The Soulful Ibiza Wellbeing Guide: Where to Retreat, Stay and Yoga

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Last Updated on July 31, 2021 by Editor

Our Soulful Ibiza Wellbeing Guide is written with the wellness traveller in mind who wants to stay fit and healthy whilst on the White Isle.

Go on a retreat to nourish your soul and recharge your batteries, or stay in a hotel with a spa that offers daily yoga and meditation classes and serves nutritious healing foods.

We can help you to find or create your perfect and bespoke wellness retreat in Ibiza. Click below let us know your requirements.

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Soulful Ibiza Wellbeing Guide


Ibiza Retreats

Ran by two beautiful and soulful ladies, Larah and Susie, Ibiza retreats run throughout the year. Choose a retreat from a mix of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, fitness, life coaching and a menu of healing massages and treatments by the best therapists on the island.

Ibiza Retreats began with a vision. Founder Larah Davis felt the “call” to create retreats in Ibiza where guests can feel completely accepted, gently and compassionately supported to soften, release external pressures and come back to themselves. They run group retreats throughout the year, combining and integrating over one hundred different treatment, therapy and workshop possibilities. Working with a world-class team of talented, passionate teachers and therapists.

Plus bespoke retreats in carefully hand-picked locations across the island. They have two of their own beautiful Ibiza Wellbeing retreat ‘homes’ where they host their group retreats, plus a portfolio of beautiful properties in stunning, peaceful locations, set in nature, for their private and bespoke retreats.

With a combined thirty years experience in exclusive Ibiza properties, they carefully match the right retreat concept to the right location, to enable different clients, from all over the world to find the rest and rejuvenation that they need. Upcoming retreats include: Revitalising yoga and holistic life Reset Retreat, from the 11th -17th of September and the Ibiza Glow retreat from the 30th September – 4th October.

Harmonic Escapes

Ibiza wellbeing retreats with a ‘tasting’ menu of feel good activities.

Why settle for a standard yoga holiday when you can experience a Harmonic Escapes yoga retreat? We offer a journey of balance and transformation, of new adventures and challenges, in the stunning surrounds of magical Ibiza island.

In a safe space where you can be yourself, taking your health and wellbeing to the next level so you can go from functioning to flourishing. Incorporating Movement, Meditation, Mindfulness and Mindset in everything that we do, guiding you to integrate them in your day-to-day whilst being supported by new connections and friendships.

Indulge in yoga on the beachfront to evening meditation, stand-up paddle-boarding to immersive crystal sound-baths, fuelled by healthy, delicious locally-sourced cuisine in our “home from home” peaceful retreat country house.

You will be nourished with healthy and delicious Mediterranean food, fresh from local Ibiza farms. Groups are kept small with a maximum number of 12 guests. Contact us for details of their next Glow with the Flow retreat.

Yoga Trip Ibiza

Yoga Trip Retreats offer damn good yoga and wellbeing breaks with fun and little life learning thrown in.

Are you seeking some damn good yoga, clean and nutritious nourishment and right environment to heal yourself little? Do you feel the need to break the daily grind? Are you happy to be given little nudge and encouragement towards more pure living? Think genuine yoga, mindfulness and delicious nutritional food in beautiful and magical Ibiza.

Add a relaxing massage in the beginning of your stay to help you sooth into your journey, workshops and other fun activities with like minded people..voila – you are on a Yoga Trip!. Please register your interest for upcoming dates.

Soulful Kundalini Yoga Retreats

These Soul Adventures kundalini yoga retreats are led by Trish Whelan, a Kundalini Global Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Healing Practitioner and Sound Healing Therapist.

Trish has been practicing the healing arts for almost 20 years and teaching Kundalini Yoga and hosting retreats since 2013.

Kundalini global is kundalini yoga without the dogma, open to all and all are welcome! Kundalini Yoga transforms and really helps us to connect to ourselves, the world we live in and the quantum field of endless possibilities. We can move through blocks quickly and we can be our own healer.

The retreat take place at her home – Xuclar Beach House in Ibiza, an incredible place in the forest on a mountain opposite the sea. The vibes are high, life is strong and something very special happens here! Upcoming retreats include the Yoga and Healing Retreat, taking place from the 2nd – 9th October, Soul Medicine Kundalini retreat from the 11th – 15th of September, and Walk in Beauty Retreat from the 4th – 8th October.

House of Om Retreats

Yoga, Wellbeing and gentle Detox Retreats in Ibiza

A week in Ibiza to unplug from modern life. The House of Om welcome you to their healing retreat for a full week of yoga, meditation, breathwork and an abundance of other therapies to promote calm and balance. Your stay with us will be in the stunning setting of a beautiful villa in the hills of San Carlos.

