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best retreats in Italy
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Choose your Italian adventure. Fill your days with yoga and meditation, spa and wellbeing treatments, exploring the local towns and culture, admiring the picturesque landscapes and indulging in delicious gourmet food. Practice, recharge, relax and have a post sivasana glass of chianti if you fancy!.


Medical Spa Deep Detox Retreat Program at Palazzo Fiuggi

Open all year / flexible check-in dates 

We invite you to experience the Palazzo Fiuggi Medical Concept at its birthplace. Here, amid a breath-taking natural setting long renowned for its healing waters, guests can enjoy privileged access to world-class spa and medical facilities.

Palazzo Fiuggi is only one hour away from Rome and the structure consists of a fantastic 6000 square meter spa, relaxation area, a large and bright 400 square meter gym, heated outdoor and indoor pools. It is possible to take walks inside the very suggestive park that surrounds the hotel where you can breathe the pure and fresh air of Fiuggi.

All this is enriched by the Food Line that is created by our starred chef Heinz Beck, who offers dishes rich in nutrients prepared with fresh local ingredients and low in calories.



Soul Centered Restorative Retreat in Tuscany

Next retreat – 4th – 11th June 

Explore and restore on this soul-centered retreat in the heart of Tuscany! Experience a luxurious villa in an authentic Italian village, with characteristic architecture, history, unique shops, cafes, and locals riding their bikes around town.

Daily gentle yoga and meditation is offered as well as spirit centered dharma talks with your leader, Jennie Lee, author of three books on yoga, meditation and spiritual living. You will have local guides and drivers, healthy chef prepared meals, exclusive trips to vineyards, Cinque Terre and so much more.

This will be a week of love, laughter, friendship and the Italian bella vita!

Our villa sits in the Tuscan hills above Lucca, a classic walled town, one of the few remaining intact, about one hour from Florence and about the same from the coast.


Myth and the Heart of Practice Retreat with Selena Garefino

Next retreat – 23rd – 30th September 

I invite you to retreat with in me in Tuscany this fall. To connect with the land, to savor lovingly prepared meals from local farms and ancient olive groves. I invite you to settle into your skin and to lean into practice anchored in story. To make daily ceremony, to move into stillness and to let your personal stories emerge.

Collectively we will savor twice daily practice with a half day set aside for excursions. Through story- telling, journaling, yoga, movement and meditation practice we will weave our personal stories into the ancient ones that hold us all. We’ll explore archetypes and embodiment work to attune to the pleasure that is a gentle breeze, a ripened tomato, a fire, and the simplicity of good company.

This is a retreat into the simple pleasures of life, an invitation to reconnect with the ground beneath our feet, and the bounty of the earth that holds us.

Seperate from your day to day, enter the liminal space of creativity, and re-emerge more deeply connected to yourself and the larger sphere that holds you.

An invitation into ceremony, ritual, and savoring the simple. A week of re-affirming the sacredness of life through story, movement, ritual, community, and ceremony.


“The Great Heart” Meditation and Self-Healing Experience


Next retreat – 25th September – 1st October

This exclusive Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Tuscany is a perfect environment to tap into your heart energy, nurture your soul and find peace with all that is. Surrounded by the wild nature and its healing properties your whole being will revive. You will gain a great sense of clarity and connectedness with yourself on a spiritual level.

This is your invitation to step into a renewed sense of living from the place of unconditional love. This all-inclusive “The Great Heart” program is a transformative and personalised meditation experience for your emotional wellness. We will be working with the energy of the heart centre to develop a feeling of openness and nourishment.

We provide a safe environment for you to go onto the journey of self-rediscovery, gain perspectives and restore inner wellbeing. This experience can support you in healing from past stories and change your vibration. As you change your frequency, you change your reality.

Join us and find out for yourself what unconditional love is and how it feels to live with your heart wide open. In your free time, you can stroll around picturesque Tuscan hills, enjoy horse riding or cycling, or simply breathe in the lavender scent while reading your favourite novel.

With incredible passion, devotion and love our partners cultivate their organic garden which lately manifests on the dining table. Featuring mama’s best creations we are lucky to taste true Tuscan flavours along with enjoying magnificent nature around the mansion.

One day you will be guided by the owner of the mansion to the organic farm for meditative vegetable picking, allowing you to get closer to Mother Nature and learn about permaculture in Monteriggioni.


Gourmet Cuisine, Yoga and Wine Retreat

New 2022 Dates Coming Soon!

