Soul Seed Travel Guide: Not just a yoga retreat!

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Whether you are travelling near or far for a retreat, you can get the best of both worlds by experiencing more than just yoga classes on the daily schedule. We have chosen these retreats that, in addition, offer cultural activities that will expose you to the history, art, traditions, agriculture, and cuisine of your chosen destination.

Here’s our guide to the best not just a yoga retreat!

Embracing Your Self: A Sacred Journey to Bali Yoga Retreat, 17th – 24th June

We invite you to join us in a sacred journey dedicated to the spirit and grace of Bali as we embrace our Self, our deepest beauty nature. In that embrace, mystery and transformation quicken and dance! Bali herself is a sensual feast, filled with wonder and light. She has been called by many names, including the “dawning of the world.” Let us ask her to illuminate us, so that we may walk in our beautiful nature and reflect our light into the world.

Imagine soaking in this lush emerald green land of Bali, full of majestic volcanoes and terraced rice fields. Experience the sacredness of Balinese daily rituals and traditions, colorful ceremonies and daily devotions, reflecting their deep reverence for life and spirit. We will partake in these celebrations and they will awaken in you the beauty and possibilities in your life. Embrace your self in this land steeped in the energy of transformation and joyful connection.

Together we will create a circle of abundance, compassion and support as we weave together our stories, wisdom and experiences. By learning to listen and discern our inner landscape, we deepen intuition and clarity and learn to find balance and harmony in our lives.

Circle and yoga class are in a beautiful circular pavilion with 360 degree views of bamboo forest. Our retreat center has a fresh water pool, spa treatments, Ayurvedic massage, nature walks, treks in the jungle, meditation, Balinese dance lessons and more if you so desire. Or take the time to sit in meditation, tranquility and silence on your private veranda where you will enjoy stunning views of the beautiful landscaped gardens and forest during unstructured time. From your veranda you might glimpse monkeys in their natural habitat and hear the chirping of a thousand birds or frogs composing a melodious symphony of natural sounds.

We are planning three half-day journeys all close to the retreat center. One trip is to a traditional Balinese village, home of sacred white cows, where we will visit a temple, meet local artisans and see the countryside. Another day we will travel to Ubud, the cultural and spiritual center of Bali. Our last day, we will learn how to make traditional flower offerings and participate in a Balinese purification ritual and blessing ceremony at a nearby temple and waterfall where we will immerse ourselves in the purest water in Bali.

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EAT.PRAY.MOVE Ocean and Mountain Yoga Retreat Bali, 8 – 14/15 – 21 April

Our time in Bali will be split between two locations so guests can experience the best of what this lovely land has to offer! We will start at a seaside village away from the hustle and bustle and really settle in to this week alongside the ocean! We’ll have half of the week with beach accommodations and a relaxing way to ease into our holiday. We will be taken care of by an award-winning boutique hotel family that will host us at both locations in Bali. The first is sumptuous yet unassuming – an ocean-front retreat that lies in the shade of Mount Agung, held up as sacred by Balians, and surrounded by opulent coconut groves. Mid-way through the week we’ll head into Bali’s most famous town of Ubud. We’ll be hosted in luxury accommodations – a tranquil and secluded hillside retreat that sits high up on the edge of the rich green Ayung River valley in Bali’s central foothills, in the traditional Balinese hill village of Payangan. Both hotels offer award-winning design accommodations and even one of the world’s “Top 50 Pools in the World.”.

Guests will not only enjoy the grounds of the villa, the outdoor areas including a lovely pool, patio and lounges, but the retreat includes some amazing day-trips to the surrounding sites. A guided day in and around Ubud will lead guests through an introduction to this area. We’ll visit a spice plantation, get to participate in a Balinese healing and fire ritual, and learn Balinese cooking during our cuisine lesson. There will be time in nature, on the beaches, and also we’ll get to visit the Indonesian weavers of our “Give Back” Partner in Bali and learn more about the amazing textiles of the area.

The final full day entails a trip to the luxurious Four Seasons where we’ll delve deeper into Bali’s serene beauty and tradition by spending a day in the life of a local farmer – from a private guided walk through rice fields and jungle paths, followed by a picnic breakfast in a rice field pavilion, known as a bale, then we help local farmers plant rice with traditional methods.

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7 Day Vino and Vinyasa Italian Yoga Tour Holiday, 24th – 30th June


Join Silvia Mordini for her 7 Day Vino and Vinyasa Italian Yoga Tour Holiday. Silvia is a yoga teacher, healer, author and international guide who is passionate about Tuscany and has lived in Italy on and off her entire life, and is experienced in the culture! You will be guests at Antico Borgo di Tignano recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site focusing on Tuscan traditions. Stay in your own 10th century restored villa all with private baths. Peacefully nestled into the hills with epic views of Casole d’Elsa and Volterra in the distance, this is the perfect entryway into the Tuscan countryside.

