Yoga at sunrise & Savasana in the Sky Garden with the best views of London

Sky Garden
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They say that the view is worth the climb. Well getting up at 5am to travel to east London for a 6.30am class at the Sky Garden was undoubtedly worth the journey, not just for the panoramic views across the city from the 36th floor, but for the stunning sunrise we were blessed with and the energising yoga practice that awoke our sleepy bodies. A better start to the day would be hard to find…this was a very good morning! Namaste!

Throughout the summer months, from Tuesday – Friday at 6.30 – 7.30am, Saturdays 8.00 – 9.00am and on Sundays from 8.30 – 9.30am, the tropical Sky Garden is covered with about 50 yoga mats and filled with yogis for an hour long dynamic and flowing class. It’s suitable for all levels and I imagine that many of the people come along for the prospect of the epic views alone. Everyone is taking photos and selfies before we even get ourselves into a our first downward dog.

On the Tuesday morning that I attended our teacher Rebecca wears a headset so that everyone can hear her give clear instructions to guide people through the poses, along with some gentle and uplifting background music. It’s not too strenuous but challenging enough to stretch out the muscles with a lot of focus on warrior and balancing postures.

Fixing my eye on the Gherkin as my drishti point helped with that and it’s not long before it’s time to lye down again for the best part…savasana of course.

Now feeling thankful for the early rise and hungry for a healthy breakfast in the Sky Pod bar on the 35th floor. It’s on the opposite side of the building too so you get to take in more of the city views.

After fueling myself with lots of fruit, fresh juice, nuts, bircher muesli and a few cups of coffee whist looking at the shard, I left the Sky Garden feeling full of energy and inspiration, ready to take on the long work day ahead. I could get used to these 5.30am starts, same time tomorrow? I’m in.

There are two types of tickets available at the Sky Garden, for the class only prices are £10 and £20 for the class + breakfast which is well worth it as it’s a buffet and you can help yourself as much as you want.

Private and bespoke yoga sessions are also available. Please email with the subject PRIVATE YOGA for further details about how you can arrange your very own private yoga session.

Buy tickets here.

20 Fenchurch St. Call Sky Garden, London EC3M 8AF. Don’t forget to bring your own mat!