We have created a very special opportunity for you to join us at a magical farmhouse in Tuscany, to experience and enjoy the vibrant Tuscan culture.

This week-long Wine & Wellness retreat in Tuscany happens only once a year! We invite you to arrive at our villa any time after 3pm, so you can join the delectable welcome dinner Sunday evening.

Each weekday you’ll sweat and flow with a morning Lakshmi Rising Hatha Vinyasa class. You’ll have a single or double room in the Brolioquinto farmhouse, and enjoy curated cultural and culinary experiences in this famous wine-producing region, until your departure on Saturday, June 12, after breakfast.

Tuscany’s unparalleled fusion of history, nature, and food offers the ideal location for a serene immersion into yoga—with some fabulous adventures to boot!

Optional excursions include a visit to a boutique biodynamic vineyard and winery featuring a vegetarian lunch and wine pairing; a day trip to Cortona including a special visit to the Molesini & Sons Wine Market; an outing to Terme San Giovanni thermal spa; truffle hunting; in-house massage therapy and healing body work; and much more.


A Writing Retreat with Sarah Selecky

Next retreat – 24th – 30th April

Join celebrated author Sarah Selecky for a week of deep writing in the heart of Tuscany. Spring is Sarah’s favourite time to go on retreat, because equal hours of daylight and darkness make the daily routine feel balanced and whole, without effort. Italy is perfect in late April: the wisteria is in bloom, the sun is warm without being too hot, and the trees are alive with songbirds.

Sarah Selecky, author of Radiant Shimmering Light and the prized short story collection The Cake Is for the Party will be your guide in this master class for writers of all genres, in partnership with Radiant Jane, who will be teaching Loving Kindness and leading guided meditations.

Bring whatever you are working on to this retreat. If you’re stalling or circling around writing something new, this is the perfect time and place to start it. You can also bring a craft question or a writing problem that feels unsolvable, and we will look at it together.

Fattoria del Colle, where we’ll be staying, is situated on ancient Etruscan land in the countryside, and the history of this place is fascinating. It is also home to the only all-women owned winery in Italy. The energy here makes it excellent for writers who want to find the courage to write the forbidden.

The slow food movement began in Italy, and this philosophy has a lot in common with the way Sarah teaches. Slow writing, like slow food, should feel good, clean and fair. Our writing should be nourishing. It should connect us — to ourselves, to the earth, and to each other.

Good writing does not alienate or isolate; good stories never make us feel silenced. In our writing, we may question the status quo, offer meaningful reflection, create cultural change, and feel less alone.

On this retreat, we will write what we wish we could read, even if we’ve never seen it written before. Our writing will support us by bringing us closer to our true nature — alone and together.

Our retreat includes a nature hike with a local guide who will introduce us to the secrets of the Tuscan forest. Connecting to nature will bring insight to our work in surprising ways. Prepare to feel open and spacious as you tune into a different state of mind.

We’ll also take a break mid-week to refresh our systems and enjoy a visit to Montepulciano for the day. You can use your free time here to wander through the old streets, visit museums, go shopping, or simply sip a cappuccino, write postcards, and watch the street life.


Lake Como

Ritual and Renewal Retreat

Next retreat – 29th August – 3rd September

Join us at our newest retreat location – the stunning Lago di Como! Italy’s premier chic destination, this week is guaranteed to bring la dolce vita! From private boat rides, villa visits, hikes, gourmet meals, spa day, with daily yoga + personal ritual workshops.

Our first week filled up in record time so we’ve added another week for everyone who still expressed interest!

Besides daily yoga and wellness classes, we’ll be able to experience this area up close and personal with private boat excursions to view some of the lakes famous villas, a visit to the legendary village of Bellagio, as well as the “pearl of the lake” Varenna, with one of the most picturesque promenades in the country.

We’ll take a walk in the hills to get close to nature, and learn about the flora and fauna as we forage with a Michelin level chef before a class with lunch.

And of course, one evening we’ll get to explore the local town of Como, which is perfectly charming, full of boutiques, cafes, and a lively atmosphere, as well as a dominating cathedral. We’ll enjoy a guided hike with views down to the lake, as well as another boat trip across the lake to a luxurious spa day with treatments to cap off our time together with pure relaxation.

