Soul Seed Travel Review: Yogarosa Healing Therapy Retreats in Ibiza

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After meandering down the bumpy and not so car friendly lanes, on a warm September afternoon in the heart of Ibiza, somewhere between Santa Eulalia and Santa Gertrudis, we finally spotted the signs for Yogarosa in the form of a series of rocks painted in pink, which we followed in typical Ibiza fashion until we arrived at the big wooden gates where we were warmly welcomed by our retreat host and teacher, Rosa.

The evening began with a group yoga and meditation practice in the beautiful yoga shala. Starting with a few rounds of pranayama to calm the mind and connect us to our breath. Pranayama breathing is central to Rosa’s holistic philosophy. Teaching us that the rhythm and depth of our breathing directly affects the state of our mind and health helping us to experience higher vibrational energy, and deep work on breathing allows us to go further into the postures, freeing the body and spine to rediscover fluidity of movement and enhance cell regeneration.

After the pranayama comes a healing, therapeutic flow of Kriya yoga that Rosa was initiated into the spiritual science of, after her teacher training and studies in India. Her own calling and journey to India began after a tragic car accident in Mallorca in 2002, put Rosa in a coma in hospital, leaving her with serious injuries including spinal problems and swelling on the brain. After a year of rehabilitation her youngest daughter suggested she join her on a yoga retreat in India. Through her practice and travels around India to different Ashram’s with her teacher, she began to heal herself and then brought her wisdom and magic to Ibiza.

Already feeling the benefits from the first practice we were in for a treat at the beautifully set communal dinner table. Once seated we were served the most deliciously soul nourishing food, made and created with a whole load of love, by the super talented goddess in the kitchen, Claudia. All organic, locally sourced vegan and vegetarian food, full of detoxifying nutrients. It really did taste as good as it looks!

The evenings were great for some down time and catching up with some much needed rest. The beds are a major highlight, made with pure cotton bed linen – hand-stitched by the company TANIS from Ibiza. Every room is cleansed and smudged with the pure energy of white sage before every guest arrives.

The next few days are a gentle but deep transformation as our bodies slowed down and the chitter chatter in our minds faded away. Groups are small, the maximum number of guests at one time is 9, keeping it intimate with lots of one to one attention from Rosa.


Each morning starts at 8am with a 1.5 hour yoga and meditation practice. Not too early for a retreat, and the best wake-up to start the day feeling grounded, strong, energised and ready for more mouth watering food at brunch served shortly afterwards at 10am.

A colourful spread of fruits, home-made granolas and breads, vegan cheeses, seeds, nuts, avocado and fresh figs. Washed down with a shot of dark green potion to boost our immune systems.

There are little distractions during the day besides the two inviting pools to swim in (one salt water), a hammock to read a good book from, or to walk around and discover the peaceful sanctuary, through the pine forests, along the meditation paths and meet the rescue animals Rosa has adopted – 2 horses, 4 adorable dogs, ducks, chickens and 2 miniature pigs.

Highly recommended are the treatments that are available, Rosa works alongside a team of highly sought after therapists and the menu includes transforming Reiki healing and massages with Pernilla from Sweden, Energising Thai massages and or Shiatsu with Giovanni, heart opening therapeutic massage with Pablo and raise your frequency with Bio Resonance therapy with experienced practitioner Brigit.

This is a retreat that enables you to slow down, heal, nourish yourself, reflect, be still and look inwards. It’s evident that Rosa has a wealth of experience in taking very good care of people, and after just a few days the effects of the retreat are clearly visible and we’ve all taken on Rosa’s calm and zen approach to life.

The philosophy behind Yogarosa being, that in order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion. Namaste.

Retreats at Yogarosa start from €250 per day including yoga, meditation, accommodation and food per person and day. Contact to book your place.