembongan island, 30 minutes away from Bali by boat. As a lot of travellers say Lembongan is similar to what Bali used to be 20 years ago. White sandy beach, blue clear water, quiet and a perfect spiritual place.

This island paradise begin to be a must to visit from Bali away from the traffic jam or the hawkers. A perfect place to relax, where the only things to do are diving, snorkelling, surfing, sunbathing and of course yoga.


20th February – 13th March

4th – 25th July

5th – 26th September

28th November – 19th December


The Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in France

200 hour Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training, South of France

Get ready to experience the beauty of the South of France as you embark on your Yoga Teacher Training journey. Our grand 18th-century château is situated in a newly designated natural park at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains, just three kilometers from the village of La Bastide De Serou.

Our 200-hour YTT is where it all begins. This course offers a robust introduction to the Lakshmi Rising Hatha Vinyasa Flow method in an intensive, transformational environment.

Lakshmi Rising’s YTT encompasses our mission of education, empowerment, and evolution; draws from many traditions; and emphasises more than the physical practice of yoga. We are where sweat, strength, flexibility, and fun meet softness, quiet, introspection, and self-love.

And we work with your schedule! Students can choose from two options: a 21-day immersion intensive or a 14-day immersion intensive followed by supplemental online coursework that can be completed within one year.


26th September – 9th/16th October


The Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Italy

200 hour Tuscany Yoga Teacher Training

We have chosen a magical villa contoured by olive groves and organic gardens as the setting for our Summer 2021 14 Day 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Tuscany. Its elegant charm and serene atmosphere make it the perfect setting for learning and transformation.

It is strategically located only an hour from Siena and Grosseto and two hours away from both Florence and Rome. Join us in southern Tuscany in the Seggiano region famous for olive oil and Brunello wines, not to mention their thermal baths!

Villa Gaia is located on a hill in southern Tuscany, between the green slopes of Monte Amiata, the Maremma and a stone’s throw from the Val d’Orcia and the famous Brunello hills. It can be reached from the nearby medieval village of Seggiano with an easy 5-minute country road between isolated farmhouses. Located to the south-west, it enjoys a unique view of part of the Val d’Orcia and the entire area below to the sea, touching the beautiful medieval village of Montenero.

The sunsets every evening are a show that is renewed daily. It borders with the ruins of the ancient Hermitage of San Bernardino in an isolated position, where peace is literally absolute and the air, among the aromas of the generous earth, can also give some shade from the sea.

The Lakshmi Rising Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program is unique, transformative, and highly regarded worldwide. Lakshmi Rising Hatha Vinyasa Yoga is an awareness-based practice that includes fluid, dynamic asana, kriya, pranayama, mantra, meditation, dance, wellness, self-care, and ritual for optimal health and personal growth. Our method is a revitalizing approach to develop mindful self-awakening and cultivate strength and flexibility on all levels through the practice of yoga.

This 14-day immersion intensive is followed by supplemental online coursework that can be completed within one year.
You’ll spend two weeks in intensive study in a luxurious environment, then finish the course remotely—at your own pace, and from anywhere.

Available dates

5th – 18th September


The Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Croatia

300 Hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training

This 300 hour yoga teacher training in Croatia is an evolution of a multi-style approach to yoga -combining Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative and Tibetan Yoga – enabling simplicity with ease in learning and practice.

The program includes 2 weeks intensive retreat, and 1 week online self-study with online correspondence prior or post the retreat. Online study can be extended as a flexible format in case we still face travel restrictions by July 2021.

The course is Yoga Alliance accredited course that leads you towards 500 RYT RYS certification. The program is designed by Zenit Yoga Norway and hosted by Samvidyoga and Retreats, in Croatia.

An excellent and thoughtfully chosen international teacher team – Lea, Kirsten, Viggo, and other guest teachers – is well established in their interdisciplinary insights, gained through decades of research and teachings in yoga, meditation and body-mind oriented therapy.

Students will enjoy a natural and practical approach to understanding the value of different yoga styles, meditation, mindfulness, and breath-work and learn how to balance challenging as well as soft techniques with an aim to support individual practitioners needs.

This is an extraordinary experience of immersing into the essence of yoga and mindfulness practices, study yoga in a non-dogmatic way and learn by example of amazing teachers who walk the talk.

Available dates

3rd – 17th July


Lakshmi Rising 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Liz Lindh

Investing in yourself with a Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program is a life enriching experience even if you have no intention of teaching. Our 200-hour teacher training immersion in Costa Rica’s lush Blue Zone gives you three weeks to focus on your yoga practice with other curious, interesting people from around the world.

It is a time for you to enjoy life while learning about the timeless tradition of yoga, it is an opportunity to cultivate true health and happiness while making new, like minded friends.

This Yoga Instructor Certification Program draws from many traditions and emphasizes more than the physical practice of Yoga. We will explore and experience classical Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the importance of ritual, the magic of mantra, philosophy from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, awareness of the subtle energies within and around us, and a deep connection to Nature as our teacher.

Our asana practice is Hatha Vinyasa, Vinyasa meaning the fluid and purposeful integration of breath and movement. You will gain an understanding of proper alignment for over 108 asana, sun salutations for all levels, creative and smart sequencing, core based strength exercises, enhancing postures with hands-on adjustments, how to incorporate music into a class, how to use props and how to work with special populations.

Students can choose from two options: a 21-day immersion intensive or a 14-day immersion intensive followed by supplemental online coursework that can be completed within one year.