Join us for a special week of deep renewal as we explore the power of ritual to bring us into the present moment and into the flow state. The ceremony of tea will guide the flow of each day’s activities and daily yoga classes with flow and/or yin. Yin yoga, like tea ceremony, facilitates deep emotional release and heart opening, and it accentuates our exploration of mindfulness, connection and slow, soulful living!

Guests will leave with an understanding of tea as a plant, a lifestyle and a divine beverage, as well as cultivating a personal tea ritual: a hand-blended tea and a daily practice to turn the mundane into meditation and tap into the bliss of the present moment.



Yoga & Prosecco Retreat

Next retreat – available in May, June and September (stay 4 or 8 nights)

Treat yourself to a well-deserved break at our yoga retreat in Italy, in the stunning natural landscape of the Prosecco region.

We offer a perfectly coordinated program that you can take part in at your own pace and leisure. Our Yoga & Prosecco retreat is a good balance of physical challenges, culinary delights, nature & cultural program, and pure relaxation!

Petra (yoga teacher) and Eva (chef, organizer, and local expert) invite you to enjoy Mediterranean indulgence and Italian joie de vivre in a family atmosphere. We’ll spoil you with home cooked vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as a glass of Prosecco for an Aperitivo!

This retreat is international and multi-lingual (German as the main language plus English, Italian, French & Slovenian) with a good balance of physical challenges, culinary delights, nature & cultural program, and pure relaxation.

Located in the hills of Conegliano just 40 minutes from Venice, our Villa the Casa Costa overlooks the vineyards of the famous Prosecco region. The charming, typically Italian villa, which has been restructured according to the latest bio-architectural criteria, offers a large indoor and outdoor area perfect for enjoyment and relaxation.



7 Day Luxury Yoga Retreat

best retreats in Italy
Next retreat – 28th May – 2nd June

Join us for our annual Luxury Yoga Retreat in Puglia, and discover this “it list” region of Italy’s rural heel. This wonderful retreat will enable us to experience the landscapes and activities of this incredible rising star of Italy.

We will spend a week amongst fertile red earth, gnarled olives, turquoise seas, tour through Puglia’s famous trulli; cone shaped houses in the town of Alberobello, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Besides daily yoga classes, our retreats offers a series of mindful workshops that will guide you in the exploration of creative self-expression in your life.

One day is spent in the neighboring region of Bascilicata in the town of Matera where we’ll enjoy the sites and also allow us to unwind in a beautiful spa with treatments. The next day will be spent learning about the flavours of Puglia.

We start off with a cheese tasting and a visit to the town of Martina Franca. We then move on to a winery where we will enjoy a tour and tasting, followed by lunch. We will also take in the gorgeous hilltop town of Ostuni, known as the White City. We will explore some of Italy’s oldest olive farms and enjoy a meal in a local restaurant.

Our day trips will allow us to experience the many unique landscapes and activities that this area has to offer. We will take a tour through Puglia’s famous “Trulli,” white, cone-shaped houses in the town of Alberobello, a UNESCO heritage site where the main concentration of these trulli still stand.

We’ll enjoy a walk around town and a meal at an award-winning restaurant with a tasting menu + wine pairing. Next we have a relaxed day at one of the region’s blue beaches – we will explore the amazing coastal areas at a private beach club, visit a unique cheese farm and have a tasting in the area before heading back to the hotel.

One day will include a winery visit with a tour and tasting, and yet another day with a visit to one of the area’s most picturesque towns with plenty of photo-worthy vistas and blue waters, followed by an amazing unique meal in a “grotto” overlooking the cliffs by the sea in Polignano al Mare.

We will round out the week with massage treatments and plenty of time to relax at our home-away-from-home with its beautiful pool, walking trails, and more.


Recharge & Renew Yoga Adventure in Puglia, Italy with Jessica Chin

Next retreat – 25th June – 2nd July

Puglia located in the southern region forming the heel of Italy’s “boot” is one of the country’s most famous regions! Known for miles of Mediterranean coastline; centuries-old farmland; ancient white-washed towns heavy with the tangible past; extravagant churches dreamt up by Europe’s finest architects; footprints of endless cultures stamped in stone, gold, and marble; groves of olive trees; and food that equals any in Italy!

Puglia’s rich culture and many amazing sights take its sheer delight to another level! Puglia is fun and incredible, no matter what you want or who you are. Plunge deep into simple Italian pleasures and Italy’s spirit while renewing your own. Come join me on this epic adventure!

Travel with me to Puglia, Italy for a week of yoga, adventure, amazing food, and renewal of the mind and spirit. Say yes to more love, joy, and light, and being your highest self!