Your time with us will be based around carefully designed yoga, meditation and nutritional programs. Fresh organic and deliciously healthy food will be provided by our wonderful chef.

Our programs have been designed to stimulate your mind and body, to boost your metabolism and naturally cleanse and gently detoxify in order to encourage the feeling of overall wellbeing.

We also build in plenty of time for rest and relaxation, with lots of glorious down time to eat, explore, relax, read, walk and simply enjoy…. always offering the perfect balance!

A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life. Take a chance to have a digital detox and reset the mind. Please register your interest for upcoming dates.

Immersive Yoga Retreats

Immersive yoga isn’t just your average yoga retreat. It is an invitation to explore, connect and go deeper through the practice of yoga into your own being.

It is open to everyone whether you are just starting out on your yoga journey or well into your own practice. If you can breath, you can do yoga.

We have a program carefully designed to progressively take you deeper, experiencing complete presence, expanding, healing, honouring your soul, whilst at the same time connecting to other like minded people simultaneously on the same frequency.

Set on the magical island of Ibiza by the stunningly iconic bay of Benirras, experience the famous hippy drumming that takes place every evening at sunset, allow the tribal sounds and throbbing energy connect you to the beauty of the island and precious nature that surrounds you.

But, beyond its gorgeous setting and inspiring location, Benirras delivers on a deeply spiritual level, providing a haven of happiness to all those who seek her shores, there we meet, completely immersed…and finally coming home to ourselves.

The program has the perfect balance giving you the right amount of time for practices, self reflection, growth, rest, fun, free time to explore the island plus added unique creative workshops throughout the week.

Ever wanted to attend a Cacao ceremony, learn more about astrology or simply relax in consciousness through yoga nidra and sounds? Then join the next Immersive Yoga experience from the 11th – 18th of September.

Sacred Wise Woman Retreats

Queen, Take Your Crown

Goddess…I see you!! You’ve been busy maybe building a career, growing a family, or doing what you feel you are supposed to, you have reached your wisdom years and all of a sudden you find yourself in the wilderness and you are not sure what is next.

You strongly feel there is part of you yet to be expressed. Inside you feel as energised, inspired and motivated as in your younger years, you feel equally as healthy and vibrant, yet you are crossing the threshold into the unknown and you’re not sure how to navigate this new territory.

You’re not ready to hang up your dancing shoes or slide into invisibility yet you sense deep inside that there is a change. You’re aware of potent power bubbling up. In many cultures a woman is not considered fully grown until she reaches her wisdom years. It is said that in our younger years we have the potential to give birth to a new life each month but at menopause and beyond we give birth to our true selves. Please register your interest for upcoming dates.

Art Retreats with Roseline de Thelin

For those of you looking for something to inspire your creativity, Roseline de Thelin runs art retreats combined with yoga and mindfulness

Roseline’s passion is to awaken people’s artistic potentials, creativity, consciousness and connection to the environment. She facilitates Art retreats and Creative workshops that foster artistic investigation, self-discovery, self-awareness and personal innovation. Nature is the ultimate artist and the nature of Ibiza is raw, untamed and exquisitely beautiful.

Guided by Roseline, participants will explore hidden parts of this historic Mediterranean island to discover its pristine nature, clear waters, inspiring light and magical landscapes. When we activate the genius of our innate creativity we can apply it to every area of our life! The Just Paint workshop, from the 27th April – 1st May (2022) will encourage you to work in innovative ways allowing your painting to emerge lead by your imagination and your creative process.

It’s designed to help you unlock your creativity by learning how to balance simple techniques with the relinquishing of control and by harnessing chance encounters, trial, error and transformation. Or unleash your imagination from scrapbook to canvas on the Mixed Media and Story telling workshop from the 15th – 19th September. This which is designed to encourage you to work in innovative ways allowing your process of creation to be lead by your imagination and the association of images.

A True Feminine Yoga Retreat

This Ibiza Women’s Retreat is about stepping into the soft power of the Feminine. Do you also feel the time has come to reconnect with the Sacred Feminine and set free the radiant, wise and powerful women that you are?

This Ibiza Women Retreat is about stepping into the soft power of the Feminine. Do you also feel the time has come to reconnect with the Sacred Feminine and set free the radiant, wise and powerful women that you are? Do you feel called to the awakening of the Feminine and live your life to its fullest potential? I warmly invite you for an empowering week of discovering who you truly are beyond all conditioning and limiting beliefs you have about yourself and help you remember your authentic natural beauty, the ever present glow that rises from within.

