The best retreats for the serious & committed yogi

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Take your practice to the next level on a retreat where the main focus is to deepen your yoga practice.  Here’s our round up of the best retreats for the serious and committed yogi.

Location: Lefkada, Greece

Dates: 20th – 27th October

The Alchemist Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Join us for a beautiful and transformative Indian Yoga and Alchemist Meditation experience in the scenic backdrop of Lefkada Islands, Greece. Learn to go inside through deep Buddhist meditation and classical yoga in order to release our blockages and undo the cycles of our past, while simultaneously applying this powerful knowledge in order to heal the body through tantra, ayurveda and reflexology practices.

Winner of the Luxury Travel Guide Awards 2017 for Asia and Australia region and Service Excellence by Tripadvisor this is an intensive spiritual experience, where with the back drop of pure nature you can learn to go inside, let go off the pain, the cycles of limitations and expand beyond your original self through simple direct work on and into the mind which the Yogis have practiced for thousands of years.

There are opportunities to work directly with the Zen master and seek Transcendental appointments and therapies from him during the retreat. Come, allow yourself the change you have always wanted, but did not know how to create. This retreat is immerse and content rich, suitable for the student who is ready to form his her spiritual path.

Our luxurious back drop if the Urania Luxury Resorts, standing on top of a mountain overlooking the 7 Ionian Islands and the beautiful Ionian Sea.


Location: Alicante, Spain

Dates: 23 – 28 May, 6 – 11 June, 5 – 10 September

Pure Yoga Retreat Going Deeper

If you’re keen to re-kindle or develop your existing yoga practice, going on a yoga retreat is the perfect way to deepen your understanding with experienced teachers. You’ll feel the difference in just a few days which is all you need to ignite your yoga flame and kick start a regular practice back home.

Our Pure Yoga Retreat Holidays are held near the sea in the vibrant coastal town of Denia, an hour north of Alicante. The programme includes carefully planned twice daily yoga sessions with plenty of alignment cues to keep you on track, different pranayama techniques and daily meditations all of which will help your body relax, open and strengthen. We’ll also delve into other aspects of this ancient healing system and help you create your own home yoga practice too.

And, when you’re not on your yoga mat, there will be plenty of time to relax at the beach, paddle in the sea, join a coastal hike, head off on a guided bike ride, go horse trekking, book super beauty and holistic therapies, snooze, enjoy delicious tapas or explore the lovely vibrant town of Denia.

You’ll feel so much stronger and calmer by the end of your stay and notice a huge difference in yourself and your yoga practice in just a week. Join us for an authentic and complete yoga experience which touches on yogic details and practices your regular teachers may not have time to teach you. It is ideal if you want to deepen your practice with senior teachers who will help progress and develop in just a few days.


Location: Vale da Lama, Portugal

Dates: 7th – 13th October

Classic Yoga Retreat with Jenny & Igor

When you come to one of our classic yoga retreats, everything is set for you. Three delicious, almost entirely organic, vegetarian meals are served, the venue offers a splendid and spacious setting for you have plenty of room to move about, the beach is a 40 minute nature walk away, no car needed, and the accommodation is outstanding, ample comfortable rooms in a beautiful building set up in the lovely gardens of Vale da Lama, pool included, all attended by their lovely and highly professional staff.

To assist you during your resting and reflection period, two, sometimes three, yoga sessions are given by experienced down to earth teachers, who have a vast experience in adapting the practice to the needs of the individual and empowering you to bring that practice back home so it can become a meaningful supporting and stabilising anchor in your life.

With the experience that years of practice and teaching give us we can confidently tell you that the results are wonderful, people return stronger, lighter and with a renewed sense of appreciation for life. It can be a sensitive week, as you open up and touch upon long hidden blocks or fears, but at the end of it, it is without a doubt, a happy week.

Our classic yoga retreat is where all the elements of the yoga practice will be explained and explored in a simple yet profound way.

This retreat is an overview of all that yoga has to offer. It can be considered a crash course for the beginner or curious new comer or also an opportunity to develop depth for the seasoned practitioner.

We have two daily practices, morning and evening, where asana, meditation and breath are explained slowly and thoroughly, both in moving and still sessions, giving you the perfect chance to establish a solid foundation for your future practice. We will also include assisted self practice sessions along the week to help you design your routine for when you are back home.


Location: French Pyrenees 

Dates: 11th – 15th October

best yoga retreats in France

A 5 day Yoga, Mindfulness and Embodied Mediation Retreat in a French Chateau to re-establish a rich, soulful connection to your yoga and meditation practice. Located in a picturesque medieval village in the southern French Pyrenees, the house feels like a temple, the rooms are large and stylish.

This retreat is intended for all those in need of rejuvenation, rest and relaxation, and those who are seeking a more mystical connection to their existing yoga and meditation practice.

Retreat facilitator Gertrud shares her practice of Embodied Meditation, which is the yoga of breath, mindfulness and movement. Without excessive effort, the practice strengthens your core, legs and hips, tones your parasympathetic nervous system and sets alight your inner space.

The gourmet vegan food has been described as sensational, outrageous, alchemical, the best ever, and more. It is often raw, always free from dairy, meats, gluten, and sugar.

There will be periods of free time each day, which gives you opportunity to just relax in the walled garden, pamper yourself or explore wild swimming in nearby lakes and rivers. You will be held within a clear daily structure. You are welcome to add additional nights to the end of your stay.


Location: Ibiza, Spain

Dates: 9th – 16th June

A transformational week in June that will take your yoga to new heights. This is beyond a teacher training. Delve deeper into your yogic journey with Swarmi Shiva Shankar who is back to Ibiza for a second year running after the success of his first retreat in Ibiza last year.

Taking residence at one of Ibiza’s most beautiful finca’s on the north of the island, The House of Om is proud to host the return of Swarmi Shiva Shankar to lead a week’s yoga and meditation retreat that will offer you the opportunity to deepen your practice in the most peaceful surroundings; with twice-daily yoga and meditation classes led by Shivaji and House of Om founder, Vicky Godfrey.

Ibiza is one of the most magical places in the world and is simply enchanting and at its best in June. The beaches are phenomenal, the water is warm and the island is still peaceful as it builds to the busy summer months. Our sanctuary, is a beautiful 17th Century finca in the Ibizan country side near the beautiful villa of San Carlos Village

It is the perfect base for you to press pause, unwind and let go. We would also encourage a digital detox, while surrounded by the beautiful nature that surrounds Casa Shakti.

Nestled in country lanes on the north of the island, Casa Shakti has a yogi heart of its own. With its yoga deck, pool and terrace, vegetable gardens, dogs, cat and horses, wonderful energy and equally wonderful people abound. It’s the perfect place for The House of Om to host this very special annual retreat.

We will spend an evening meditation at Es Vedra watching the sun go down. Es Vedra is one of the third most magnetic spots in the world (After the Bermuda triangle). Come and feels its energy as you we meditate being led by Shri Shiva Shankar.


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