We’ll bask in simple Italian pleasures, healthy and delicious meals, and two daily yoga practices, including intensive workshops, designed to deepen your practice and transform your mind and body!


Sacred Resonance Retreat with Maria Cutrona

Next retreat – 2nd – 12th July

Sacred Resonance Yoga Retreat is carefully curated to bring you into the depth of the most sacred space for you, your very own body.

Join us for 10 extraordinary days and evenings in the charming setting of Puglia for daily meditation, yoga, shiatsu, delicious regional cooking, and some of the most extraordinary coastlines in the world.

Afternoons are open for quiet relaxation or exploring the history and community of Salento, Puglia. The captivating Salento region is filled with endless olive and fig groves, wine vineyards and extraordinary coastal landscapes. Home to some of Italy’s loveliest beaches, the Adriatic and Ionian Seas offer breath taking vistas and rejuvenating waters.

Nights are spent enjoying local music, street fairs and communal dinners. Come and enjoy the benefits of a daily meditation and asana practice and the magical healing of Southern Italy.


Yoga and Cooking Retreat

Next retreat – available in May, June, September & October

On this intimate retreat in Puglia we offer five nights in a beautiful restored masseria, delicious and nutritious food, health shots, yoga classes with sound bowls, a plant-based cooking class, a cacao ceremony and optional massages, surf and SUP classes.

There are some very good reasons why everyone seems to be going to Puglia right now. The heel of Italy’s boot combines fairytale landscapes with trulli, whitewashed towns, olive groves on red soil and interesting architecture.

Our house is not far away from the beautiful sandy beaches of Punta Prosciutto on the Ionian Sea, baroque city Lecce and the rocky plunge pools with crystal clear water of the Adriatic sea. Let yourself be inspired by the Apulians, masters at living life in the slow lane and enjoying the small pleasures in life.

This is an all levels yoga retreat; all ages, couples, friends, family and solo travelers are welcome. Most of the food will be plant-based cuisine with local fruit and vegetables from nearby gardens. We can accommodate most special food requests. If you’re looking for a small retreat nestled in nature nearby the ocean than this one is for you.


Amalfi Coast

Walking, Food and Yoga Retreat

Next retreat – 18th – 23rd September

Join us for our seven day retreat combining daily yoga classes (and on this Amalfi retreat, it will be a class overlooking the sea!), walks and hikes around the breathtaking scenery on the Amalfi Coast, as well as a day walking one of Italy’s most renowned scenic hikes, the “Sentiero degli Dei” and several other lesser known paths in the area.

A meditation walk will be included in the week as well. We’ll also be learning about and experiencing firsthand the amazing flavours of this region.

Each day we’ll be able to enjoy mouth-watering cuisine, as well as take part in tastings from wine and olive oil, to cheeses, pastries, and lemons. From award-winning restaurants to family farms and kitchens, learning and enjoying the food will be an added bonus to working up an appetite during our classes and walks!

Our home for the week will be an amazing hotel in the beautiful town of Praiano. The hotel boasts a wonderful terrace with a panoramic view and swimming pool.


Amalfi Italy Yoga Retreat

Next retreat – 21st – 28th May

Join Heather and Hanan for an unforgettable week long immersion in Italian culture where you can relax in simple yet tranquil rooms right on the marina in Sorrento.

You’ll have plenty of down time to stroll through the small seaside village strewn with colorful fishing boats and cafes or explore further along the rocks protecting the port, and dive into the Mediterranean sea for a refreshing swim.

Continue walking the ancient path and you’ll reach the sorrento town center and some of its hamlets. The hotel is right on the harbor and near the bus station so day trips are a breeze to plan.

Our retreats allow you to travel to exciting destinations where you can disconnect from the routine, explore your comfort zone, create space for healing, connect with like minded people and deepen your yoga practice.

Our retreats are laid back, offering good times with awesome people. There’s no one to impress, nothing to prove, and everything to share.

There’s no expectation that you have to be at a certain place in your practice. We encourage you to honor how you feel on any given day.

Bring a sense of humor and an open heart, and prepare yourself for the best time! While you might want to share this experience with a friend, rest assured that those that attend alone will make connections quickly and we’re positive you’ll all become fast friends with your new tribe as you embrace adventure.



