Soul Seed Travel Guide: The best yoga detox holidays in Europe

Soul Seed Travel Guide: The best yoga detox holidays in Europe

Stay healthy this summer as the temperatures are rising, soak in the sunshine, deepen your yoga practice and engage in a gentle cleanse on one of these recommended yoga and detox retreats in Europe!

Radiant Health Glowing Skin Retreat with Hanna Sillitoe, Greece 29th July – 5th August


Our Radiant Retreat tranquil, beachside home stands alone on the most breathtaking, secluded coastline in Evia, Greece. With our own private pool, beautiful long terraces overlooking the ocean and private villa gym, every aspect of this home is conducive to rest, relaxation and wellness. Our retreats are focused on regaining health and healing skin. Whether you struggle with a specific skin condition or simply want to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion, the gentle yoga we practice and all the food we serve on our retreats is specifically designed to promote beautiful, glowing skin from the inside out. My best selling book ‘Radiant’ tells the story of my own battle with acne, eczema and psoriasis, so this retreat comes from a real passion in wanting to help others regain confidence.

I want to share everything I have learnt about healing naturally and to demonstrate that healthy, plant powered foods need never be boring! We’ll start each day with healthy juices and shots, followed by a gentle morning yoga practice. Over breakfast we’ll talk about plans for the day and tailor our program to suit everyones wishes. Whether you’d like to hike in the hills, spend time in the ocean or simply relax around the pool, this is very much about giving you the space, time and support you need to concentrate solely on your own health and wellbeing.

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Yoga and Juice Fasting Detox Retreat, Portugal 22nd – 28th October

yoga retreat Portugal

This yoga and juice fasting detox retreat is a powerful and thorough cleanse for body, mind and spirit. Hosted by Yoga Detox Holidays, Lauren has been facilitating juice fast detoxes for 15 years and understands how the body, mind and spirit can become sluggish and run down due to the fast pace of life and certain challenges life brings.

Many people have come with unresolved health issues and have left with varying degrees of healing. Others have arrived lacking in energy and have left full of vitality and zest. Some have wanted to lose some weight, and the program has set them well on the road to changing their body shape. ​It’s truly amazing what the body can do on a liquid diet of nutritional juices for five days – it’s a wonderful rest for the digestive system and a chance for the body to rest and heal. The yoga detox retreat is held at Casa Vale da Lama – a beautiful Eco Resort which grows and offers its own fresh organic fruit and vegetables.

The whole farm is a permaculture and regenerative agriculture project that works together with nature. There is a beautiful space for yoga with amazing views of the gardens and the ocean in the distance. In between yoga classes and juices, you can choose to explore the gardens, walk to the beach (20 minutes walk), lie by the pool (salt treated; no chemicals) or have a nap. Treatments are available during the free time.

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Yoga and Detox Holiday Portugal, 15th – 21st October

Algarveyoga Venue for Yoga Surf

A yoga and detox retreat for anyone who can do with a little bit of a cleanse in the body, mind and heart. The detox is soft, as we still eat food, but very effective. We meditate and practice yoga twice a day, learn a lot about nutrition and how to make life more simple, healthy and happy. There is enough spare time for relaxation, to hang in the hammock, go and wonder in amazing nature, sit in the SPA or get spoiled by one of our massage therapists. The retreat takes place in stunning Monte Velho, overlooking the hills and the west coast of the sunny Algarve. Expect your mind to clear, your heart to smile and your eyes to glow, once you go home again.

We serve light vegetarian food and follow the principal of an alkalizing diet, which is wheat free, sugar free, yeast free and we stay away from alcohol, café and other stimulants.

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Retreat in Croatia: Yoga and Wellness Weekend, 7 – 10 September/21 – 24 September

joy of the mediterranean

Join the Joy of the Mediterranean for a relaxing, rejuvenating, and detoxing mind and body yoga and wellness weekend retreat in Croatia. This is a perfect opportunity to refill and restore your energy under the Mediterranean sun surrounded by crystal blue sea and bring your body and mind into balance with daily yoga classes, meditation and breathing exercises. The experienced team will provide you with personal services to ensure that your stay is comfortable, pleasurable, and effortless. The extensive local knowledge of the retreat team ensures that you will enjoy the best authentic sights, flavors and experiences of Croatia.

Daily yoga and meditation classes are offered – suitable for everyone, from beginner to experienced yogi consisting of the fusion of various styles, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, elements of Kundalini and breathing techniques such as pranayama. Each class has time devoted to meditation, self awareness and consciousness.

The morning session will be an energizing, dynamic 1.5-hour of yoga practice to start your day, including surya namaskar (sun salutations). The 1 hour evening session is designed with a more restorative, calmer approach to end your day and to reflect on it. You will be spoilt with delicious, nutritious meals, with a Mediterranean touch. Additionally, since the retreat location is on the Mediterranean coast with its fresh catch-of-the-day, fish and seafood can be occasionally served upon your request or during the culinary tour.  Should you prefer a week long retreat we offer our Seaside Yoga Holiday.

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Vegan Detox Retreat in a French Chateau, Chalabre 25th – 28th August

 yobaba lounge France

A healing weekend Vegan Detox Retreat consisting of gourmet vegan food, mindful yoga and a digital detox at award winning Yobaba Lounge. Located in a medieval village in the southern French Pyrenees, a region of stunning beauty and fascinating history. The house feels like a temple, the rooms are large and stylish. Using positive ritual, we realign mind, body and spirit through gentle reflection, joyous mindfulness and a delicious vegan diet. We are known and loved for our outrageous gourmet vegan food. It has been described as inspirational, beautiful, exceptional, the best ever, and more. Without dairy, meats, sugar or gluten, the diet quickly rebalances the digestion and supports the cleansing processes.

The retreat is intended for all those in need of rejuvenation, rest and relaxation and those wishing to experience inspirational vegan food. It is suitable for beginners or those already proficient in either yoga or meditation.

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Boutique Yoga Detox Weekend Retreat Ibiza, 14 – 18 September/12 – 16 October


This is the chance to get away from it all! Find yourself in a nourishing sanctuary to give the body and mind a break on this Boutique Yoga Detox Weekend with Ibiza Retreats. Let us do the doing, making it easier for you to switch off and de-stress. Let Ibiza work her magic on you. This incredible island, a place of enchanting natural beauty where we can all return to the breath. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, we can forget to actually enjoy it!

A holistic detox experience for mind, body and soul – dust off those cobwebs and discover a little magic here in Ibiza! This retreat is very special. Words fail to exactly describe the magic here, or why the experience is so unique and touching… A feeling that stays with you long after you leave this little paradise on the south west corner of Ibiza.

There is magic at work here where small miracles often take place. The transformations that our guests experience in just four days make it one of the most powerful retreats on offer. Our guests leave different people, or rather they discover who they really are again, for many it is a feeling of ‘coming home to themselves’. We focus on the detoxification of the mind and body through healthy food and juicing (including a 1-day full juice fast), as well as supportive cleansing therapies. Supporting you on your the detox yoga retreat you will find Faye – to provide wonderful, relaxing therapies such as reiki and gentle holistic massage ensuring both the mind and body get due attention (oh and plenty of twists and treats to ensure the magic along the way). Set in the picturesque Can Bikini, a sanctuary of pure luxurious bliss.

Guests are supported 100%, and so it is ideal for those who are used to giving, who have been dedicated to caring for others and not finding precious time for themselves. Your hosts indulge you with top quality yoga, sensual treats, a liberating clifftop meditation, a range of deeply healing therapies, bountiful organic and delicious meals and high-end pampering.

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