10 Healing Retreats to transform you from the inside out

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These 10 healing retreats offer you more than just a retreat experience; they offer you deep healing on all levels of your being to help you transform your life from the inside out.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, feeling drained, going through a big life transition, or wanting to turn your health around these retreats are for you.

Ibiza: Sacred Wise Woman retreat – Luxury Ibiza in Retreat

Dates: 24th – 30th October

Goddess…I see you!! You’ve been busy maybe building a career, growing a family, or doing what you feel you are supposed to, you have reached your wisdom years and all of a sudden you find yourself in the wilderness and you are not sure what is next.

You strongly feel there is part of you yet to be expressed. Inside you feel as energised, inspired and motivated as in your younger years, you feel equally as healthy and vibrant, yet you are crossing the threshold into the unknown and you’re not sure how to navigate this new territory.

You’re not ready to hang up your dancing shoes or slide into invisibility yet you sense deep inside that there is a change. You’re aware of potent power bubbling up. In many cultures a woman is not considered fully grown until she reaches her wisdom years. It is said that in our younger years we have the potential to give birth to a new life each month but at menopause and beyond we give birth to our true selves.

  • Your soul is calling you to go deeper.
  • You know you have a greater purpose.
  • Your intuition is stronger.
  • You’re awakening to the wise woman.
  • You’re drawn towards the Priestess (even if you’re not sure who she is).
  • You’re drawn towards ritual and ceremony and embodied movement.

We invite you to gift yourself a six day immersion into YOU on the beautiful spiritual island of Ibiza. The retreat centre at Can Shui is the most beautiful space, with divine sea views and the most incredible plant based food from our private chef Remko.

When we can pause, feel held and unconditionally seen and accepted for who we are, with our imperfections and messiness, it allows us to give ourselves permission to explore the parts of our soul that hasn’t yet been expressed (or fully embrace those parts that we showed once or twice, and felt persecuted for it, so we hid them away again!).


France: Yoga, Mindfulness and Embodied Meditation Retreat, French Pyrenees

Dates: 11th – 15th September

best yoga retreats in France

A 5 day Yoga, Mindfulness and Embodied Mediation Retreat in a French Chateau to re-establish a rich, soulful connection to your yoga and meditation practice. Located in a picturesque medieval village in the southern French Pyrenees, the house feels like a temple, the rooms are large and stylish.

This retreat is intended for all those in need of rejuvenation, rest and relaxation, and those who are seeking a more mystical connection to their existing yoga and meditation practice.

Retreat facilitator Gertrud shares her practice of Embodied Meditation, which is the yoga of breath, mindfulness and movement. Without excessive effort, the practice strengthens your core, legs and hips, tones your parasympathetic nervous system and sets alight your inner space.

The gourmet vegan food has been described as sensational, outrageous, alchemical, the best ever, and more. It is often raw, always free from dairy, meats, gluten, and sugar.

There will be periods of free time each day, which gives you opportunity to just relax in the walled garden, pamper yourself or explore wild swimming in nearby lakes and rivers. You will be held within a clear daily structure. You are welcome to add additional nights to the end of your stay.


Namibia: 7 Day Transformational Yoga Wildlife Retreat

Dates: 28th October – 3rd November

We invite you to come join us for our transformational 7 day yoga wildlife retreat offering you an incredible opportunity to connect deeply with the elements and energy of nature.

Working with the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether we will explore the connection between the elements and our subtle energetic bodies. Gaining a deeper understanding of how our energetic centres work and creating a Holistic self practice that can heal, restore and balance our energy.

The venue is the only lodge in the Bwabwata National Park, an area renowned for its large herds of elephant. The lodge will be used exclusively for the retreat guests.

Most days are set to begin with a morning yoga practice out in nature. What better place to find yourself at sunrise? The picture-perfect settings will give you the feeling as though time is standing still and you will almost certainly be able to hear the surrounding nature and wildlife whispering rejuvenation into your soul as the world awakes.

The remainder of the day will be spent on excursions, shamanic sessions, relaxation or optional reiki or spa treatments. As the days draw to a close, you will find yourself back in nature for an afternoon yoga practice. An incredible way to end the day and quieten your mind before dinner under the starlit skies.


Bali: Fivelements Signature Rejuvenation Retreat

Dates: open all year


A Healing Retreat for Regeneration, Replenishment & Alignment. At Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa, we embrace holistic Balinese-inspired therapies administered by traditional Balinese healers using ancient wisdoms passed down through direct lineage.

Following the Balinese principal of Sekala-Niskala, which holds that we all live equally in two worlds; the seen or conscious world Sekala, and the unseen or psychic world Niskala, the Balinese healers engage the help of the divine source during each healing session.

The Panca Mahabhuta (fiveelements) Retreat is our signature program that comprises a holistic integrative approach designed to tune in on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, allowing an organic healing process to naturally unfold. This begins by attuning to your authenticity and honouring your highest potential.

Acknowledging and respecting your individuality, we collaborate with you through a personalised Guest Liaison programme, which guides and nurtures a healing path combining: Balinese-inspired healing rituals for purification, balancing and regeneration, Plant-based living foods cuisine for health, beauty and longevity, sacred arts practices for inner strength, alignment and dedication. Retreats are available in 3, 5, 7, 10, 14 & 21 nights’ stays.


Croatia: Nourishing Seaside Yoga & Detox Retreat

Dates: 8 – 15 June / 23 – 30 June / 7 – 14 September

yoga and hiking seaside retreat Croatia

Are you looking for an inspiring and nourishing seaside yoga holiday in Croatia under the Mediterranean sun? Do you want to go somewhere where you can roll out your yoga mat by the sea in the morning, explore secluded beautiful beaches and unspoiled island’s nature in the afternoon, and cleanse your body with organic food and detox juices? Then this week long retreat on Korcula Island, Croatia is perfect for you!.