Embark on a loving journey of self-discovery, yoga, meditation, woman circles, embodiment practices and sacred ceremonies on the magical island Ibiza.

For centuries people feel drawn to this island in the mediterranean sea because of her special energy. It is said that it’s the magnetic feminine energy that makes you never want to leave from this paradise. Ibiza is beautiful, sensual, wild and free. Just like you when you are truly connected to your sacred femininity!

The island invites you to really be yourself and follow your beautiful Heart. Now the magical energy of Ibiza is knocking on the door of your Heart, are you ready to let her in? If you are, expect a transformative journey that will change your life! Move out of your limiting mind and dive deep into the body, into feeling and dissolve into the bliss of simple Being.

We stay in the campo of the quiet north of Ibiza surrounded by fields and forest. The old finca is a very rustic and basic place that invites you to reconnect to the elements of nature. An intimate group of women will gather here from all over the world to shamelessly enjoy together and invite pleasure and playfulness back into our life.

Empowered by Goddess Tanit’s energy, who is also known as a guardian of womankind you will for sure feel safe and at ease here. Tanit is the Goddess of the Feminine, Love, Sexuality and Fertility and has her ancient cave of worship and wisdom here on the island!

Daily yoga sessions, morning dance meditations, sacred ceremonies, women circles, nature walks, visiting Tanit’s Cave, sisterhood practices, nourishing healthy meals and lots of love and laughter; all ingredients are here to make you glow inside and out. The next True Feminine Yoga Retreat takes place from the 11th – 18th September.

True Colours Body Balance Ibiza Wellbeing Retreats

The True Colours retreats is an empowering and life changing experience.

What would it mean to you to live your life with a deep sense of inner peace; to feel connected to yourself, nature and those around you, to feel balanced in all areas of your life; to feel deeply accepted for who you are; to ignite a deep passion of your inner most purpose for being alive; to be in harmony in your inner world; to connect to a deeper love for yourself; to find your voice; to celebrate all of life; to be able to show your beautiful true colours to the world?

What if I told you that all these things are not only possible, but is your right to experience? Our team of beautiful, warm hearted wellness experts not only have incredible knowledge and skills, they have used everything they know to transform their own life in to peace, harmony, balance, connectedness, purposefulness and joy.

Real life walking success stories with a passion to share. There is not one formula for life that we teach, we teach you how to connect to what is right for you, your own truth, as a beautiful, unique and wonderful human being.

From yoga to Pilates, nature hikes to pampering, transformative workshops to creative art workshops, meditation to dancing cacao ceremonies, there is something for everyone.

The next True Colours Yoga, Pilates and Wellness Retreat takes place from the 16th – 23rd October.

Soulshine Ibiza Wellbeing Retreats

Soulshine Ibiza Wellbeing Retreats provide the perfect opportunity to explore, develop and deepen your Yoga and Meditation practice whilst gaining a greater understanding of holistic healing.

Soulshine Retreats was founded by Soulla Demetriou in 2013. Since discovering Yoga on a South American adventure, Soulla has been fascinated by the powerful physiological, psychological and spiritual effects a Yoga and Meditation practice can offer. It was the incredible impact that these practices had on her own life that lead her to give up a successful career in marketing and surrender fully to a beautiful journey of learning and self-discovery.

Much more than just a ‘yoga holiday’, an Ibiza Soulshine Yoga Retreat at Casa de la Luz provides the ultimate opportunity to pause from the crazy pace of modern day life. To rediscover and reconnect with your true nature and let your soul shine (not to mention laugh lots, make new friends with like-minded people, snooze, sunbathe, explore, indulge in ridiculously yummy food and have an all round jolly old time!).

Your Ibiza wellbeing retreat includes an extraordinary amount of delicious daily yoga, meditation, wellness talks and healing workshops plus pampertastic and deeply healing and remedial treatments from our talented Soulshine holistic wellness team (to ensure maximum relaxation and soul soothing!). It is a truly holistic wellness experience.

Register your interest for 2022 dates.

You are really spoilt for choice with an abundance of retreats in Ibiza. Here’s our full list of Ibiza wellbeing, yoga & holistic retreats.

Soulful Summer Ibiza Wellbeing Guide


Can LLuc

Can Lluc is one of those special and breathtakingly beautiful places, abundant with greenery, that has you feeling relaxed and radiating peacefulness within 24 hours.