Available dates

9th – 22nd/29th May
6th – 19th/26th June
18th – 31st July/7th August
8th August – 21st/28th August
28th November – 11th/18th December


The Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Thailand

Education in Yoga Foundation 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Koh Samui

Samahita Yoga Teacher Training

Centered Yoga’s Education in Yoga Foundation Level 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course delivers almost 300 hours of training that encompasses methods and teaching from classical Raja and Hatha Yoga, across modern vinyasa and asana, to traditional pranayama and meditation, with modern science and research to guide the way forward.

Eat, live and breathe in one of the world’s most dedicated yoga practice settings at Samahita retreat is Koh Samui, designed for the yoga approach and to aid your own practice and growth.

Since 1999, Centered Yoga’s well-established Education in Yoga 200-hour program has been offered yearly with graduates worldwide. It is where the depth of practice and tradition meets modern understanding and scientific knowledge, plus a good dose of fun, music, chanting, caring and sharing, saving the planet, looking within, and how to enjoy a life while thinking of others, open the heart, sharpen the mind, and free the spirit.

All 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training courses are fully inclusive of the training program, both practical sessions and lectures, and includes the full facilities of Samahita Retreat, accommodation of your choice, and all buffet meals and drinks.

Additionally, we offer fully filtered water stations for you to fill up and stay hydrated along with electrolyte drink on the buffet. We provide a setting to support your body and mind at the optimal level so the time invested in your training is most beneficial.

Available dates

1st – 29th May / 31st July – 28th August / 6th November – 4th December


The Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Spain

200-hour Multistyle Yin & Yang Yoga Teacher Training Course

Are you ready for a life changing journey?
Do you want to do what you love?
Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice?
Learn how to teach yoga and share your passion for yoga?

Our 200-hour Viva La Vida Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive, internationally recognised YTT program. Our training method is unique as it is not limited to one yoga style or blend of styles. Instead, it connects the philosophy of Yoga, Ayurveda and Taoist Yoga (TCM).

We train you by presenting you everything you will need to know in order to practice and teach your own unique style of yoga to anyone. Our primary goal is to cultivate a strong, safe, and strong foundation for yourself and to be able to teach confidently and safely to others.

We focus extra on practical learning and experiencing. We believe that you need to create your own yoga. To understand the various yoga styles and philosophies. To work with what resonates and works for you. We’ll give you a solid basis and inspire you to find your own voice.

Over the last few years we have trained people from more than 25 different countries. Our Viva La Vida’s Yoga Training has developed some really outstanding, creative and passionate yoga teachers who were ready and confident to teach upon graduation, and who have launched some remarkable projects.

Our three week intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Spain is a fully comprehensive, profoundly life transforming experience. We work with small groups up to a max of 16 people. Therefore we can give personal attention to all our trainees. Each trainee has a personal mentor to guide them on their inward journey.

There will be private sessions with your mentor weekly and whenever you feel you would like to have a talk. You can discuss any questions or doubts with your personal mentor.

Available dates

3rd – 24th May


200-hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training, Fuerteventura

the best yoga teacher trainings

This 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course takes place at Azulfit’s Surya retreat, in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain), followed by one long weekend in November at OneYoga Studio, Manchester for final evaluations and testing. You are also able to take your final evaluation at an agreed date in Fuerteventura.

Learn from one of the world’s leading yoga teachers and deepen your practice on this immersive 200 Hour Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher training course. This course will offer student-teachers of all levels of experience the chance to immerse themselves in theoretical, practical, historical and spiritual dimensions of vinyasa yoga with Andrea Everingham. Be empowered; deepen your practice and soak up the Fuerteventura sunshine whilst you immerse in the study of yoga.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher training program is for any practitioner who wants to become a yoga teacher as well as for yoga students who want to advance and deepen their yoga practice and understanding of yoga.

During the 200 hours of this yoga teacher training we will study asana, anatomy, alignment, yoga philosophy and most importantly you will learn how to teach a safe, engaging and effective yoga class in Andrea’s incredible, engaging style. This course is certified as an ERYT-200 Yoga Alliance training school.

Available dates

26th June – 10th July


200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Frog Lotus Yoga International at Suryalila


frog lotus yoga international

This three week intensive Yoga Teacher Training with Frog Lotus Yoga at Suryalila, Spain is an exceptionally high quality, fully comprehensive, profoundly life transforming retreat. It is passionately, and skilfully, led by Vidya Jacqueline Heisel, E-RYT 500, SYT, the founder and director of Frog Lotus Yoga International and the owner and director of Suryalila.

Vidya is a Master teacher with 40 years of Yoga teaching experience, a deep and experienced knowledge of Yogic philosophy and meditation, as well as being an inspiring practitioner and gifted communicator.

The Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Course is a professional, established, comprehensive, well-organised and highly effective programme. For many it is a profoundly transformational and life-affirming journey.

A 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is considered to be the industry standard for a foundational Yoga Teacher Certification. We have found that removing the student from the distractions of their everyday environment, and putting them in a beautiful, peaceful place enhances and optimises their learning ability.

For three whole weeks, you will be fully immersed: talking, thinking, and breathing Yoga with fellow yogis. During the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Retreat you are taken on a magical journey and given all the nurturing and support you need to be successful.

Available dates

March 20 — April 10 / July 31 — August 21 / October 16 — November 6


We’d love to hear from those who have completed their Yoga Teacher Trainings and get your feedback and recommendations. Contact the team to get in touch!.

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