A trip to Italy would not be complete without visiting Venice. For a comprehensive guide to Venice covering when is the best time to go, how to get there and around, things to do, wonderful museums, places to stay, restaurants and bars and essential things you should know for your stay in the lagoon city, read this article from suitcase and wanderlust.

Luxury Venice Yoga, Culture & Creativity Retreat

luxury yoga retreat Venice
Next retreat – 1st – 6th November

We’re returning to our annual retreat in Venice, Italy – but this time to ring in the New Year! This enchanting city is the backdrop of a magical celebration – finding presence in each day and setting intentions for the year to come through daily yoga, creativity workshops, day trips, spas, and gourmet meals.

Come away with us for a week in the magical part of Italy known as Venezia! Venice is a place unlike any other in the world, and to see it is to transport yourself back to the days of Casanova, masked balls, and Carnevale. Oh, but there is so much more to Venice than what the usual tourist visit can offer. Our yoga retreat will allow for a deeper knowledge of Venice, its canals, and neighboring islands.

We’re so excited to offer this retreat during a unique time to visit this amazing city – as it’s out of the main tourist season so you can get a deeper view into the local life, as well as a chance to ring in the new year in such a magical and inspiring place.



Food, Yoga and Wine Retreat

Next Retreat – 15th – 21st November

The timeless beauty of Villa dei Cipressi, nestled on the highest hilltop of the Sona Village, is both enchanting and inviting. Her classically elegant architecture and design are said to date back to the end of the 9th century.

Spacious rooms are tastefully decorated with antique furniture including many beautiful art deco pieces, original art works, exquisite lighting, ancient tiles, linen drapes and luxurious bedding.

We will begin each day with a beautiful morning yoga practice (90 minutes) in the panoramic sun room facing the park. The grand estate, recognised as a Heritage Site, spreads out over 28 hectares including vineyards, olive groves and gardens with Villa dei Cipressi centred as the crown jewel.

Just outside the villa are ancient coniferous and cypress trees, a rose garden, lily pond with fountain, bamboo grove with an outdoor pizza oven, expansive lawn, swimming pool, and several cozy seating areas to relax, contemplate and enjoy the breathless views of the Verona Valley with a delicious glass of wine cultivated right on the property. All of this and more creates a romantic, dream-like atmosphere in exclusive privacy.



5 Night Luxury Yoga Retreat

Next retreat – 25th – 30th September

Join us on this hidden gem of an island, Ischia, the “green” neighbour of Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Indulge in a thermal spa 5* hotel, just as the crowds leave, but while the water is still invitingly warm. We’ll taste mouth-watering cuisine, wine, and take walks to the mysterious castles, beaches, and gardens.

Daily meditation and yoga classes will be offered in a way to relax, stimulate, and help guests grow in their own personal practice. Classes are open to all levels, beginner to practiced, and can range from gentle, restorative, and more vigorous vinyasa flow and ashtanga styles.

Considered the “green island” and visited by the more “in-the-know” scene, as contrasted by the neighbouring island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast, Ischia is a volcanic island in the Bay of Naples and one of the must-sees of the area.

Historically, the island has been inhabited by the Greeks, Syrausansa, Romans, Heruli, Ostrogoths, Byzantines, Normans, Saracens, Turks, and Aragonese, and plenty of ruins remain to suggest the lineages of these colonies. With its wonderful climate, nice location from the mainland, and richness of therapeutic hot-springs, it’s not hard to see why it was a landscape worth fighting over!

Ischia was one of the world’s first health spa destinations. For centuries people have flocked to Ischia to indulge in its volcanic muds and waters, rich with healthful minerals. Doctors even prescribe stays here to reap the benefits of bathing in the healing springs. In addition to all its natural wonders, one of the most appealing things about Ischia is the hospitality of the people themselves. You’re sure to enjoy the island’s welcome and relaxed way of life while during your stay.



Wellness and Detox packages at Forte Village

best retreats in Italy

Developed in the 1980’s when Forte Village Resort’s medical team joined the Italian Thalassotherapy School, Aquaforte Spa’s new approach to detoxification draws on the healing properties of seawater to restore and rebalance the body.

Beyond the Thalasso SPA and pools, Forte Village Resort’s all-encompassing approach to health and fitness includes a Sports Medicine Centre, Cosmetic Medicine Centre and extensive offering of sport, training, spa therapies, healing treatments and personal counselling services.

Forte Village is known for having revolutionised the world of thalassotherapy, creating a totally original and extraordinarily effective method for detoxing, rejuvenating and improving the body.