Stunning views at sunset, an amazing zen garden with Balinese beds and a Finnish sauna await you at this luxurious boutique agroturismo. The peaceful surroundings and tailor made spa treatments at Can Lluc will relax you on every level. Perfectly located for those seeking tranquility somewhere remote, private and with no disturbances, yet only a 15 minute drive away from Ibiza town and 20 minutes from the best beaches on the island.

Come to Can Lluc if you are seeking a retreat with five star service and facilities. The restaurant serves a fabulous breakfast with local and organic produce. All the staff are wonderful and the owners Tina and Lucas take very good care of their guests, ensuring that all of your wellbeing needs will be catered for.

Can Lluc offers three night Stay Healthy and Yoga Packages suitable for individuals, couples or small groups. Yoga teachers and group leaders can also arrange to host their retreats here. Read our review to discover more.


You can’t help but get blown away and fall in love with this oasis of pure paradise.

Atzaro Ibiza

Atzaró holds a special place in our hearts after living on the Island and spending many days there either for meetings, lunch or events. Situated in the heart of the island and built on an orange farm, it’s an oasis ripe with the scents of orange blossom, rosemary and lavender. It’s the perfect place to find mental, physical and spiritual balance.

There’s a wealth of wellness experiences on offer including a daily schedule of yoga, fitness and meditation classes. Retreats are also happening with guest teachers throughout the year. The Balinese temple-style spa is simply divine and a must visit for everyone, even if you are not staying there. Go for a spa day and have a wonderful massage using organic and natural products.

After your treatment you can use the sauna and steam room, go for a swim in the lap pool and then chill out on one of the ultra relaxing day beds. You won’t want to leave, we promise!. We highly recommend their leisurely breakfast too, which goes on until 12pm and you can eat in the beautiful gardens. Read our review to discover more. Search for the best rates here.

Can Planells

Can Planells is a countryside agroturismo full of history and Ibizan soul. Stay here for a more rural Ibiza, a space of respect and love for the land, use of local products in your cuisine, typical architecture, calmness and tranquility for your stay.

If you are looking for complete peace, stillness and tranquility then Can Planells is the place for you. Nestled amongst the orange, lemon, avocados and mango trees, this family ran rustic country house is a retreat away from any external distractions.

Located up in the hills of San Miguel, the views of the nature are spectacular, as is the colours of the sky and the shimmering stars at night. Joan, the owner and host is a true gentlemen who really takes care of his guests. With a warm and welcoming manner he is there to make you feel at home.

The breakfast, which is taken outside in the beautiful garden is delicious, all home made and from the garden, including the fresh lemonade, served to you by the pool. Read the raving customer feedback on Tripadvisor. Search for the best rates and book here.

Cas Gasi

Gas Gasi is a charming and beautiful ”hotel with a heart” set within a serene and secluded garden, surrounded by pine forests, olive groves, almond and carob trees.

As no outside visitors are allowed at the hotel, the discretion and privacy of the guests is of the upmost importance, giving it an exclusive more members club feeling. There’s no pretentiousness around this though, just no crowds and restrictiveness. The land is abundant and colourful and grows the vegetables and fruits that are served in the restaurant.

There are two pools, one of them exclusively for children so that the adults and other guests without children always have their own space to relax in. This is an Ibiza wellbeing hotel that will keep your health on track. There is a nice spa that offers massages, body and facial treatments and complimentary yoga classes offered in the morning.

With the help of a nutritionist, they have created the most deliciously healthy menu for vegans and vegetarians including organic acai bowl, scrambled tofu with tomato and superfood juices available at breakfast!. Read our review to discover more. Search for the best rates and book here.

Es Cucons

Experience total wellness bliss with your own private in house retreat. Try the Ayurvedic Ritual Getaway to completely recharge your energy in the unique and stunning setting of Santa Agnès.

This gorgeous boutique hotel has been built and transformed by a family that bought it in 1652 as a farmhouse. The objective at Es Cucons was to create a special place, where couples, friends, and families, can be in a relaxing atmosphere, enjoy healthy food cuisine, spa therapies, art and designs in the magical valley of Santa Agnès.

The onsite yoga teacher and massage therapist Melanie Jane develops bespoke wellness programme for each guest. The nature and surrounding areas are simply stunning. Take a sauna with panoramic views, swim in the salt water pool, enjoy a massage or two and choose when you want a yoga class.

Your energy levels will be completely restored after a few relaxing days. Short break in-house retreats are offered for 3-4 nights or if you want a more holistic journey, go for the Ayurvedic Ritual Getaway which includes daily yoga and three different ayurvedic rituals. They also host yoga retreats throughout the year with international guest teachers. Read our personal review and the raving customer feedback on Tripadvisor. Book here.

