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art of healing retreat
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“The moment a woman steps into her female greatness, is when the heavens collide, and peace is brought upon herself and those in her female radius.”

art of healing retreat

I am woman. I am woman. I am woman. Three short words that can create a mental impact greater than any mindset in our existence. Three short words I, Yasmin Wilnis, have been telling myself for the past three weeks. Why? Because three weeks ago, on top of a magical hill in Ibiza, I finally connected with my feminine energy. And this, my beautiful readers, is the story of how that connection came to be.

Have you ever dreamed of staying in villa overlooking trees greener than Shrek, a sky more blue than Dory, and an atmosphere radiating greater peace than Mother Theresa? Well, let’s be honest, I certainly hadn’t, but I can confirm that this magical place truly exists. That this magic heals and can take you to a level of self development unlike anything before. A place of female touch, flow and love. This femininity is found on top of a large hill in Sant Joan de Labritja, Ibiza, where 12 goddesses stand strongly in their female aura.

Three weeks ago I attended the Almond Blossom Sanctuary, Art of Healing Retreat in Ibiza. As a beautiful gift for my dear mother we explored this retreat together with an open-mind and welcoming heart. What we were to expect was beyond our very belief, and we’re still in awe of the great change in perspective that happened during this life-changing 7 days. Greeted with open arms by German beauty Nina-Fee, yogini master Ksenia, and pure goddess Ruby, we felt the instant connection with three beautiful strangers. Strangers to the mind, but old friends to the soul. We received the message that this week will be dedicated to the alignment of body, mind and soul. To the inner healing of the three areas of our lives that make up our entire existence. It was clear from that moment on that this would be no ordinary retreat, and beautiful things were about to go down…real good!

Sharing a room with my mother, we reminisced about how we’d gotten here and how this place could even exist. It was clear that my calling to the Universe – how to take my personal development to a deeper level – had been answered, and had presented me with the absence of the hustle, and space for a calm radiance. It’s crazy how the Universe presents itself, and how precise we should be with our questions. Having spent years consciously guiding my personal development, I’d realise I’d swiped left continuously to an important area of my very core; my femininity. True love, relationships, affection, romance, are all words that never resonated with me till the stunning age of 21. I’ve only ever known the masculine energy of my teenage upbringing due to the survival mode we found ourselves in. And how, even in the last few years, that masculine energy overruled my pure feminine energy by a mile, but deep down I knew this wasn’t going to last forever.

You see, the 12 goddesses as mentioned above all came with their own super power. Pure kindness, devoted wisdom, strong dedication, and witty humour. And the greatest theme connecting these powerful ladies together was femininity. That’s when my personal development slowly, but surely started swiping right to being a lady. We discussed what it means, why it’s important, and how to turn that pink switch back on.

What does it mean to have feminine energy?

  • Feminine energy is the love that flows freely through our body.
  • The softness of our touch that cures any broken heart.
  • The pureness of our soul that opens up to receiving and loving.
  • The yin to our masculine yang, complementary and equally necessary.
  • Feminine energy is moving energy, constantly in motion, always changing and shifting.

Why is feminine energy so important?
Feminine energy is the greater balance in our nature. It balances out our masculine energy to control and manifest anti-nature ideas. Feminine energy let’s us move with the flow of life, embrace our creative energy, and connect to our internal process. With humanity’s obsession for masculine energy, we lose sight of this tenderness we are naturally born with. We get restless, spend most of our time working, and long for something rejuvenating; Feminine energy. To fill up that longing we embrace the yin to our masculine yang.

How to connect with your femininity?

I learned that it’s all in our mindset. Like mentioned above, we live in a society that overvalues masculinity, and we’re conditioned to this way of living and thinking. It all starts with the mindset and belief, and after that the connection flows naturally from there.

Understand the importance of your female energy, and that it is needed for the internal balance of our soul.
Embrace the perks that comes with being a woman; natural curves, innocent aura, flowing dance moves, and monthly alignment with the cosmos (period).

art of healing retreat

Change your mindset towards your traumas. Ever since having my period at the age of 11, I’ve had the most daunting relationship with my monthly mess. My Ibizan sisters taught me that this monthly flow is our strongest alignment with the Universe. What we bleed out is the releasing energy of the past month. Seeing as females are the only species to flow this hot red energy, I can only thank my period every month for connecting me with the allure of our cosmos.

Look at yourself in the mirror every damn day, and flirt with that beautiful attraction opposite you. She has so much more potential than you think, and that confidence she radiates is all she needs to conquer her world. Love your vulnerability. With every heart-to-heart conversation, I learned that vulnerability is an immense asset and allows for connection on a deeper level.

Females are friends, not foe. I’ll be honest, the thought of spending a week with 12 women in a secluded villa didn’t settle naturally with my instinct. As we dived deeper into conversations throughout the week, I knew this wasn’t just any group of women brought together, there was something magical and strong blossoming into place. We women are power bombs when in alignment with one and other and when we stop seeing each other as competition, we appreciate being part of #girlbosses #likeagirl #femaleempowerment.

art of healing retreat

After only two days, I felt my feminine doors slowly opening up inside of me. A pureness and softness that had been missing for so long, and put on lock down for protection of my true vulnerability. I now write from a pure, present and pink heart. Thanking the goddesses on top of that hill, the goddesses of Sant Joan de Labritja, Ibiza, as we came together and created a spark I’m now ready to share. May you, beautiful reader, experience the strength of your female mantra and nurture your enlightenment to your womanhood, your female intellect, and the goddess within. Because the future is female, and it’s time to step into our female power.

“Every woman that finally figured out her worth, has picked up her suitcase of pride and boarded a flight to freedom, which landed in the valley of change.” – Shannon L Alder.


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