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salt healing training
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Is human life without salt imaginable? Probably not. Salt symbolises life itself. Many people can’t understand what Salt Healing is exactly, so I will try to describe it in a few sentences very simply. People are familiar with other healing systems like Reiki for example, and seem to understand that the healing energy comes from a source of Light and they accept it. Well this is how the Salt Healing works too, but in this case the energy comes from the Cosmos of the Salts. It is a different level of existence which has its own source and awareness which is embedded and integral with the Divine will.

A Salt healer is initiated by the teacher to the different qualities of salt energy to be able to provide healing that corresponds to the chakra system and the subtle bodies. The wisdom awakens in his chakra and in his/her hands, and she becomes a transmitter of this energy. As part of the training she/he receives energised salt grains for each chakra, and energised salt brine. There is a protocol of therapies where, the healer gives healing salt energy which is combined with the use of salt grain on the chakra, or she/he works with olive oil and Salt or with the brine in the subtle bodies of the customer.

Transformation, truth and awakening is taking place in many levels for everyone who desires to awaken and be healed in the light of the Salts. The treatments are not stagnant and crystallized, the guidance from the cosmos of the Salts may ask the healer to combine salt knowledge to bring the necessary result or to guide the patient to a meditation trip at the cosmos of the Salts.

The Salts actually empower the qualities of a healer, they sharpen her/his own light. So people who are working with Salt at the same time awaken their true potentials and gifts. At for those receiving the healing, they quickly come into alignment with their soul and start to feel and see more clearly their one truth, their lies, what is missing, what already exists, what is not working anymore,

The most promising and empowering times in life are secretly hidden and often awaken in the time that everything is failing and falling around us. When we receive this wake up call it gives us the catalyst and to listen to the voice of the heart and respond to the calling.

This voice may be unreasonable and anarchic and wants you to turn apart the world you are living in, and to take you somewhere you don’t know and you can’t control. You know that if you don’t listen to this inner voice this voice you will not be honouring your souls calling. Many times in life we silence the voice of the heart and our lives become compromised realities, and we lose our fuel for life, our passion. Are we alive?

I remember myself back then, when I was like the sleeping beauty waiting for a kiss of love from the Divine, transparent and white pale like a sheet hung on a cord. Someone could think that if the air was blowing, it would take me away with it.

salt healing training

My first experience with the Salts was through a meeting with Spiritual Master Salica Geiger, the “Mother of the Salts”. and founder Salica Healing School on Crete and the ultimate experience was when was she made a unique salt stone for me. In a spiritual seminar, I received a guidance to connect my heaven with earth and I had a whispering feeling that Salica could help me with the energy of the light. I had to put this stone on my heart chakra and to immerse myself in this energy daily. Alongside the salt rock she gave me a small pot with salt grain energized and programmed to dissolve resistances and blockages in my body so that I could assimilate the new energy and help my body handle the transformation process.

The guidance was to do this for three months. So I started to do this process every night while I was lying on the bed before I went to sleep. It was better this time of the day because I had less resistances and because the salt grains were at work during my sleep. I can’t really describe to you the way I was feeling. My heart chakra was burning and every cell in my body was bubbling in love, excitement and joyfulness.

It was during this time that I left for Cyprus and accepted a job as a spa manager in a big yoga resort. During that time I had a fixed program where I was privileged to do things I love like yoga and meditation. Salica had come for one month for business reasons and every day we did practiced yoga together.  I am going to share with you a small incidence that changed my whole life, I have never shared this with anyone before besides Salica who was present at that very moment. I am sharing it with you as I believe that salt prepared me for this, and also helped me afterwards.


One morning, during the yoga practice, while I was doing a pose sitting on the floor and bending my body to my knees, I had a once in a lifetime profound spiritual experience. From the very depths of my own heart appeared a golden sun which cracked open, exploding golden light, passing through all the layers of my existence, this sun was me and at the same time it was mother Earth and the presence of the Divine Mother had taken place in every cell in my body.

Me, mother Earth, and the Divine Mother. The three principles of the female presented in one moment with utter clarity and sacred union. I left the room as I could not hold my tearsback. I went to take a shower, to pull myself together but I was more drifting away with water. My movements were really, really slow, gravity and time had changed for a while. Everything was happening in slow motion. Soon after we returned to Crete and I worked regularly with my salt stone again. This time the crystal from her own wisdom was working in a different level, deeper, more intense and with ultimate power. My shadows were popping like tennis balls in a self-practice, one after another and I had to deal with it, I had to heal it, I had to listen to it, I had to walk this path of mourning death and transformation.

Salt generally has this quality, it goes to the depths of the things, it is passing through layers, it is unveiling what is hidden what is concealed. The purity of the Salts brings purity to the soul. Reconnect and reconcile. It embodies the divine Truth. Brings Heaven to Earth. A year after I attained the Salica Healing School level 1, the Salt of the Earth, and I sealed my relationship and my personal connection with Light-Salts. I become a Salt healer, I initiated to the different energy qualities of the Salts and I deepened even more the connection with myself, with my soul and still the journey is going on.

The transformation I achieved within three years with the help of the Salts is beyond words or expectations, they attuned with my own speed, willingness and devotion and we took a wild ride together. Now this system is part of my daily life, part of my daily rituals, I seek answers in the Cosmos of the Salts, I provide healing with the energy of the Salt, I am moving forward in my path using it as a tool, I heal the Earth with Salt , I am Salt too.

Join Alinea and Salica for the Salt of the Earth Training in Madeira at a luxurious villa. During the training you will receive initiations, so you can give healing therapy with the Salt Energies. We also give 21 energized Salt Products for the chakras, the body and to add to your food. These are characterized by their deep healing potential, crystalline purity and divine energy. You will be able to give deep healing therapies, massage and spa treatments and you can combine your new knowledge within your own business, understanding and learning about the new Salt medicine method.

Learn how to diagnose the true causes of disease and their correlation with body, mind and soul. The initiations will give you access to the Salt healing levels; connection and integration of light body and physical body, you will understand how Salt works as an essential element for mankind on Earth

With much love and devotion to the Cosmos of the Salt, Alinea