Soul Seed Travel Review: Vegan Menu at Rabbit restaurant Chelsea

Rabbit restaurant chelsea
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Last Updated on April 24, 2018 by Editor

With a name like Rabbit and a rustic restaurant known for its farm to table meat and fish dishes, one would never expect a vegan menu to be served here, and an extremely delicious one too. Talking of Rabbit, it’s actually cockney rhyming slang for ‘talk’, think of the expression ”she would not stop Rabbitting!”, which makes more sense now given its location on the Kings Road, where the Sloaney’s live, eat, drink and gossip.

The concept

Rabbit restaurant, is the second restaurant from the three Gladwin brothers, Richard, Oliver and Gregory. All the produce at Rabbit is ethically and sustainably sourced from the Gladwin family farm in Nutbourne, Sussex.

What we ate

Mouthfuls of endive, quince and red vein sorrel

When the ‘mouthfuls’ arrived (normally served with goats cheese), although they looked very pretty along wth the edible flowers, I was worried that we were going to be starving and fed lettuce for the rest of the meal.

Carrot hummus, cinnamon dukkah and crisp bread

Then the carrot hummus came and the crisp bread which we couldn’t get enough of.

Every subsequent dish was a pleasant surprise and full of fresh, organic and interestingly combined flavours.

Charred king oyster mushroom, crown prince squash and truffle

Purple sprouting broccoli, chilli, sumac, and confit lemon blood

Kalettes, oak smoked shallots, wild mushrooms and madeira

The winning dish was the wild mushroom salad, it’s a recipe I’ll be making at home!.

Vegan rhubarb crumble

The portion sizes were just right and left room for the healthy and light vegan crumble.

Contact and booking:
172 Kings Road
020 375 00172