Experience the joys of a seaside yoga practice combined with meditation and breathing exercises. You will also experience excursions to the magical nature park of island Mljet with salt lakes, an olive grove farm with wild herb workshop where you will be able to learn about the culinary use and medical benefits of Mediterranean herbs, a boat ride to secluded beaches, and a tour to an organic Bee farm.

Most of all on our seaside yoga holiday, you will discover all the joys of the Mediterranean and have a lot of fun in the process! The extensive local knowledge of the retreat team ensures that you will enjoy the most authentic sights, flavours and experiences of Croatia.


Sri Lanka: Healing Ayurvedic Retreats at Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Dates: open all year

Sen Wellness Sanctuary

The Sen Wellness Sanctuary is a small, peaceful and modest retreat in a nature reserve set between a lagoon and the ocean in the south of Sri Lanka. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in natural beauty and relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

The Sanctuary offers Yoga and Ayurveda retreats all year round and hosts detox retreats and special Signature retreats a few times a year. The gentle rhythm of the sanctuary and the pared back approach and architecture of the place allow for a genuine retreat.

The focus at Sen Wellness Retreat is on rest and connection with nature and oneself. The eclectic and fascinating selection of books available are perfect to fill your time between yoga, treatments and walks on the beach.

You’ll be encouraged to put away your devices as much as possible and allow for a digital detox too. With our retreat sanctuary in the mangrove forest by the beach, we invite our guests to reconnect with nature and feel the vital energy of Sri Lanka.


Italy: Walking, Food and Yoga Retreat on the Amalfi Coast

Dates: 23rd – 29th May 2021

Join us for our seven day retreat combining daily yoga classes (and on this Amalfi retreat, it will be a class overlooking the sea!), walks and hikes around the breathtaking scenery on the Amalfi Coast, as well as a day walking one of Italy’s most renowned scenic hikes, the “Sentiero degli Dei” and several other lesser known paths in the area.

A meditation walk will be included in the week as well. We’ll also be learning about and experiencing firsthand the amazing flavours of this region.

Each day we’ll be able to enjoy mouth-watering cuisine, as well as take part in tastings from wine and olive oil, to cheeses, pastries, and lemons. From award-winning restaurants to family farms and kitchens, learning and enjoying the food will be an added bonus to working up an appetite during our classes and walks!


Portugal: Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat in the Portuguese Mountains

Dates: Open March to October

Vale de Moses is a family run yoga retreat in the heart of the Portuguese mountains. Spend a week or more practicing yoga, receiving massage and acupuncture treatments, walking in forests, swimming in natural river pools and eating delicious nutritious food.

Stay in one of the beautifully restored stone cottages, Soulpads or in a Tipi.  Our retreat home is perfect for those in need of a break, rest and relaxation. We are surrounded by nature and forests, peace and tranquility – the perfect ingredients to restore your body and mind.

The combination of good food and sleep, clean mountain air and water, therapeutic massage and acupuncture, hill walking and river swimming, all create a highly restorative context in which to begin, or to deepen, your yoga practice.

Soulfully reconnect with our planet and with your own body. This warm invitation to deepen your love affair with yoga, is open for everyone, travelling alone or with friends, new to yoga or practicing for decades. Most of our retreats at Vale de Moses include morning and afternoon classes, a health consultation, massage/acupuncture treatment, 3 nourishing daily meals and a trip to the nearby Rio Zêzere.


Greece: 5 or 7 Day Luxury Yoga, Fitness and Healing Retreat

Flexible Dates

This programme focuses on mindful movement to work on physical strength, flexibility and coordination. It’s for those who feel more drawn to one-on-one yoga practice than endurance training for reaching desired levels of fitness.

It offers a joyful approach to fitness and connection with your body with one-to-one yoga practice and/or fitness training. Your personal sessions take place both indoors and outside in nature where you breathe clean air and enjoy the peace and mystique of our tranquil environment.

This different style of personal training enhances physical flexibility and emotional inspiration to foster a deeper relationship with your own authentic self.

Your nutritional assessment helps us balance your meal plan. In addition, the treatments also focus on balance at an energetic level.

This is a beautiful experience for gaining physical flexibility and emotional harmony thanks also to our choice of treatments that have been devised to work too on your spiritual self.


Jamaica: Relax, Detox and Reconnect with Nature Retreat

Dates: open all year round

We are directly on the seaside; Long Bay beach, one of the most beautiful virgin beaches, with kilometers of fine white sand, is just a three minutes walk away. The parish of Portland, on Jamaica’s East Coast is one of the most beautiful places on the island. With its stunning and warm blue waters, romantic coves, virgin beaches, breathtaking panoramic views and waterfalls, it is not a tourist area and you will be far away from the rush, stress, and hustle of the city.

You will have a chance to meet locals, walk around and enjoy amazing wild nature and the pulsing culture of sweet Jamaica. It is time to slow down and get back into balance.

Enjoy an oasis of tranquility and relaxation through yoga, mind and body awareness, healthy food, fresh spring water and herbal medicine. More than just a holiday, we are here for you to experience a transformational journey within yourself. Go Natural retreats are all about slowing down and getting back into balance.

We are here to support you in your wellbeing journey, making you feel at ease from the moment you arrive. Everyone has different needs, goals and passions, that’s why we have many different programs to fit your needs.

Our aim is not only to teach you yoga while you are here with us, but also to show you how to bring more yoga and healthy living practices into your everyday life. We will provide you with a yoga plan for your own practice, yoga e-books, yoga music, and a lot of healthy tips for your daily routine.


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