The Acquaforte medical team offers tailor made wellness programmes plus a daily activity programme: Anti-Ageing, Thalasso Detox, Stay Healthy and Weight-loss.

The resort is set in 120 acres of beautiful gardens on the white sandy shores of the Mediterranean and sheltered by the mountains. Sardinia’s sub-tropical climate enjoys 300 days of sunshine every year.

Yoga Teacher Trainings in Italy

Next Teacher Training – 5th – 18th September

We have chosen a magical farmhouse contoured by a hundred holm oaks and a rose garden as the setting for our Yoga Teacher Training in Tuscany.

Its elegant charm and serene atmosphere is the perfect setting for learning and transformation. This charming farmhouse is 20 minutes outside of Cortona, the location where “Under The Tuscan Sun” took place. It is located near both of the infamous wine regions, Chianti and Montepulciano.

The town of Cortona itself is perched in the hills at the base of the Apennine mountains, between the gorgeous Adriatic and Tyrrhenian coasts. Cortona is a 30 minute drive northeast of Montepulciano (home of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano) and south of Arezzo, the heart of Chianti’s Colli Aretini. And nearby in the neighbouring province of Umbria is Lake Trasimeno. Tuscany is an enchanting setting for our Yoga Teacher Training to cultivate personal growth and exploration.

Our three week, 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved curriculum explores the fundamentals of teaching asana and pranayama, as well as techniques on how to develop creative and effective vinyasa sequences. It is the same Lakshmi Rising curriculum that we offer in Costa Rica.

We delve into the philosophy of yoga, different styles of meditation, the art of ritual and creating sacred space, ayurveda, anatomy of the physical and energetic bodies, the business of yoga and more. Not only will you deepen your own practice and self awareness, you will come away from this experience with all of the tools necessary to begin teaching and sharing your passion.


Luxury Hotels and Spa’s

Relais La Corte Dei Papi, Tuscany

Situated just a few kilometres from Cortona in Tuscany, in a small valley surrounded by rolling hills, la Corte Relais is an oasis of peace and tranquillity and is perfect for those seeking both culture and tradition. You will be seduced by the traditional fine food and comforted by the elegance of this authentic Tuscan villa.

La Corte Relais is a country residence dating back to the 1700’s where long-standing tradition and luxury are brought together to offer our guests the wonderful experience of wellness and relaxation.

Wellness facilities include deluxe spa suites, perfect for those who wish to relax and experience the luxurious and exclusive surroundings. The spa, that accommodates two guests, houses a crystal Turkish bath, a Jacuzzi and is equipped with four multi-sensory showers offering aromatherapy, chromotherapy and music therapy.

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Castel Monastero Spa Hotel, Tuscany


You are in the land of the Renaissance where proportion and balance are everything. Could there be a more beautiful and harmonious place to get back in shape, detox your body and rejuvenate yourself?

The splendid spa at the luxury hotel Castel Monastero in Tuscany is the perfect place for our retreat programs in weight loss, detox, yoga and meditation.

Complementing the retreat programs and enhancing their effect is the amazing “Aquae Monasterii” course with its high saline density sea oil pool, designed exclusively for our spa by the medical team of Thalasso del Forte, the spa at Forte Village, a World’s Leading Resort since 1998.

But that’s not all. In the healthy, peaceful setting of hills of the Chianti region, if you’re looking for inner harmony, just close your eyes and inhale the warmth of the nature all around you. In the woods, the countryside and the wonderful garden around Castel Monastero you can listen to the messages that our bodies send us and be amazed by the renewal of energy and vitality.

A space to breathe in the deep sensation of wellness in an environment in which attention to detail and the professionalism of staff creates a unique and unrivalled harmony, immersed in the unspoilt nature of the Tuscan countryside. This is the starting point for wellness and the foundation of our Wellness philosophy.

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Lefay Resort & Spa, Lago Di Garda

Lefay Resort is on the coast of Lake Garda in Gargnano, surrounded by hills and olive groves. It offers a wellness centre, panoramic views of the lake and free access to the spacious Mondo Lefay Spa, which also features indoor and outdoor pools.

An exclusive temple of wellness extending over 3,800 square metres, where body and soul are rejuvenated through the rediscovery of vital energy.

The infinity pool merges with the horizon, while the internal and external salt-water pool stretches into the park overlooking the lake together with the “Source Roccolino” whirlpool.