Soulful Summer Ibiza Wellbeing Guide

Tried & Tested Spa & Boutique Hotels

7Pines Resort

7Pines Ibiza

When it comes to yoga and wellbeing retreats in Ibiza, there are hundreds to choose from, but finding a hotel that offers more than just a spa can be challenging.

The luxury five star 7Pines resort is leading the wellness way on the Island with its in house detox and rebalance programs, fitness and weight loss retreats and a calendar of visiting practitioners specialising in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. You will find it nestled in a pine grove on the cliffs of the west coast between Cala Conta and the more secluded Cala Codolar.

There aren’t many places you can get such a magnificent and unobstructed view of Es Vedrà from your sun lounger. The adults only infinity pool is the place to be to fully appreciate the cliff side setting. The Pure Seven Spa is focused on nature-inspired treatments. There’s a whole range of massages, healing treatments, facials and rituals on the menu. All the products are 100% natural, vegan and paraben-free.

It’s also a plastic-free spa where the water comes in a cardboard box, all the surfaces are made of wood or natural stones and even the underwear they offer and the special pyjamas for the Thai massage are made from 100% organic cotton. Read our review to discover more. Book here.

Hotel MiM Es Vive

Es Vive Ibiza

Upon stepping inside Hotel MiM Es Vive you will be met with tropical palms, brilliant white walls, an inviting pool and the chilled out ambient beats of a poolside DJ. As you are ushered into the cool Art Deco designed foyer and relieved of your bags by friendly, welcoming staff the stress of everyday life will fade to a distant memory and you will feel yourself relax into the unique Ibiza oasis that is, Hotel Es Vive.

From the inception of Hotel Es Vive in 2000, when owners and interior designer Sean Cochrane (winner of Design Et Al Design & Architecture award) put their heads together to create an Ibiza destination with a difference, Art Deco was the agreed design direction.

They took inspiration from the exciting 1940’s period, mixing the bold lines and sweeping curves of the time to capture the essence of a bygone era full of elegance and fashion. In 2014 the hotel underwent refurbishment, the luxurious refinements adding a feel of distinguished opulence to every room.

Today, with its iconic design features, striking colours and wonderful attention to detail, Hotel Es Vive is the epitome of timeless style, sophistication and luxury. Read our review to discover more. Search for the best deals here.

Hacienda Na Xamena

Set on a cliff top on Ibiza’s northern shoreline, the stunning sea views are a must see. There are some places that have a special magic and the Hacienda Xamena is one of them.

It’s ideal for a short wellbeing break or a romantic weekend away with your partner. Some of the rooms offer a private jacuzzi and more jaw dropping views. As is a visit to the spa, La Posidonia, (named after the important seaweed that grows around Ibiza) to experience the famous ‘Cascadas Suspendidas’, an outdoor thalassotherapy circuit and a series of heated infinity pools where you spend 45 minutes following the bubbles of varying temperatures and water jet strength to move from pool to pool. Read our review to discover more! Book here.

Ibiza Zen

Ibiza Zen

Located in Santa Eulalia, Ibizazen is an 18th century former small farm house which has been meticulously restored in and converted into a small private luxury boutique hotel, offering comfortable and modern accommodations with a warm bohemian touch.

The name ‘Ibizazen’ comes from ‘Ibiza’ on the one hand and ‘Zazen’ on the other hand. The aim of the ‘Zazen’ state of mind is ‘just sitting’. Letting words, ideas, images and thoughts pass by without actually getting involved in them. A big red Buddha greets you at the door and there’s an eclectic mix of modern art along with recycled artefacts and funky furniture.

This is the place to retreat in tranquil surroundings and spend your days lying on one of the colourful and comfy Balinese day beds. The Asian inspired rooms come with kimino robes to lounge around in which beats your average white dressing gown. Book here and read reviews.

La Torre Del Canonigo

torre del canonigo ibiza

A hidden gem located right at the top of Dalt Villa, in the old town of Ibiza. It’s worth a visit just for the 360 degree views of the Island. This quaint and charming four star boutique hotel retains its original features from the fourteenth century along with luxury comfort. Rooms are beautifully designed, breakfast is served view a birds eye view over the harbour and there’s an outdoor pool to cool down in after all that up hill walking. Read customer reviews on Tripadvisor. Book here.

Hotels we love & on our wellness hot list!

Aguas de Ibiza 

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Ca Na Xica

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Hotel Boutique Ses Pitreras

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Can Curreu

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