Some say you can fall in love with a place just as you can with a person. This is certainly true of Toscana! The tastes, sights and people of Tuscany will nourish your spirit and renew your sense of joy. Experiencing life under the Tuscan sun is something that stays with you forever. In Italy, you slow down to enjoy each breath, each sip of chianti, each taste of antipasto. You may in fact realize that you are actually home: the home of your heart. And life will never be the same after that.

Tuscany teaches us to savor each moment and live inspired by the details that might have otherwise passed us by. Silvia’s years of guiding in Italy ensures that you will experience the joy of La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life).

You will travel to many famous Art Cities, including: Florence, Monteriggioni, Siena, Radda in Chianti, San Gimignano, Castellina in Chianti, Tignano, Volterra, Petriolo Natural Hot Springs & Spa, The Mediterranean, Casole d’Elsa, and Colle Val d’Elsa. Lingering with iconic art, architecture, and design punctuated with wine, food, fashion, and fun, you will experience the real sensuousness of Tuscany and understand why it is on everyone’s bucket list! Many people decide to spend some time after our trip, to build on the foundation, and we highly recommend it!

This week is all about recharging. We will move at a relaxed pace; participation in any event is not mandatory and there will be plenty of time offered to explore on your own. You will certainly have time to re-learn the art of relaxation or as the Italians say “Il Bel Fai Niente,” set mindful goals, and renew your entire sense of wellbeing.

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Soul Adventure Retreat: Discover your Magic of Tuscany, 12th – 19th May

Get ready to explore the unforgettable sights and the magic of Tuscany on our Soul Adventure Retreat, and be swept away by the irresistible culture and cuisine. Picture yourself unwinding at our delightful countryside villa, where you will be guided by life coach, Sharon Stokes to create and explore your own “Life Map”! Through self reflection, invigorating movement, healthy nutrition, and fun adventures, you will rekindle your inner sparkle, and leave bubbling with inspiration, fully connected to your life’s purpose.

Come experience your own ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ adventure and immerse yourself in the magic and beauty of the Italian countryside while connecting with other like-minded women.

To balance this “soul work”, holistic health coach, Sarah McKeon will lead daily invigorating movement and yoga, positive mindset practices, and provide irresistible local and fresh cuisine. These wellness activities will keep your energy flowing and your body feeling its best!

On top of the soulful time at the villa, we will be exploring some of the majestic and iconic sights in Tuscany! Make sure to pack your walking shoes as we have 3 adventure days included in the retreat. The first is a full day exploring the culturally rich city of Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance. Secondly, we will visit the breathtaking coastal villages of Cinque Terre! Last, but not least, we will enjoy a leisurely bike stroll around the walled city of Lucca, and have dinner in the magical Piazza del l’Anfiteatro, the historic and soulful heart of the city. You will feel like a true Italian, strolling the cobblestone streets in this hidden gem.

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Exploring Perception: Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Photography Retreat with Kimberly Poppe in Sicily, 5th – 12th May

Rediscover the present moment through meditation, yoga and photography. Meditation and photography share the same goal. To capture the freshness of the present moment. To find beauty in our everyday experience. To change the way we see the world. In this special retreat led by Kimberly Poppe, meditation teacher and photographer, we will explore how we see, experience and relate to ourselves & the world.

Danena Sicily is a holiday retreat that offers a revitalizing fusion of activities centered around yoga nature, art, culture, pilates detoxification, music and healthy food. Our main location is a 19th century farmhouse – La Masseria – situated in the luscious natural landscape of southeastern Sicily surrounded by the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea.

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Springtime in Tuscany Yoga Retreat + 2 nights in Rome! 14th – 21st April

Join us for an opportunity to reconnect, ground, and restore in the beautiful Tuscan countryside as it shifts from winter to bloom. We encourage our retreat-goers to take advantage of the incredible part of Italy we will be visiting, so excursions are offered to those that are interested. This may include hikes, visiting nearby towns and destinations, museums, or spending your days at our villa resting, reading, and lounging poolside. These are included as part of the retreat (though entry fees to any museums or events will be up to the individual). If you are traveling from afar, you may join us for one night in Rome on either end (hotel included). Otherwise you may meet us in Rome to catch transport to the countryside, or in Tuscany if that is easiest.

We will begin our journey in Rome at a boutique 4 star hotel that is a favorite of ours, located in one of our very favorite neighborhoods of Trastevere, with plenty of wonderful restaurants, shops, and classic scenes nearby. After a nice night of resting, settling in, eating delicious meals and getting to know one another we will group into transport vans for the beautiful drive out to Tuscany together. All transportation from Rome on is included, as we have these transport vans as our own for the duration of the trip.

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All inclusive Yoga Safari Retreats in Namibia, 22 April – 1 May/30 April – 6 May/4 – 13 June/26 November – 5 December/7 – 13 December

Namaste Yoga Safari is the first and so far the only yoga retreat in Namibia that offers Yoga while on Safari. Some people describe Namibia as a country that gets into your Soul. Namibia awakens your emotions and senses –with its stunning landscapes, endless space and fresh air. You will experience moments that wont be possible anywhere else, feeling re-connected with your soul! Its not just a holiday, yoga or a safari, it is an adventure of a lifetime. An unforgettable journey making your feel more peaceful and balanced. The Retreat will offer you the chance to enjoy nature in its purest form and deeply relax in unique surroundings.