The water area is completed by the enticing indoor thalassotherapy pool “La Luna nel Lago”. The Lefay SPA also features six different types of sauna and five relaxation areas to remove the stresses of everyday life.

They offer 3-5 day retreat packages where you can recover vital energy, and discover the holistic wellness philosophy according to the Lefay SPA Method principles.

The integral 5 night package is ideal for the full rebalancing and rejuvenation of body, mind and soul: a journey of rediscovery of a healthy and aware lifestyle.

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L’Abergo della Regina Isabella Resort and Health Spa, Ischia 

A unique choice in the world, where the natural environment and the tradition of hospitality come together in a magical mix and rejuvenating for the body, mind, and spirit.

The force of the sea and the virtues of hot springs, the solar affability of the hosts, the taste of Mediterranean cuisine and the search for healthy menu create harmony which gave the Regina Isabella hotel its undisputed prestige.

The thermal waters with ancient virtues and a top quality spa in the heart of the Mediterranean provide a rare combination that provides wellness for the body and soul, as well as beautiful Mediterranean scenery.

The Regina Isabella Thermal Baths are an ode to life and vitality, to a wellness that springs from the balance between body, mind and spirit.

Thanks to its history, the sea and its special volcanic nature, Ischia is a rare beauty and wellness legacy, an island that celebrates life with 103 thermal wellness springs and being the largest of the Neapolitan islands. The climate is mild all year round and visitors flock to the island to discover its natural beauty and to enjoy the thermal spas.

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Grand Hotel,Tremezzo

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the most beautiful and oldest luxury hotels on the shores of Lake Como. An authentic Art Nouveau palace, a 5-star hotel dating back to 1910 and decorated in a charming with original frescoes and antique furniture.

The TSPA Wellness Spa dedicates more than 1000 m2 to your relaxation and wellbeing, including a sauna, a relaxation lounge and an outdoor hot tub with panoramic views overlooking the lake.

Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the park’s fitness room, tennis court and jogging trails. For treatments, guests are offered the care of one of the most exclusive and sought-after beauty lines in the world, ESPA.

Discover the best anti-stress, anti-ageing and rebalancing treatments, tailor-made to meet the demands of feminine and masculine beauty. All ESPA products are of natural origin and offer the best knowledge of the world, from Eastern tradition to European tradition.

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Alpina, Dolomites

Enjoy a stay focused on nature and outdoor activities in a 5 star Hotel on the Alpe di Siusi – Seiser Alm in the Dolomites, Europe’s most beautiful and largest high-altitude plateau. Surrounded by a unique natural setting and by a spectacular view of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.

Designed according to an eco-friendly concept, and harmoniously integrated into the surrounding environment, the Alpina Dolomites offers a wide range of activities for sports and nature lovers, as well as refined hospitality and genuine expertise for vacations dedicated to overall wellbeing.

There is a wide choice of spa and wellness proposals mostly inspired by nature. Everything here is in keeping with the fascinating surrounding landscape.

The Alpina Spa is completely dedicated to improving your health and to strengthening your immune system and life energy, with a wide range of pleasurable and healthy treatments, holistic treatments, multiple-day personalised health and wellness programs, top quality cosmetic products and relaxing beauty treatments, whose benefits you’ll feel for a long time, even when you’re back at home.

A world of water, steam and aromas, encompassed in noble natural materials and surrounded by an extraordinary Alpine environment, is waiting for you for a truly unique sensorial experience.

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Hotel Mirabell – Dolomites – Luxury – Ayurveda & Spa

Hotel Mirabell – Dolomites – Luxury – Ayurveda & Spa Wellness Residenz is a 5-star hotel offering a wide range of wellness facilities, including a sauna, an indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Harmony, satisfaction and wellness are guaranteed in the Aurora Spa with ayurvedic and cosmetic treatments, massages and special treatments by our specialist experts. Relax in the world of saunas and enjoy the panorama of the Dolomites of Valdaora from the chlorine-free covered and open-air swimming pool.

As a member of the Belvita Leading Wellness Hotels in South Tyrol, you will benefit from the highest level of wellness with us. Turn off the switch and take time for yourselves: let yourself be pampered from head to toe and recharge your batteries during your holidays at the 5 star wellness hotel in South Tyrol.

Immerse yourself in the aquatic world of our 5 star wellness hotel in South Tyrol in the indoor, with ozone and in the open-air swimming pool with a panoramic view of the Dolomites of Valdaora.

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