Soul Seed Travel Review: Cas Gasi Agroturismo Ibiza

Cas Gasi
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Although I had previously lived in Ibiza for five years and had become very fond of the quaint little town of Santa Gertrudis, I had never stepped inside the gates of the boutique hotel Agroturismo Cas Gasi, that were hidden off the road to Sant Mateu.

With the given instructions to ring the bell upon arrival, the gates opened to reveal a serene and secluded garden, surrounded by pine forests, olive groves, almond and carob trees, and the most charming and beautiful ”hotel with a heart”.

Cas Gasi

As no outside visitors are allowed at the hotel, the discretion and privacy of the guests is of the upmost importance, giving it an exclusive more members club feeling. There’s no pretentiousness around this though, just no crowds and restrictiveness.

The land is abundant and colorful and grows the vegetables and fruits that are served in the restaurant. There are two pools, one of them exclusively for children so that the adults and other guests without children always have their own space to relax in.

I was never disturbed by anything or anyone during my stay besides the activities or conversations I chose to partake in. I felt an incredible sense of stillness and presence, like I finally had the chance to breathe.

My main purpose of travel is to discover new places to stay that help me to stay focused on my health and wellbeing. Cas Gasi ticks all the boxes, there are complimentary yoga classes offered in the morning and with the help of a nutritionist, they have created the most deliciously healthy menu for vegans and vegetarians including organic acai bowl, scrambled tofu with tomato and a superfood juice menu available at breakfast!.

Cas Gasi

I’ll always remember the flowers placed at every table and lots of sunflowers in sight,  a symbol of happiness and warmth.

Cas Gasi

There is a spa that offers massages, body and facial treatments. Cas Gasi’s in house beautician and therapist gave me a back and shoulder massage which was deep and bordering on painful because of all the knots and tension I have from hours of working at the computer. It was a message to relax more, a reminder to enjoy the moment, and I could not of asked for a more perfect bedroom to relax in and embrace this.

My heavenly retreat suite is like is a cute little cottage with two french windows opening up to a terrace, a little alcove with a sofa and table and king size bed. It’s times like this when you appreciate being alone and not with a partner, family member or friend. With no agenda, the time is always now.

Cas Gasi

Cas Gasi has grown organically, just like its vegetables, through word of mouth and has maintained its authenticity. Guests return year after year, some extending through two generations of family. No matter who are you travelling with, you will always be warmly welcomed by the owners Margaret and Luis.

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