We offer all inclusive 7 and 10 day Yoga Safari Retreats in Namibia, accommodating a maximum of 8 people and a minimum of 4 to keep it intimate and special. Yoga, nature and animal lovers looking to get in touch with their inner self will appreciate these Soulful Yoga Safari’s. This is a truly unique experience combining Yoga on Safari.

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5 Day Holistic Wellbeing Retreat through Art, Nature & Mindfulness, Ibiza 16 – 20 May/24 – 28 October

Nourish yourself at the source of all creation!. Nature is the primordial art form that awakens in us aesthetic inspiration and wonder. Nurturing our relationship with nature provides an endless source of balance and artistic inspiration.

Roseline de Thelin is an interdisciplinary artist, creative coach and art therapist, long time resident in Ibiza where she runs her art studio since many years. Roseline’s passion is to awaken people’s artistic potentials, creativity, consciousness and connection to the environment. She facilitates Art retreats & Creative workshops that foster artistic investigation, self-discovery, self-awareness and personal innovation.

This holistic Art Nature & Mindfulness retreat combines hikes in nature, meditation & creation: drawing, painting, clay, expressive movement, spontaneous art making in nature & in art studio, art rituals, creative writing, yoga and body awareness.

Nature is the ultimate artist and the nature of Ibiza is raw, untamed and exquisitely beautiful. Guided by Roseline participants will explore hidden parts of this historic Mediterranean island and find inspiration in its pristine nature, clear waters, inspiring light and magical landscapes.

Complete accommodation is provided in beautiful traditional farm house called Can Bueno hosted by Katja Niemela, certified Yoga teacher and Reiki master. Roseline’s art studio is only 150m from Can Bueno It has been the cradle of many artistic projects and vibrates with creative energy. The studio is a 70 m2 luminous space with high ceilings and an outdoor country area, perfect for small group settings.

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EAT.PRAY.MOVE Form & Focus Luxury Retreat Goa, 17th – 23rd March


Join us for our EAT.PRAY.MOVE Luxury Form & Focus Retreat in Goa. We are so excited about another special collaboration with Julian Hyzler from EASEL&LENS to combine a look at creative focus with travel-journal creation classes throughout the week. Yoga and meditation classes will be held daily to prepare our bodies and minds to find the ‘calm in the chaos’ of the sensory-overload that is India – and then these creative projects will help us find new ways of seeing – both yoga and art working together to find FOCUS in the many layers of smells, sites, and sounds that abound in exotic Goa.

This creative retreat features “design curation” by Rupi Sood, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of J’AIPUR, an East-meets-West arts and culture journal. In addition to creating and curating online content for the magazine, she publishes bi-annual print editions which are sold in select shops around the world. Rupi was born in India, raised in Canada and now lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, two children and a Jack Russell Terrier named Sherlock Holmes. She is an EAT.PRAY.MOVE multiple time past guest and now helps to plan exciting new lifestyle additions to our India retreats.

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EAT.PRAY.MOVE MOVE + MANIFEST Retreat, Reykjavik Iceland, 28th July – 1st August

Enjoy the midnight sun in the land of FIRE & ICE on this magical Icelandic adventure with daily yoga, day trips, and stimulating life-coaching workshops. Our day trips will allow us to experience the many unique landscapes and activities that this area has to offer. We will take a tour through Iceland’s famous Golden Circle which will include the main stops on the route, such as the waterfall Gullfoss (meaning “golden falls”), and the geothermally active valley of Haukadalur, which contains the geysers Geysir and Strokkur.

Our day trips will allow us to experience the many unique landscapes and activities that this area has to offer. We will take a tour through Iceland’s famous Golden Circle, which will include the three primary stops on the route: the national park Þingvellir, the waterfall Gullfoss (meaning “golden falls”), and the geothermally active valley of Haukadalur, which contains the geysers Geysir and Strokkur, which continue to erupt at every 5-10 minutes interval.

We will also spend a day in the capital city of Reykjavik to explore some sites, take a walking tour, have some free-time to shop, see more of the Icelandic design, or relax before our dinner in town! A day in the village of Hveragerði will allow guests to see more of this thermal water captial and even visit various sites and thermal parks. And a trip to Iceland wouldn’t be complete without a day at the Blue Lagoon with its healing waters, silica masks, unparalleled views, and overall spa experience!.

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Or how about a tailor made Wellbeing Weekend in the City package? We offer these in Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Ibiza and Palma. Stay in a boutique or spa hotel and we will organise either private yoga lessons for you or book you in to one of the studios we have personally attended and recommend. We will also organise a schedule of activities based around your requirements so that you get to explore the city in the way you want to.

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Describe your perfect retreat and tell us where and when you would like to travel and we’ll create your dream package.